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Last year, I did not even know Gillian but since meeting her, I have let her take control of me in ways that I could not even imagine.

She insisted that all of my body hair should be removed and I have done as she wished. It was painful at first but after regular sessions with the esthetician my pubic mound is completely bare and smooth as silk. My legs and underarms are similarly hairless and I admit that it excites me to know that I am completely naked when she undresses me.

Last week when she was caressing me, she told me that she wanted me to shave my eyebrows bare. Yesterday I did it and today I see my rather alien reflection in the mirror. She suggested silver powder on my bare brow line and I like the effect as it makes me look glamorous in an odd manner.

Today however, she has told me that she wants to shave me completely bald so that I have no hair on me other than my eyelashes.

What should I do?

I want to feel the razor on my scalp, denuding me completely so that every inch of my skin is accessible to her touch. I imagined her warm lips kissing my smooth scalp.


I made an appointment with my hairdresser, Lily who wears her jet black hair in an extreme bob that exposes so much of her neck that she tells me that she has it waxed on a regular basis. Her bare neck has always excited me although I have never admitted it to Gillian.

“What happened to your eyebrows?” she asked as I settled into her chair.

“I am experimenting with my look,” I said.

“I like it. Very mysterious look.”

She stroked my brow and smiled.

“You look hot!”

“Do you think I would be hot if my head was shaved?”

“Are you kidding me?”


“You would look crazy hot!”

“I want you to shave my head.”


I nodded and affirmed that I wanted Lily to make me bald. She regarded me with suspicion until she finally realized that I was serious.

The idea of cutting off my hair obviously appealed to her as she smiled at me while arranging her scissors, comb and other hairdresser’s tools.

“What do you think Gillian will say?”

“It was her idea and I am going to surprise her.”

Lily shrugged, put the cape around my shoulders and picked up her scissors.

My hair was down to my shoulders and she combed out a handful and slowly sawed through it. She held up the hair for me to see as she raised her eyebrows at me wondering amsterdam shemale if I wanted her to continue. I nodded that I did.

She worked rapidly with her scissors and comb, thinning my hair skillfully and cropping it closer to my head. Finally she put her scissors down and picked up her clippers. She started behind my right ear and carefully cut a crescent around it. Then she worked from front to back on the right side of my head, reducing my blonde hair to a barely visible stubble.

She repeated the process on the left side of my head and then ran her clippers over the back of my skull. She worked silently until only the hair remained on the top of my head. She looked at me in the mirror before running the electric shears down the middle of my scalp. Working silently, Lily had cut my hair off completely.

Lily ran some water in the sink and warmed up a washcloth which she used to wipe my head. Then, she produced a shaving mug and began to work up a white frothy foam in it using a shaving brush.

She used the brush to paint my bristled head, first my crown and then the sides of my head until it was covered by warm white snow. Then came the razor. She used an expensive looking disposable razor to begin the process of shaving me smooth. Beginning at my hairline, she bared a path straight down the middle of my scalp. Then she began carefully the lather and hair on either side of the path.

It was oddly restful feeling the gentle scrape of the razor on my head. She cleared and area, tested it with her fingers and then went over it with blade until it was smooth enough for her. Working with great care, Lily finally completed her task, finishing off at the base of my skull.

“Voila,” she proclaimed. “Smooth as glass.”

I touched my very slick scalp. It felt so naked and sensitive and I felt slightly aroused as Lily stroked me and proceeded to powder my scalp. She tilted the chair back and dabbed some foam on my brow line. With several strokes of her razor she left it as smooth as the rest of my head.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels very sexy. I look really different but I feel really turned on.”

“Do you really?”

Lily tilted the chair all the way back. I looked up at her as she bent over me. It happened rather quickly but it seemed so natural as she lowered her mouth onto mine and kissed me softly. I returned the kiss and reached my hand on to the back of her neck. It felt rotterdam shemale smooth as I pulled her to me and held her kiss.

Finally we pulled apart but Lily had slid her hand inside my skirt and was pressing her palm on the front of my panties.

“Anything else needing to be shaved?”

“No. I have had a Brazilian.”

She smiled and gently pulled down the front of my panties and pressed on my bare mound. I moaned a little and she kissed me again as she placed her finger inside me.

Now we were committed and she pulled my thong right down, exposing my smooth nakedness. She stood back from the chair and opened her smock. Beneath it she was nude and her pubis had been made as hairless as mine. She straddled me on the chair and then spread my legs with her hands. She pressed her mound against mine and her mouth covered mine. Her hands gripped my wrists and she held me down as she moved against me.

“My little hairless bitch,” she whispered in my ear. “I am going to keep you smooth as silk.”

The ecstasy of her smooth warm skin on mine made everything a dream as she held me and made love to me.


When Lily was finished with me, she stood behind the chair and lifted me back into an upright position.

“You look bitchin’ hot with no hair.”

I must have smiled at her approval of my brand new look. I made a slight move to get out of the chair but Lily placed her hands on my shoulders and held me down.

“You are not going anywhere.”

“I’ve got to show Gillian my bald head.”

“That will come later.”

She removed her hands from my shoulders and took my hand, helping me out of the chair. I stood there rather shakily as she undid the cape and then began to undo my blouse.

I felt like there was nothing that I could do. She had shaved me bald and made love to me and now I felt completely in her control. I allowed myself to be undressed completely and my naked body whisked free of cut hair.

“Very good,” she said as she noted my compliance. “You are going to be the perfect smooth slave that we have always wanted.”


Lily continued to control me. First she made me bend over with my forearms resting on the counter. Then as I watched in the mirror, she applied some cold cream to her hands and began to spread the cheeks of my buttocks.

When she began to press one of her fingers against my sphincter, I tightened it reflexively and pleaded blog shemale with her to stop.

“You will have to be gagged you hairless slut,” was her response. Somewhere she found a red ball gag which she forced between my teeth and tied around my shaved nape so that I could not cry out. Then she slowly and firmly insinuated her slippery finger inside my behind. It felt painful at first until she started to slowly slide it in and out of me.

“You will be easy to train,” she said as she watched my face in the mirror.

After forcing her finger inside me, she took hold of my wrists and twisted them behind my back so she could use silvery tape to secure them together. Then she pulled me upright and turned me around so I was facing her. She made me spread my legs as wide as I could and then she showed me what she called her cat-o-nine-tails. It consisted of a number of flat leather thongs that were woven into hard leather handle. She used it to flick my bare abdomen. Then she began to swish it between my legs stinging me but not breaking the skin. I moaned helplessly around the ball gag as she punished me.

She flicked her little flogger across my depilated belly perhaps a dozen times and then set it aside, announcing that future sessions would be more severe.

My nipples were erect giving evidence to the fact that what she had done to me had aroused me in some inexplicable way. Seeing them so rigid, Lily pinched each of them with her fingers causing me to wince once more. I had never felt so vulnerable but I was very excited by her rough play.

She turned me around and made sure the gag was secure then she showed me another one of her toys. It was a leather thong with two short plastic phalluses inside it. She called it her slave pants and explained that the two protuberances were designed to fill the slave’s orifices.

She bent me over the counter with my hands behind my back. Using the cold cream on the short thick butt plug part, she slowly forced it inside where her finger had recently deflowered me. The plug was very uncomfortable but she held it in place while she opened me up with the dildo portion of the device and then secured the whole thing.

She stood me up and turned me around. The slave pants raped me as she moved me to the chair once more. I sat on the edge of the seat while Lily took the time to undo my blouse, undo my bra and paint my nipples with bright red lipstick.

She left me sitting there, hairless, gagged and bound while she picked up her phone and dialed a number. I listened to her side of the conversation.

“She is ready…….yes completely. You will be pleased…….I will bring her there in about 20 minutes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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