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Jenny locked the classroom door, rummaged through her box of goodies and removed Becky. Becky was Jenny’s favourite dildo that had been nicknamed after her first girlfriend Rebecca who had bought it for her as a birthday present. Becky was purple, about eight inches long, ribbed along the shaft and had three adjustable speeds. She took the length of the dildo into her mouth, covering it with her saliva from to tip to base. Setting it on the slowest speed she ran the tip across her nipples until each bud was protruded as far as they could form her soft, delicate breasts. She ran it down her body stopping at her clit, moaning as the dildo vibrated against the sensitive bud. She then rubbed the dildo up and down her slit, collecting some of the womanly juices she was secreting. She had teased herself enough and jammed the length of the dildo into her pussy in one short push. She thrust the dildo in and out of her, the plastic replica a decent match for the real thing.

She felt the need for a real ass fucking, removed the dildo from her pussy and began to ease it past the tight sphincter of her ass. Slowly she began to push the foreign object deeper into her ass, the dildo vibrating against the walls of the tight canal. She had just gained a good rhythm when she was startled by a knock on the door. Quickly she withdrew the dildo from her ass, tossed it back in the box with the rest of them and slid the box under the desk. Gathering her clothes she slipped on her white skirt covering half of her thigh, not worrying about the panties, and her tight red top, her nipples pushing out the fabric. She flung her bra in the bin and unable to find her panties she was hoping that they weren’t visible to her guest.

Calmly but flushed Jenny unlocked the door to find one of her students, the cute school captain Matthew, standing at the door with his school bag in hand. “Sorry to interrupt Professor but I think I left my tie in here.” He squeezed past her, her large rack and nipples rubbing against his arm. Frustrated that he had ruined her session she spun him around and planted a kiss on his lips.

Getting his attention she pulled away and whispered in a sexy, seductive voice, “fuck your horny teacher in the ass right now, she needs your young hard cock in her ass.” With Matthew stunned she closed the door and locked it, before pulling down his trousers so his flaccid cock was now in front of her face.

She sucked the school captain to full hardness, Matthew moaning and throwing his head back, obviously enjoying the blowjob from the experienced giver. Jenny had no intention of looking after her young student and he was ready to go in no time. Jenny leant over the front desk, hiking up her skirt and pushing her ass out, inviting him. He approached her and guided his dick into her hole, swallowing half of it in the first thrust. Matthew’s cock wasn’t quite as large as the dildo and it wasn’t the same feeling for her. He grabbed her hips and continued to pound into her, burying the entire length of his manhood into her. He began thrusting at a steady rate but the smaller member wasn’t quite satisfying Jenny the way she had hoped and reached down to her clit and began rubbing it furiously. “Fuck me harder, fuck your dirty teacher hard.” Perhaps she had encouraged him too much and a couple of seconds later he began to groan and in doing so shot a large load up Jenny’s ass.

Matthew pulled out spent leaving Jenny largely disappointed. He fixed himself up and grabbed his tie from the corner, smiling to Jenny as he left. She remained leant over the desk for a moment, cum now dripping out her ass and down her leg. She scooped it up with her finger and licked it clean before going on a quick search for her missing panties. Not being able to find them she made the assumption that one of her students must have stolen them. She picked her bra out of the bin, closed the lid on the box, and headed for her car to prepare for her dinner.

The short walk to the car seemed like an eternity as she felt the cum slowly ooze out of her and down her leg, Jenny hoping that no one would notice as she walked past. It had now begun trickle down past the length of her skirt and her walking pace began to quicken towards to her car. As it began to run further down her leg the brisk walk turned into a trot. Arriving at her car, slightly puffing, Jenny scooped the trail of cum from her knee right up to her asshole and fed it into her mouth. Briefly forgetting she was pantiless Jenny lent right into the car to place the box and briefcase into the passenger seat. She wouldn’t have noticed either if it wasn’t for a whistle. Frightened Jenny jumped, looking around to see only Michael giving her the thumbs up. Relieved she stepped into the car and drove off home.

Jenny got home with plenty of time to go until she was expecting Kristen. On the way home she had decided to go with a nice spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. When she got home she removed a block of mince from the freezer from placed it in a sink half full of water to defrost. Letting that sit Jenny went to her casino oyna office to do some working, lessons and marking. Several dull hours passed before Jenny figured she should start dinner. Chopping and mixing she the produced the sauce and left that to simmer on the stovetop.

She really needed a shower, her tits still sticky from the cumshots she had received earlier in the day. Under the shower Jenny tried hard not to touch herself, wanting to savour all her pent up sexual tension on the young girl coming over. After finishing she toweled off and checked her wardrobe for a nice dress to wear. The one she picked was a jet-black glittery dress that stopped well above the middle of her thigh. She knew this one would also show off plenty of cleavage. Knowing she still had time before her guest would arrive she went to the kitchen to check on the dinner. Pouring some pasta into the some water the doorbell rang.

“Um come on in darling its open,” Jenny yelled scooting towards her bedroom. She slipped on the dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew it was going to look perfect but she looked anyway, just for confirmation. “Yep, irresistible,” she thought to herself. She began to walk out of her door when she remembered she hadn’t put any panties on. Stopping and pondering she came to the conclusion, “they’re only going to come off anyway,” as she continued to wander down the hall to greet the young girl.

* * *

As she turned the doorknob she felt butterflies in her stomach, nervous at what she was about to do. Looking back at the road she noticed her mum’s car wasn’t there meaning only one thing, she couldn’t turn back. Pushing the door open she saw an empty carpeted hallway, kicking her thongs off and walked down it to the lounge room. The lounge room looked normal enough; television, couch, bookcase and a coffee table. She walked around the room looking at all the photos on display. There didn’t seem to be any of her family, just Jenny or Jenny and a stunning blonde girl. After she had finished viewing the photos she took a seat on the couch, position herself perfectly, showing a little leg but not too much, also shuffling her tits around in her dress.

Waiting still she played with hair, then hearing footsteps she turned around to she her teacher standing in the hall, her long legs nearly fully exposed. “Wow,” murmured Kristen as Jenny continued to walk towards her. Kristen stared as Jenny took a seat on the couch next to her. Jenny lent in, kissing her on the cheek as a greeting, perilously close to her lips. Withdrawing she whispered, “hey there,” her lips moving just inches from those of the young teen, her eyes now closed, sighing at the sensuality of the moment.

Pulling back to a normal distance Jenny asked, “what would you like to drink?”

“Just a water thanks.”

“Haha! No I mean a real drink.”

“A water is fine.”

“A scotch it is then.” Careful not to show anything off Jenny stood and left for the kitchen to get the drinks. Checking the pasta that was now ready she called Kristen into the kitchen where the dining table was located.

Kristen arrived at the table as Jenny began to dish out the meals into their respective bowls at the bench. During this the spoon slipped out of her hand and onto the floor. Bending at the hips to pick it up her dress rode up making her ass and pussy visible to her young guest. Kristen was delighted to see them again but she was curious at the creamy liquid around Jenny’s asshole. “Jenny, what’s that coming out of your ass?”

‘Oh shit’ she thought to herself, standing to address her guest, “ah that’s cum dear, would you like to clean it up for me?” Excitedly Kristen jumped from her seat at the table towards Jenny, kneeling behind her where she bent over again for her guest. Grabbing Jenny’s hips she pulled her ass closer to her face, extending her tongue to the beautiful pussy she had admired only hours earlier. Kristen ran her tongue along the length of Jenny’s pussy right up to her ass where the creamy liquid was leaking out, tickling Jenny’s puckered hole. Swirling her tongue to get as much as she could Jenny began to squirm and moan. Kristen held tight, continuing to pleasure Jenny as she tried to herself away, squirming and moaning as she motioned for her young lover to stop, “ah…please stop…we’ve got…plenty of time…after dinner…”

Jenny leant against the bench, catching her breath, before placing a drink and the food in front of her guest before placing her meal in front of her seat. Sitting opposite each other at the table the first five to ten minutes involved small talk, stuff like how school was going, compliments about the dinner and more of the sort.

Still worked up from the ass licking that she had just received Jenny was eager to start something and began to rub Kristen’s leg with her foot while continuing to talk. As her foot ventured higher towards her knee she noticed Kristen legs begin to spread. Jenny ventured further, rubbing the inside of her thigh. As she did Kristen, pretending to be unaffected by what canlı casino she was doing, repositioning herself so that was on the edge of her seat, her dress hiking well up. With her legs now spread wider Jenny’s foot ran over the young girls panties. Kristen couldn’t take it anymore. Putting one hand under the table she pulled her panties aside, brushing Jenny’s foot in the process. Jenny noticed this and took this as a signal and rubbed her big toe up and down her slit, Kristen’s pussy juices building up on her toe. Finding the hole she inserted the tip of her toe as far as she could into the pussy, Kristen moaning as the toe, cold from the tiled floors, penetrated her.

She began to fuck her with as much toe as she could get in, Kristen helping her out by rubbing her own clit. The double stimulation meant in no time she came over Jenny’s toe and chair. Panting Kristen grabbed her glass and sculled the remaining liquid. Jenny removed her foot from Kristen’s chair and placed it back on the floor, smiling innocently at her guest as if nothing had happened.

Jenny began the conservation again, Kristen still flushed, by asking her what she and her other class members thought of today’s class. Kristen explained to Jenny that after staying back to talk to her after class that she only talked to her two best friends briefly on the bus and they both loved it, not going into detail due to their location. Jenny then asked Kristen what she personally thought of the class. “Well it was the best sex ed class I’ve ever had. But there’s only problem. As much as I love sex I’d think I want to try having sex with the girls, there are so many hotties in our class.”

“Oh I know what you mean dear but we can’t just leave all the guys out, its not fair on them,” replied Jenny, “hang on I have an idea. We were going to do this in class but this is far better. All the girls that want to learn how to shave their pussies can come in earlier and we can have a girls only class where we shave and have some fun.”

“Jenny that is a great idea, it would be perfect.” They then gossiped about who they would most like to get with, guys or girls.

When they had both had enough to eat Jenny took the dishes to the sink where she filled it up with water to begin washing. “Kristen dear if you would like to get comfortable in the lounge room I will bring dessert out when I’m finished here.” Kristen stood from her chair and walked to the lounge room, looking through Jenny’s pile of DVD’s. Not surprisingly at all Kristen found seven DVD’s of porn, settling on the one titled ‘Lady Lust 2’ and placed it in the DVD player and turned on the television.

There weren’t many dishes and she was done in five minutes. Rummaging through her cupboard she found what she was looking for, chocolate and strawberry ice cream toppings. Opening the freezer she also grabbed several handfuls of ice cubes and placed them into a large cup. Walking towards to the lounge room she saw Kristen rubbing herself through her panties, noticing the lesbian porn showing on her wide flat screen TV. Placing the items on the coffee table she straddled and kissed her new lover, their mouths locking and tongues probing each other’s. Jenny broke the kiss, grabbed the bottom of Kristen’s dress and lifted it over her head. “That is a nice dress but you look better without it on.” Next she unhooked her pink bra and through it on over the couch, kissing each nipple softly before standing up to pull her panties off, Kristen lifting her ass to help out. The young girl was now fully naked on the couch waiting for whatever her new friend had planned.

With Kristen ready on the couch Jenny began. She tipped out two ice cubes into her hand, holding one in her left, one in her right. Jenny touched the ice cubs to the skin of Kristen’s breasts, circling around the outside of her tit, slowly moving inwards towards her areolas. Flinching at the initial touch of the ice on her delicate breasts she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the freezing ice. Once her sensitive nipples came into contact with the ice though Kristen screamed, Jenny holding the ice cubes against her nipples as they began to numb, Kristen’s screams softening. With the buds now relatively numb Jenny bit each of them, Kristen screaming, this time softer, as part of the pain was dulled somewhat by the numbness from the ice.

With the quickly melting ice cubes Jenny ran them down Kristen’s body, over her stomach and naval before they fully melted. She grabbed another two from the cup and place one of them in mouth, sucking off the dryness that could be seen on the cube. The cube was partially melted, small amounts of water running off around it. Jenny placed this one inside Kristen’s pussy, pushing it into her tight hole, about half way up her canal. Kristen yelped as the ice cube melted inside, while Jenny held the other cube against her clit, screaming again as the ice came into contact with her other sensitive area. She held a pillow against her face to muffle her screams as Jenny rubbed the cube around her labia and over her clit as the kaçak casino melting ice cube in her pussy descended down her canal as it shrunk. Her screams became noticeably softer as the two cubes melted into water over her sex organ, smiling at Jenny as she overcame the pain that gave her so much pleasure. “How was that?” asked Jenny smiling back at her.

“WOW! That was insane.” The porn was still playing in the background, a hot blonde girl with her head buried between a cute redhead’s legs, licking her pussy.

On her knees Jenny lifted her short black dress over her head, her naked body kneeling in front of a recovering Kristen. Grabbing the two bottles of ice cream topping she made herself comfortable on the couch. She squirted the chocolate topping over her tits, swirling insides from the outside of her tits to her nipples, each tit covered in chocolate. From there she squirted a single straight line down to her pussy where she finished it off with an arrowhead, filling her belly button with chocolate. Over her pussy she squirted the strawberry topping; her clit, labia and inner thighs covered in the topping. To top it all off she squirted a large amount of the topping inside her pussy, enough so that it dripped out of her pussy, down over her asshole and onto the couch.

“Here’s your dessert honey, enjoy.” Kristen didn’t need a second invitation as she started with the chocolate on her tits. Taking as much as could with one lick she swallowed what she had and took another lick, the chocolate covering the skin of her tit clean, the nipple and areola though covered in chocolate. She moved across to the other breast, licking it clean just like the previous one. Before cleaning off Jenny’s nipples she kissed her, allowing her to taste the chocolate she had so sexily put over her body. She licked around the areola, not touching, teasing her. Moving over to the other tit she repeated, this time biting her nipple, hard. “Holy fuck!”

“Payback’s a bitch aint it,” she said before softly licking the chocolate from the nipples of both her tits, soft moans following the scream. Slowly she followed the trail down over her ribs down towards the pool of chocolate. Tonguing her belly button, determined to get every last drop, Jenny squirmed, the ribs of Kristen’s tongue tickling the sensitive area.

Finishing off all the chocolate Kristen began on the strawberry, slowly licking the topping off the inside of Jenny’s thighs with short, longing licks. Changing between thighs, from right to left, and back again Jenny got restless, grabbing Kristen’s soft hair and forcing her face into her strawberry covered pussy. Kristen’s face was now covered in strawberry flavouring. Jenny held her face against her pussy as Kristen’s tongue worked its way over the area, swirling over her puffed labia, flicking across her clit, Jenny pulling on Kristen’s hair. Her tongue probed against the entrance of her vagina overflowing with strawberry topping. Cleaning what was leaking out she then penetrated Jenny’s pussy with her tongue, licking the topping that was resting against the vaginal walls. Stretching her tongue further into the pussy she reached more topping, her tongue bringing it back into her mouth. Jenny was throwing her head around as Kristen’s tongue reached deep into her pussy, cleaning the topping that she had squirted deep into her pussy.

Satisfied she had reached all she could Kristen licked down towards Jenny’s asshole where the sticky topping had flowed down to. Swirling her tongue around the area she cleaned the topping up, Jenny softly moaning as the tongue made contact with the skin. Sucking her index finger Kristen eased the wet finger against the entrance to her ass, pushing against the sphincter. “OH!” cried Jenny as the finger penetrated her asshole, the moan becoming a longer sigh as length of the finger inched further in. As the finger moved further in Kristen could feel the sticky cum that she had tasted earlier. With some on her finger Kristen pulled her finger and licked the sticky liquid from it, placing her middle finger in her mouth alongside it. She then eased the two fingers into the tight orifice. Again Jenny cried as the hole stretched to accommodate the invaders. As Jenny’s ass accepted the fingers Kristen began to finger fuck her ass, slowly at first until it was easier to maneuver them out when she picked up the speed. Kristen moved her mouth back to her teacher’s pussy as she sucked the engorged clit, pulling it out with her lips.

Ravaging the sensitive area and fucking her ass, Jenny moaned with each touch of her clit and yelped with each push of the fingers in her ass, reaching over Kristen to grab two ice cubes, holding them against her nipples for increased pleasure. The combination of the pain, the penetration and stimulation sent Jenny well over the edge, a powerful orgasm sweeping through her body as her leg and ass muscles tightened, the high from the orgasm passing through every inch of her body, head to toe. Juices flowed from her pussy down her legs onto the couch, excess strawberry topping mixed in. Kristen pulled her fingers her ass and stopped sucking her clit, instead cleaning up the sticky combination of ice-cream topping and pussy juices. Jenny laid motionless, ripples of the orgasm still passing through her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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