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Vacationing in the north east of England, the wind is cold but the sky is cloudy and we have not had any rain since I arrived two days ago.

My trip is for that of pleasure. I wanted to get away and try to explore the newly found desires that I am going through.

Being 60 and retired I have the great fortune to travel all through Europe and be me. That is a very good place for me to be in right now.

The town is quaint, and breathtaking. The old buildings with the new all seem to flow wonderfully together.

Walking the streets I can’t help to notice how wonderful the people are. Going into a shop to look for something to eat I meat Lauren.

Gorgeous young lady with tattoos and a nose piercing. Lauren is charming and the accent is wonderful. I am sure I have an accent to them as well.

“Hi, What can I get ya today?, Having a good time are we?” She inquires.

“Yes, quite wonderful. Your township is quite beautiful and I love the weather here.” I say.

“You like cold and damp?” She quips.

“Yes, I come from Hot and humid. It is terrible some days. The cold and damp is a great relief.” I state.

“How long are you in for than?” She asks.

“As long as I want actually. I want to tour Europe however I have come to find this particular area most beautiful. Might stay a while.” I answer.

After eating I ask Lauren for the tab.

“Here ya go love. If you want someone to show you around just give me a text.” She says as she hands me the receipt.

Looking down I see her name and telephone number on my copy of the receipt. I quickly pay and thank her for her hospitality and kind offer.

After a couple of days I am rummaging through my wallet güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and come across the receipt and Laurens phone number.

I send a text to Lauren. “Lauren, Hi this is Patrick, I talked to you the other day at the shop and you gave me your name and number asking if I needed a tour guide that you are available. Are you still interested? Text me back if you are still interested.” My text sends successfully.

Siting on the bench watching the ocean roll in far below the cliff I am on is mesmerizing. I could sit here all day. As I gaze out into the vast ocean I notice something moving on the surface. A Whale, there is a whale coming towards the shore. What a wonderful view.

My attention is interrupted with the buzzing of my phone.

“Hello Patrick. Yes I would love to show you around this part of England. There are many wonderful hidden places tourists do not know about. Our secrets. Text me back and we can plan a day of it.”

My heart feels light, fluttering. She wants to show me around.

“Lauren, is tomorrow too soon?”

“NO not at all, I am off all day. Say 8am, get a early start.”

That night I could not sleep wondering what hidden treasures Lauren is going to show me. 11: 45 pm and my phone buzzed on the night stand. I look over and see it is a text from Lauren.

“Evening, I keep wondering about tomorrow, could not sleep and wanted to chat if your still up.” her text read.

“Most definitely, I am still up and excited…” I hit send and realize that was the wrong way to describe my evening.

Lauren quickly responds. “Your excited too? Can I ask you a personal question? Please do not get offended, just curious. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Are you wanking?”

“Wanking?” I respond.

“Playing with yourself? Is it that kind of excited?” Lauren replies.

“NO, excited about tomorrow. And I am not offended, I am quite open minded.” I send.

“Wow, thought I was being way too bold. I am open minded as well. What would you like me to wear?” She replies.

“Something comfortable and weather appropriate?” I hit send really getting excited now. My cock is throbbing. As I wait for her reply I undress and lay on the bed completely naked.

“Sun dress and I will bring a throw!” I read.

“Sounds wonderful, you will look amazing in a nice sun dress.” I reply.

“Question? Do you want me to wear panties? Like you said open minded.”

I glance down at my phone and my heart again flutters as my cock twitches.

Typing my response I notice I am already getting precum. I have not touched my cock and I am already excited. This is surreal!

“No panties would be great. I must say this chat is getting quite erotic. I like your openness and honesty. Excited me very much.” I hit send as a drop of cum falls to my stomach.

My head is light as I wait on her reply. I begin to massage my cock and more cum drops onto my stomach. A small puddle forms so I run my fingers through the warm silky fluid and begin to lick my fingers clear. I love the taste of my cum.

“I hardly ever wear panties. Never know when I want to fingerfuck myself. Might have to take the arse plug out too. What type of sex play do you like? I am into oral, vaginal, anal (love anal) and cum play. Hope this is making your cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri as hard and my pussy is wet.”

My head falls back to the pillow as I read her reply over and over. This is some kind of joke. This does not happen to men like me.

I send a reply, “Lauren, that is a lovely array of sexual situations. I love them all for I also love oral, anal(my ass), and I am enjoying some cum right now.”

I am so nervous that my hands are shaking. Cum is flowing out of my cock in a steady drip. I reach down and swap it into my dingers and taste myself yet again.

“Buggers, you like anal too? Honestly I like anal more than I like vaginal. Perhaps I should bring some props to make the trip a bit more erotic?”

Again, my mind is whirling. Is this for real… Is she serious. It is 1:15. We have been at this for over an hour. My phone buzzes yet again. I see a picture from Lauren.

Her ass is spread open and she had a large dildo pushed half way in… I am in shock, my cock is pulsating and with every spasm cum flies on my chest and stomach. I have just has sex and we never touched each other… Again, this is surreal.

Thinking of the proper response I take a deep breath and take a picture of my cock and the cum that is on my torso. Send!

“This is so hot, I am pumping my ass thinking of you stroking your cock.” I read.

“I have not touched my cock. This is all from your texts and the picture. Thank You so very much.”

Again I am nervous sending the text. Waiting for her response I clean up the rest of my cum and get under the covers.

I drift to sleep not noticing the text that Lauren sent.

Waking up at 5 am, I spring out of bed and grab the baggiest shorts I own and get dressed.

I look at my phone and there is a text from Lauren.

“Perhaps this could be your cock.”

The picture is of the 8″ dildo all the way in her asshole up to the balls.

Instant erections. This day is going to be a life altering day.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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