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After a long eight hours of strenuous work at the office; Shayleen wanted to get to the main elevator faster than usual. On the way down the corridor lined with artificial flowers and copies of Rimbrants, she ran into a man that works in the cubicle next to hers in the law office. He was tall, and averagely built. His name was Zane and he has been pestering Shayleen to date him for what seems like eons now. She quickly broke her eye contact with him as he passed in hopes of not having to stop and chit-chat. But to her misfortune, he grabbed her by her hand as she tried to pass without notice. He motioned to the elevator and said that he needed to introduce her to the new secretary and asked if she could wait a few minutes by the elevator. Shayleen, being the polite, but quick witted woman she was, just nodded and hurried off to the main junction.

Shayleen always had it in the back of her mind that the only reason he was interested in her was due to the fact that she not only was a bisexual, but that she is almost a mirror image to Camron Deiz. But Shayleen, unlike Camron, has long luscious strawberry-tined auburn hair. Her height was a little taller and her figure much more defined.

When Zane finally came around to the main junction of elevators, he had on his arm the most adorable woman. Assuming that little beauty was the new secretary that she was supposed be meeting, Shayleen actually become a little eager to chit chat with Zane and their new friend.

“Shayleen, this is Nessah, and you will be training her for the next three weeks on how to replace the legal secretaries when needed.”

Still astounded by her adorableness, Shayleen said with an out stretched hand, “Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Are you two clocking out also? Because if you are, would you like to take the long ride down to the main floor’s lobby area and we can get to know one another better and see exactly how much training you actually need”?

Of course Zane jumped at the chance to actually grace an elevator ride with Shayleen, while Nessah said in a deep, scratchy voice, “That would be an excellent idea. I am still a little taken aback about working with one of the Supreme Court Justices’ secretaries. Plus, since I started this morning, I have heard nothing but praise for your work that you do”.

Shayleen automatically liked this new recruit and couldn’t wait to hear more about her. So the three agreed to go and have a drink in the main floor’s lobby and talk. They waited for the next available elevator and for what seemed like after a million years the third set of elevator bay doors opened. They entered and Zane hit the appropriate floor, and turned to Nessah and said, ” The Manhattans here are the best in town. I personally recommend the Tennessee Iced Tea though strong it is, but worth the kick”.

Nessah just sort of bobbed her head in what appeared to be a yes. She looked quite shy, but Shayleen could see something inside her eyes that said otherwise. Shayleen glanced up at the numeral read out of the floors slowly passing by as the three of them continued on in silence. They were just about to come to the 12th floor when all of a sudden the elevator shook with a shudder and came to a scampering stop.

Zane reached for the call phone to dial the technicians to alert them of the problem. He dialed out and waited in an impatient silence for a response from the other end. Finally a voice came across the main speaker system inside the elevator and alerted them that there has been a power surge on their end of the lines and the elevator would possibly be out for at least two hours before the main line could be turned back on.

“Well, I guess we get to hold off on the drinks, however; we are still alone and could go a head and still talk and get to know one another,” Shayleen implied, in hopes of at least some sort of conversation to help keep her fear being in a closed space from over etiler bdsm escort whelming her.

When no one began to say anything at all, Shayleen leaned against the wall and slid off her four-inch Italian suede pumps and flung her suit jacket onto the floor and sat down. Zane loosened his tie and tossed his sports coat onto his shoulder. He also sat down with his back against the wall and pulled his knees up half way to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Nessah continued to stand and hold her brief case with a look of disbelief.

“Does this happen quite often?” she asked in a trembling, but still that deep and scratchy voice.

Zane burst into a short bit of laughter and finally announced that it was a common thing on this end due to this being the only elevator that goes all the way up to the 97th floor. Also mentioning that after a few minutes, the heat might go up because of no ventilation.

“Well, it seems to me that since we are stuck here in an oven with out power, we might as well get some tunes,” Nessah said while opening her brief case and pulling out the new little gadget that is known as the Syrus XM radio. Her delicate hands and fingers moved quickly to scroll through numerous stations, searching for the right elevator music. Then after a few seconds, “Zion” by Fluke came blasting out of the small radio.

“How’s this for some righteous elevator music?” she said as she started dancing away, hips swaying from side to side with the rhythmic beat. Grinding and touching herself as she gets so far into the sounds pouring out of the little contraption.

It became quite entrancing to Shayleen, so she jumped up bare-footed and began to dance right along with Nessah. The music just filled the elevator like a flood filling a swelling river. The mood quickly changed from that shy and unsociable feeling to a rather erotic one as the women began to cling to one another erotically. Shayleen has always been a little shy of her feelings for women, but at that particular moment she could not resist the smell of sweet juices flowing in the woman in front of her grinding her ass into her pelvic area.

Shayleen reached down and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked playfully. Nessah returned the gesture with a quick moan and a thrust of her hips.

They continued to dance until the song was well over in to the next, when finally Shayleen turned to a very awe struck Zane still sitting on the floor. “What, you think you can do better?” she asked.

Slowly coming to his feet, Zane still in a daze, said, ” I know I can, but I am just not sure that it’s appropriate at the moment.”

“Oh, I thought you said that we would probably be stranded in here for quite a while. So, why not make the best of the time.” Nessah said in a playful voice. She turned around and slid her hands in between Shayleen’s upper thighs and yanked up her suit skirt. She then continued on to run her fingers over her white lace and silk panties until Shayleen began to whimper with pleasure.

Shayleen then reached her own hands around Nessah’s slender, and smooth neck line and pulled her in close for a long hot kiss. They both backed away an inch and looked to see where Zane had gone. They found him crouching next to Shayleen’s left thigh. He began running his big masculine hands up her leg and kissing her inner thigh.

Pleased to see that he was getting into the moment, Nessah took a handful of his thick chocolate hair and shoved his face into her swollen pink parts. Nessah then took her hands from Shayleen’s thigh and slowly took off her own clothes. Flinging them aside in a careless heap over by her brief case. The temperature had already began to rise, due mostly to the sexual body heat the three of them were producing. Sweat beads were popping out everywhere on Shayleen, and Nessah’s full breasts were covered in them.

Zane continued on etiler elit escort to please Shayleen where it counted the most. He too had shed his suit and tie to a completely bare skinned hunk with light olive skin and showing the moderately toned muscles that he so carefully hides under his Armani three-piece suits.

Shayleen managed to open her eyes for the first time in what seem like ages, and got an extremely good look at the real Nessah. She had voluptuous, perfectly round breasts, with smooth evenly tanned skin. Her abdomin was rippled with soft but yet toned abs. And to top it all off, she had a naval ring with a dangling chain that stopped just short of her pelvic line. Her tight, round, poutie cheeks glistened with sweat that was now streaming down her back.

Nessah pushed gently on Zane’s shoulder and moved him away from Shayleen. The two women then slid slowly to the floor in a slow like manner. The two of them became one when they started to explore each others bodies with their tongues and hands. Both moaning with excitement, when finally Shayleen rolled Nessah over onto her back and mounted her. She thrust both of Nessah’s hands above her head and pinned them down. And together they kissed so passionately, that they were moaning and kissing at the same time.

Shayleen then slid slowly down Nessah’s smooth tummy and began to fondle her swollen vagina with her tongue. Moving faster with each of Nessah’s bucking of her hips. Thrusting her long fingers inside as Nessah had indicated in a whisper.

Zane crawled over and started to nibble on Nessah’s breasts. Zane then looked deeply into her eyes and noted that one was a slightly lighter blue than the other. “Do you want to have the orgasm of a lifetime? If so, you wont be needing her, I have all you need right here.” And he took his swollen, purple cock and stuck it into her mouth.

Shayleen seen this and started to feel a little competitive. She took her three first fingers and inserted them inside of what was now a very shiny and moist pussy, and nibbled with her teeth on Nessah’s clit. The more she nibbled, the more Nessah moaned with pleasure and thrust her hips.

Not more than five minutes later, Nessah screamed with the melodic sound of an orgasm gripping her. She shook and quivered all over from the intense burning sensation she felt between her legs.

Shayleen sat up, while licking her lips mischievously, said, “I take it you enjoyed that.”

In a barely audible whisper, Nessah turned to Zane and said, “Can you beat that?” She reached around and snatched him to his feet and pulled him onto his knees. He again looked deep into her eyes and replied with a sinuous smile, “Shall I prove myself worthy or just prove myself period?”

Zane reaches down and spreads her legs wide open and thrusts his bulging cock deep inside. He begins to thrust and grind. Going hard on her like he was strapped to a bucking bull. Moaning with pleaseure gripping her hips like handles, within seconds he ejaculated with such force, he couldn’t breath for a few seconds.

When the air rushed back into his heaving chest, he rolled off of Nessah and sighed exaggeratedly, and said. “Told you I could produce the best orgasm you have ever had.”

Shayleen was standing opposite of them leaning against the wall and watching. With an appalled look on her face she said to Zane, “That is it? That is all you have in you?”

“I am done. That was the most erotic sex I have ever had in my adult life.” Zane declared.

Coming to her feet, Nessah looked down at Zane still sprawled out on the elevator floor and said, “You need lessons dear, I have yet to be please by you. Shayleen, come back over here and show this poor soul what he is doing wrong.”

Shayleen crossed the elevator floor and wrapped her arms around Nessah’s waist and pulled her close once more for a long and soft kiss etiler escort on the lips. Again they found themselves on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs. Groping each other as Nessah rolled Shayleen onto her back this time and returned the favor.

Nessah quickly and swiftly split Shayleen’s long shapely, smooth, and athletically toned legs apart and began to thrust her tongue into her wet and swollen pussy. This time, it was Shayleen’s turn to grind with excitement and whimper and moan. Nessah ran her delicate fingers up and down her long torso and fondled her round hard nipples. She stopped only long enough to glance into her eyes and see the glowing effect of her actions in Shayleen’s eyes. Nessah went on back to using her teeth to pull playfully on her clit and finger her until Shayleen’s moans became loud and her breath coming ever faster.

Covering her entire pussy with her full lips, Nessah began to moan inside Shayleen, causing her to arch her back and push Nessah’s face ever deeper into her pink parts.

Bucking like a wild stallion, Shayleen screamed thru clenched teeth that she was going to cum. Hearing this, made Nessah work ever more feverishly until Shayleen was quivering from head to toe and whimpering. With a quick thrust of her tongue, Nessah eagerly slopped up the sweet juices that were flowing fast from Shayleen’s swollen pussy. She stayed there with her tongue and lips covering every part as fast as she could until the last moan escaped Shayleen’s breathless lips.

Nessah raised her head and peered into Shayleen’s eyes. Then turned to Zane who was sitting again with his knees up to his chest with his shirt and pants back on and said, “Did you pick up any tips, you poor soul?”

Sliding off from the quivering woman, Shayleen and Nessah both stood up and began to dress. Zane, still quite shocked just sat watching with his mouth agape. When the two had their business suits back on and their hair and clothes back in the appropriate places, the elevator shuddered again and started moving.

Zane noticed on the numeral read out of the floors that they were going to be on the main floor in a few seconds and hurriedly asked, “What did I do wrong?”

“Dear, you are a man, and when you learn the touch of a woman, that is when you will get your answer,” replied Shayleen in a hushed and sexy voice.

The elevator bell rang announcing that they had arrived on the main floor. The three of them looked at each other right before the bay doors opened with smiles on their faces, and said nothing. The doors opened up to a small group of technicians who were working on the main lines. To them, the three of them looked tired, stressed, and a little ruffled.

“Sorry about that Ms. Jackson, the repairs took longer than expected. I know I said that it would only take two hours and ended being almost four, but we got the problem fixed and this should not happen to you again.” said a portly little man with an embarrassed expression on his face.

Shayleen just nodded her head and fluffed her long hair thinking to herself with surprise that she had lost almost four hours and didn’t even realize it. She then turned to Zane and said, “And you wonder why I wont date you.” Then looking longingly at Nessah she added almost in a whisper, “I will be glad to train you, and yes you are over qualified for the position. I hope we can get together again sometime soon. You two have a good evening.” With that, Shayleen headed out the front main doors of the building.

Zane stood in one place with a dumbfounded look on his face and made no effort to say his goodbyes to either of the women. Nessah gave a quick wave to Shayleen and looked back over her shoulder and winked at Zane. She too went on about her evening .

“You ok Mr. Hawkins?” asked the portly fellow.

“I don’t think I will ever understand women for the life of me,” he mumbled and finally headed for the main doors hanging his head low like a man that has just been beat.

On the three of them went about their way with not one word mentioned of their little escaped in the elevator again.

These events are not real and all the names and characters are all fictional and are not meant to offend any one.

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