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“She’s looking fuckin hot tonight, Aus,” Andy said, barely attempting to lower his voice, as the hubbub rose.

Terri and Mandy had arrived at the cricket clubrooms after our Wednesday evening game. This in itself was noteworthy. Terri never came to the clubrooms or the pub on a Wednesday night. She’d never said why, but her boyfriend Francis was quite controlling. I assumed it was he who made this rule.

However, it was Terri’s attire that really caused all those present to gape. She was dressed in a manner never before seen by most. Tight jeans, pale blue shirt and wearing make-up. She looked fantastic. I’d seen her dressed in this manner, but many present had never experienced such a treat. Francis liked her dressed plain, her femininity well hidden.

I made a move to go to Terri, but Mandy walked ahead of her and took my arm, leading me to the side. Terri walked on by and went directly to Francis.

“Leave her alone, she’s here to see Francis,” Mandy said bluntly. “She might talk about you all the time and you might have put her up to this, but tonight she’s dressed for Francis.”

“She talks about me,” I said, trying to sound bemused, but quietly happy to hear that.

“Francis will likely be shitty as anything at the way she’s dressed. If you start talking to her that will be the final straw for him.”

“I’ll talk to her if I like,” I said, now becoming a little irritated.

“And what if she finds out about you and me? What then?” Mandy said boldly.

“What do you mean you and me?” I said, suddenly angry and grabbing Melody’s arm roughly.

I turned her away and lowered my voice, conscious that some of the attention was now on my reaction to Terri’s appearance.

“There is no you and me. Never has been.”

“There was last week when you took me up to your room and kissed me.”

“Well who would tell Terri about that?” I said looking directly at her.

“Just be careful that’s all,” Mandy spat at me, as she turned and walked to where Terri was standing with Francis.

This was not the first time that Mandy had brought up our getting together up in my room. I was beginning to deeply regret it.

Terri did not once turn to look my way. I moved to the end of the bar and turned away to gather my thoughts.

“Oh, will you look at that, Aussie boy. The ugly duckling has morphed into a beautiful princess,” Ness said sidling up to me. “She is looking good enough to fuck, isn’t she Aus?”

“Settle down son,” I thought to myself, looking to quickly harness my emotions. “Take a big breath and get into role.”

“Yeah, she’s looking alright. Taken her long enough. Francis should be happy tonight.”

“He won’t be happy at all,” Ness said, narrowing her eyes and continuing to press. “He’s a fuck’n oddball is Francis. Likes his girls to dress like boys and then will barely touch them.”

“How do you know that,” I asked, genuinely interested.

“Mandy told me. Mandy tells me heaps Aus,” she said, looking hard into my eyes, watching my reaction.

“Does she really,” I stated blandly.

“Really what?” said Finn as he joined us. He and Ness then took great delight in going tag team on me for about five minutes. They dredged up Felicity again; alluded to a liaison between me and Mandy and openly discussed why Terri had arrived dressed as she had.

It was Wendy who rescued me.

“How’re you this evening Aus?” she said, butting into the conversation.

“Yeah alright,” I replied. “Bit tired after the game, that’s all. Thought I might get some air. C’mon.”

With that we left the smirking hyenas and moved out onto the balcony. It was a warm evening with little breeze. I was happy to be with Wendy especially before she had too much to drink. She was very attractive and her understated summer dress could not hide her obvious attributes. In addition I found her a very nice, caring person. A good port in the storm, that was currently carrying on inside.

“Things getting a bit mixed up in your life Aus?” Wendy asked as we leaned against the railing and looked out across the park, in the fading light.

I thought of feigning surprise at her question, but thought, “Why bother. Everyone seems to be far more aware of what’s occurring in my life than I’d like.”

“Yeah; I guess it’s; ahh…, it’s all a little confusing right now.”

“Welcome to my world,” Wendy said staring out across the cricket ground.

“What do you mean by that Wends?” I asked, my attention suddenly diverted away from my own issues.


“Yeah there is. You’re nothing like the happy woman I first met when I got here. You’ve changed your hair color, you flirt with the boys and frankly Wends, you drink like a fish these days.”

I hesitated there, as Wendy eyeballed me.

“Shit I’ve overstepped the mark here,” I thought. “I’ve put a big Aussie boot right in it.”

Suddenly Wendy burst out laughing.

“Oh Aus, you’re such a treat. No one else but you could get away with that.! You with your colonial şişli rus escort accent. Well you just come right out and say it.”

I laughed along with her, somewhat nervously.

“You’re right; I’m not the same Aus. I’m not happy at all. I’ve been betrayed Aus and I’m not happy about it at all.”

“Been betrayed?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll explain one day. All you need to know is I haven’t gone with any of those other boys. Sure they get a little feel and I fool around with their bits, but I haven’t slept with any of them.”

I smiled inwardly at her choice of words, while at the same time raising my eyes in surprise at what she was divulging. She moved her hand forward onto my arm and gripped it lightly.

“Don’t be shocked Aus. I’d never go with one of them, but I’d go with you any time. Just remember that,” she said as she dropped my hand and walked toward the sliding doors, which led back into the clubrooms.

At the last minute she ducked to the side and lent against the wall, out of sight of those inside. She looked to me invitingly and I closed the short gap between us. I wanted to kiss her.

Without a word Wendy wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. For the second week in a row I felt her lips on mine and her tongue flicking out to locate mine. Just like the last time it was extremely risky, with the crowd only meters away. Her lips were soft and moist and I found the scenario exciting. My cock hardened accordingly. I pushed it into her stomach.

Wendy broke the kiss, laughing at my urgency.

“Whoa big boy,” she said. “People saw us duck behind here and will come looking any second.”

She drew away from me just as the sliding door opened.

“Everything OK out here?” asked Ness. “Jack was just wondering where you’d got too Wendy.”

“Fuck Jack,” Wendy said bluntly and walked past Ness and through the door.

Ness looked at me and smiled that smile.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ve got lipstick on your lips lover boy,” she said bursting into laughter. She turned and went inside.

I quickly got my handkerchief out and rubbed my lips. I looked at it and saw no sign of any lipstick.

“Bitch,” I thought.

The rest of the evening was hard going for me. Terri was looking fantastic, but didn’t come to speak with me once. It was bizarre. She was totally focused on Francis who, as usual, was largely ignoring her and rambling on about cricket. Normally she would have moved away over to me, but not today. Not even eye contact. Initially I was bemused by this, because it had been me who had encouraged her to dress in this manner. However, as I had a few more drinks, I became increasingly pissed off about the situation.

It didn’t help that every time I got near to Ness or her boyfriend, they would have some barbed comment to make about the situation. In addition Mandy kept looking my way, shooting daggers, as though this was all my fault.

“Silly bitch,” I thought. “What the hell is her problem?”

In the end I’d just had enough, slipped outside and headed for home, without saying goodbye to anyone. When I arrived home Felicity and Mike had gone to bed. I felt envious of Mike.

“What I wouldn’t give for a bit of a cuddle from Fliss right now,” I thought, feeling very sorry for myself.

I turned on the TV, but couldn’t concentrate. I mulled over the evenings events.


The next morning I woke, got up, ran and showered. That saw me feel better in myself. I text Terri, but received no reply. Wendy text me and thanked me for listening to her. The memory of her soft lips on mine made my cock stir. I was keen for Felicity to return home.

When she arrived home from work, Felicity greeted me cheerfully and went directly upstairs. I knew from past experience that this was a good sign. She often liked to shower first and I loved that clean, soft, feminine feel.

“Are you coming up,” I heard her call, not long after the shower shut off.

“Get your clothes off quickly Aus,” she demanded walking into my room.

I followed her in there. She was wearing the light blue robe she had worn our first time. I knew she’d be naked underneath and that always made me hard. I quickly stripped off my shorts and t-shirt and stood naked before her.

Felicity admired me for some time, before bridging the gap across to push herself against me. She reached directly for my semi-erect cock and began to tug on it lightly. She raised her head so I could kiss her.

Her hand motions soon had me fully erect and she rubbed down the shaft with her palm, before letting her fingers lift my balls.

“Hmmm Felicity, I’ve been looking forward to this,” I said honestly.

“So have I,” she answered looking up at me, letting her hand rest. “I think about you quite often during the day Aus.”

“Yeah?” I said, as usual not really grasping her meaning and merely hoping she’d resume her efforts with her hand. I pushed şişli türbanlı escort my cock into it.

Felicity smiled and resumed her actions, now moving to concentrate on the head. I pulled up the back of her robe and grasped her bare buttocks. I began to massage them roughly, pulling her into me so she had to release my cock.

“I touched myself in the shower Aus.”

“That’s very considerate of you darling,” I said playfully, releasing my grip and pulling the cord of her robe.

Felicity shrugged out of it and stepped back. After giving me the briefest of peaks at her naked form and looking down to admire my hardness, she took my hand and led us onto my bed.

I lay down atop of her and brought a hand up to her breast.

“Fuck me now Aus,” she demanded.

“Who am I to deny a woman requesting that,” I thought.

Suddenly Felicity’s phone sounded in the bathroom, threatening to break the mood. In the past she’d have gone to answer that, but things had now changed.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said pulling me close. “We’ve got more important things to do.”

With that said we rapidly moved into that position so familiar to the both of us, given the length of our affair. She raised her legs bringing her knees right back toward her chest, offering herself completely. I brought my cock directly to her lightly covered mound, finding it wet and wanting. It was the second time in a week I would enter her without so much as first touching her down there.

I slipped just inside and hovered there, teasing her. When she reached around and dug her nails into my bare buttocks I answered the call by driving in hard, filling her almost to the hilt. One withdrawal and thrust saw us fully joined.

As I began to slowly move in and out of her, I wanted her to talk and encourage me. I liked that in a woman and if the talk was dirty, then even better. However, I knew she wouldn’t speak again. Felicity may have become more passionate in our love making of late and she might ignore phone calls, but speaking dirty was just not her. I increased my stroke.

I knew the signs with Felicity and it wasn’t long before she had her head to the side, eyes tightly shut. She was matching my thrusts with pelvic movements of her own. I changed to the slow withdrawal and hard downward thrusts that caused my hips to smack into her buttocks. She loved this and I knew she would soon orgasm. As it neared she turned her head and sort out my lips with hers. I waited to feel her vagina grip my cock.

When I felt the first sign I buried myself deep inside and allowed her to take her full pleasure. Felicity always came, hands on my buttocks, pressing me into her. She let out a soft low moan and screwed up her face as she rode her orgasm.

When I felt her pulsing begin to lessen I resumed my thrusting. This rapid motion quickly brought on the sensation of my own impending delight. I let it arrive and again ceased thrusting to deliver my seed deep inside of her.

After we finished I rolled off. Previously that would have been it. Felicity would have jumped up and gone directly to the shower, with almost indecent haste. It was if our love making had embarrassed her and she regretted it.

Not now, however. Today she came up on the crook of my shoulder and nuzzled into my neck. I took the opportunity to rest my hand on her breast, weighing its fullness and teasing her nipple. She took a very deep breath.

“I love you Aus,” she whispered into my neck.

“What?” I answered unsure if I’d heard her correctly.

“I love you,” she said more loudly.

“Really?” I said, with undisguised surprise. “Well…, I…., that’s nice and I….,” I stammered on, pathetically.

“Yes; really,” she answered, mimicking me. “I didn’t want too, but I do. There you go.”

I began to speak again, but she cut me off.

“Don’t say anymore Aus. Just hold me. That’s enough.”

She pushed into my neck and began to stroke my chest. I knew she was crying. It made me uneasy as hell and I didn’t dare speak a word.

“Bloody hell,” I thought as I lay there. “Maybe I should have just been happy when we fucked and she got up and showered. “Good old Aus. Wanted a bit more and now he’s got it alright. More than he bargained for. Shit!”

We dozed for a while and were awakened by Felicity’s phone going off again. I was secretly hoping she’d go and answer it. She didn’t move. The phone went again.

“The phone,” I said. “You want to answer it?”

“I guess,” she said, slowly rising and moving to the bathroom.

I heard her talking in the other room.

“Some hospital emergency,” I thought. “Who’d be a nurse?” I tried to recall how many nurses I’d slept with.

Suddenly Felicity stood at the door, phone in hand, looking pale.

“That was Mike. My mother’s had a stroke. He wanted to know where I was. Shit I feel guilty.”

I got up, went across and gave her a hug.

“What are you going to do?”

“She’s in hospital şişli ucuz escort up near her home. I’ll have to go and be with her. God I feel bad about not getting the phone; about this.”

“You can’t worry about that,” I said with sudden clarity. “Get yourself ready and go to her.”

Felicity looked up at me and nodded. I immediately knew I’d done well. No panic, sound advice. She gave me a small kiss, then showered, packed a bag and left. As she was walking out the door she turned.

“I told Mike I’d worked extra and was driving when he called. We can’t say I was home.”

“No worries,” I said. “You told me about it when you got home, packed and left straight away.”

Felicity smiled at me and looked like she wanted to say something more, while she stood in the doorway.

“See you Aus,” was all she said and left.


After Felicity left, I felt lonely so tried to text Terri again, without success. I packed my bag and headed down to cricket practice. Neither Mike nor Francis was present. I told the boys what had occurred with Felicity’s mother.

“And where’s that Francis got to?” Andy asked, changing the subject with a grin.

“Still getting over the shock of seeing his girlfriend dressed like a normal bird,” Rob replied too much laughter.

“And what a stunner she looked like,” added one of the junior players.

“What do you reckon Aus? What did Fanny Francis think of his girl not dressing like a boy,” asked Finn mischievously.

“I wouldn’t know,” I replied blandly. “He didn’t talk to me and neither did she.”

“Yeah, what’s that all about?” said Andy. “Terri always talks with you. She once told me Francis is her boyfriend and you are her soulmate.”

“Soulmate?” chuckled Finn. “You her soulmate Aus?”

“Too right,” I said absently my thoughts drifting to Terri, what she wore and how she ignored me to completely focus on Francis.

Boys don’t talk about such stuff for long and someone changed the subject to sport. Afterwards there were only a few of us, so we decided to skip opening the clubrooms and went directly down to the pub. This time no woman arrived, so it was only the boys and boy’s talk continued. I was relieved about that.

One thing I did notice was that Jack was a bit quiet and didn’t engage in much of the banter. On a normal night him and I would chat away at length about the cricket team tactics and the like, but not tonight.

“Surely he doesn’t know I pashed his fiancée last evening,” I thought. “Nah, he couldn’t know,” I reassured myself. Then I caught him looking at me.

Wendy never arrived and Jack eventually went home early. I stayed until late, ensuring a sizable headache the next morning.


Once I’d cleared my sore head the next morning, I tried phoning and texting both Felicity and Terri, but neither answered. I was becoming increasingly upset about Terri in particular. The last time I had spoken with her was in the park, when I felt we were intimately close, both physically and emotionally. Since then I’d had nothing from her and it was beginning to piss me off. It especially upset me that it might have been a suggestion I made, in the form of how she dressed, that had caused this distance between us.

“How hard could it be to send a quick reply,” I thought. “It’s damn rude, that’s what it is.”

Then I tried to call up Emma in Australia on Skype, but she didn’t answer either. I hadn’t heard from my Aussie girlfriend for some days.

“Today would be a good day to talk with Emma,” I thought feeling a little miserable at all my women not having any time to converse with me. “What a difference a few days makes. What’s going on with the world?” I said out loud. “No one wants to know me right now.”

I lay around the house watching Tour De France on the TV. Mike came home at one stage, packed a bag and said he was off up north to support Felicity with her mother. He thought they’d be up there for a week. Immediately after he left I text Felicity, but again received no reply

I spent the rest of the day in that melancholy state you get with a hangover, feeling very sorry for myself. In the end I went to bed early, in order to get a good night’s sleep, before the big game the next day.


I woke feeling great. Clear head, bright mood, looking forward to my cricket game. It was a little strange to have the house to myself, but I busied myself with breakfast and getting ready. I departed the house confident of a big score on this blue sky, summers day.

When I arrived at the park I noted Francis was present and ready to play. I didn’t bother talking to him, which wasn’t unusual. I remained upbeat and happy.

My mood would not last. I was soon bowled out for just two runs. Despite the consoling words of my teammates I felt extremely deflated. It didn’t help that Francis and Jack made a very large partnership that would ensure we won the match. I celebrated along with the team, despite not contributing much to the win.

What the victory would mean, as it always did, was that the clubrooms would be humming. When the First team won, the club’s other teams, plus many supporters, all came back to the clubrooms to share in the celebrations

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