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Deb’s HUGE Birthday Surprise Part 4

In Part 3, Jen had arrived and we once again started watching our sex video from our trip to Hedonism. On the video, Deb was eating Beth’s pussy and finger-fucking her hard while Jay was fucking Deb from behind. They all came together in a massive three person simultaneous orgasm.

I paused the video and we all did a line of coke, a hit of ecstasy, and drank another sports drink to rehydrate. Jen had decided to begin getting her pussy ready to accept Matt’s huge cock and asked Deb if she wanted to help stretch her out with the extra large dildos she had brought from home.

“Oh my God yes!” said Deb. “But if you don’t mind, I’d like to call my sister Liz to see if she wants to come over and join us. My brother Ben is staying with her right now and he might come too if that’s okay. Liz probably has not gotten out of bed yet but she will not mind me waking her up once she hears what we are doing and how smoking hot you are Jen. I don’t know if Ben will come or not. He may be at his girlfriend’s house this weekend.”

Jen looked very shocked and finally said “Yes, please invite your sister to join us and your brother too if he wants to come with. Just thinking about you three having sex together has me so horny and wet that I need to get started right now. Deb, please fuck me! Either I cum soon or my head is going to explode.”

Deb threw a blanket on the floor that she keeps on the sofa for when she watches TV. She took Jen by the hand and they stretched out on the blanket and started kissing and touching each other. Deb reached up and got the dildo that she had been using on Jen earlier. This was not the smallest dildo of the four but was the next size up.

Jen didn’t need any lubrication since she was producing plenty of her own. Deb did wet the end of the dildo with her spit and inserted just the head of it into Jen’s cunt hole. Jen made a loud animal noise and begged Deb to fuck her as hard and as fast as she could. Deb rammed the rest of the dildo into Jen’s pussy and immediately started fucking her very hard with it.

After about two minutes of this, Jen asked Deb to get the next bigger dildo from the box and repeat what she had just done but also lick her clit too. Deb did as she was told and it only took about a minute for Jen to start screaming and bucking like a wild horse trying to get rid of a cowboy. “OH MY GOD! OH FUCKING YES! OH FUCK ME HARDER DEB! I’M FUCKING CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD! YES! YES! YES! OH, OH, OH! OH GOD! FUUUUUUCK YES!!!!”

Deb removed the dildo from Jen’s pussy and moved up to kiss her and lightly touch her tummy and tits. Deb knew that Jen now needed just a few minutes to relax and get ready for the fourth and largest dildo. That one would finish preparing Jen to accept Matt’s huge cock into her pre-stretched cunt hole. Deb could hardly wait to see Jen take Matt’s monster cock. She had to see it in order to believe that it was even possible to get that huge monster cock into a woman’s pussy. She knew if Jen could ankarada sakso çeken escortlar do it, then so could she and she has wanted to fuck Matt’s huge cock since the moment she saw it earlier that night.

Jen finally came around and started kissing Deb and sucking her nipples like they were coated with sugar. Jen said “I have always loved your nipples Deb. I would see you at the bar wearing a thin shirt and no bra and I would get wet by just looking at them. It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time to one day see them, touch them, and suck them. Now, let’s get me ready to fuck Matt so you can watch.”

Deb said “I have always liked to fist another girl’s pussy. Do you think we could try that instead of using the dildo? I’d love to get my whole hand inside you and lightly touch your cervix with my fingers. The first time I did that to my sister Liz, she came so hard that she passed out for a long time. It scared me at first but then she smiled and opened her eyes so I knew she was okay. Since that first time, we have fisted each other’s cunt holes and ass holes quite a few times. Liz tried to fist both of my holes when she stayed with me not long ago but it was just too much. There’s not enough room in there for two hands at once. A fist and three fingers is about all we can take but oh my God that feels so incredible.”

Jen said “I’ve never been fisted before but I have had a finger in my ass while Matt was fucking me with his enormous cock. It can’t be any harder to take than that. I think I would love having my pussy fisted and getting touched inside. Since you are a girl, you know just where to touch and how sensitive my cervix will be. Maybe a little ass play would be nice too. That may be all I will need to get my pussy ready for Matt’s big cock.”

Deb told Jen to get on all fours while she grabbed a tube of lube. To my surprise, Deb started first by kissing and licking Jen’s asshole. Jen moaned very loud and said “Oh Yes!” After licking and pushing her tongue into Jen’s asshole for a few minutes, Deb inserted one finger and then two into Jen’s ass. Jen really liked that and filled the room with her loud moans of pleasure.

Deb then started fingering Jen’s cunt hole with two, then three fingers while still fucking her ass with two fingers. Back and forth, Deb alternated fucking Jen’s holes with fingers on both hands. Jen was now almost screaming and begged Deb for more. “Please give me more fingers in both holes and fuck me as hard as you can.” Deb added a third finger into Jen’s ass and a fourth finger into her pussy. She was fucking Jen so hard and fast that I thought she might hurt her at any second.

I had never seen Deb quite so dominate and aggressive as she finger-fucked Jen’s pussy and ass. Deb started shouting at Jen “Yes you slut! You like being fucked hard by another girl in both your holes…don’t you? I’m going to get both your fucking holes ready for that huge fucking cock in your cunt and my fingers in your ass!!! You would like that wouldn’t you elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar Jen? To finally get Matt’s huge cock in your pussy while I finger-fuck your asshole. Wouldn’t you like that Jenny?”

“Yes, Yes, Oh Fuck Yes!!! Jen said. I want your whole hand in my pussy right now! Please!!!!

Deb kept her fingers in Jen’s ass as she brought her four fingers and thumb together at the opening to Jen’s cunt hole. She started twisting her hand and pushing hard to get Jen’s cunt hole to open up for her. Little by little, Deb’s hand began to disappear into Jen’s pussy until finally her pussy closed around Deb’s wrist.

“Oh my fucking God. Oh my fucking God. That is so fucking good Deb. Touch me in there. Find all of my sensitive spots. I’m going to cum so hard any second. Touch my cervix and play with it real easy. Put your finger into the end of my cervix just a little bit. Oh fuck me girl!!!”

Deb must have done as requested because Jen started screaming at her that she was doing it just right and that she was cumming over and over again. Jen was shaking and jerking as she screamed as loud as she possibly could. I was glad that our nearest neighbor was at least a hundred yards away. If they would have heard Jen, they would have called 911.

Deb decided that Jen had had enough fisting in her pussy and pulled out all but two fingers that were working on Jen’s G-Spot and her thumb on Jen’s clit. She then turned her attention to Jen’s asshole. Deb now had four fingers in Jen’s ass and was finger- fucking her asshole very hard. Deb added more lube to her hand and fingers and started twisting and pushing like she had done earlier to Jen’s pussy. Finally, Deb’s hand was in Jen’s asshole all the way to her wrist.

Jen sounded like an animal in heat. She was screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs. Deb was pushing her hand further and further into Jen’s ass until half of her forearm was in there along with her hand. Jen started cumming again and it looked painful as she contorted her face and jerked her body. Deb was out of control now and threw caution to the wind as she fucked Jen with both hands as hard as she could. The more Jen came, the harder Deb fucked her. It was kind of scary to see my wife so sexually out of control. But it was also so fucking hot that I went behind Deb and shot rope after rope of my cum on her back and ass. Matt got up and jacked his big cock until he came all over Jen’s ass and then Deb’s face and tits. I’m pretty sure that Deb also had an orgasm just from watching Matt’s huge cock cum all over her and Jen.

When Deb removed her hand from Jen’s asshole, it did not close up like I expected it to. I could have stuck my dick in it without even stretching it any wider. Jen’s pussy also looked very red and swollen much like a woman looks after delivering a baby.

Matt’s cock was still hard as a rock and he was ready to fuck. He told Jen that she could rest for a few minutes but he needed his cock in her soon. Deb was sincan gece kalan escortlar really excited now. The moment she had waited for. To finally see Matt’s enormous cock stretch Jen’s little pussy while she fingered Jen’s asshole.

Matt laid down on the blanket and Jen straddled him with her pussy hovering above his monster cock. She slowly lowered herself until the tip of Matt’s cock was touching the entrance to her cunt hole. A little lower and she had the head of his cock inside her cunt. She paused a few seconds and then allowed about a half inch of his shaft move inside her. I remembered how thick it got at about this point from when I was trying to get it into my mouth. Jenny was panting and moaning as she lowered herself again and now had about two inches of his big cock inside her cunt. Another pause for about a minute and Jen started fucking just those precious two inches of man meat but not yet allowing more to enter her.

After working back and forth on it for a few minutes, Jen started letting more of Matt’s huge cock enter her as she went down each time. Jen was now beginning to lose control and it was obvious that she was cumming fairly often. Once she had all but a couple of inches of Matt’s cock in her, you could see her pussy trying to turn inside out each time she lifted her ass to reload and plunge down again. It was absolutely amazing to see this tiny girl taking that huge cock and there was still a little more of it yet to go.

Deb reached over and stuck a couple of fingers into Jen’s asshole. Jen really loved that and started fucking the huge dick even harder. Jen was now cumming about every thirty seconds or less and was breathing like she couldn’t get near enough air.

Deb added a third finger into Jen’s ass and Jen soon took the rest of Matt’s huge cock into her pussy. It was the most erotic sight of my life. Jen was now bouncing on Matt’s full seven inches of cock that was over half as thick as it was long. At the same time, Deb was getting real aggressive again and was finger-fucking Jen’s ass as hard as she could. When Jen would rise up on Matt’s cock, Deb would shove her fingers deep into Jen’s ass. Jen sounded bad and I was worried that she might have a stroke at any minute but she kept on fucking as hard as she could.

The double fucking of Jen continued for about thirty minutes until she just couldn’t take anymore. She came off Matt’s cock and grabbed Deb’s hand as she rolled over onto the blanket and just laid there and jerked every few seconds. It was at least ten minutes until Jen could finally try to sit up. She was so light-headed that it took a few tries until she finally made it to a sitting position. Jen was the most totally fucked person I had ever seen. I wondered if she would ever want to fuck again and if she did, how long until her pussy would regain its original size to fit even an above average size cock like mine?

Deb looked at me and said “I came three times just from watching them fuck and fingering Jen’s ass and then again when Matt shot all that cum on Jen’s ass and my face and tits. I’ve got to get started stretching my pussy so I can fuck that huge cock and feel what she just felt. I’m going to call my sister Liz and tell her to come over and watch me fuck that enormous cock. I need to be totally fucked out like Jen is right now. I’ve never been fucked like that before. Not even close.”

Part 5 Coming Soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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