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June 1971, David had just completed a four year apprenticeship as an electrician, not that he wanted to be an electrician but following a fairly mediocre academic passage through school, the apprenticeship had been the only option open to him.

Having just scraped through with his trade qualifications, David now faced the prospect of having to earn a living doing a job that he really had no interest in. Luckily he did have one talent that had made him a valuable asset in one place, and that was his local rugby club.

Rugby had been his one passion all through school and he had become a major star of the school team, captaining the team for two unbeaten seasons. After leaving school, and having played at county level, he was soon recruited to his local first class club team.

In those days of course, rugby union being a strictly amateur game, there was no financial gain from playing for one of the top clubs. There were however certain prominent people attached to the club who were in a position to ensure that the top players did not struggle for employment in a job that allowed them plenty of free time for training and playing.

David was now moving into that field of prominence where efforts would be made to ensure he remained available to the club, consequently once he had stated his dissatisfaction with his employment prospects it did not take long for a local businessman to offer him an alternative. The alternative in David’s case was employment as a junior manager in a local branch of a national building society.

David, of course, had little knowledge of the kind of work that he would be doing and with the season at an end it was decided that he should spend a month at the company head office in Manchester in order to learn the basics. He was given an allowance to pay for accommodation during his stay but decided to stay with his Aunt and Uncle who lived in Cheshire on a direct train route into the city.

David quickly settled into his new life, his ready wit and open personality helped him at work, his tall, muscular frame and rugged good looks making him very popular with the young office girls. He was not particularly experienced with girls, there had been a couple of girlfriends while in school, but any sexual experience with them had been restricted to a bit of fumbling. The older girls in the factory had been more accommodating but whilst he was no longer a virgin he was still rather naïve when it came to sex.

His Aunt had set him up nicely with his own room and after a few days told him that she had left a few of her husband’s magazines in his room in case he was looking for some reading material. By this time she had insisted that he was far too old to be calling her Aunty and that from now on he was to call them Ann and Jack.

When David did decide to look through the bundle of magazines that had been left he was surprised to find they consisted of a variety of what were then referred to as “Top Shelf” magazines. The content consisting of various photos of naked women together with articles, stories and readers letters. He was surprised that his Aunt would have these magazines, they had always appeared to him to be your ordinary, conservative, middle aged couple, just like his own parents in fact. Ann was three years younger than his mother which put her at 45, moderately attractive with a full figure without being overweight. She always dressed very conservatively and gave no indication that she looked at pictures of naked women displaying all of their private areas and read the many accounts of sexual activity that were related in the letters sections.

David’s thoughts about his Aunt certainly changed from that first evening, as he lay in bed flipping through one of the magazines he began reading a particularly erotic account of how a young man had been seduced by an older woman, sure enough his cock began to respond as his free hand gently stroked it. He did not possess one of those massive twelve inch cocks that he read about so often in these magazines but he was more than satisfied with his which stood at about eight inches and a good handful when fully erect. Needless to say his thoughts strayed to his Aunt, picturing in his mind those full breasts, imagining them replacing his hand as his cock slid between them. Closing his eyes he could see her face, smiling, encouraging him as she pressed her tits around him. He could feel the warmth of her as his stroke increased, could feel the surge coming from his balls as his cock erupted sending ribbons of spunk up and onto her smiling face, into her open mouth, then seeing more spunk covering those tits.

David felt the warmth of her body but it was not her body that was the warm sticky feeling he felt, he opened his eyes to see the evidence of his ejaculation all over his chest and tummy. Suddenly returning to the real world he reached for a box of tissues to clean himself, dumping them in the bin at the side of the bed.

David slept longer than he intended the next morning, leaving little time for a shower and a quick round illegal bahis of toast before heading off for the train to work. He was rather relieved to only have time for a brief conversation with Ann as he was still remembering his thoughts from last night and even those few moments seeing her in her loose fitting dressing gown was having an effect on his cock.

The day went well and David returned just after 7.00 p.m., crossing paths with his Uncle who was leaving for a night shift in a local factory. Ann had prepared him a meal and afterwards they settled down to an evening of general conversation. David had noticed that his bed had been made and bedroom tidied, the magazines neatly stacked at the side of the bed. The top one though had been left open showing a full page photo of a young girl with her legs wide open displaying her shaved cunt. The thought that his Aunt had been looking at that photo had rekindled his imagination and as they talked his eyes began to wander to her tits. Had she deliberately undone that one extra button that allowed the briefest view of cleavage; was she aware that her skirt had fallen away slightly when she crossed her legs exposing a good portion of smooth white thigh.

The conversation may well have been ordinary and mundane but David’s thoughts were anything but. He had a vision of Ann sitting there naked, those big heavy tits enticing him as she opened her legs to display the pink gash of her well used cunt. He could feel the swelling in his trousers and tried to adjust his position without giving any indication of his arousal.

“Are you okay David?” Ann was looking directly at the growing bulge in his trousers, “did you hear me?”

“Sorry, l was um…”

“You were miles away, perhaps you would rather be upstairs with your magazines.”

David felt the colour rising in his cheeks. “Sorry Aunt, l… l was thinking about work.”

“I don’t think so, l saw what you were reading last night, l also saw how much you had enjoyed it judging by the pile of damp tissues in the bin.”

David groaned in embarrassment, “Oh god! I’m sorry, l was rushing this morning and forgot about that.”

“Don’t worry, it’s quite natural especially for a lad your age. Did you enjoy reading about the lad being seduced by an older woman?”

David realised he must have left the magazine open at that page. He felt the need to adjust his position again as his now throbbing cock was proving very noticeable. He also noticed that his Aunt had moved, her skirt now riding up even further.

“It’s Ann not Aunt,” she continued, “did the idea of an older woman excite you, l would have thought a big hunk like you would have your pick of pretty young girls like those in the magazines.”

“Yes well; l do but…”

“I know; young girls are very nice but us older women know much more about how to satisfy a man.”

David was confused as to where this was leading, he felt the need to end the conversation and retire to his room but the presence of his rock hard erection prevented him from standing as it would be so obvious.

“That girl in the magazine,” Ann continued, moving forward to the edge of her chair, uncrossing her legs and leaving them parted enough to give him a view almost up as far as her panties. At the same time she began playing with the buttons of her blouse. “She’s very pretty and has a sweet little pussy but her tits are very small, wouldn’t you prefer a real pair to play with?”

David tried to speak but his mouth had dried up, he couldn’t believe the words coming from his Aunt’s mouth. Even more amazed to watch as she began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly revealing the large mounds of her breasts encased in a lacy white bra.

“What do you think of my tits, would you like to see them properly?”

David was unable to reply, utterly dumbstruck as he watched first the blouse discarded, then her reaching behind to unclasp her bra. Completely unintentionally his own hands were now rubbing that throbbing mound threatening to break free from the front of his trousers. Ann had now undone her bra and shrugging the straps from her shoulders had cupped her tits in her hands.

They were both aware of the tension in the room as her hands came away, removing her bra and revealing her tits. David almost came in his pants, they were beautiful, big and heavy and although sagging slightly there was a wonderful shape to them, tipped with a large, dark pink areola and big rubbery nipples.

” l think l should lose the rest.” She said as she stood and began unfastening her skirt. “Much easier to fuck me when l’m naked: that is l hope you are going to fuck me.” Her skirt fell to the floor revealing that there were in fact no panties, she was now naked.

David was in a daze, this was his Aunt, his mother’s sister. He knew he should stop it there but he couldn’t, he wanted to see her naked, he wanted to hold those magnificent tits, he wanted to fuck her, fuck her and fuck her again.

“Yes Aun…” David didn’t know what to say, could’t take his eyes off those tits, that completely illegal bahis siteleri shaved mound with the cleft of her cunt disappearing between her thighs. Finally he got those words out that were to change his life forever. “Yes Ann, yes l want to fuck you, you’re beautiful.” He stood, trying to remove his trousers but fell back onto the chair.

“Let me,” Ann moved toward him, dropping to her knees as she reached up and expertly undid his trousers, pulling them down and removing them as he lifted each leg. “Now for the main event,” as she took hold of the waistband of his underpants, easing them over his turgid cock and removing them. “My my, beautiful; God l want that inside me.”

Ann leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock then parting her lips, slowly took him deep into her mouth, taking his full length deep into her throat, resisting the initial urge to gag, she buried his cock in her mouth until her lips were pressed up against his hairy pubic mound.

David had had his cock sucked before but nothing like this, the heat from her mouth was burning him, his hands went to her head, fingers entwining her hair, pulling her to him. He felt as if his cock would burst. Then he felt her trying to withdraw, he released his grip as she slowly released his cock.

“Not there,” she said, breathing deeply,, ” that’s for later, l want fucking first, come on, fuck me and fuck me hard.”

With that she returned to the sofa, sitting on the edge, leaning back and opening her legs as wide as she could. Her hands went to her cunt, fingers pulling apart the glistening lips.

“Come on lover, fill me with that cock, fill me with your cum.”

David couldn’t hold back, placing the tip of his cock against her opening he just thrust himself into her, grinding against her as he buried as deep as he could. The heat generated as her cunt gripped him was unbearable, he could feel the surge coming from his balls and he was unable to hold it back.

“Fuck, l’m cumming, l’m sorry can…l can’t hold it, l’m sorry!”

“Shush, shush, don’t stop l want it, give up it me l want your spunk, give it to me.”

His hands went to her tits, gripping those fleshy mounds as he tried to get even deeper inside her as his cock exploded. He pumped his seed into her as she begged for more, he’d never had an orgasm as powerful, he thought his brain would explode.

Slowly his peak was passed, his body began to relax, his fingers that were buried deep into the flesh of her tits relaxed, his breathing slowed as he came down from the high of his orgasm. He made a move to withdraw his cock.

“No, no, stay with me, stay in me,” Ann grabbed for his body as she determined to keep him buried inside her. She began to squeeze her cunt muscles around his cock, milking him, drawing him back.

David could feel his erection returning, different now, not the burning heat but a warmth and passion that he felt in the depths of his loins. Within seconds he was hard again, moving slowly this time, beginning the long, smooth strokes more associated with lovemaking than fucking.

“That’s right lover, bring me with you, fuck me deep and slow. Oooh that feels so good, stir my cunt, use me, fuck me.”

Her words were driving him crazy, he couldn’t get the realisation that she was his Aunt out of his head, he knew this was wrong but he had to have her, had to fuck her. He could feel her responding, rising up to meet him as his thrust grew in strength and power. Sliding his hands under her buttocks to lift her and draw her onto him. She held her tits up for him to bend his head and suck on her engorged nipples, biting into them in his passion.

“Take me lover, make me yours, take me, fuck me!”

She was almost at her peak, she knew it was building, knew it was coming. Her legs wrapped around his waist holding him deep inside her cunt as they rocked together.

“Finger my bumhole, make me cum, finish me.”

He had never done this before but his fingers found her puckered hole, already covered in the spunk that had leaked from her cunt. He pressed his finger against her anus, feeling her relax as it slipped into her.

“Oh god yes, yes, yes, deeper, oooh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me lover.”

David didn’t think he could last much longer, his orgasm was reaching it’s zenith. He drove his finger deep into her anus. That was the moment that sent her over the top, he felt the rush of hot liquid flooding inside her cunt as she orgasmed, one final thrust and he followed, adding his juices to hers as she screamed out to him, demanding he kiss her then drawing his tongue into her when he did. The moment only lasted seconds but felt much longer until he finally collapsed exhausted onto her.

Some how they managed to roll sideways still joined together, Ann holding him with his hand resting on her naked breast feeling his breath on her neck as he slowly drifted into sleep. She tried to keep him inside her but as he relaxed, so that beautiful cock that had given her so much pleasure shrank and slid out of her cunt. As canlı bahis siteleri he slept Ann smiled to herself, she had been planning some kind of seduction all day, stopping off three times to pleasure herself with her vibrator; it had gone even better than she had hoped, he was a wonderful lover and the prospect of further adventures together filled her with joy. Her hand found it’s way to her slippery cunt, inserting her fingers to coat them with the mixture of spunk and cunt juice that lay there, then licking her fingers to taste the residue of their passion.

Ann must have drifted off herself, only waking when he moved on top of her to find it was almost midnight. As much as she dearly wanted him to share her bed for the night, she knew that it was not practical. David had to be up and ready for work the following day and there was little prospect of him getting much sleep in the same bed as her. She wanted him again with every nerve in her body but he needed to rest, the weekend lay ahead with that came the promise of more surprises for him of which he was blissfully unaware.

Gently she coaxed him to rise, leading him to the shower where they soaped each other, lingering over each other’s sensitive areas. He was erect again in seconds and it was such a temptation to lean back against the shower wall and allow him to take her, but no, he had to rest and she helped dry him and took him to his own bed.

One final goodnight kiss and the promise of much more pleasure to come, she left him to return to her own bed and dreams of her wonderful nephew.

David slept fitfully, his dreams were full of his Aunt naked urging him on as he rammed his cock into her mouth…; into her cunt. His dream had fountains of spunk jetting from his cock, covering her face and tits, filling her cunt. He woke in a sweat, looked at the alarm, it showed 3.15, he felt wet and sticky, then realised his sheet was soaked with spunk. He hadn’t had a wet dream since puberty, what was he to do? Ann would be checking his bed in the morning, she was bound to see it, he would die of embarrassment.

He tried to mop up as much as he could with tissues, reminding himself he must flush them down the toilet in the morning. He knew he had to get some sleep, at least the bed was a double so he had room to move onto a dry area. He tried to sleep but the vision of her naked with her legs apart waiting for him just would not fade, he felt his erection returning, this was crazy; she was his Aunt, he should not be doing this, what if his Uncle found out? Could he live with the shame?

All kinds of scenarios rushed through his brain but still that vision of her naked would not fade, he could hear her voice urging him to fuck her, saw her smiling face covered in his cum, eagerly using her fingers to scoop it into her mouth… This was madness, he decided he would have to move out, had to get away; yes, that was the answer, he would leave at the weekend, put it behind him, forget it had happened.

How stupid, how could he possibly forget; her tits; her smooth skin; the heat as his cock travelled up her cunt, the sensations her mouth had stirred… he could never forget that, god he wanted her again, had to have her again, just once more and he would leave, just once more.

“Who do you think you’re kidding you stupid cunt?” He muttered to himself, “you want her time and time again, you want her everywhere, her bed, the kitchen, the shower, everywhere.”

He was never going to get back to sleep, he tried reading one of the magazines but every picture of a naked girl had Ann’s face, Ann’s body. He tried the letters but gave up after seconds, he didn’t want someone else’s fantasies, he wanted her. He was hard, rock hard: she was only next door, was she lying there thinking of him, playing with her clit, fondling her tits. Of course she was, she wanted him, all he had to do was go to her.

He couldn’t stand it any longer, his cock was like a tinder box waiting for a trigger to set off the explosion. As quietly as he could he stepped out onto the landing, her bedroom door was only a few strides away. He could hear a faint humming, deciding it was coming from her room, he stepped closer, the door was half open, there was a dim light in the room, he could see the bottom of the bed. Then he noticed a big mirror on the wardrobe door and there she was, her reflection, half lying on the bed, naked, her legs drawn up and wide apart as she manipulated an object inside her cunt. David realised that it was a vibrator, hence the humming noise.

Ann had her eyes closed, relishing the sensations given by her favourite vibrator, wishing it was her nephew’s cock inside her. Her other hand was fondling her tits, pulling and tweaking her nipples dreaming it was David biting her nipples. She felt a presence in the room, hoping with all her heart that it was him, afraid to look in case there was no-one there, only disappointment.

Finally she opened her eyes, looking straight at the mirror she saw his reflection, standing just outside the door, naked, slowly stroking his beautiful cock as he watched her masturbate. She smiled at him, removing her vibrator and switching it off, opening her legs wide she then slipped two fingers of each hand into her cunt, pulling herself open, offering herself.

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