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I promise no oversize dickeys, no double Ds and no ANAL or other pain–


The day it all began started without an improper thought in my head let alone any thought of committing incest. First a little background.

My sister Helen and I, Tom, have always been close. As teens we shared sexual information and sexual gossip but pretty much kept our own sexual secrets. Although I have read tales of siblings in this situation who fell into a sexual relationship early on in their life we had not.

I was about two years older than Helen and had gone to college summer, fall, winter and even nights to graduate in just over two and a half years. I then lived at home, paying rent of course as I apprenticed myself to a local Master Carpenter with the intention of becoming a ‘High End’ custom builder a few years down the road.

My sister Helen had been more conventional, she became a nurse then after a couple of years of employment whet back to school ending up as a Nurse Practitioner. She joined the staff at a hospital connected with the university. Both of us became so engrossed in our professions and other interests that neither of us married.

We both had chances to marry but didn’t. We each had a few affairs but when Helen moved back to town to team up with a local internal medicine group we were both still single at ages 35 and 37.

I had just renovated a well located oversized brick split level which I had bought at a bargain basement price. I offered it to Helen at what I had invested which was about two thirds of it’s value. She jumped at it, meanwhile I was living and working out of a big old Victorian which I was slowly bring up to it’s original splendor in what spare time I had.

Two years later I sold the Victorian at a huge profit. After some conversation and possibly with the beginnings of an ulterior motive on my part I moved in with Helen. We each took two bedrooms. I enlarged the bathrooms and built a second floor balcony over the patio with access doors from each of our suites.

As time went on we became more and more casual in our dress around each other. We slipped into some, but not all, those intimacies often shared by married folks along with others shared by siblings. It was a very satisfying existence except for the sex factor, of course. We attended functions together and generally behaved like man and wife except for that ultimate exception.

It was not as if either of us was sexually starved. Helen spent enough nights and weekends away that it was obvious that her sexual needs were not being neglected. I spent many happy late afternoons with a lady who happened to be an emergency room nurse. Her husband was physically incapacitated and unable to meet her sexual needs.

The naughty stuff began one Saturday in early September. We were scheduled to attend the opening of a new surgical wing at the hospital. To be honest I was starting to get ideas that were not as yet accepted by society. We had been bantering back and forth for a while as we were preparing lunch which was to be knockwurst and sauerkraut. I was cooking. I unwrapped the knockwurst and in the spirit of the moment handed one to Helen and said.

“Here you are sis. Warm this up and flavor it for me.”

Helen always quick on the draw snapped back with.

“If I do will you eat it?” As she said that she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Do you kiss that way too.” Said I repeating that oft used but less than brilliant teen age comeback.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Said Helen, another youthful retort.

She was close enough for me to grab. I pulled her close then holding her with my arms around her back I said.

“Put up or shut up.” Then I closed the distance between our faces until I kissed her full on the lips. As I did it flashed through my mind that maybe I had been looking for an excuse to do this for a long time.

I could sense her surprise but after only a few seconds did her lips remained slack under mine. Then she drew back a tiny bit, puckered her lips against mine and began to kiss me seriously and passionately.

I grew hard. My sister pushed her lower body against my erection. We each wiggled around as we continued our kiss till my erection was in the V of her crotch. The kiss continued along with a little of what might be called ‘dry humping’ for a long time. When it ended we were both panting with desire.

We held each others arms as our upper bodies parted. She looked me in the eyes and then asked.

“Did that answer your question? Now unhand me and lets eat.” She paused a few seconds than added. “Lunch that is.”

With that she picked up the knockwurst off the floor. She took my hand, turned it palm up, slapped the knockwurst into it saying.

“Wash it and cook it, I don’t do knockwurst. A nicely shaped cucumber perhaps but not knockwurst.” With that she returned to preparing the sauerkraut.

The lunch was a quiet one. She was, I supposed, like me, reviewing the implications of what had just happened between us. Lunch illegal bahis over we cleaned the kitchen then retreated to our own rooms. We needed to leave at two o’clock for the party.

The party was just another party. Good food good conversation but nothing to separate it from a dozen other parties just like it. We were home by six nothing had been said by either of us about the kiss. I wasn’t at all sure about what to do next. At that moment I was filled with desire but was of course conflicted by the fact that she was, after all, my sister.

Helen solved my dilemma for the moment by saying. “I’m going to change and go for a swim.” She headed up toward her rooms. I went out to the pool to check the chemical level and the temperature. I wasn’t a fan of chilly water. Both were fine. I turned and went back through the sliding glass door to the rec room.

Helen was just approaching from the other direction. She was wearing a robe. She was carrying something peach colored in one hand and something black in the other. She stopped and said.

“I need your opinion. Which suit should I keep.” She held up the suits each of which sported store tags.

“No comment yet please.” She said. “Turn your back and let me try one on.”

I turned my back and heard some noises. “OK, Now turn around.”

My sister was wearing the peach colored one. It covered everything important but it did fit like a second skin. I could see no sign of support for her breasts and could see her nipples and her mound clearly. I could only imagine how it would be when wet.

I developed an erection. Helen looked at me and noticed it immediately.

“I can see that you like this one.” She said. “Now turn around again lets try something else.”

After more noise she said. “How about I wear this, but only when it’s just you and I” I turned, looked, then stood there in total shock.

Helen was wearing only her skin. The other suit was still in her hand. She smiled and looked me in the eye and asked.

“You like?” She paused for a moment then added. “If you don’t say yes it might be my final offer.”

I couldn’t speak, I was enthralled. Helen was no centerfold but her body was very nice. Her tits were nicely shaped and firm. She had a definite waist was slightly bigger around the ass than around the chest and sported well shaped legs.

The fact that she was apparently offering it to me made it the best body in my experience. I stepped forward intending to take my sister into my arms for the second time that day.

I was still in my party clothes. I stopped and unbuttoned and dropped my shirt and then dropped my pants. It was done in near record time. I still had my boxer’s on as I closed the gap between us. Our bodies touched but we both kept our hands to our sides as we adult kissed for the second time in our lives. Because of our apparent commitment to do something sexual the kiss seemed to generate sparks.

Just then the phone rang. It jarred us apart. It turned out that our sinful act was to be postponed. Our father was at that moment under the knife at Duke University Hospital down in North Carolina. An emergency bypass was being performed, necessary because of a near fatal heart attack a few hours earlier.

Being a pilot and aircraft owner and having abstained that day from alcohol we were soon on our way South. Once airborne Helen began calling around to arrange to have her shifts covered for a few days.

Three busy days later we were on our way back North the dangers past and dad was, were assured, on his way to a full recovery. We arrived home safely, slept well after a quick shower. The next morning I was at the kitchen table enjoying a very simple breakfast of cereal and a soft boiled egg.

A few minutes earlier as I had walked past Helen’s suite I heard the shower. It was about ten minutes later she entered the kitchen from behind me. Seconds later I felt her close behind me then her elbows were resting on my shoulders and her arms were around my neck her lips were at my ear whispering.

“Now my dear brother. Can you recall exactly what it was that we were doing when the stuff hit the fan?”

Even though a bit startled I managed to reply. “Seems to me that we were naked and kissing and dry humping. If my memory is correct that is.”

“And what were you planning to do next, if you remember.”

“Honestly, I was so startled at what we were doing that my feeble brain was stuck in the moment.”

“Well have you given any thought to what might come next? Come being the operative word.”

“Do we dare?.” I asked. We are siblings and the world doesn’t look kindly upon incest.”

“Who is going to know? Besides I think that some already think that we’re doing it.”

Again we were thwarted. The fucking phone rang. We knew that we had to answer. It was for Helen. Work called and she couldn’t say no after having just had three unscheduled days off. As I turned around I received another surprise. Helen had come into the kitchen ‘buck naked’.

“Damn and double damn.” Helen illegal bahis siteleri exclaimed. “I wanted to have you before my period started. I’m due to start tomorrow and I am very regular. I can feel it coming on. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

With that she scampered up to her suite. Minutes later she was changed and on her way out the door. “Probably be home about midnight.” She was gone.

It wasn’t as if I had nothing else to do myself. I had been away several days and I needed to check in to the jobs I had going. I did that, solved several problems that had developed in my absence, did some paperwork, had supper out, and was home by about nine that evening.

I had a cold beer as I considered the recent interplay between my sister and I and debated the subject with myself. According to my little brain my role was obvious. According to my big brain the situation was not nearly as clear cut. However as I considered the desire brought by our nearness and what appeared to be our mutual desires I was totally horny in just a minute or two.

Clearly nothing was going to happen tonight and I needed a shower. As I soaped myself my hand kept coming back to soap my erect member. I decided that I would go to bed and masturbate while giving my feelings full range to contemplate sex with my sister and enjoy.

Twenty minutes later I was well into my fantasy. My cock was rock hard and beginning to signal it’s intention to erupt the near future. I was really enjoying the mental picture of my sister riding me to mutual orgasms as my hands did wondrous thing to her breasts. At that moment the room light turned on.

I was later to discover that she had been planning this very carefully even before the recent events. It was to be her way of getting something started between us. She had oiled the hinges and the latches on my bedroom door so that she could open it in total silence.

Told me later that she had been waiting for one of the noisy brief rain storms which frequent our area in the spring. She had planned to turn out the hall light and sneak into my room to turn on the room light just as I was too close to orgasm to stop.

“I’ve always wanted to catch you jerking off.” Said my sister just seconds after she had done just that.

Just as her words struck home my cock erupted shooting even more than my normal quota of cum up and over my belly and chest.

“Wow. I sure am glad they let me go early.” I heard her say. With that said she walked over to my bed and kissed me thoroughly then bent down to my chest. She lifted one blob of my cum with her tongue took it into her mouth seemingly savored it for a moment then swallowed.

Then she said. “Tastes good like a man’s cum should.” She paused then added.

“Sorry I can’t do justice to the situation but I did start my period about two hours ago.”

That said she turned and left me to clean up my own mess. Two minutes later I heard her shower start. The next day she left early to begin her regular shift. Later that same day I had to fly to Myrtle Beach to attend a 9:00 AM settlement on a condo that I was purchasing.

I spent the balance of that day getting it ready to rent. I slept there that night did more work the following day not getting home till about midnight. I fell into bed exhausted. I was awakened at about six the next morning to the sound of my bedroom door opening. It was my sister carrying a delicious smelling breakfast tray.

“Do you need to pee or are you ready to eat? Here is your breakfast. As much as that tent in the sheet attracts me I have to leave for work in 15 minutes.”

“Thanks. You’re looking bright and chipper this a m, are your monthly miseries over?”

“Yes I’m ready for action and more than willing. You still game…….?” My pecker jumped at her words. Helen saw it and exclaimed. “I see that you are.” She said nothing more. I sat up, we got a couple of pillows behind me and I began to enjoy the meal.

Helen brought me up to date on the hospital gossip until she was ready to leave. She gave me a reasonably chaste good-bye kiss then gave my cock a squeeze through the sheet. She looked at it as she spoke as if she were speaking to it and said.

“Bye friend. Stay healthy. I will see you this evening.” With that she left for the day. Needless to say I spent most of the day half hard with desire. Luckily I was able to spend most of it alone. I rather shamefully avoided my female friend with whom I was to dally that day making up a rather lame lie.

I managed to get home about an hour before Helen was due. I carried a bottle of Cointreau, the two best steaks that I could find, the makings of a great salad, and last but not least a gold necklace with a diamond pendant. I organized the kitchen first then set the dining room up in a romantic mode. I placed the necklace box on Helen’s plate then covered the whole plate with an open dinner napkin, So as not to be too obvious I did my plate the same,

By the time my sister arrived home just before six I was showered and dressed in my best canlı bahis siteleri slacks and a very nice shirt a XMAS gift from Helen. When she arrived home she took one look around and got the message. After a quick kiss she left for her suite. She returned a half hour later wearing an orange dress which hung from spaghetti straps and hid none of her figure.

By then I had two Cointreau martinis ready which we sipped in the kitchen area. Helen sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed showing a generous amount of thigh. I was slightly disappointed that I could not confirm my suspicion that she was naked under the dress. If Helen had noticed her plate she made no mention of it.

We were just finishing our cocktails when the food came to fruition and I set it on the table. I offered Helen my arm and escorted her to her place. As I held her chair and seated her I got to see enough of her breasts to know that they were bare under the dress.

She removed her napkin and say the gift box and got all excited. After she opened it and admired the diamond I stood behind her and removed the pearl necklace which she had been wearing and substituted the gold one. That done she wanted to see herself in a mirror so we went to the living room where she seemed to enjoy the vision of herself wearing it in the wall mirror.

As she looked I stood a few inches behind her my hands on her waist. As she finished enjoying the sight she took my hands in hers and pulled me forward against her back. Still holding her hands over mine she guided them up to her breasts then down to her belly and crotch. I was right. She was naked under the dress.

“Just to confirm that which you were hoping for.” Helen said with a laugh. That said she turned and walked back to the table seating herself before I had a chance to help her.

It was a quiet dinner with just a bit of small talk. Both of us had both our brains elsewhere. Dinner over I poured Cointreau as a brandy then lifted my glass trying to dream up an appropriate toast.

My sister beat me to it raising her glass and saying,

“Here is to a very enjoyable evening of sin.” as she raised her glass.

She must have previously undid the zipper down her back. She reached up, took the spaghetti straps in her hands, slid them downward over her open arms and let the top portion of her dress fall to her lap.

It was a lovely sight her skin beautiful by the light of the candles I had set around. Her breasts although not large were beautiful made even more so by the erect nipples which stood out from large soft brown aureoles.

Then she stood. Her dress dropped the rest of the way to the floor. She held out her hand to me. I walked slowly toward my naked sister savoring the sight. I have never seen a woman more naked nor one more beautiful.

I sat in her seat then guided her to me between my wide spread knees. I reached out to place my left hand behind her waist as I reached up place my right hand under her right breast. I tilted my head so as to take as much of it as I could in my mouth. I sucked paying homage to the erect nipple with my tongue.

I could feel her body begin to react to the stimulus. She began to tremble and to moan quietly. I heard a phone ring someplace far away. It was totally ignored. As I took my attention to Helen’s other breast she begin to murmur.

“Tom. Tom darling. Make passionate love to me. I have waited too long. Take me now. Take me to your bed and put yourself inside of me. Now, now, please. Please darling take me to your bed.”

Who could refuse that offer. I stood. As Helen pulled my shirt up over my head I worked on the slacks. I was all fingers. It seemed to take minutes. Later Helen was to tell me that she had never before seen a man get naked so fast. I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom which fortunately I had freshened and made ready just in case.

Once there Helen took over. Seconds later I was on my back in the bed and my sister was kneeling across my lower body my hard dick in her hand guiding it into her secret place. She guided it expertly to her vagina then continued until it was about an inch or so inside of her where she stopped.

The heat of that wet place caused a glorious feeling in my cock head. She stayed still briefly then lifted herself seemingly to divest herself of my cock. Without me asking it to my ass lifted and followed her body up preventing the ‘drop out’.

Helen laughed and tightened her cunt muscles around my cock as she lowered herself again. My ass followed her down till I could go no more however she continued downward until I was about two thirds of the way into her. Again she pulled upward. This time I stayed where I was as she caused my cock to slide part way out.

She wiggled her lower body causing some wonderful sensations before pushing downward hard until I was as deep inside of her as it was possible for me to be. She stopped moving again as we savored the moment.

There may have been other moments like this one in my life but this time was like no other time. A feeling of wonder and satisfaction swept through me. Not only was the feeling of the hot wet velvet glove touching each square millimeter of my hard cock exquisite but the fact that it was my sister’s vagina made it the ultimate high.

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