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Tiffany awoke on the couch. She wasn’t sure if that was all real, but the pain all over her body and the collar on her neck reminded her that it was. Everything was sore from the previous night’s events, or was it the previous day’s? She had no way to tell. She rubbed her skin and where she had grown accustomed to feeling smooth skin, she felt rough welts, and where she was accustomed to feeling long, blonde hair, she felt smooth skin. It was something she had been asked about many times in her life, but for the first time ever, the carpet matched the drapes.

Mercedes was sitting awkwardly in the middle of the room, trying not to bring any of her more bruised, battered, or recently pierced areas in contact with the floor, while eating her half of the food. Two cans of tuna had been left for them, it was the same brand of tuna she used to buy for her cat, back before that stupid judge made her give the cat back to her neighbor and made her go to those dumb classes.

“You gonna eat that?”

she pointed at the other open can of tuna and drank from one of the jugs of water that had been left on the floor. Tiffany wasted no time devouring it, she had no idea how long it had been since she had eaten.

Suddenly, the lights got brighter as the door to the windowless room opened and slammed shut. Angela walked in with the familiar sound of heels on concrete and the rolling of the big cabinet of toys. She was wearing a military style outfit, like something a stripper would wear to a soldier’s bachelor party, but if it were made by a high-end fashion designer and custom-tailored. In one hand, she picked up a short whip, in the other, the black remote that could send enough voltage into either girl’s neck to knock them to the ground.

“Good morning” Angela said, mockingly, as both girls were knocked to the ground by the electric shocks from their collars.

“Now, you’ve had your time to stretch out, back where you belong” the mistress pointed to the shackles that Tiffany and Mercedes had spent their previous session restrained in.

Merecedes followed the order without hesitation and marched right over to the frame on her side of the room, beginning to lock the shackles back onto her ankles. All her life she had followed Tiffany’s orders, so this wasn’t really any different.

“Please no” Tiffany pleaded. Angela made a show of moving her finger closer and closer to the remote that would send a powerful shock into her slave’s collar, and she lowered her head and began to lock herself into place. Angela closed the final shackles on the girls’ wrists and they were suspended naked with their arms up, the same way they had been.

Angela put down her whip, undid her ponytail and rubbed her shoulder-length black hair all over Tiffany’s naked body, using her left hand to rub hair all over Tiffany’s breasts while her right hand rubbed the scalp that used to hold beautiful blonde hair.

“Remember what this felt like? To have hair like a real woman?” Angela teased seductively, crouching down to rub her hair all over her prisoner’s inner thighs, tickling her clit with the ends.

“Where’s your bitch boy?” Tiffany snarled

Whack! Angela picked up the lash hit Tiffany across the belly. A second backhand whip struck her leg, causing her to scream out in pain.

“Funny you should ask,… he had to go, you know how it is, not as many vacation days as me and whatnot, so one of you is going to become my assistant, and the other will get to be my full time pain slut. But that’s only if one of you wants out of those shackles… do you”

“Please, mistress” they said almost in unison.

“Well, well, looks like I can take my pick. Hmm… well…” she stroked her chin “ I guess I’ll want the tightest pussy I can get, not that I have much to choose from between you two skanks. My assistant won’t be needing a pussy anyway, so whichever of you has the most worn out snatch can do that.”

Angela wheeled the cabinet to Tiffany and opened a drawer. She pulled out a black dildo with a pump attached to it and crudely jammed it inside of her, inflicting further pain on her pussy that was still sore from yesterday’s beating. She did the same to Mercedes’ pussy, pulling her lips apart by the new piercings on either side as far as they could stretch she she pushed deeper and deeper until she let out a yelp.

“It’s very simple, whoever’s dildo gets the biggest before it falls out wins.”

With that, she began to pump, one at a time. Tiffany relaxed her bruised flesh to let the plug expand, trying at the same time to hold it in. Mercedes tried breathing heavily to avoid focusing on it. As Angela counted the pumps… 20… 21… 22…, the discomfort grew worse and worse, until Mercedes could hold no longer and her plug fell antalya escort bayan to the floor. Relieved, Tiffany pushed hers out only seconds later, liquid dripping out her gaping cunt and onto the floor.

“Well well” Angela smacked Tiffany’s ass with a sound like a balloon popping “Looks like you held out a little longer. Do you want me to take you down from here and let you stretch out?”

“Yes mistress” she shouted back in an almost military tone to match Angela’s almost military outfit.

Angela smacked her face.

“That wasn’t very polite”

“Please mistress” she sobbed

Angela smacked the ass cheek that didn’t have a reddening handprint.

“Well too bad, I said whose dildo gets biggest, not who keeps it in longer, and your friend’s is clearly bigger.”

She rolled the cabinet right next to the shorter slave and crouched under Mercedes’ gaping snatch.

“What a used up pile of worthless meat”

With an uppercut motion, Angela shoved her fist into Mercedes’ pussy, and pushed in and out, making no effort to be gentle. Angela had been taught that the proper way to eat a pussy is to act like you are reciting your ABC’s, so with that in mind, she practiced what sign language she knew as her wrist disappeared deeper and deeper inside Mercedes. The slave’s head tilted back as she yelled out “Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK!” convulsing in a way that made her orgasm obvious. As Angela pulled her fist out, she grabbed Mercedes’ new clit piercing and yanked nearly hard enough to pull it out, causing her to screech as the fluids dripped out of her.

When Mercedes regained her composure, she felt a stabbing pain inside of her pussy that quickly turned to merely discomfort. She looked down to see Angela sticking a plastic tube inside of her peehole.

“It’s so I don’t have to let you out of this every time you have to pee” Angela responded to a question she hadn’t been asked. Tiffany realized that the “this” to which she was referring was a stainless steel chastity belt. Angela lifted it to Mercedes’ waist and stopped inches short.

“Silly me, I almost forgot”

She picked up the inflated dildo from the puddle of juices on the floor and, deflating it just enough to get it back in, shoved it in Mercedes’ pussy and closed the chastity belt around it, the pump to the dildo hanging out one side of the crotch, the catheter hanging out the other. On each hip, she attached a combination lock and gave each one a spin so that there was no way for Mercedes to get out of the belt unless she was let out. She squeezed the pump over and over again until it got to the point where it took a strong squeeze to pump and Mercedes’ cries of anguish were beginning to annoy her.

The front of the chastity belt had a circular, threaded opening. Angela screwed an 8 inch long black dildo into the opening, making sure it was tightened all the way, and pushed a button on the side to make it vibrate.

As promised, Angela undid Mercedes’ shackles, the inside of her pussy was so full that she walked bow legged. As Mercedes struggled with her footing, Angela turned the crank on the apparatus that held Tiffany until her body was facing the ceiling, held up by the wrists and ankles.

“I think you know what to do next” Angela said to Mercedes, pointing at Tiffany’s pussy as she hiked her skirt up, slid her panties to the side and slowly lowered hers onto the former blonde’s face.

Mercedes was hesitant. All her years of stripping with Tiffany, she had seen her naked countless times, but never done anything like this. She was in no position to refuse, though, and slowly waddled over, penetrating Tiffany’s cunt with the vibrating dildo. Clumsily, she thrust back and forth. Angela grabbed Mercedes’ nipple rings, pulling her closer and forcing her in deeper. As Tiffany began to moan, so did Mercedes, the vibrations of the dildo stimulating her clit while the massive air bladder inside her pussy stretched her insides with reciprocating force each time she pushed the dildo into Tiffany with her hips. Angela slapped Tiffany’s tits and ordered her to lick harder. Within seconds of each other, all three achieved orgasm.

In her ecstasy, Angela fell to the floor on her back, the plastic remote that controlled the shock collars sliding across the room. Mercedes immediately sprung into action. Though she had played submissive because she had no choice, she saw an opportunity and pounced upon it.

Years of working a pole had given Mercedes exceptional control over her balance. Somersaulting over the panting, suspended body of her best friend, she tackled Angela before she could even try to go for the remote and held her on the ground, shoving the black dildo into the mistress’ ass.

“Not so tough without your escort bayan little gadget, are you, bitch?” she screamed, putting her mistress in a choke hold.

Angela put up surprisingly little resistance when she was dragged to the shackles that she had just let Mercedes out of and her wrists were clamped in. knowing she was past the point of escape, she cooperated as the shackles closed around her ankles.

The key to Tiffany’s restraints was on the top of the cabinet. Mercedes stepped towards her friend, but stopped to kick Angela in the cunt, with a running start as if she was punting a football. Her foot connected with a wet slap, and the force of the impact combined with the large object still locked in her pussy caused her to fall on her ass.

She unlocked Tiffany, and they stood in front of Angela, roles now reversed, the silence broken only by the vibration of of the dildo stuck to Mercedes’ belt.

“Now how do I get this thing off of me” Mercedes wiggled the locks

“With the right combination” replied Angela “but you don’t know the combination, so that belt is a permanent part of your body until I tell you how to take it off.”

“I have an idea” Mercedes said as she turned the crank, slowly jerking Angela’s head downwards until she was upside down, hanging from her ankles.

Mercedes reached into the back of Angela’s skirt and pulled down her panties slowly stretching them downwards.

“Hurts like a bitch, doesn’t it” she yelled as she used her body weight to stretch the fabric out further and further, past her shoulders as the crotch of the panties dug into her tender flesh. Mercedes hit the floor and slid backwards when the panties finally tore. After Tiffany tore off and discarded the skirt, Angela’s pussy was completely exposed. Tiffany used the whip that was on the ground to mercilessly punish Angela’s pussy, with a motion like she was chopping wood. Meanwhile, Mercedes had opened one of the drawers of the cabinets and rummaged through the goodies inside.

Another buzzing sound was added to the sound of the dildo as Mercedes turned on the clippers that had previously transformed them from a blonde and a brunette to the two bald girls who held their former mistress as their mercy. She ran the clippers down the middle, severing the locks that hung from Angela’s head to the floor. Meanwhile Tiffany was behind the upside-down mistress, whipping her ass after ripping what remained of her clothes off. She wondered if Angela might be enjoying this, considering the welts already present from the voluntary lashes she took yesterday, but she was intoxicated by the revenge.

Mercedes made several more passes with the clippers to mangle the only hair left in the room. Angela had jerked so much from being whipped that her head was a mess of bald spots with patches of long hair remaining, then she buzzed off only one eyebrow to complete the makeover, transforming Angela from dominant mistress to chained-up freak.

“Remember what this felt like to have on your head?” Tiffany called back to Angela’s prior teasing, rubbing a clump of severed hair on her clit and then stuffing it into Angela’s pussy.

Mercedes dug through the open drawer of the cabinet until she found something that caught her eye. She held up a needle and a long piece of thread and waddled over to Angela, continuously adjusting her belt.

“I’ll make you a deal, tell me the combination to the locks to get this thing off my pussy, and I won’t sew yours shut”

“Waaah, my pussy hurts” Angela mocked back, pretending to make a pouty look with her red face as she hung upside down

Mercedes knelt so that the dildo attached to her belt was level with Angela’s mouth and forced it in. It still had the taste of Tiffany’s pussy all over it.

“That ought to shut her up”

She stuffed what stray hairs were still sticking out of her tormentor’s pussy inside of her, then grabbed both of Angela’s inner pussy lips and calmly poked the needle through both at once, as if she was picking out an hors d’ouvres off a plate. Angela flinched as she pulled the thread through and Mercedes responded by thrusting her hips further forward to shove the dildo down her throat.

Meanwhile, Tiffany attempted to walk towards the door, dropping to the ground with a spasm as her collar shocked her when she got within 10 feet of the only exit.

When Angela’s labia minora was completely sealed, Mercedes pulled the cock out.

“Want to tell me the combination now?”

“Ok ok fine… it’s F…”

Mercedes looked down to find the combination on the locks that held her chastity belt in place, but she couldn’t find the F, as the combination was only numbers.

“U… C… K… Y…”

Angela let out a muffled laughter as antalya escort the dildo was shoved back into her mouth.

Now Mercedes poked the needle through Angela’s outer pussy lips, pushing her heavily swollen clitoris down so that it would be sealed underneath them and would be impossible to touch. With each piercing, Angela’s head jerked back. These were deeper and more painful than the last time.

Mercedes gave Angela a chance to give her the combination but she clearly had no intention of doing so. She unlocked Angela’s ankle shackles and let her fall to the floor with a thud, then picked her up by the hips and shoved the dildo into her asshole, which was now the only hole she had left below the waist.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass!” Angela screamed out

“Make her lick your asshole” Mercedes motioned to Tiffany, getting an immense amount of pleasure from the immense amount of pressure inside of her, and even more from finally giving orders to Tiffany for once.

Tiffany pressed her asshole against Angela’s face. She had no idea how long she had been kept in this place, but she did know that the last time she showered was before she got here, so it must have tasted awful. With that in mind, she made sure Angela licked every bit of her starfish and taint clean.

Mercedes had dug another toy out of the cabinet- a cattle prod. As she did her best to avoid being gentle on her captor’s anus, she shocked her in the back with the cattle prod. A bit of electricity passed from Angela’s tongue into Tiffany, and she clenched.

“Ooh I kinda like that, it tingles, do it again” Tiffany said, pressing her crotch back against Angela’s face

Mercedes shocked Angela over and over again with the cattle prod and kept fucking her ass, with a rage in her eyes as she put all her strength into each thrust, yanking at the tight threads holding Angela’s pussy shut so hard that she nearly tore them out, as Angela’s blood flowed down both of their legs. losing track of time as Mercedes kept going and going, with shocks at random intervals until her legs fell out from under her, sapped of energy as if she had just run a marathon.

Mercedes tried to stand, but stumbled back onto the ground.

“I guess I got a little lost in the moment” Mercedes wiped the sweat off her brow.

“Yeah, I don’t know why you thought that was going to make her talk, but you just had this look in your eyes… so I didn’t want to stop you.” Tiffany shrugged as she lifted Angela’s legs back into the shackles and locked them into place. Once again, she was hanging upside-down, a few strands of her ragged hair that still remained touched the floor.

“There’s gotta be something in here that’ll make her a little more talkative” said Tiffany as she examined the contents of the cabinet.

She pulled out a large pair of scissors

“Lets see how many toes she has left before she tells you how to get that thing off”

Tiffany snipped the scissors menacingly in front of Angela but she didn’t make a sound. Tiffany reached for Angela’s toes, but her hands took a detour, pulling Angela’s nipple by the piercing and slowly moving the open scissors closer and closer. A trickle of blood rolled down Angela’s belly from the sutured gash in the spot where her pussy had been. As the scissors began to close, Angela knocked on the side of her frame.

“Knock-knock-knock-knock knock-knock knock-knock”

Tiffany and Mercedes simultaneously collapsed as their collars buzzed.

Angela hummed

“Humhumhumhumm humhumm humhumm” in the same pattern as her knocks

Both girls were shocked again as two men walked in the door without saying a word.

“You idiots, you didn’t think I’d build some kind of redundancy into those shock collars? Do I look like a fucking amateur to you? But I do gotta admit” Angela laughed “You two are some sadistic fucks!”

One of the men returned Tiffany to the shackles she so loved spending time in while the other one released Angela. Mercedes lied on her back in defeat, the dildo sticking in the air like a flagpole holding a white flag as her large, pierced tits jiggled back and forth with each breath.
Angela straddled Mercedes and twisted her nipples.

“Since you are quite the seamstress, I’ll let you make the same alterations to your friend that you made to me, and if you do a really good job, Magnus here knows the combinations to the locks and will let you out.”

She pointed to the larger man and he nodded his head.

“Well, I’ve got my jet waiting for me, I’ll see you in a week” she waved at the girls and turned to her burly cohorts “Once she’s done, lock her back into place, and you can use any hole on either girl that’s not sewn shut” She gripped her own stitched pussy and gyrated seductively

On her way out, she tapped on the door

taptatatap tatap tatap

she heard the sound of the voltage running through her slaves as she shut the door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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