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Nikita gets her due.

It started as just a little on-line exchange between me and Nikita. She and her current lover had been posting her pictures on the Internet and I had been corresponding with them about how much liked her pictures. We began a little exchange and she admitted to me that she had a fantasy about being ravished by a well-built Caucasian man since she had never had one. Well, being one of those (5′ 11″, 175, work out religiously), I decided that I had to start the on-line seduction so that I could be “the one”.

After several weeks of exchanging emails and gaining her confidence, I managed to get her to admit her general location. Oh, my! It wasn’t that far from me! I decided that I had to do whatever was necessary in order to make her fantasy come true. Of course, my imagination was running wild. I was imagining so many different things that I wanted to do with her. She was becoming the sole focus of my fantasies during this period; this gorgeous lass with the fantastic legs and ass.

With a little more coaxing and work, we arranged to meet for a drink. This took a lot of work and now we were three months into our discussions, but every time I felt that it was taking too long, I looked at her pictures and it reminded me that it was going to be worth the effort.

Finally, it was time for the meet. I knew that she was nervous; hell, so was I! Neither of us knew what to expect from the other. All the on line discussions, emails, and exchanges in the world cannot tell you what the person on the other end is really like. Because of this, we decided to meet at a quiet bar in a hotel that was midway between our two locations. It would give us the ability to talk and get to know each other, provide the ability to get to a room if we went to that step, and yet allow us to back away, if desired.

I took my time getting ready. I had told her about me and she knew I was 50. I had finally sent her a picture and we continued to make our plans, but she didn’t say anything about my appearance. She had professed not to care about my age, but I wondered how she felt about someone whose hair went all white at a young age. I was still in good shape and felt good about my body, but there was nothing I could to about the hair. Well, maybe I could dye it, but that wasn’t my style. I made sure that I was dressed nicely with a dress shirt, pants and jacket, and hoped that she would do the same.

I was not disappointed. I had sat down and was sipping a scotch when she appeared in the doorway. I didn’t think there was any way she could disappoint me and she certainly didn’t. She was wearing the very short white dress that appeared in a few of her pictures. She was stunning and as she moved across the hotel bar, the few men that were there watched her like there was a spotlight on her. She moved hesitantly, staring at me and trying to gauge my reaction. I smiled broadly and a small flicker of a grin appeared across her face. She sat down.

“Hi, Dennis. I’m Nikita.” She put her hand out to shake mine. I shook it.

“Hello. You look ravishing in that dress.” For someone who was taking nude pictures and putting them on the internet, I was surprised by her response. She lowered her eyes, smiled, and blushed a little. I loved it! Doing this in person was much different then over the internet.

The waitress appeared and she ordered a glass of Chardonnay. I waited until the waitress was gone and looked at her again. “I didn’t think it was possible, but you are more beautiful in person than in your pictures and in my fantasies.”

“Thanks.” She looked at me. “I wasn’t sure about meeting you since you are older, but you were very convincing on line. I’m still nervous.” She looked around the room.

“Me, too.” My admission surprised her a little.

“I figured you’d be raring to go.” She looked up at me directly.

“I am.” I admitted. “But I’m still nervous. I’ve never done anything like this, but you were just too irresistible, too gorgeous, too nice to talk to on line.”

“Thanks. I wouldn’t be here if your words hadn’t also seduced me.” She looked at me sheepishly. She was still a little demure talking about this.

Her wine arrived and she drank half of it in one draw. I guess she was getting some liquid courage. We discussed her trip to the hotel and I discussed mine. We talked about the terrible congestion with all the traffic. I decided it was time to go as we finished our drink. One thing she had said that I kept coming back to was “taken and ravished by a Caucasian man”. I figured it was time to force the issue.

“Okay, Nikita. Let’s go. We’ve talked about this for three months, so let’s not beat around the bush. We both know what we are here for, so if you are ready to take the next step, let’s head up to the room.”

I waited, impatiently, hoping kağıthane escort that I had pushed the right button, reading into her desire to be “taken” that she wanted someone to be strong and forceful. I was right.

“Yes, I want this.” She said it so softly, I could barely hear her, but she stood up.

I stood up, took her hand, and led her out of the bar and towards the elevators. She hesitated a little as we moved towards the elevators, but I released her hand and put mine into the small of her back to give her a gentle nudge. She kept moving.

When we got to the door, she hesitated again. I decided to be a little less forceful for fear of her bolting.

“Nikita. It’s up to you. I want you… badly. I have wanted you for three months. If you want the same thing, then step across that threshold and I’ll make it worth your while.”

She turned her face to mine and stared into my eyes for at least 10 seconds. I think she was trying to get one final reading of me. She finally smiled and stepped into the room.

When we were in there I moved her toward the bed. I took off my jacket and laid it on the chair. She stood there, not moving, waiting for me. I got behind her and pushed on her back, getting her to bend over from the waist. I moved over and sat down in the chair. The dress just barely covered her ass and I could almost make out her crotch.

“Pull your dress up a little more. Show me that wonderful ass you have.” She complied. And it was indeed gorgeous. I had never seen so delectable an ass. She was wearing a white thong and her entire ass was exposed. I moved over then and lightly kissed each cheek. She initially stiffened at the first touch, but then moaned lightly. I kept putting kisses on her ass, pausing to lick along her crack as I moved from one to the other. She arched her back, sticking her ass out further and making more of her crotch available to my ministrations. I licked along her thong, not moving it, just licking over it, teasing her. I began to smell her wonderful womanly scent. She smelled delicious and I was going to find out just how delicious she was. I reached up and yanked the thong down to her ankles. She lifted one foot to let it slip off, letting me know that she was entirely mine.

“Crawl up on the bed.” I commanded and she did, remaining facing away from me. I got her on all fours and pushed her head and shoulders flat, leaving her ass sticking straight up. Her entire gash was mine for the taking… and take it I was going to do. I went back to kissing her thighs, working my way up to her ass and pussy. I slowly parted her lips, licking slowly from her clit up thru her slit and finally raked my tongue across her asshole. She moaned and I could tell she was getting wet. Her lips were now parted and dewy. I slid a finger into her pussy and was rewarded with a moan and a shifting of her hips as she let me know she wanted it. I started finger fucking her pussy with my index finger and tongue fucking her ass. She was starting to squirm.

I pulled away and told her to turn over. I ripped off my clothes and looked at her lying there. She didn’t move while I undressed. I dove back between her delicious thighs and drank from her, savoring the juices from her now dripping pussy. I pushed her legs to her chest so that I could continue my assault on both holes. I was hard as a rock, but wanted her to have her first orgasm from oral.

I slipped my finger back into her pussy, getting it nice and wet. Then I went to work on her clit, slowly drawing my tongue over the sensitive bud. She grabbed my head.

I slapped her hands away. “No touching from you yet. You have to lay there and take it.” She moaned and leaned back, putting her arms out to her side and grasping the bed comforter tightly and closing her eyes.

I started tonguing her clit again and made sure my finger was nice and wet. I put it against her asshole and pushed lightly. It slid in to the first knuckle. She was now tossing her head from side to side, moaning loudly and her pussy was juicing freely. It was almost time. I started slowly finger fucking her ass and went to work sucking on her pussy lips. I ran up one side and down the other, ignoring her clit for a minute. She was starting to thrash.

“Please… please!” She started pleading for me to take her to her orgasm.

I figured it was time to make her cum, so I started fucking her ass hard with my finger and went back to her clit. I sucked it in and then licked it. She was close now. I felt her starting to tense, so I started humming on her clit. The vibrations worked their magic and she went off like a rocket. She started jerking and moaning and, finally unable to keep her hands off, she grabbed my head as I kept up my assault. I smiled, knowing that I had made this first kartal escort part completely about her enjoyment. I knew that she needed that.

She slowly relaxed and I released her overly sensitive clit. I stood up, my dick standing straight out. She lifted her head and looked at it, smiling. But she dropped her head back, still overcome by her orgasm. I decided not to let her rest on her laurels. I lifted her legs back up, lined my cock up with her pussy, and slammed it in. Her head came up and her eyes flew open.

“Oh, fuck!” Nikita exclaimed. “It’s fat!”

I smiled and started pounding her. She was indeed tight.

“Here, hold your legs up.” I wanted my hands free.

She held her legs back and I pounded into her, my dick feeling so big and hard in a new pussy. I pulled her dress down, freeing those wondrous nipples and leaned over to give them a suck.

“Hmmm!” She responded.

I stood back up and held her by those lovely hips and started pounding her. She was making little grunts each time I hit bottom, but not speaking. I knew I was going to cum soon, so I reached down and started thumbing her clit. That sent her over the edge again.

“Cum… cumming… oh, fuck!” Nikita was in heaven now.

I was not far behind. As she came I took in the view; the look on her face, with a light sheen of sweat on it, her delectable body thrashing under me, and her little groans all added to pushing me to the edge. When I felt her pussy contracting with her orgasm, it was too much for me. I moaned and came so strong my knees almost gave out. I thrust into her tight pussy and squirted, thrust and squirted again, and then again. I must have had 7 or 8 squirts I was so turned on.

When I finished I realized that I had grabbed her hips very tightly and closed my eyes, enjoying that orgasm. I opened my eyes and released her hips. I looked down at her and she was smiling.

“That was so damn good!” She looked down at where we were stilled joined. “I think you left quite a load in there.”

“You’re right.” I slowly started pulling my softening dick out. “I haven’t had sex in a couple of weeks and I saved it up for you.”

“Thanks.” Nikita started to get up as I pulled back. “I think I need to go clean up this mess you made.” We both looked down at her crotch. It was covered in her juices and some of my cum. Under her, on the edge of the bed was a very large wet spot soaked with our juices. “And I think the maid is not going to be happy.”

I laughed as she ran into the bathroom. I think this was going to be a long night.

When Nikita came back from the bathroom, I moved to stage 2 of my night with the beautiful Asian goddess. She moved easily back into the room, her lithe body already causing my dick to stir again. I moved to the little room refrigerator and retrieved a couple of bottles of water. I handed one to her and she drank strongly from the bottle, trying to renew her fluids.

When she put the bottle down I started stage 2.

I looked at her. “Come over here, gorgeous.” She walked to where I was sitting on the bed. “Are you ready for the next step? Do you trust me?”

She eyed me for a couple of seconds. “Yeah, I guess so. We just met, but I feel comfortable with you.”

“Good.” I pulled out the blindfold. “Will you allow me to use this?”

She smiled and stared into my eyes. “Tell me I won’t regret it. I’m still a little scared by that.”

She was standing right in front of me so I started stroking the insides of her thighs up to just below her pussy. “Niki, I would never do anything to hurt you. We don’t have to do this, but I wanted to push you a little outside your comfort zone. I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, but I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

She continued to watch me and study my face. I could tell she believed me. “Okay.” She stood straight up in front of me and a small shiver went thru her body. “Go ahead.”

I stood up and put the blindfold on her and then guided her onto the bed on her back. She lay there apprehensively. Even with someone you trust there’s always a little apprehension.

Then I reached under the bed for the restraints and pulled them up onto the bed. I had some under bed restraints that I had laid out. I sat on her hips and carefully and quickly attached them to her wrists to see how she would react. She jerked a little at the initial contact, but then said nothing. Once they were in place, she pulled against them and realized that she had little room for movement. She turned her head from side to side and muttered. “Oh, god!”

I then got off her hips and grabbed her ankles. I put similar restraints on her legs so that she was held down, spread eagle, on the bed. I got back and checked my handiwork. I picked up my camera and took a couple küçükçekmece escort of pictures. I know she heard the clicking. There was an initial sharp intake of breath, but she said nothing.

I retrieved the first object to play with her. It was a water spray bottle for use in ironing or keeping cool. I stood off to the side and sprayed it once, about three feet over her chest. The light water droplets settled onto her. She flinched and then the coolness of the water and the air conditioning combined to give her some slight chills. Her body got goose bumps all over and her nipples stood up at attention, begging to be sucked. I got down and took a nice close-up picture of the water droplets sitting on her stomach, the goose bumps standing out and one of her nipples standing so erect. She finally spoke. “That’s cold.”

“I know.” I answered her and then got the next item. I lit the candle and climbed on the bed, standing over her. From this distance, about three feet above her, the wax would not be too hot, but still warm. I slowly dripped some melting wax onto her torso, from her belly button up over her tits. She flinched with each drop. Soon I had a small trail of wax from her stomach and up and around both tits.

She started writhing. “Oh, god! The not knowing and the anticipation are killing me!”

I got down off her and took the next item; a small feather duster. The duster was the perfect size to tickle her everywhere. I took it and swept it lightly across her nipples. She moaned. “Oh my god. That’s such a fucking turn-on.”

I swept it down across her hips and lightly over her pussy. She wriggled and gasped. I passed down across her legs and onto her feet. She turned out to be very ticklish on the bottoms of her feet, so I teased her that way for a while.

When I finished with that, I went back to her torso and leaned over without her knowing it and then suddenly plunged my mouth down over a nipple, sucking at it hard. She reacted with a yelp and then started moaning.

I worked over each nipple and then decided to take the next step. I removed the restraints from each ankle and pushed her legs up to her hands. I then took the additional restraint loop that was available on the end of the straps holding her wrists and attached it to her ankles. She was now tied there with her ankles and wrists together, putting her beautiful pussy and ass on display. I realized I was salivating.

She was almost trembling in anticipation of the next step. I retrieved my next item and climbed on the bed. I started at the backs of her knees and began licking down across her thighs to her very wet and aromatic pussy. After doing both legs, I moved to her ass and started slowly licking around her asshole, teasing her, not putting too much pressure on it. She was writhing and moaning and I moved the surprise item into position. I slowly pressed the small buttplug into her pussy. She was not sure what to make of it because it was so small, but she knew exactly what was happening as soon as I removed it and she felt it at her back door. She flinched a little, but I slid it in easily after lubricating it with her juices.

She moaned loudly and said, “Oh god. I can’t take any more, please make me cum.”

“All in due time, my dear.” I wasn’t ready to let her off the hook yet.

I then moved up and starting running the rough part of my tongue over her pussy. From her reaction, I could tell that she really was very ready to pop. I decided to give her the first one and ran my tongue up over her clit. She arched up the best that she could with the restraints on and started making little thrusts. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started humming and she went off. She jerked and jerked while I hummed until she finally let out a big sigh and relaxed. I let go of her clit.

“How was that?”

She sighed. “Wonderful.”

I put my face back into her crotch after letting her recover a little and started again working on her now gaping cunt and clit. I was twisting and playing with the butt plug and I could tell that she was building up again. When she started to get close, I rose up and buried my dick into her. As soon as I hit bottom and my pubic mound made contact with her clit she went off again, having another pretty good orgasm. I waited for her to relax and then short stroked my dick into her pussy, listening to her moaning. I knew it was time to for me to cum, so this time I pulled out and stood right over her pussy. I jerked myself off the last few strokes and came buckets. I jerked and jerked, my body trying to empty out every ounce of cum that I had. I had been hard for so long by now that I came all over her, the first few jets hitting her face and the blindfold, the next few splashing onto her tits, and the last couple dribbling onto her pussy.

Finally, I sat on the bed and moved to release her. As soon as I released her from the restraints she reached up and removed the blindfold. She smiled at me and I grinned. I lay down next to her and started rubbing the mixture of my cum and the wax around on her body. She just lay there and purred like a contented kitty.

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