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I was 14 years old, dark hair, slightly ginger, 5’9 hazel eyes and slim. I was on holiday, in Spain I always fantasized about meeting a younger boy and doing things. It was a little more than “Kids fun” it was more serious than that, I had always wanted to do something with a boy who was as willing as me. No one knew I was secretly gay which made it somewhat harder to find someone so going on holiday was my chance to make my dream come true. My mum and dad trusted me enough to have my own room which I was truly grateful for. My first few days were fairly bad which is similar to any other holiday I had once a year because I didn’t know who spoke English and I was mainly unsociable and let people approach me. There was only one person I wanted to meet, James, which we both shared the same problem of hardly any other kids there.

James had just a couple of days left of being 12, his holiday was to celebrate his birthday as it was luckily placed around the end of summer, he had beautiful mid length sandy blonde hair and blue eyes which looked even better than the sea around the resort we stayed in and he was around 5’5 and had an amazing smile.

He went home the same day I did so I would have time to see if he would make my dream complete, for the first few days we just walked around the resort talking about random stuff, explaining a little bit about our lives and where we lived and how far it would be away from each other and stuff like that.

It was around lunchtime and we were at the beach shack getting food looking at the beach. antalya escort bayan “I might take these up to my room” signalling to my 2 hot dogs and chips, “you’re welcome to come up and watch some TV if you like” I asked in hope he would accept. “What about your parents?” he queried “I’m lucky to have my own room so I can do whatever I like!” looking at him with a cheeky smile “ooooo” he replied bouncing an even cheekier smile right back at me which turned me on a little. He accepted to my joy and we walked up to my room.

The best part about it is he had fairly tight speedo’s on and nothing else. Which couldn’t make me stop taking quick glances down at his crotch area looking at the bulge to see the size of his cock. It looked like a decent size, not that I had that much experience looking at boys cocks before. We were about halfway there and i was thinking so much about the dream I had the night before with him naked in my room I tripped over a step onto the grass, he started laughing his ass off! So did I as I thought it would be better than doing it any other way. He offered up his hand with a caring smile on his face which turned me on, anything he did turned me on. I accepted. “Callum, Turn around mate you have some dirt, here let me get it for you” he started at my shoulders and slowly ran both his hands down my back brushing away the dirt i supposedly had on my back. It felt like he was taking his time but I sure wasn’t complaining! He didn’t stop at the back of my back though, he started brushing it of my ass as well which escort antalya felt so good. Maybe this was a hint, I didn’t know I was just glad he touched me.

Time passed and it was already two, we had spent two hours in my room eating and watching TV. Suddenly the TV went of with the lights, “what the fuck” I said shocked “must be a power cut” I announced quickly after.
“Well that’s shit that was a good movie as well” he said laughing. “Well i have about 30 minutes til I need to go back or mum will get worried” he said with a slight tone of disappointment to his voice. “What should we do”? he ask with a puzzled face. “I know a game if you’re bored” I replied with a sudden joy inside me. “Okay then whats it called”? he asked with a slight grin on his face. “Well I don’t know you’re quite a bit younger than me it may be a little rough for you” I said quietly knowing that he would want to play it even more which would justify that it’s a gay game if two boys play it. “Try me” he challenged me with his cheeky smile as he jumped on the single bed next to mine.

“The game is what you make of it, It’s called slaves, you don’t do anything you don’t want to. You lay on the bed face up at first pretending you are chained up to the corners of the bed. One player is the slave and one is the master, It sounds a bit gay I know but you have the choice to make it gay or not if you REALLY want to or not, I don’t judge. Then the slave does absolutely everything the master tells him to, and the slave has to say Yes Sir or Yes Master whatever the antalya escort other player chooses. Rules, 1 You tell absolutely no one about what happens. 2 you don’t hurt the other player. If the slave decides that he doesn’t want to do what has been asked you say the following line: Please master I’m a pussy. You can take your slave anywhere you want to inside of the room. and the last rule you don’t involve anyone else. Now Mr tough guy think you got big enough balls to do it”? giving him the trick where it would be embarrassing to say no. “Bring it” he said with one of his good looking cheeky smiles. I nearly got a hard on from them two words, his confidence that made this game very competitive which turned me on so much.

“As you’re younger I’ll slave first” I said as I wanted him to make the first move. “Age don’t matter” he replied with a serious smile. “Fine then ladies first”! i said and grinned at him, he smiled and shook his head but admitted it and went first. He looked a bit nervous and didn’t know where to start, “No one will ever know right”? wanting assurance, “Not a soul” I replied with a serious face. This gave me a hint that he would do something sexual as he wanted to know that I would follow the rules as I had stated.

He stood for a minute then walked over to the fridge and returned with a bottle of ice cold water, “Ready”? he said with a grin on his face which made me think I’m going to have some fun. “You bet”! I replied and as soon as i did he grabbed my phone charger and whipped me across my chest, me being shocked I looked at him puzzled as he then shouted at me “You Bet Master”! I smiled and said I was “sorry master” thinking to myself that he is into it which made me feel even more confident and happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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