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I left the garage about 3:00 PM and headed for home. I had only driven about four miles when in the distance I saw a small car stranded on the side of the road. I could see a petite frame possibly female maybe a young male underneath the hood. I usually tried to stop and help the stranded on the side of the road not because I owned a garage in town and it was good for business but because I had a mother and I hoped that someone would stop to help her if she ever found herself in a predicament. I pulled in behind the car and as I got out of my truck a familiar face came from around the side of the car. I was almost in shock and to be quiet truthful if I had known it was Susan I don’t know if I would have been able to stop.

Let me explain! When I was younger I had become very close to Susan and her husband Rick. The three of us had been very close friends. Susan and I shared a love of music, reading and writing while Rick and I spent many hours with our heads stuck under the hood of a car or in some junkyard looking for our next project. At the time I felt like they were friends I would grow old with. However, things soon changed after I admitted being a lesbian. Don’t get me wrong I never came out to the whole town just the people who mattered. I knew it would be hard for some but never imaged how things would play out. I told them on the way to a race we and some other friends were attending. Both of them seemed to take it well and confirmed that our friendship was not based on my sexual preferences. After a couple of months had passed Susan admitted that Rick had some serious problems with me. He no longer felt comfortable in my presence and thought it would be best if I did not come around anymore. I must admit it hurt me I looked up to Rick like I would and older brother but there was nothing I could do. Susan swore that she did not agree with him and that she still wanted to be a part of my life but slowly she too slipped away. It became more difficult for her to deal with him when he knew she had been with me. Therefore, we just stopped talking all together. I had not seen either of them in nearly four years until today.

“Oh my god!” she said as she threw her hands over her mouth as if she had tried to catch the air and force it down her throat. She threw here arms around my neck and hugged me as I got closer. Everything was so familiar but in my mind I new that things had not changed.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I’ve had better days.” She sighed.

For just a moment I felt my heart ache as I realized that somewhere in the back of my mind I still cared for her. I had tried to make myself believe that I was over it and that my life was better for it. I broke an awkward stare and moved around to the front of the car.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“The battery I think. I let it die in traffic and could not get it started back. I let it coast off the side of the road.”

“Will it crank?”

“No.” She moves to the door, reaches in and turns the ignition over. The only thing that is heard is a clicking noise from the starter. “I told Rick something was wrong but he is too interested in anything other than me to listen to what I say.”

“Well I think it’s your alternator. I can check it back at the shop. Or I can take you somewhere until Rick can take a look at it. It’s up to you.”

“If I wait on him I’ll be waiting a while. He’s in Miami on business if you could fix it I would be grateful.”

I could tell by the sarcasms in her voice that Miami was not the only reason that the car would not get fixed. I gave her a ride back to the garage and sent one of my employees with the rollback to get her car. We sat in the back office and talked while she waited. She commented on how well I had done with the garage and that people in town had said that I was honest. I was surprised to know that she had silently sat back and watched me build a part of my dream. It seemed that this garage had kept me going over the years.

“I try to stay busy.” I replied.

“So casino siteleri what about you?” I asked.

She forced a smile to her face and told me of her accomplishments and although she was very proud of the children’s’ books she had written and had published there was something missing in her eyes.

Todd, the mechanic, come to the office door to tell us it was going to be about an hour before her car would be ready and as he left I closed the door and walked over to sit down on the couch beside her. I could see tears welling up inside her eyes so I look away so she would not be embarrassed. She gently touched my hand and smiled the first real smile I had seen from her this evening.

“I’ve really missed you? I am sorry things have happened the way they have. I know it is not fair to you . You have loved so unselfishly. You were the last person I would’ve expected to stop and help me.”

I did not dare mention my initial regret. I tried to enjoy the conversation as if all things were well but I could get past the pain I saw in her. Not just her eyes but her whole body even the way she sat on the sofa was that of a woman that had been pushed to the edge. The edge of what I did not know.

“Susan. Is everything okay?” I asked.

“What do you mean?

“I mean are you okay? You sit before me almost in tears and I am pretty sure it is not because you are so overwhelmed with joy to finally see me again. So what is it?”

She sat there a few moments frozen in my sudden bit of reality. Unable to speak she dropped her head and began to cry.

“I’m sorry I don’t mean to…”

“Don’t apologize,” I said as I pulled her into my arms.

“I’ve just been so stressed out lately. Rick has been unbearable, the publishers have been pushing for another book, and now the car breaks down. The only good thing that happens is you and what do I do I break down on you.”

“I don’t mind.” It felt good to have her next to me. I had missed her too! I could smell her perfume and it took me back in time when I had given it to her as a birthday gift. She was so excited that she kissed me dead on the lips before she thought. I had never given much thought to that little peck until today. “What’s the deal with Rick? Why is he being such an ass?”

“Our marriage is like a satellite that is falling out of orbit to crash to the earth. He lives his life and I live mine. We do not talk. We do not touch. We do not love at least I do not call it love. He worries about himself and that’s it.”

“Why do you stay?”

“I don’t really know.”

Todd came to the door and motioned that the car was ready. She started to fumble for a checkbook in her purse.

“How much do I owe?”

“It’s on the house?” I said.

“Are you sure?” I smiled and nodded yes as I walked her to her car.

“Listen I’m going up to the lake for a couple weeks. I’ll be leaving in the morning this is the address to the house I’m staying at will you come for a visit?”

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea? What about Rick?”

“Rick who!” She put the piece of paper in my hand and hugged me goodbye. I smiled softly and said I would try.

The next day I received flowers. To my surprise they were from Susan with a simple card that read “I am fixing a thank you dinner tonight. I will expect to see you at 7:00 PM. I won’t take no for an answer.” I really had planned on doing some past due projects around the house but I decide to put them off to another weekend and spend some time with an old friend.

I left the garage early went home and got cleaned up. I paid special attention to how I looked this evening. I put on my new boots and starched my shirt I even took the time to stop and get a good bottle of Susan’s’ favorite liquor. She never was much for wine or even beer but she could not turn down mixed drinks. Tonight we would drink tequila. I hurried on off South down I-77 until I hit I-81. It felt good to let the horses run. I must admit it had been a while canlı casino since I had gotten away and the evening sun felt good as I pulled off the drive that led down to the lakeshore property she had rented. I was a bit early but she seemed thrilled that I had made it. I could not explain what I felt when I saw her. I had never had feelings other than that of friendship for her but something turned deep inside me as I got out of the truck. Why all of a sudden was I nervous? Many times before I had noticed how beautiful she was but right now she was radiant. She too had dressed for the dinner. As I was greeted I felt a little guilty for feelings that were rushing through my mind. I commented on how lovely her dress was and gave her the liquor and she smiled.

“I’m so glad you came!” she whispered in my ear as she once again hugged me. This time I could not refrain from placing my hands around her waist and enjoying a moment lost with her. Her soft silk dress felt cool against my calloused hands. In my mind I wanted to embrace her with my lips but I dare not to for fear of embarrassment.

“Come on in.” she said. “Dinner is almost ready. I thought we would eat out on the deck if that all right?”

“Sure.” I followed her threw the house that seemed too large for one person. The deck was adorned with lanterns and candles. There was the most spectacular view I had ever seen. The evening sun was resting on top of the mountains and was sure to slowly hide it view from us. Susan had taken the time to prepare a small table with limes, salt, chips and salsa.

“Do you still like Mexican?” She asked.

“I still love Mexican!” I replied.

“Great! What would you like to drink? I have some Margaritas made or would you prefer a beer?”

“What kind of beer?”

“There’s only one kind of beer!” She smiled at me and gave me a Corona.

“This is a nice place. Do you come here often?”

“Actually I just saw it this week when the realtor showed it to me. I have been looking for a place like this and I think I might by it. I do not know just yet. The realtor said for me to try it for a month and then I could make a final decision.”

“So what does Rick think about it?”

“Don’t know Don’t care!” She had a very snide tone in her voice. “The truth is when he gets home he will find me and all my personnel belonging gone. I am tired of him and his crap. This place will be mine and mine alone. If he wants to speak to me he can talk to my lawyer. I am a free woman and it feels real good.”

I raised my beer in a toast to her new found freedom and she giggled a little mischievous schoolgirl laugh. We ate dinner and caught up on old friends. We laughed about the past and cheered for the future. Before we knew it the sun had gone down and there was a chill in the night air. She said that she was cold and asked if I wanted to go inside. I said sure and followed her into the house. She turned on some music as I looked through a small selection of CD’s . I must admit I was a little intoxicated from the beer and liquor I had consumed but I was not drunk either. I could her the music coming from the stereo.

“When we dance angles will run and hide their face…If I could break down these walls and shout my name at heavens gate….” She sang.

I sat my drink down and reached out for her hand. I pulled her close to me and we danced. She laughed as we sway to the music. This was not our first dance for we had danced many nights years before. Before Rick felt he had a reason to be concerned that his wife was in someone else’s arms. The song ended but we continued. I guess thats is a good thing about Sting because you can slow dance to almost all of his music.

“So what about you?” She asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you dating anyone?”

“I’m not serious with anyone if that’s what you mean.”

We stood there in silence for a few minutes staring into each other’s eyes. Suddenly I became disoriented because I was sure she was moving closer to me. kaçak casino What was she doing? We had always been friends but never more but I was sure that she was now waiting and wanting me to make a move. Every part of my body suddenly tensed. I gently touch my lips to hers and she responded. I felt my hands pull her to me as she relaxed in my arms. My tongue began to probe her mouth as my hands began to roam up and down her firm body. I could not believe what was happening. I was enjoying myself but was this right? Was it the alcohol? Was I taking advantage of her? I tried to pull away from her but she would not let me.

“I’m sorry! I should go!”

“Don’t go stay with me tonight.” She said softly. “I need you. I have always needed you!”

I began to kiss her again but more intense than before. She began to unbutton my shirt as she pushed me to the couch. I helped her take my shirt and she giggled when she realized I wasn’t wearing a bra. I sat back on the couch and she straddled me. I pulled her dress over her head and kissed her neckline down to her shoulder. Her body was so firm and beautiful and her skin was so silky smooth. I slowly removed her bra and gently touched her breast. She caught her breath as the first signs of orgasm moved through her. I could feel her grinding against me so I moved my hand down to her now wet panties. I pulled her nipple into my mouth and began to gently suckle it. It must have been a long time since she had last cum because she screamed in orgasm almost immediately. I could not believe how sexy and desirable she was.

“Is that how it is with women?” she ask as she laid on my shoulder.

“Oh that’s just the beginning.” I replied.

I gave her no time to recover and began to kiss her all over her body as she laid there. I took my time and paid special attention to the most sensitive places. When I reached her thighs I felt her body tense and then slowly relax as my tongue sought out the most secret places. I could smell and taste her spices and she soon completely opened up wide and let me burry myself in her and her juices. I could easily reach her nipples so I gently pinched them at first and as she came closer to climax I pinched and twisted them harder.

“Oooh! ” She cried as she climaxed for the second time. I raised my head to see her smiling in relief. I moved back up to where she laid. She kissed me and touched my breast I enjoyed watching her explore me for the first time. I also enjoyed what she was doing. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them and when she reached inside she stopped and stared at me in shock. She did not realize that what she was grinding against earlier was my eight-inch piece. I got up and removed my pants. She silently stared at it for a moment mostly out of amusement and some out of shock. What she did next I will never understand? She turned toward me and took it into her mouth. For several minutes she worked it like it was a real member. At times I was sure she consumed the whole eight inches into her mouth. I had never cum without being touched but I did at the site of her giving head-of her giving me head. I pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs. I toyed with her for a few moments running the head up and down her clit. I was so wired I did not think about her being able to take all eight inches. I inserted the head inside her and she moaned a little then I thrusted everything in her and she screamed. I pulled back out.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No! Take me! Take me hard!”

I slammed it back in again and her eyes rolled back. I began pumping her and she moaned with each move. Once she even cursed me because she thought I was trying to hold back. Her long beautiful nails tore at my flesh and I FUCKED her like I had never fucked before. I could feel the orgasm building deep inside me with every thrust. She was staring deep into my eyes screaming for me to take her when she came and I climaxed just seconds after. I collapsed and was speechless.

After a short time she feel asleep in my arms and as the early hours of the morning came around I packed her to the bedroom and put her in bed. I laid there with her wondering about what I had just done and knowing that my heart would not survive without her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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