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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read at least Part One first though I recommend reading all previous parts.


Chapter Twenty-one

I wouldn’t have said that Irene was “last but not least” but I had known Linda and Theresa before I’d met Irene so it should have been no surprise that I’d wanted to fuck them for longer. That is no indication, however, that I wanted to fuck Irene any less. Because I hadn’t known Irene as long, or as well for that matter, I spent a bit more time figuring out a dream scenario that would not only feel dreamlike but also hopefully lead to sex. Since the beach had worked so well with both Linda and Theresa, I was kind of still leaning in that direction but eventually came up with the idea of a secluded cabin on a pristine lake. It was generally similar to the Mediterranean villa concept but different enough that it would still be a completely new experience. Once I had the concept developed enough, I felt like I was ready and it was time. Of course I’d been doing recon and Irene still had a sweet MILF body, on the more petite side like Linda but with boobs that weren’t as big, though still impressive. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her twenty-ish body but I knew I’d be looking forward to some fun with her MILF body, too.

On the night I was planning to take her to the cabin, I was initially dismayed when I showed up at her house because she and Jim were still up. He was watching hockey and she was sitting nearby on the couch, reading. As I stood there, invisible, trying to decide what to do, I noticed her eyes close and her head dip really quickly. This was going to work out after all and her positioning couldn’t have been better. I moved over close to her and the next time it looked like she was on the verge of dozing off, I touched her and took her away. Instead of sitting on the couch in her living room, the next thing she was aware of was sitting on the end of a dock that was jutting out into a lake. I was just gazing off into the distance despite the urge to check out how she looked in the bikini top and denim cut-off shorts I’d conjured for her. I was wearing cut-offs as well but was shirtless and, of course, more buff than I’d actually been when we’d first met back in our early twenties.

“Wow,” she said, “where did my subconscious pull this place out of?”

“How’s that?” I asked, catching her drift but pretending that I didn’t.

“Well, this is clearly a dream,” she replied, “but I’m not sure what the inspiration was for this location. I’m pretty sure I know why it’s just you and me, though.”

“Do tell,” I encouraged, feeling pretty good about how this was going.

“We never did manage to get together back when we were this age,” she explained, “so I’m assuming that we’re here in the middle of nowhere so we can finally be alone together.”

“Like that time we went swimming together over at John Barry’s house when Jim was stuck working,” I replied, the memory suddenly coming back to me.

“Exactly,” she confirmed, “I had to be super careful that day because of all the people around but I seriously was ready to jump your bones.”

“Why don’t you show me what we’d have done in the pool had we been alone,” I suggested as I stood. From the edge of the dock, I did a flip into the water which, while not as warm as the waters in which I’d fucked Linda and Theresa, was plenty comfortable. I emerged from under water and kicked a bit away from the dock since Irene was standing. She didn’t flip but she launched herself upright and her twenty-something body looked amazing as it flew through the air. She splashed and submerged then popped up and swam over to me. She threw her arms around my neck and we kissed, quickly progressing to making out passionately.

“I’m not really sure where my subconscious came up with these cut-off jean shorts, either,” she said once we took a break. She let go of me and reached under the water and a moment later she was throwing the wet shorts onto the dock. I followed suit, stripping mine off then also throwing them up onto the dock, leaving me fully naked with my cock at half-mast. Since she was otherwise naked, she removed the bikini top, too, and threw that up on the dock as I ogled her bare tits and hard nipples. In the back of my mind I wondered, if she assumed this was a dream, why did she even bother throwing her shorts and top onto the dock instead of just tossing them aside or leaving them to float wherever they came off? I didn’t give it too much thought because she was back in my arms, her naked body pressing against mine. As we resumed making out, I ran my hands over her bare, sweet ass while my cock continued to stiffen.

There were a number of flotation devices in the immediate vicinity, including a wide inflatable raft, an inner tube and an oversized rubber duck. Since I couldn’t touch bottom in the lake as I’d been able to at the beach with Linda and Theresa, I’d conjured a few different options for successful fucking in this scenario without having to go back up on land. Irene grasped the significance of the floats pretty quickly so she never tried to have us start fucking in the water. She suggested we board the big raft so, maltepe escort as she climbed onboard, I held it in place for her while gawking at her naked body as it was fully revealed to me, then climbed on after her. She had me lie in the middle of it on my back with my cock standing straight upright then straddled me. While she guided my cock to her pussy, I was again admiring her hot body and big tits. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto my stiff cock then, when she started to slowly ride it, I reached for her tits and fondled them.

Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet, which was no surprise, but it also felt pretty snug, so the level of pleasure I was feeling was pretty intense. I glanced down at her well-groomed, light brown bush as she was riding me and thought about how much I was going to enjoy burying my face in it. Of course, I was also thinking, as I fondled her boobs, that I was definitely going to enjoy fucking them at some point before she woke up from this dream. I had no doubt based on how things were going so far that she’d be into pretty much anything. We had the inside and outside of the cabin still so I wasn’t going to try anything fancy on the inflatable raft, figuring we’d just pursue that first orgasm for both of us then ratchet things up. Based on the sounds she was making and how she was picking up her pace, she seemed to be well on her way. Her pussy continued to feel even hotter and wetter, which was setting me on my way as well.

Once she was riding me hard enough that her tits were seriously bouncing, I moved my hands away from them so that I could watch. I reached around to caress her sweet ass and began pushing up into her each time she dropped down. She was obviously getting closer to cumming so I was savoring the pleasure of her snug, slippery pussy as I felt my own orgasm building pretty quickly, as well. I was nearly hypnotized by her bouncing boobs and that, along with the feel of her ass in my hands, also helped with how quickly my orgasm was building. I was confident that I’d be cumming pretty close to when she did, though probably not simultaneously. The tactile stimulation and the visual were everything I’d hoped for and I knew that we were just getting started. This was certain to be another highly enjoyable experience and I expected that for both of us.

When she dropped down onto my cock and just sat there, she seemed to be holding her breath for a moment before she gasped as her body started shaking. My hands were still on her ass even though her tits had stopped bouncing but my gaze now alternated between her tits, her trim bush and the ecstatic look on her cute face. My orgasm had backed off as she’d stopped riding my cock but I intended to go back to fucking her as soon as I was certain that she’d finished cumming. It turned out that she had a different plan, though it was something I was becoming quite familiar with. Once she was apparently completely spent, she climbed off of my cock before I had to a chance to resume fucking her. She knelt beside me and, taking my cock in her hand, lowered her head and engulfed it in her mouth.

I moaned as her mouth engulfed my cock, her lips sliding down as she pumped the base. In this position, I could not only watch as she sucked my cock but also see her tits and ass in profile, which I think also made my cock even harder. She lacked nothing when it came to cocksucking so, between her talent and the visual stimulation, I knew I’d be on the verge of cumming again pretty quickly. Again, there was no reason to try to hold off as we still had plenty of things to do and all of the time we could wish for. I made sure she knew how much I was enjoying her blowjob, not just by the moans that I couldn’t help, but also by telling her straight out how good it felt. She maintained a pretty steady pace so the build-up of the pleasure I was feeling was measured though it didn’t necessarily feel as though she was intentionally drawing it out. I was able to enjoy her skilled cocksucking for longer than I had expected to as a result, so I had no complaints at all.

Eventually, though, my cock began to swell even more as I was on the verge of cumming. I certainly would have enjoyed having her suck me off for longer but I was also really looking forward to blowing my load down her throat. Her pace may have increased slightly as she realized that I was just about there which only helped to not only get me there faster but with even more pleasure. Finally, I exploded into her mouth with a cry and she swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. She only let my cock fall from her mouth once I was completely spent then crawled up to lie beside me as we floated there. She was initially quiet as we drifted aimlessly on the raft so I assumed she was just reflecting on what we’d just experienced.

“I was kind of expecting to wake up at this point,” she finally said.

“You’re done with me?” I asked.

“No, absolutely not,” she replied, “but I figured my subconscious might think I was and have me wake up. I’m actually kind of surprised I’ve made it this far.”

“Well if there’s no telling when you might wake up,” I suggested, “maybe we shouldn’t spend our mecidiyeköy escort time just floating around.”

“Good idea,” she replied, “Let’s go see what’s up at that cabin.”

We paddled back over to the dock then climbed up the conveniently located ladder. I held the raft steady while Irene ascended first, enjoying the view from below as she did, then followed her. Up on the dock, we headed toward the cabin and encountered an outdoor shower, again conveniently located as well as stocked with towels and toiletries. After my outdoor shower with Theresa, as well as anal sex with both Patti and Inez in the shower, I liked having in-dream showers in my arsenal. Even if I didn’t initially partake of them with everyone, I had a feeling that eventually I’d figure out the right situation to get every one of my dream lovers all lathered up.

“Better wash off that lake water, don’t you think?” Irene asked.

“Good hygiene is important,” I replied so, as I turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature, she retrieved a bottle of body wash from amongst the toiletries. I wet myself down then she handed me the bottle as she stepped under the spray. I poured myself a handful then did the same for her once she’d wet herself down. After spreading it between my hands, I spread it all over her titties while she worked up a good lather on my cock and balls, which had me beginning to stiffen again. We gradually expanded our lathering to more of each other’s bodies, continuing to further arouse ourselves. As I was hunkered down in front of her, admiring her trim bush while running my soapy hands up and down her smooth legs, I was considering leaning in to eat her but, before I did, I had moved my hands up to lather her ass. In addition to thoroughly soaping both cheeks, I ran a soapy finger between them and, without even really thinking about it, I slipped it into her ass.

Irene must have been extremely fired up at this point because, as soon as my finger penetrated her, she gasped and started shaking. I glanced up beyond her succulent titties and saw a look of ecstasy on her face. I was sliding my finger in and out as she was cumming but, once it appeared that she was done, I slipped it free and stood.

“If your finger in my ass made me cum that easily and that hard,” she said, looking into my eyes, “I can’t wait to see what your cock can do.”

She reached down to find it thoroughly rigid as she got it soaped up again before turning around. I made sure there was plenty of lather between her ass cheeks then lined my soapy cock up with her asshole. It didn’t take much effort before I was sliding in and she immediately started cumming again. Her tight asshole felt amazing so I expected that I’d be cumming pretty quickly myself. I began to slowly ease it in and out while savoring the tight grip on my throbbing cock. I had done my share of wondering about how open these women I was visiting would be to having their asses fucked given that it was supposedly just a dream but I had yet to encounter any resistance or even hesitation. Of course, I’d only really tried it with a few of them but I was definitely going to test the waters more given the success rate.

I was holding her waist as I got a good rhythm going but soon moved my hands up to cup and fondle her tits as she leaned forward, bracing herself against the wall. The longer I was fucking her and the closer I was getting to cumming myself, the thicker my cock was growing, so it didn’t surprise me when she cried out and started shaking again as she experience another orgasm. It may also have been the feel of her soapy tits in my hands that had my cock growing harder and my orgasm building more quickly but I was happy that, either way, she was clearly experiencing a great deal of pleasure. Once this orgasm had run its course, she started pushing back against my thrusting, which I’d been doing more slowly so as not to cause any discomfort. The result, of course, was that the pleasure I was already feeling just increased and my orgasm soon was imminent.

When I did explode into her ass with a groan, I was still fondling her tits and she was still pushing back on my spurting cock. The pleasure was incredibly intense and, as it turned out, not just for me; Irene started cumming again when I was just about spent. She continued pushing back even after I was fully spent, until she’d completely finished cumming, too. When she pulled away, my softening cock slipped out of her ass then she straightened up again and turned toward me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine, her tongue slipping into my mouth. We made out passionately while I ran my still soapy hands over her sweet ass.

“That was absolutely incredible,” she finally said when she pulled her mouth from mine.

“Agreed,” I said in response, “and we’re still here so you must still be dreaming.”

“Well let’s finish up here and see what’s inside,” she suggested.

We rinsed off the rest of the soapy lather then turned off the shower and dried ourselves and each other. Out of habit, I guess, we started to wrap our towels around ourselves then realized what we were doing and laughed, then merter escort just let them drop. We headed into the cabin, passing a bathroom just inside the door, then through an open kitchen before ending up in a living room with a large, faux fur rug spread out before a fireplace. There wasn’t a fire going but we were drawn to the rug nonetheless and were soon lying together upon it, making out. I went back to fondling her tits as we were lying there but soon kissed my way downward so that I could lick and suck her hard nipples. She was moaning softly as my tongue flicked her nipples and circled her areolas. My hand moved down from caressing the soft, smooth flesh, over her stomach and abs to her pussy. After passing through her trim bush, my fingertips found her hot, wet pussy, initially probing it before caressing her clit.

She was moaning louder and rocking her hips as she ran her fingers through my hair. I glanced up and saw that her eyes were closed while her mouth hung open to let out the louder, longer moans. I was alternating from one tit to the other, licking and sucking her hard nipples, while mostly just lightly caressing her clit but occasionally dipping my finger into her hot, wet pussy. My cock was recovering and I planned to slip it back into her pussy but there was also something else I wanted to do before I experienced another orgasm. First, though, I wanted to give her another orgasm, even though she’d already had several more than I had. Again, I knew that the more pleasure she experienced, the more open she’d be to another dream visit and, as with many others, I also wanted to visit her current MILF body and enjoy that just as much as her twenty-something body.

The closer she was getting to cumming, the more noise she was making as her body started to tense up. I just kept up what I was doing, enjoying the opportunity to slobber all over her succulent titties while manually pleasuring her. She briefly went silent just before all of the tension left her body and she started shaking. I didn’t stop licking and sucking her nipples or caressing her clit while she was cumming, intent on drawing out and intensifying the pleasure if possible. Once she’d gone still after another long and apparently intensely pleasurable orgasm, I raised my head, licked her juices from my finger then went back to making out with her. She reached down to find that my cock was nearly rigid again and stroked it until it was.

“I want this inside me,” she finally said, pulling her mouth from mine. She didn’t specify where she wanted it inside her but, since she remained on her back, I assumed that she wanted me to fuck her on that rug in the missionary position and I was completely fine with that. I moved above her and guided my cock to her pussy, easing it in as we both moaned. Supporting myself over her on my forearms, I started to slowly fuck her then brought my lips to hers again. She was raising her hips to meet my thrusting, allowing me to provide maximum penetration and, therefore, maximum pleasure. I was savoring the snug, slippery grip of her hot pussy as I slid repeatedly in and out, though I wasn’t feeling the build-up of another orgasm immediately.

Fucking her like this was nice, even compared to having her ride my cock while watching her titties bouncing or fucking her snug, soapy ass in the shower. It wasn’t that I appreciated the closeness or wanted to make love to her rather than fucking her but, without anything else vying for my attention, I could focus on the pleasurable feeling of sliding my cock slowly in and out of her snug, slippery pussy. Of course, even given how much I was enjoying that, as I felt her tits against my chest, there was still that something else I also wanted to enjoy for a bit before this dream reached its conclusion. So, after fucking her for a bit and savoring that but before I was too close to cumming, I slipped my cock from her pussy and moved up to straddle her. I lay my cock between her tits and took one in each hand, squeezing them together against it. I slowly started sliding my cock between her soft, smooth tits while gazing down at those beauties. The feeling was amazing, even compared to her hot pussy, her talented mouth and her snug ass. I intended to take this all the way until I blew a load on her chest.

She was watching my cock as it poked repeatedly out of her cleavage but she was definitely more of a spectator at this point as I assumed she wasn’t really getting anything out of me fucking her tits. Of course she had experienced more orgasms than I had up to this point so I’m sure she wasn’t begrudging me this indulgence for my own pleasure. Then again, if she started thinking about this being her dream, why would it focus even briefly on my pleasure alone? Hopefully, she wasn’t thinking too hard and was just enjoying the overall experience. As I stared down at her succulent tits, her large areolas and her hard nipples along with the occasional peek at her cute face while continuing to slide my cock against the soft, smooth flesh, the combination of physical and visual stimulation had my orgasm building pretty steadily. I would love to have fucked her tits for longer but I didn’t want her to go too long without any stimulation since this was her dream and I knew I’d have more opportunities based on how this dream was going. As I got closer to cumming and my cock grew thicker once again, I relished the building pleasure, grateful for the opportunity to finally actually experience it as a result of Irene’s hot little body.

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