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Episode Three: Kimmy Jolts Jenny

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. It features a public person as a character, but strictly in a fictional setting that in no way implies the private interests or personal behavior of the public person in fact parallels the scenes depicted below. This article has not been approved by or presented to the public person for endorsement or comment. Any similarity between the actual acquaintances and actions of the public person portrayed here, and the content of this story, is strictly coincidental.

* * * * *


Kimmy doesn’t remember her dreams. Sometimes she wakes up in the night, skin damp and clammy, her body flushed, and for a moment there’s a ghost of recall but it doesn’t last as long as it takes to press long slender fingers to her groin. The moist memory of something is still fresh, there, although the sleep images which made her so are gone.

Despite great beauty, Kimmy rarely sleeps with anyone. Her usual bedtime companion is a tattered, battered teddy bear who attended her every girlhood every tea party. So her night visitations can’t be clutched at when she wakes from a tossing rest, told to another before the ghost in her brain vanishes. To know what dances among the neurons when Kimmy sleeps, we must steal into her ear, make our way finally along the nerves and set exploring to find that region where her mind lives as her conscious body rests.

And yes, there is a party tonight in Kimmy’s brain.

Perhaps we should dress for the occasion first, with a little more knowledge of the woman whose very secret self we will invade. Kimmy is young, just a little older than the law requires to serve her a drink she would only sip from politeness. She was raised well, uses good table manners and doesn’t care to see feelings hurt, is kind to animals, watches her small budget and yearns to do something important in her life. Most families would be very proud indeed to welcome as a son’s bride this petite, slender blonde with the swan’s neck, defined jaw line and straight nose.

Perhaps. There’s another side to Kimmy that proves the old adage, “You gotta watch the quiet ones.”

She is a bisexual woman with an unquenchable sex drive. Her closet is filled with slutty clothes and rows of very high-heeled shoes. At the private strip club where she is the only dancer, she sometimes fucks the customers … on stage, on a table, or in the parking lot – and sometimes in groups of 20 to 40 at a time. Often she goes to work dripping cum, stoppered in her ass with a butt plug, gathered in a noonday cruise for cock among the businessmen’s bars in town. And when she’s not working, Kimmy’s at home with a huge assortment of toys she uses while chatting about sex on the Internet – or for fucking with one of her several bisexual girlfriends. Sometimes she has them tie her up and dominate the tiny girl with the very full, silicon-enhanced bosom.

Kimmy’s appetites are not the norm, perhaps, but she shares a habit with many people. She sees someone attractive, perhaps someone interesting in personal manners or even spiritual ways more than physically, and develops a crush on that stranger. And she’s shy about it, even as many of us are. But where the average young woman with a harmless crush on a handsome stranger might contrive ways to peek from the sides of her eyes at her new attraction, Kimmy wonders how she could ask him to fuck her senseless. Or how to get that foxy woman, rather than a hot guy, in bed. Kimmy is an equal opportunity lay.

Also, like many others, Kimmy is a bit star-struck. She has an open heart as well as open legs, so for her a crush on a famous actor, beautiful model, or popular singer is a brief imaginary love affair of great intensity. In fact, her response is a flood of fluids down her thighs. She often daydreams about being a star-fucker. She doesn’t remember them, but her night dreams are often filled with celebrity sex. And we, the dream invaders, are going to join her.

When we are wandering around Kimmy’s dreams, it might be best if we wear stainproof raincoats with hoods.

* * * * *

Keeping members of a private strip club happy, so they spend more money at the bar and gladly pay their dues despite an increase, takes attention to detail and imagination. Kimmy is dearly loved by everyone at the club – most of whom have had a piece of her during one of the all-night gangbang parties she sometimes throws – but a little variety on the dance floor always warms the guys up.

Although she’s not one of the owners or managers, Kimmy is regularly consulted by that august group of three when they decide to put on a “special” with a visiting woman. Tonight she’s dead tired after several hours of batting ideas back and forth, looking at pictures of porn stars and popular “feature” dancers. The guys took her advice, and decided to be casino oyna really different – they will ask former men’s magazine model, MTV hostess and actress Jenny McCarthy to do an autograph party, if they can afford Jenny’s fee. Kimmy, a classic star-fucker, is pleased. Lonely for Lance, her boyfriend who didn’t get to visit with her online today because she was working so long, Kimmy cuddles in bed with her teddy. She falls into an exhausted sleep immediately. Bet we don’t have to wait long before Kimmy starts dreaming, and we can slip into her mind to see what wild fantasy her mind will create.

Kimmy’ arms close tightly around teddy, she murmurs something. It sounds as if she’s talking in her sleep about Jenny McCarthy. Great! Let’s invade her mind and look at the peep show Kimmy will give us tonight.

Well, as the jazz singer said, this joint is jumpin’! Kimmy’s back at work. The club is swarming with guys, Kimmy’s walking around the room in a little one piece outfit, something like a jumpsuit that ends in very short shorts. You can see the rounds of her buns. She has a beautiful round ass. She’s carrying a tray loaded with champagne glasses.

She’s dreaming of the Jenny McCarthy autograph party. The beautiful model and actress sits behind a small table with a pile of photos next to her. There’s a man in a suit, obviously Jenny’s public relations representative, hovering attentively to one side, helping keep the club members in line, moving them along.

Jenny spends about a minute with each visitor – we can’t hear anything spoken, but she’s obviously exchanging a few words, getting the names, writing personalized messages with a flourish. She stretches after a few visitors, tosses her thick mane of blonde hair back. Kimmy brings the champagne tray over, and Jenny tosses two off rapidly. She smiles at Kimmy, who acts a little flustered.

Kimmy moves off along the line of fellows waiting for a word and a look down Jenny’s low-cut blouse when she leans over to sign the pictures. The champagne quickly vanishes. As Kimmy turns to head back for more full glasses, we notice the club owners have added some spice to the day. A tank filled with mud is off to one side of the waiting line, and a pair of beautiful women in tiny bikinis are staging one heck of a catfight. Kimmy goes first class in her dreams!

One of the wonderful things about being a dream invader is that we watch some pretty great action that doesn’t happen in real life. Kimmy’s mind has just shifted the scene, now. She’s standing back at the table with Jenny. The mud wrestlers are leaving. The crowd of guys has thinned considerably and there’s no line for autographs.

Whatever Kimmy says to Jenny draws a generous laugh, we can see that even if this show has no sound track. Jenny gets up, a bit unsteady from the champagne, and gives Kimmy a huge kiss on the mouth. Kimmy throws her arms around the woman and presses hard against her, returning the actress’ pass with passion.

She lets out a whoop of joy and throws Kimmy in the mud pit, then jumps in on top of her. The autograph seekers crowd around – this is the best yet for them. The two women essentially rip each other’s clothes off sliding around in there. Normally timid Kimmy actually wants some of what Jenny’s got, and the petite girl turns aggressor. She grabs at the actress’ crotch, and rubs her full breasts against Jenny’s larger globes while trying to kiss again. Just as Kimmy gets a finger in Jenny’s cunny, the pair of women both lose balance and slide all over the mud pit.

McCarthy’s PR man is in a state and uses this chance to try and get her out. Instead, she pulls him headfirst into the pit, then she and Kimmy pile mud all over his suit. While he splutters and wipes mud from his eyes, Jenny climbs out, offering a hand to help Kimmy leave, too.

The club manager is conveniently at hand with huge, thick white towels for each woman. Dreams are handy that way. Jenny kisses Kimmy, then turns her toward the clustered guys drawn to the surprise turn of events. Imitating Jenny’s move, Kimmy opens the towel to strike a flasher’s pose, as some alert fellows in the audience snap pictures. Jenny blows the boys a kiss, then spins on her heel and leads Kimmy toward the dressing room, both women shaking their toweled behinds in an exaggerated walk.

Another scene shift has Kimmy and Jenny in the dressing room shower, steam rising around them. We have to look hard, the entire picture is very hazy, but we notice the mud streaking underneath the force of the shower spray. Kimmy kisses Jenny, then sinks slowly to her knees and her hands slide over the woman’s body. Our golden dreamer begins tenderly licking Jenny’s woman’s place.

Remains of the mud bath wash down Jenny’s body and over Kimmy’s face as she tastes the actress’ own waters. Jenny shivers, puts her hands on Kimmy’s hair, turned dark by the mud still canlı casino there and the water, presses the girl’s face to her mound. They stand thus a brief moment, then Jenny lets go. Kimmy looks up at the standing woman with a smile, rises to her feet.

Steam rises in a billow, obscuring our vision. When we move around the edges of this dream for a better view, we see that events have moved along rapidly. Jenny has pushed Kimmy against the slick tiles of the shower, has lifted her up from the floor against the tiles, by inserting her fisted hand and a length of her forearm into Kimmy cunt. Jenny’s Other arm is stiffly lanced against the girl’s chest, keeping her still so Jenny can use her hand like a double-headed dildo. She is fucking Kimmy hard with a boxer’s short jabs.

Unseen by the women, the public relations man is in the room, too. His smeared suit falls in a heap on the floor, followed by shirt, tie, socks, underwear. He is a strongly-built man of medium height, probably as much bodyguard as flak for the actress. He steps behind Jenny, a large erect cock already in his hand, and as the shower spray begins to rinse him, he does a smooth deep knee bend, then rises up, inserting himself swiftly into the model’s pussy from the rear.

He grasps Jenny by the shoulders to steady her while he pumps his piston into her. She maintains her hold on Kimmy, still furiously fist fucking her. The man behind Jenny reaches across with one strong arm and slaps the girl’s breasts, not hard, but it must sting, knocking them back and forth several times.

Kimmy’s arms and legs begin to tremble, splaying wide on the shower wall. She is clearly having a huge orgasm. Jenny finally withdraws her arm and hand, glistening with Kimmy’s cum, and the girl slides to the floor, the other pair standing between her widespread legs. Jenny leans forward to brace herself against the shower wall with both her hands while the public relations man powers his prick into her. She hasn’t reached her own release, however, when the man suddenly clenches his muscled buttocks, drives deep inside and seems to come.

In this wonderful world of Kimmy’s erotic dreams, we enjoy not just the fantastic creations of her mind, but also the way things change. Now we are back in the main club room. Only Kimmy and Jenny are there, both wrapped in heavy white terrycloth robes, both naked underneath, as we can tell because neither of the women has tied the robes shut. Jenny is still wanting some satisfaction, we can see, because she’s absently fingering her pussy, her eyes a bit glazed, her behavior distracted as the pair walks toward the table for some more champagne.

Kimmy piles the glasses littering the table on a tray and sets it on the floor, along with the small pile of pictures left from the autograph party. She gestures with a tilt of her head at the table. Jenny smiles a wide grin and lays down, letting the robe fall to either side. her body is even more beautiful than a decade ago, when it graced the pages of a great magazine. We notice suddenly that both of these women are similar in appearance. although Kimmy is shorter and slighter than Jenny.

Jenny holds her champagne glass over her groin, while Kimmy gently spread the lips of her slit wide and pulls open the mouth of the actress’ vagina. Then Jenny pours the golden bubbly into herself. Standing at one side, leaning forward across Jenny’s breast, Kimmy begins to lap the drink with a long pink tongue.

Now, where did this other fellow come from? We are watching Kimmy’s head bob above Jenny’s belly and suddenly there’s a dark-haired man doing the same thing from the other side. His hand wanders over Jenny’s breast to where Kimmy’s bosom rubs Jenny’s beneath her, and he grasps both their nipples in long fingers. Things happen so quickly, in dreams.

Kimmy takes a taste, and then he does – every few licks, they turn and kiss, and taste each other with Jenny in their taste buds, too. Kimmy’s hand wanders over the woman’s breasts, so that her fingers and this man’s brush electrically against each other. Now we recognize this new player – it’s Kimmy’s boyfriend, Lance. She did miss him, then, and at least in her dreams makes up the loss.

While Jenny writhes under them, Kimmy runs her other hand along Jenny’s leg, teases and tickles her thigh, fingers her asshole, then begins wetting and spreading her already-loosened cunt that remembers the press of a woman’s fist and forearm inside. Jenny finally comes. Kimmy lifts her face from Jenny’s pussy, dripping champagne and cum. She kisses her boyfriend passionately, then begins to suck and bite Jenny’s breasts while raising her ass high and spreading her legs. Lance knows what Kimmy wants him to do, now.

He picks up one of the empty champagne bottles, finds a damp towel near the table, wipes the bottle carefully, and then steps behind Kimmy. He slowly works the broad kaçak casino end of the bottle into Kimmy’s already-stretched vagina. While his darling savors the sweetness of Jenny’s breasts, Lance pushes the wide dark bottle in until it stops against the bony interior of Kimmy’s hips.

Somehow the public relations guys has also entered this scene. His suit is clean, he’s back in “uniform,” and his pants are wide open. He steps between Jenny’s spread legs, dropping over the edge of the table, and puts his penis into her tunnel. He begins to pound her, making her body rock and slide on the table top under Kimmy’s mouth. Kimmy licks, kisses, and sucks Jenny’s chest, nipples neck and shoulders. Lance twists the bottle inside Kimmy, delighting her with the sensation.

Now Kimmy is so hot her face flies across Jenny’s body. The blonde glory sucks on Jenny’s mouth, pulling her tongue between Kimmy’s hot jaws in a frenzy of desire. Jenny’s mouth is not enough to satisfy Kimmy’s building need.

Once more the suited companion gets off rather quickly. He withdraws from Jenny’s hungry pussy and shoot his stream of milt across her belly in a thick vertical stripe. Once he steps back from between her legs he vanishes. We think that’s good – this guy doesn’t do anything for these women except leave them wondering what happened.

In the meantime, Lance has lifted Kimmy in his arms, cradling her so her bottom drops in the center of his grasp, the bottle looking rather ridiculous sticking out of her. After he lifts her, she cranes her neck, biting him sharply on the earlobe, then sticking her tongue in the ear. Ah, we understand – she can’t walk with that thing implanted there. The boyfriend carries Kimmy to the spot just vacated by the “sprinter,” the guy who comes and cums quickly. Lance sets Kimmy down. She wants to use the bottle as an improvised dildo to fuck Jenny to completion, but she’s not tall enough to do it. Instead, she leans over and begins licking the man cum from Jenny’s body.

Lance fetches a wooden crate of some kind -where do these things come from? – and puts it by Kimmy’s feet. She pays no attention. Her hands grasp the bottle neck and she’s fucking herself, while licking and chewing on Jenny’s cunt. Jenny has started to come, and is screaming atop the table.

He guides first one slender foot and then the other atop the crate. She steps atop the box, aiming the champagne bottle’s neck like a cannon at Jenny’s heated, red-fleshed quim. It slides in easily, penetrating almost to the broad shoulders of the bottle. Jenny jerks in response, the sudden movement of her hips nearly levering Kimmy into the air on the other end of the bottle.

Finally Kimmy forces the entire bottle in just past the sloping wider shoulder of the bottle, she can feel the narrow end poking against the end of Jenny’s tunnel. Kimmy now fucks her with the bottle, fingers of one of Kimmy’s hands flying across Jenny’s slit and clit, the other hand doing Kimmy’s own. Jenny starts to come and come. Kimmy’s own juices are running out along the sides of the bottle.

Neither woman pays any attention as Lance steps behind Kimmy, himself now nude and displaying a find erection. He spreads Kimmy’s bottom wide and begins massaging her anus with his thumbs. She looks over her shoulder, shakes her head strongly. She’s telling him to go away. Instead, Lance spits on her shithole and puts the speartip of his cock against it. He slides it up and down the length of her butt seam, probes once against her anus. Kimmy responds by more violently jabbing Jenny, the end of the bottle jamming against the end of her passage. Jenny’s knees immediately rise in the air with a consuming orgasm.

Kimmy looks over her shoulder and speaks to Lance. We can tell from the movement of her mouth, she’s telling him, no, yes, no, yes, if you are going to do that do it now and fuck my ass hard.

He pushes into her, quickly, but with strain – she’s obviously tight. His immediate thrusts jab Kimmy deeper into Jenny, and bounce the fat end of the bottle against the blockage inside his girlfriend. Both the women convulse with orgasm, Jenny wracked by the searing, constant power of sustained climaxes that torture her nerves. Kimmy, pinned by the dildo bottle joining her to Jenny and stabbed from behind on Lance’s organ, wriggles like a fish on a spear. Her writhing excites Lance, and he too peaks. His milk spurts out of the puckered ring around his cock.

Everything goes black. We are jolted from Kimmy’s mind. She is awake. Perhaps this powerful sex dream yanked her back to awareness. She picks up the alarm clock by her bed. One in the morning. Why did she wake up? She wipes her hand across her face, pushes back some stray hairs tickling her shoulder. She must get up early so she can let Lance know she missed him.

* * * * *

(c)Copyright, 2000 by Wil E. Harden, Bryn Mawr, CA 92318 • All Rights Reserved • Published by permission of the author on Literotica for non-commercial, individual private entertainment – not to be reproduced or copied in any fashion without written permission of the author

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