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Dr. Veronica Thelma woke up Monday morning feeling horny as hell. Even though she had fallen asleep with her son, Lee, after fucking for many hours the night before. Her pussy still felt a bit sore, but her son was right, if you fuck through the soreness, your body gets used to it. So, I need to keep fucking him as much as possible until my body adapts, she thought, it’s completely for medical reasons.

Dr. Thelma rolled over and looked at her son who was sleeping naked next to her in her bed. She saw that Lee’s cock was already hard as he slept, “Must be morning wood.” She said out loud as she removed the blanket from her son’s body and gripped his cock with both hands. She started to slowly jerked her son’s cock, but this was just to make sure it was as hard as it could be. Once she was sure that it couldn’t get any thicker, Veronica got over her son, lined his dick up with her pussy, and sat on it.

“OOOHHHHH FUUUUCK!” She yelled loudly as she impaled her tight pussy on her son’s cock. She started riding him, slowly at first so her son could remain asleep, but after a moment of fucking his big dick she started building up a dire need to cum, and stopped caring so much how rough she was being as she started bouncing on his cock only looking to orgasm. “Fuck me, son!” She moaned, trying not to be too loud, “Please make Mommy cum!”

Lee woke up a second later as his mother rode his cock. “Holy shit Mom,” He said as she continued to fuck him without a care in the world. “You should have woken me up!” He said as she took hold of her hips and started fucking up into her from below. He grabbed at his mother’s huge tits as they bounced above his face, feeling the incredibly kartal sarışın escort softness of her breasts. “Mom you are so fucking hot!” He cried out loving the feeling of her pussy and tits as they animalistically fucked on her bed.

“Son, I love your dick! Never stop fucking me!” Veronica cried as she fell onto her son’s chest and started furiously making out with him. When they broke their kiss, Veronica saw the time, “Fuck son, we gotta get moving. You have to get to school and I have to go to work.”

“I need a shower first!” Lee said, and he lifted his mother up by the ass and carried her out of the room and over to the bathroom, but in such a way that his mother’s pussy as still on his cock the whole time and they kept fucking through the hallway.

“Holy fuck son! You’re so fucking strong!” She cried as she was carried across the hall to the bathroom, when they were both in the tub, Veronica spun around on her son’s cock so she could stand on her feet on the tub’s floor. She turned on the water as her son continued thrusting his mighty meatstick into his mother’s clam. “Jesus Christ Lee,” Veronica moaned out, “Never stop fucking me!” She felt herself start to cum, “OoooOOOOHH FFFUUuUUUUCCKK!” She cried out while she came on her son’s thick dick.

“Fill me up son!” Veronica cried, “You’re making everyone else in town pregnant, why don’t you knock up your own mom as well!” That statement was too much for Lee and he cried out as he filled his mother’s pussy with his spunk, gripping her wide hips with his strong hands while he did so.

About ten minutes later they were cleaned, dressed, and having breakfast as if they kartal sınırsız escort were just a normal mother and son. Well, until you heard what they were talking about, “Oh my god, son,” Veronica said, “your big dick is going to fuck so many babies into so many women!” She told Lee.

Lee’s cock was getting hard again as he thought about it, but it reminded him of something his mother told him in the shower, “Were you serious Mom about you wanting me to get you pregnant too?” The thought of his own mother having his child really turned him on, it was just too perverted for anyone to do, but Lee was fast finding out that he liked to be incredibly perverted and depraved.

Veronica took her son’s hands and smiled at him, comfortingly, “truthfully, I only said that because saying stuff like that makes it hotter for me. I mean, not that fucking your own son isn’t hot enough already… but the thought has crossed my mind.” She said, “So, let’s just say that no, but I wouldn’t be completely opposed to it in the future. We fuck so much it may just happen anyway. But I’m fairly certain my birth control will continue to work as we continue with your medical procedures.”

Lee was a little disappointed but he understood, “That’s cool, Mom, I’d say I’m too young to be a father anyway but apparently that’s not the case.” Lee gulped in both worry and excitement as he thought about all the women he’d have to fuck for the sake of impregnating them. His cock twitched, “Hey Mom, was that all bullshit about me needing to fuck all the time, because I think I need to cum again.”

Veronica glanced down at his hardening cock in his pants and licked her kartal ucuz escort lips, “Well,” she said as she got on the ground in front of her son and started unzipping his pants, “It’s not complete bullshit, you do seem to have a much higher sex drive than the average young adult, even with your added testorone from exercise and playing football,” as she said this her son’s large, veiny cock popped out of his pants and she started jerking him off with one hand while she massaged his balls with the other. “I think these huge balls of yours has something to do with it as well, but we’re going to run tests on you today at my office. Speaking of which, I’m going to pick you up from school an hour early, I already told the school secretary about it, so you should be ready.”

“But what about while I’m at school!” Lee complained as his mother took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him with her thick cock-sucking lips, “Can’t you come around early and we could fuck in your car in the parking lot or something?”

Veronica rolled her eyes at him, which for some reason Lee found hot while she had his cock in her mouth. She took her mouth off him for a second, and jerked him off for a moment, so she could say, “No Lee, I have to work, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being your live-in, sex-slave, slut-mommy, but while I’m at work we have to put a hold on it.” She sucked his huge dick back into her mouth. A few minutes later Lee came and, as always, the load was exceptionally large, but Veronica swallowed as fast as she could to swallow all of it, which she just barely managed, but she didn’t want to have to take another shower.

“Thanks for the second breakfast,” Veronica told her son as she stood up and put her doctor’s coat on, “Now, get in the car, it’s time to go.”

Veronica didn’t let her son touch her in the car, saying he would have to wait until tater. Lee was very disappointed when she dropped him off for school, he just wondered how he was going to get through the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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