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Disclaimer: The following story is an entirely fictional work based on fictional characters for adult entertainment. It includes details of no real people or events.


Wet sand seeped between their toes as they walked along the hot beach. This “wondrous” vacation had been Grandma Edna’s dream since last fall, but it had taken some major convincing for it to come to fruition. After all, she wanted as many family members as she could to pack up and drive down to Destin. She practically wanted a family reunion to take place, but she had to settle for whoever decided to show up. That’s where Jennifer came into play.

Jennifer was a freshman in college, whose summer was growing excruciatingly dull and boring. She was only going to be home for a whopping two months, so the idea of a summer job was null and void. Why should she have to work, when her student loans would cover all her expenses and then some? The summer days were crawling by, so when Grandma Edna suggested a trip to Destin, Jennifer packed her bags and they hit the road.

The trip was a long one and Jennifer slept a good deal of the way. Occasionally, her grandmother would prattle on about something in the news or a relative she was disappointed in; nothing important or very interesting. However, the one small bit of chatter that sparked a little intrigue was the sad case of Uncle Jerry. Several years ago, his wife had passed and Grandmother Edna was distraught that Jerry had turned to alcohol and whores as a means of escape. She wished that he would stop his vices and provide a positive role model for his two boys, but they were already starting to exhibit some of the same perverted behaviors as their father. She was unsure if he was going to join them in Destin.

The campsite that Grandmother Edna had picked out was not bustling with people, but it was annoyingly crowded. The two ladies marched across the sand, Grandmother Edna actively scouting out the perfect place for them to set up camp. It couldn’t be too close to the ocean or they would run the risk of the tide dragging their tent out to sea. They also didn’t want it too close to the road, afraid that a car may come over the embankment and run them over in the middle of the night. Unsure of where to unload, Jennifer took matters into her own hands and chose a plot at the base of a sand dune. It was a little close to the ocean, but they would have to take their chances.

It took roughly half an hour to pitch the tent and get everything out of the car. Jennifer did most of the work, her grandmother resting in a cozy camp chair. She wasn’t too weak to help, but liked to watch her spoiled granddaughter do a little work every once in awhile. After everything was where it needed to be in the tent, Grandmother Edna laid out an itinerary for the rest of the afternoon– none of which sounded appealing to Jennifer. Fishing all afternoon was not Jennifer’s favorite thing to do in the world, since it would involve putting her well manicured hands around the slimy gills of a cod. However, the sun was shining bright and Jennifer wasn’t necessarily put off by the idea of just laying out under the sun while her grandmother fished.

Jennifer knelt inside the tent and zipped up the flap. She burrowed through her luggage, searching for the little white two-piece she planned to wear while sunbathing. It covered her 36C breasts very well and looked good on her. After getting dressed and rounding up all the fishing equipment, Jennifer and her grandmother made their way to the beach.

The hot sun bathed her tan skin, warming her shapely body. She had been laying there for hours, watching her grandmother skulk at the fish. It came as a bit of a surprise, when she heard the familiar voice of her uncle break the soothing sound of the waves.

“How are you?” Grandmother Edna asked, unable to look away from her line.

“I’m doing alright,” Uncle Jerry answered. “And who do we have here?”

“That’s Jennifer,” Grandmother replied. “She’s too good to fish.”

Blatantly staring at Jennifer’s breasts, Jerry took a pause before responding. “How old are you now?”

Jennifer looked over her sunglasses at her uncle. He was a big man, with barely a hair on his head. He was overweight and physically unattractive. Jennifer answered his question with her middle finger.

Uncle Jerry and Grandmother had a few rounds of small talk. Neither of them caught a thing, but continued to watch the water. During the afternoon, the beach grew packed and annoying. Thankfully, an offer was made that caught Jennifer’s attention.

“We’re going to take a drive down the strip,” Jerry said with a smile. “Would you be interested in joining us?”

Jennifer took a moment to consider the offer. While her uncle was a pervert, she wouldn’t mind getting away from Grandmother Edna for a few hours. After all, the beach was crowded and Jennifer was getting tired of accidentally being stepped on by little kids and having runaway Frisbees canlı bahis landing on her towel.

“I’ll go,” she groaned in response, dusting sand from her hands and knees. Uncle Jerry ogled every movement she made, admiring her slender frame as she glided her jeans over her smooth legs. Jennifer knew he was watching her dress, but didn’t want to call him on it—after all, he was going to take her away from this hell. Jennifer pulled a white tank top over her head, retrieved her beach towel, and made her way toward Uncle Jerry’s van. Grandmother Edna shook her head, keeping her eyes pinned to the bobber floating gently in the green water. Jennifer knew she didn’t approve, but that wasn’t going to stop her from trying to have a good time.

Uncle Jerry started the rusty van, the vibration from the engine making Jennifer feel slightly uncomfortable. It slowly clunked away from the camp site, then onto the short strip of tourist traps and souvenir shops.

“So how’s college?” Jerry asked, glancing toward his niece. The cool air from the AC was chilling her sun drenched skin.

“It’s fine,” she answered sharply. Jennifer did not want to spark much of a conversation with Uncle Jerry, knowing it would always lead to him saying something perverted or inappropriate.

“I never went to college. Didn’t see a need for it,” he retorted. “Only reason to go there was to get laid and drink free booze.”

Jennifer nodded, ignoring her Uncle’s misguided views of college. While there was a lot of sex and drinking going on at her school, Jennifer had tried her best to stay away from it. There were a few nights where she let herself go, but it was not something she made a habit of.

“Dad, where are we going?” Billy piped in from the backseat. Billy was Jennifer’s twenty year old cousin, who was jobless and still living at home with his father. Kenny, her other cousin, was eighteen and worked in a mill. Both were dumb as dirt.

“I figured we could check out some of these shops and look for something fun to do. Maybe fireworks,” Jerry answered. Jennifer rolled her eyes at the idea.

“Are you too good for fireworks?” Jerry asked with a chuckle. “I remember when you were little and fireworks were your favorite. You’d take a sparkler and run around the beach with it, screaming your head off like your arm was on fire.”

“Don’t down our fireworks,” Kenny added. “Just because you’re a stuck up bitch, doesn’t mean you have to ruin our good time”

“Watch your damn mouth,” Jerry hollered. “Just because Jennifer doesn’t show as much enthusiasm for blowing shit up as we do, doesn’t mean you can call her that.” Uncle Jerry smiled at Jennifer as though he had just committed the word’s greatest act of chivalry. She didn’t return the gesture.

The van pulled into the parking lot of a small beach shop. The wind chimes hanging from the sand covered walkway created a surreal sound as the tourists waded through the giant stacks of inflatable rafts and other beach paraphernalia. When they made it into the shop, it was cluttered with nick knacks made of shells, waiting to be accidentally knocked over. A giant neon pink sign informed customers of the “Break It and Buy It” policy, while bongo music blared through tiny speakers. The owner looked over his newspaper at his newest patrons, watching them stagger through the store.

The boys went straight for the bright fireworks display, highlighting such great items as “Tijuana Firecrackers” and an “Exploding Comet Rocket”. Jennifer was not impressed, so she made her way to the swimsuit rack. She didn’t really need a new swimsuit, but it couldn’t hurt her to look. She picked through the outfits, making note that they were all bikinis and a little skimpier than the ones she usually wore. A bright red top with a white floral print caught her eye. She fingered the fabric, wondering how she would look in it. Peering over the clothes rack, she spotted a small changing room in the corner of the store.

“What did you find?” Uncle Jerry asked, startling his niece and causing her to drop the bathing suit. He bent down and picked it up, examining the tiny bikini attached to the hanger.

“That’s a nice little number,” Jerry said with a smirk. Jennifer’s face grew flush with embarrassment as her uncle handed over the tiny swimsuit. “Would you really wear something like that?” he asked.

Jennifer nodded, raising an eyebrow at her uncle’s strange question.

“Why don’t you try it on?” Jerry suggested with a grin. A nervous feeling grew inside her stomach.

“I don’t have any money,” Jennifer explained, coming up with a rational excuse as to why she wouldn’t try on the bathing suit.

“I’ll get it for you,” he replied, digging into his wallet. “How much is it?”

“Forty,” Jennifer answered, flipping over the price tag.

“Damn!” Jerry shouted loud enough to get the store owner’s attention. “Are you serious?” Jennifer displayed the tag in clear sight of her Uncle’s vision.

“Go bahis siteleri try it on first,” he said, pointing in the direction of the changing room. “I’d hate to pay that much and it not fit.”

Jennifer looked at the bathing suit, then glanced back up at her uncle. It was a really nice gesture on his part to pay for the swimsuit and it made Jennifer wonder if her uncle was trying to mend a few broken fences with the family by coming down this weekend. She let her thoughts rush for a moment, then made her way to the little wooden stall in the corner of the store. It was the size of a closet, with a rusty sliding lock meant to keep out strangers—or keep in predators. She noted a few holes in the ceiling, which she prayed were not peep holes or hiding some sort of camera. The dirty mirror in front of her did not make her look very appealing as she peeled her jeans from her legs and yanked off her tank top. She searched for the knot of her bikini strap, tugging at the bump until the tie loosened. The cups of her bikini fell forward, exposing her ample breasts. She stepped out of her bottoms, letting the musty air of the changing room embrace her nude body. It felt strange being completely naked with her uncle only a few feet away.

Jennifer threw the tangled mess of her bikini onto the floor and retrieved the hanger she had brought in. She unclasped her new gift, inspecting the colorful fabric like a shiny new bauble. A startling knock at the door threw Jennifer out of her daze.

“How’s it going?” she heard Uncle Jerry’s voice asking in a “concerned” tone.

“Fine,” Jennifer replied, catching her breath. She covered up with her hands, though she knew her uncle couldn’t see her on the other side of the door.

“Are you going to show us what it looks like?” Jerry asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be out in a second,” she answered. Jennifer unhooked the bright red top and guided it under her firm breasts, pulling it taut around her neck. She wrapped her arms around her back, intricately tying the thin strips of fabric into a small bow. While undoing the bottom from the hanger, Jennifer noticed something that made her jaw drop. The bathing suit she had picked out was cut like a thong. Jennifer held the garment in front of the mirror, observing how tiny it was coiled around her fingers. There was a small swatch of fabric to cover her crotch, and the rest, she figured, would probably be squeezed between the cheeks of her ass. Before freaking out, Jennifer decided to try it on and see how it looked. After all, maybe it would cover more than she thought. Jennifer stepped into the tiny bikini bottom and pulled it up around her waste. She felt the thong slip between her round cheeks, creeping slightly too far as she adjusted the minute bit of cloth that covered her loins. She was thankful that she had waxed before the trip, because this bikini was cutting it awfully close.

She looked at herself head on in the mirror, thumbing the fabric so that everything that needed to be covered remained that way. She turned around and looked at the back, impressed with what she saw. Her tanned ass appeared completely bare, with the exception of a simple piece of red and white material that vanished between her hips. She loved the way it made her feel, wiggling her hips at the sight of her own lovely body.

Jennifer was brought back into reality by her Uncle’s raspy voice. “You ready yet, girl?” Jerry yelled from outside the door. “Vacation’s almost over.”

Jennifer hesitated for a moment, debating whether or not she should leave the dressing room. She really liked the bikini, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to walk out into the store. Then again, she thought to herself, “If I won’t wear it out into the store, how the hell am I going to wear it on the beach?” Jennifer took in a deep breath and slid the lock to the open position. She let out a sigh, slowly inching the door until it was ajar. Her legs quivered as she stepped into the store, her uncle observing every uneasy movement.

“You look good,” he hollered. “You like it?”

Jennifer shook her head “yes”, careful not to let him see her backside. Uncle Jerry looked her over from head to toe, his eyes blatantly staring at her cleavage. After several seconds of pure stupor, Jerry opened his wallet and handed a hundred dollar bill to the owner. He rang up the purchase, eyeing Jennifer and smiling wryly.

“I’m glad you found something,” Jerry said. “Now what do you say?”

“Thank you,” Jennifer responded with a haughty tone. Uncle Jerry motioned for her to come closer. Jennifer shuffled forward, her hands behind her back, still attempting to hide her revealing thong. He stretched out his arms, beckoning her to come even closer. Jennifer now assumed that he wanted a hug, which she had managed to avoid giving for nearly twelve years. It would be even more awkward now that she was wearing a skimpy bikini.

Jerry leaned forward, embracing the motionless girl with his hairy forearms. bahis şirketleri He forced his way between her locked elbows, gripping her bare back with his coarse hands.

“You’re welcome,” he said, breathing hot air onto her brittle shoulder. Jerry smelt of stale cigarettes and alcohol, an unusual mixture of odors that Jennifer was not accustomed to breathing in. As he hovered over her, she couldn’t help but wonder if her uncle was depressed and in need of intimacy. It was then that Jennifer felt the bulge. She closed her eyes and prayed that the lump she felt against her abdomen was just her uncle’s keys. After several seconds of holding, Jerry lowered his hands and pulled away, lightly grazing the skin along her dark thighs. A tingling feeling rushed down her spine as he pulled away.

Uncle Jerry took his change from the cashier and stuffed the bills into his wallet. Jennifer stood there, bewildered by her uncle’s embrace. Was it normal for a niece to feel so awkward hugging her uncle? She shook it off, quickly walking back to the changing room to retrieve her clothes.

“Hold on!” Jerry yelled as Jennifer was propping open the changing room door. “We’re going to head back to the ocean in a few, so you might as well just wear that.”

Jennifer considered what her uncle was saying. Jerry’s puffy eyes wondered over her body as she contemplated wearing the new bikini onto the beach. Would grandmother think it was appropriate? Jennifer didn’t care. The thought of her grandmother seeing her little girl in this swimsuit was enough to make her want to wear it for the rest of the vacation. After all, she loved pissing off her grandmother more than anything.

“Alright,” Jennifer answered blankly. She hastily gathered her clothing and met up with her uncle at the store entrance. He hollered for his sons, who came prancing through the store with giant bags of fireworks. Jennifer rolled her eyes at the sight of the two young adults jumping for joy over their packaged light show. The trip to the hotel was short, but obnoxious. Jennifer could feel her cousins’ eyes scanning her body from the moment she entered the front seat of the van.

“The whore look she’s going for is complete,” she heard one of her cousins mutter from the backseat. Her uncle, who had been in a daze since they left the store, looked sternly at the road and didn’t respond to Billy’s off color remark. On top of that, he was sweating profusely even though the AC was on high. The cold air was chilling Jennifer’s body, making her pert nipples protrude through the tight fabric of her swimsuit.

“When we get back, Jennifer’s going to go swimming and I have some business to take care of,” her uncle announced. It was a strange thing to say, but the boys seemed to understand exactly what he meant.

They pulled up to the hotel, a cheap dump that sat off center against the rushing waves of the gulf shore. Billy and Kenny had their own room next to Jerry’s, which Jennifer found a little strange until she remembered that her uncle was a single guy. Perhaps he planned on meeting someone.

“Come on in,” he said, motioning Jennifer down the breezeway. He unlocked the door with his keycard, making his way into the dimly lit room. Jennifer stepped inside and examined the contents of the small lodging. There was a king-size bed in the center, with two nightstands made of fake wood on either side. An old television sat on top of a dresser, which was next to a tiny micro-fridge. When Jennifer looked up, the bathroom mirror reminded her of how scantily dressed she was.

“You want a beer,” Jerry asked opening the door of the micro-fridge. Jennifer hadn’t had a drink in what seemed like ages, so she decided to take her uncle up on the offer. She let the door shut behind her and took a look inside the fridge. It was filled with nothing but beer. She grasped a cold brew and let the frost sweat onto her hand. As she peeled back the tab, it gave her satisfaction knowing that the cold liquid would soon be poured down her throat.

“To our vacation,” Jerry toasted, raising his beer to hers. Jennifer held up her can, then let the cool fluid rush into her body. Jennifer hated the taste of beer, but she enjoyed the buzz she got from putting back a few.

“So what does a girl like you do for fun?” Jerry asked between sips.

“Nothing really,” she answered. Why was he asking her this?

“You don’t go out or spend time with your friends?” he inquired.

“Sometimes we go out,” Jennifer replied. “That’s it.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he mumbled from behind his can. Jennifer was a little put off by the question, but maybe Jerry was just trying to make small talk.

“I don’t,” she answered truthfully. Jennifer had dated a few guys over the last year, but she was not currently in a relationship. She never really cared for long term commitments and preferred having fun with men here and there.

“That’s a shame,” Jerry responded. “You are too damn sexy to go to waste.”

Jennifer felt her palms begin to sweat and her heart race. That comment had gone a little too far for her comfort and she didn’t know how to respond. However, Jerry didn’t give her much of a chance.

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