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I was on vacation at one of those hedonistic resorts in Jamaica and I spied a gorgeous woman wearing a g-string bikini and topless. She had a perfect round bottom that was creamy white like it hadn’t been touched by the sun and a perfect set of breasts that hung down but not too much. Each nipple stood out very dark against her white skin. Her hair was a bushy, curly black mop that hid her face until she came walking my way.

That’s when I realized I was staring at a nearly naked co-worker from my workplace: Demetra V. She was completely naked except for the smallest of g-string bikini bottoms that had a leopard-skin pattern on it. It was made of a very thin Lycra that clung to her body. It didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“Mark,” Demetra called out and sat next to me as if it were the most natural thing to sit nearly naked next to one of her co-workers. “I didn’t know you were here; I’ve been here nearly a week and haven’t seen you.”

“I just got here this afternoon; I’m here for a week,” I responded.

“Are you here with anyone?” Demetra asked.


“By myself. My husband and I just broke up, and my girlfriends said I needed to come here and get laid.” She laughed as she said this.

“Well?” I questioned.

“Nope, not yet. This is the first day of my trip that I’ve had enough courage to come out in public dressed like this. This has been quite the liberating experience. I’ve played water volleyball, gone snorkeling, been on a catamaran ride out in the ocean, and played a game of Twister, all with men and women who were either naked or nearly naked. My roommate, a woman, tried to get me to enter a wet t-shirt contest but I didn’t. She won by getting totally naked in front of hundreds of folks attending the contest. She hasn’t worn a stitch, since…even to breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets; she just carries a towel and a small one at that. She says I should do the same. She says where else will I get the chance?”

“She’s right, you know, Demetra. I was here years ago and waited until it was too late. No one cares if you act wild. It’s that once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us. If it helps I’ll join you; we can both act the fool in the few days left to you.” I stood up, held out my hand, and said, “So let’s go. You need to help me shop.”


“Yeah,” I replied, “I need something as daring as you’re wearing.” She laughed and we headed off to the resort shop where she helped me pick out a leopard skin nylon swimsuit that was basically a sock attached to strings.

We went on the nude catamaran ride and went skinnysnorkeling with the other cruisers. We entered the nude water volleyball game that was held every night after 9:00 pm. That was a lot of fun playing naked with a whole bunch of folks; folks were very comfortable with bumping into and rubbing up against each other and even hugging after a good play. We participated in the nude yoga classes. We sunned and swam at the nude beach together and played some nude volleyball and regular volleyball.

On the day before Demetra was to depart she approached me while I was at the breakfast table. She was wearing a toga like garment that was tie-dyed. It was basically two pieces of floor length beylikdüzü escort fabric that were clasped at the shoulders and belted at the waist. Underneath she wasn’t wearing anything. She handed me a short skirt-like toga that was the same rainbow color and clasped at the waist. I slipped it on over my g-string swimsuit.

“What’s this?” I asked her.

“I have a surprise. Some mid-morning delight and a surprise that I just discovered.” We ate breakfast together and then she led me away. Once we were out of the breakfast area she said I would need to remove my g-string; I wouldn’t need it. We returned to my room and while there Demetra surprised me with a kiss. It was very nice and she felt me getting excited.

“That’s good, very good!!” she grinned. I held her tight and felt her warm body against mine, all curved and full in all the right spots.

“Now, now, I don’t want you walking around with an erection until we get where we’re going. It’s almost time, so we need to hurry.” This made me even more curious about what was going to happen.

We got to a grotto like place surrounded by walls and greenery. It had one gate and had a large hot tub and a large rubber tiled area with a large Twister board built into it. So this was the famed Twister board. Demetra’s roommate, Elisa, was there. I noticed that although all the togas were tie-dyed they were different colors. An older couple, Fred and Agnes, seemed to be organizing everyone. Each man and woman had to find the tie-dye shade that matched theirs. My partner was not Demetra but an Asian woman named Yi. Demetra had hooked up with a muscular black man, whose name was Danel.

Once we had found our partners Fred and Agnes brought around a tray with shot glasses of a green liqueur. They told us this was absinthe and that it would enhance our sexual experiences. I had never had this. It burned on the way down but almost immediately my body got very warm, especially in my genital area. It also dawned on me that this was the famous sexual grotto in which people who wanted to swing could engage in the ultimate Hedonism experience in privacy.

Agnes said, “Now ladies seat your butts on the chairs surrounding the hot tubs, and gentlemen take your positions kneeling in front of the chairs. Gentlemen please pleasure the woman in front of you.”

Yi opened up her legs to let me get to her special spot. I started by kissing my way up her legs. I then nuzzled her pubic hair covered lips with my nose until her clitoris peeked out from the straight, jet black pubic hair covering her mound. That’s when I let my tongue wander and curl its way in between the hairs and flick against her clit and then slide along the folds of her pussy. With each cycle of licking and flicking I increased the pressure until I was able to slip my tongue deeper between her lips and slip it into her vagina. I slipped a finger inside her and began to tickle, finger, and massage her vagina and all its wonderful folds at the same time as my tongue and lips were pleasuring her outside.

I had slipped my head under the cloth of her toga so that the anticipation and only feeling where my lips were would increase the excitement Yi felt. However after my beylikdüzü eve gelen escort finger entered her vagina she pulled back the toga and let it fall off her belly to the ground. With my free hand I caressed the skin of her hips and her belly and worked my way up to her breasts. I pressed my mouth firmly against her pussy and increased the intensity of my tongue’s movement and sucking on her pussy and clit with my lips. She tasted great. Some women don’t, but Yi’s pussy was heady stuff; she tasted great. I was getting a big hard-on from the excitement of doing her along with seeing and hearing other couples engaged in oral sex to the right and left of us.

As I loosened Yi’s belt her toga fell away from her breasts and she herself shrugged it off so that she was completely naked. She fondled her own breasts and placed her hands on my head to guide me in pleasuring her. Soon her hands tightened and her belly did and she came. Her pussy got really creamy and my tongue lapped up all her female cum. I continued to kiss her gently on her pussy lips and on her inner thighs until her belly muscles relaxed and then started in again bringing her to another orgasm. She lifted her legs this time so my tongue could tunnel into her vagina and my slickened finger could slide up her anus. My upper lip was pushing against her clit, my mouth was sucking her pussy lips, my tongue was probing her pussy, and my finger was exploring her anus. She grabbed my free hand, pushed her mound into my face and tightened her thighs around my head as she came. Her fanny lifted off the lounge chair and she shuddered all over.

Now Yi was horny enough that she wanted to have intercourse. She motioned for me to get up on top of her. She undid my toga belt and it fell away. She started to guide my erect member into her pussy when Agnes came by and said, “Not yet, just oral, Yi.” Yi must have been a regular at these sex parties; Agnes knew her by name.

Yi pouted briefly, then reached back and released the lounge chair so it flattened. She guided me by holding my cock and guiding my hips up over her head. She reached her head up and her mouth slid around the head of my cock. I was in instant ecstasy. Her mouth was hot and wet and her tongue felt like it was everywhere at once on my cock. I soon came and Yi never let go; she swallowed all of my cum and kept sucking on my cock like it was her mother’s breast. After cumming I started back in on Yi’s pussy as we 69’d each other. I kept cumming as she’d get me aroused again and then I’d release. She kept cumming as her pussy became a slippery slit from which I kept licking up her cum. Her hips rose up each time she released and her belly tightened. We kept this up until Fred and Agnes called a halt to the oral sex that was going on.

When I sat up I noticed that Demetra and Danel had also gotten into 69’ing each other. She later related that Danel had started out sliding up under her toga and she was reluctant at first. But when his tongue hit that right spot for her she quickly gave in and soon was butt naked and legs wide open. She was surprised at how wild she became. She had always been a private person sexually but she found herself not caring beylikdüzü masöz escort after Danel kept pleasuring her. She was surprised that he was so good; she had always heard that black men didn’t like to perform orally on their women. We all live with stereotypes.

She said that when Agnes called for the partners to change she was so happy from the pleasuring that Danel had given her that she would have done anything for him. She said she enjoyed pleasuring him back and thought nothing of swallowing his cock in her mouth and even swallowing his cum when he orgasmed. He did that several times. She said it was sweet, salty taste that she liked. She said she was so worked up and having so much fun that she thought nothing of getting him aroused and stiff again and finishing him off.

She said that after Danel came a second time he asked her to straddle his face and they began to 69 each other. She said that just drove her over the edge. Here she was sucking on a strange man’s penis and swallowing his cum, while his fingers, lips, and tongue just worked her bottomside into one orgasm after another. She said that just like other folks they got into a rhythm of mutual sucking and cumming and had to have Fred and Agnes pull them apart. Demetra said it was almost like Danel’s engorged penis and her vibrating vagina were her existence. It was wonderful!!

We were next to each other so it was next our turn to couple. Agnes directed, “Now it’s intercourse time, boys and girls. Have at it and enjoy it.” Another shot of absinthe was issued to Demetra, and me and the others.

Demetra and I looked at each other a little uncomfortably since we had seen each other for years in the hallways of where we mutually worked. This was serious shit…to begin fucking each other.

I had always thought Demetra had a fantastic body so I started there. I traced my fingers across her face, down her neck, and then over her soft, small but round breasts to her flat belly. She for her part placed her hand against the side of my face and leaned up to kiss me on the mouth.

That was all we needed. We hungrily sought each other’s tongues and soon our hands were moving below our waists and Demetra was guiding me inside of her pussy as I stroked her swollen clit. Soon we were moving in a steady rhythm against each other. My dick got much harder and longer and Demetra became much wetter and her muscles grasped at my thrusting cock.

After watching our bellies moving against and away from each other tethered by my lengthening cock, we kissed and closely embraced each other and soon become one person writhing in a growing sense of that we were about to have an orgasm together and at the same time. We did and it was fantastic as I felt Demetra’s vagina spasm and felt my own cock release.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in changing partners and engaging in different sex acts until all were thoroughly exhausted. Before leaving the garden Demetra and I donned our togas and we headed back to her room. There we showered together and returned to her bed to cuddle and make love once again. When Demetra’s roommate returned, horny and a little inebriated, we pulled the beds together and all three of us slept and pleasured each other until the wee hours of the night.

The next day Demetra headed home to Virginia. Having met her roommate…intimately, I partnered with Miriam for the rest of my resort vacation. To this day Demetra and I still steal away every so often, travel to New York, where Miriam lives, and shack up with her for a weekend of sex, supper, and shows on Broadway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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