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It was the ninth consecutive night of Tami working a twelve hour day. She had come home every night exhausted from being on her feet. I was preparing dinner when I heard her come in the house. I met her at the door with a passionate kiss and a hug. She looked tired as she has every night for the past week. I tell her to go get comfortable and relax while I finish dinner.

I go back to the bedroom to let Tami know that dinner was ready. I find her sprawled across the bed just the way I like her – naked. She had fallen asleep, laying on her stomach, so peaceful looking. I can’t help myself, her ass looks amazing, I want to touch her all over. I kiss her neck, she starts to stir. I say, “Shhh, stay where you are, no need to get up.” I move off of the bed and grab the bottle of massage oil.

I squeeze some oil on my palms and rub my hands together to make the oil warm. I start at her shoulders, rubbing the oil into her shoulders and across her back. I continue to kiss her neck while I’m rubbing the oil over her back. casino oyna I can feel the tightness in her muscles around her shoulder blades. I continue to work the oil into her back, increasing the pressure in her tight muscles while I work my way down to her beautiful ass. I put more oil in my hands and massage the oil into her ass cheeks, my hand brushes across her asshole. Tami starts to fidget anticipating that I’m going to play with her ass. Instead, I continue my path, massaging the back of her thighs – she parts her legs slightly.

I move back up to her neck – kissing her lightly behind her ear. I turn her over onto her back. She’s slightly groggy but aware that I’m kissing her, my tongue enters her mouth. She’s starting to wake up, her moaning is vibrating through me while I kiss her. I drizzle the oil over her breasts and down her abdomen. My hands move to her breasts and begin rubbing in the oil – my thumbs glide over her nipples. Her nipples get hard instantly under my soft and oily touch, my thumbs circling the areolas. canlı casino Reluctantly, I leave her hard nipples and travel down to her belly. I continue rubbing in the oil as my hands move over her abdomen. I bypass her wet center and massage the front of her thighs and then her inner thighs. Tami starts to squirm and her moaning has increased in volume. Her hips are gyrating while I increase the pressure of my massage to her inner thighs. I can tell by her movements that she wants me to fuck her pussy, her moaning is making me wet.

I move back up to her lips and kiss her again. This time her tongue goes in my mouth – I’ve got her awake now. Our kisses are hot and wet, Tami is pleading with me to finish the massage. As we continue to kiss, my hand starts stroking her pussy lips. The oil feels good against her pussy and clit. Tami’s kisses are more urgent, she whispers to me to fuck her. My fingers enter her pussy with ease from all of the oil and wetness. Tami’s pussy feels so good around my fingers, our kisses get deeper and more passionate.

My kaçak casino fingers are going in and out of her pussy with ease. My thumb brushes across her clit and it responds to my touch. Tami’s hips are gyrating with the motion of my fingers going in and out of her pussy. Now I have 3 fingers in her pussy and I’ve increased the speed. Her breathing is getting heavier. We stopped kissing as her moans are getting louder. Oh FUCK – she’s really awake now. I’m pumping faster into her pussy, my mouth takes in a nipple and I suck on it hard. There’s so much oil, my mouth slips off of her nipple, but my fingers are still going furiously in her pussy. Tami’s pussy is so wet, her hips are pushing her pussy onto my fingers. My thumb is rubbing her clit – it is so hard, it feels unbelievably good. I want Tami cumming all over my fingers. “COME ON, Tami. Let me hear you.” “Stacey, oh fuck, you’re making me cum.” That’s right Tami, cum all over me. Her body starts to shake as she explodes all over my fingers, her cum is dripping out of her pussy.

I lick Tami’s juices up as her breathing slows down, as her heart rate comes down. Mmmm, she taste so good. I hope that helped her relax after another hard day’s work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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