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She stands in the doorway. The hall light obscuring her features but not hiding the womanly hourglass outline of her body. Grabbing a strap of her tight white tank top she begins to pull it down her arm.

“Time to get up. Wakey wakey.” My sister shakes my shoulder and I’m pulled out of the dream and back into reality. Thank goodness I’m a side sleeper as there’d be no hiding the tent created by my erection if I were on my back.

“It’s the first day of your last year of high school. You’re going to love being a senior. Now get your ass out of bed before you’re late,” she chides me. My sister graduated last year and is still about a week away from starting college. I can’t wait for her first day because I’ve bought an air-horn and it has her name written all over it.

Once the swelling goes down I crawl out of bed and grab a quick shower. Heading downstairs I pop some bread into the toaster, throw a little jelly on it, and make for the front door grabbing my backpack off the bench where I put it last night.

“You sure seem in a hurry,” says a voice from the stairs. Shit, I think, as I turn to greet my stepmother. “Hi Linda.” Don’t stare, don’t stare I tell myself but it’s pointless and my eyes are drawn down. My father and Linda married two years ago after meeting at a widow and widowers support group. At 36 Linda is twice my age but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her. She’s shorter than me by a lot, probably around 5’5″ and is right around 200 pounds which I know because she complains about it all the time. Thing is her weight is all in her hips, ass, and tits which I tend to like.

It’s she that has invaded my dreams lately. Sometimes the dream continues and she enters my room and lets me touch her but other times the dream gets interrupted as it did this morning. I try to avoid her as much as possible now because I can’t take my eyes off her body and I’m afraid she’s going to notice.

“I don’t want to be late for the first day of class,” I tell her and I hurry out the door. I take the keys out of my backpack and jump in my car and head to school. A senior. I’ve waited for this day for such a long time I can’t believe it’s finally here. “Need a ride?” I ask my best friend Steve when he picks up the phone, “I’m outside your house.” Steve and I have been friends for years and I usually give him a ride to school even though he has his own car because he lives just a couple of house down from us on the way to school. He doesn’t answer but simply hangs up while simultaneously opening the front door. He gets in the car and we make it to school with a half hour to spare.

“I had the dream again,” I tell him as we sit on the hood of my car watching to see if there are any cute new girls. “It got interrupted this time though by my sister waking me up.”

“Bummer,” he remarks. “Was it the white tank again?”

“Always,” I say.

The morning flies by and just as the bell is going to ring for lunch the fire alarm sounds. We’ve never had a drill the first day of school but we think nothing of it as we form our lines and make our way out of the building. It’s not until the sirens sound in the distance that we realize that things might be more serious than we realized. Four fire engines pull up outside the school and get to work with their hoses. The principal comes out shortly after with a bullhorn, “May I have your attention?” It goes quiet which is pretty unusual but we’re all curious as to know what’s going on. “As you might have guessed,” he continues, “there’s been a small fire. It’s in the cafeteria in a new fryer. School is dismissed for the rest of the day and be sure to check the school’s Facebook page and Twitter account later this afternoon for more information. For those of you that ride the bus the buses are on the way to take you home.” He doesn’t have to tell us twice as those of us that drove make our way to our cars. Steve is waiting when I get there.

“So we goin’ to do it this weekend?” he asks and I don’t even have to wonder what he means. For weeks we’ve been talking about hiding a camera in Linda’s bathroom and filming her while she showers. It’s a stupid idea that I mentioned one day in passing and now Steve won’t let it go. “No, we’re not,” I tell him, “not this weekend and not ever. You know what would happen to me if I got busted? You know how my father is. I’d be lucky just to get thrown out of the house.” My father can be a dick. He’s pretty intolerant of anyone that thinks or believes differently than he does as I do but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about it. If he knew that Steve and I had even talked about this he’d probably kick me out for being “a goddamn pervert.”

“Just think about it dude,” Steve says as he gets out of the car at his house. I drive off without a word. Honestly it’s all I can think about but I’ll never admit it to him. I even know where I’d place the camera but again, my fear of my father keeps me from acting on it. Pulling into the drive I see Linda’s car but my sister’s car is gone which is no surprise. antalya escort She and Linda get along best in short spurts so whenever my sister can leave she does so. I open the front door dreading being alone with Linda. I’ll do what I usually do when this happens and hide in my room and pretend I have homework until dinner is ready. I’m usually left alone when studying. With a plan in place I climb the stairs and open my bedroom door to find Linda going through my things.

“What the hell Linda?” She jumps and then spins to face me.

“Shit you scared me! What are you doing home already?”

“There was a fire in the cafeteria. They sent us home for the day. Now what the hell are you doing in my room?”

Linda blushes and then says, “I need batteries. Two C batteries. We’ve got a ton of AA but not a C to be found. I thought you might have some.”

“What do you need C batteries for anyway?”

She blushes again, “I’ve got a…um…a calculator. An old…um…you know adding machine type and it uses C.”

“A calculator? What in the world do you need one for?”

“For adding things. Anyhow that’s not the point. The point is that while looking for batteries I found your stash.”

Oh shit. If she’s found my porn stash I’m dead. All the magazines relate to women built just like Linda. She’ll see right through me.

“I can explain…” I begin as Linda reaches back into the drawer and pulls out a small baggie with two joints in it. Oh thank god, it’s only Steve’s pot.

“It’s cool,” she interrupts, “but would you mind if I smoke a little?”

“I didn’t know you smoked pot. Does dad know?”

“I’ve not smoked since college and no, he doesn’t know. You know how he is.”

I nod knowing exactly what he’d think. I’d probably end up in drug rehab.

“Well sure, you can smoke one. They’re Steve’s anyway.”

She opens the baggie and takes out one of the joints. She sits on my bed and rummages through the drawer.

“Got a light?” she asks.

“Back left, under the book.”

She pulls out the lighter and gets the joint lit.

“Shit, you’re smoking it in here?!” I panic.

“Relax,” she says, “your father won’t be home for hours and it’s not like he’d know what the smell is. Plus when’s the last time he was in your room?”

She has a good point and I gesture for her to continue.

She sits back on the bed putting a pillow between her back and the headboard and she pats a spot next to her wanting me to join her. I sit cross-legged on the bed near her legs.

As we sit there Linda passes me the joint. I’m not into pot so I wait a second and then pass it back to her. She doesn’t seem to notice I’m not partaking. After a few hits Linda begins to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I wonder.

“I was just thinking about my college days. We’d do this same thing. There’d be a group of us and we’d sit in a circle and smoke and then we’d pair off and have…other fun.”

“You mean sex,” I’m rather enjoying this conversation especially finding out that Linda had a bit of a wild side.

“Yes, sex. Sometimes we’d go to separate rooms and sometimes it’d be bodies everywhere and you didn’t know who was touching whom.”

I’m picturing Linda naked, writhing around on the floor with others. I start to get an erection and so I grab my other pillow and put it in my lap.

“I miss sex,” Linda mutters. It surprises me to hear this since sharing a bedroom wall has made me well aware of the sex noises Linda makes. There were nights that I’d get so turned on I’d slip my boxers down and masturbate to her noises.

“Now that you mention it I’ve not heard you two in quite some time.

Linda looks at me in surprise, “You heard us? I didn’t realize we were that noisy or that the walls were so thin. But yes, it’s been way too long. Actually I think your father is having an affair because he doesn’t touch me anymore. It’s been so long…well…so long that I actually pulled out my old back massager and was going to use it to have a little fun. Damn thing needs C batteries and who the hell has those sitting around?”

“A back massager? How’s that going to help?”

Linda laughs. “I guess you wouldn’t know would you? A back massager has a nice vibration and a large round head. It works perfectly for, um, other stimulation.”

It dawns on me what she means and I also realize, “Oh shit. My mother had one of those. She kept it plugged in by the bed but I didn’t think anything of it.”

“Maybe she had a sore back,” Linda says trying to be helpful.

“Yeah, maybe,” but neither of us believes it.

“Should I go get you some C batteries?” I ask.

“No, you don’t need to do that. I’ll just take matters into my own hands so to speak.”

“I could watch,” the words are out of my mouth before I can stop them.

“You dirty boy,” Linda reaches and grabs the pillow from my lap and swings it at me. I put my hands in my lap but it’s too late. She’s seen. “I didn’t realize I was having kemer escort this effect on you. You are a very naughty young man having that kind of reaction. I’m your stepmother after all.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just…you’re just…” I stammer.

“I’m what?”

“So…perfect,” I manage to say though my throat has gone dry.

“You’re what? 18? I’m twice your age. I’m fat. It’s no wonder your father is having an affair.”

“My father is an idiot and you aren’t fat. You’re amazing. Your tits…sorry…breasts…”

“Tits is fine,” she laughs.

“Your tits are big and heavy and your ass is nice and round and…”

“You’ve been thinking about this for a while haven’t you?”

I can’t deny it, “Well, yes and…and…what are you doing Linda?” I stare as she sits up and begins to unbutton her shirt. She slips it off and tosses it to the floor.

“That’s better,” she sighs. “Well almost. This bra is killing me. Mind if I take it off too?”

I shake my head no as the ability to form words has left me.

“I could use a little help,” Linda says as she turns and leans forward.

My hands are shaking so badly I’m not sure I can manage it but somehow, after a few fumbling attempts, I get the back clasp undone. Linda slides the bra straps down her shoulders and then slowly pulls the bra away. Her tits hang freely and I see that her nipples are hard. She’s excited by this too I realize.

Linda takes another hit from the joint and then sets it down on the nightstand. “You like these?” she asks as she grabs her tits lifting them for me to see.

Again I nod.

“So you want to watch?”

I’m momentarily confused and then I remember what I said that started all this. I swallow trying to find my voice. “Yes, I would,” I finally manage. She pushes her hips up off the bed, unbuttons her pants, and quickly kicks them off. She’s got no panties on which I find interesting and erotic.

“Why don’t you move over here for a better look?” Linda says indicating a spot near her feet. I move down and she opens her legs and puts them on either side of me. She scoots down on the bed so that I’m just inches away from where her hand is now traveling. I can’t look away from her hairlessness and from how good her pussy looks. While I’m still a virgin I’ve done my share of heavy making out. I’ve even, I think, made a girl orgasm using my fingers but what I’m witnessing now is so much better than any of that. Linda rubs along the outside for a bit and I watch as two fingers of her right hand curl and then slowly slip inside her pussy. Her left hand drifts up and begins a slow circle around her clit.

Linda begins to moan and I recognize the sound having heard it enough through my bedroom wall. I’ve grown quite hard and uncomfortable and find myself shifting on the bed. Linda must have felt my movement because she asks, “Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you had less on?”

I take the hint and pull off my shirt. I scoot back and off the bed in order to get the rest of my clothes off. I feel eyes on me and I look to see that Linda is watching me while now furiously rubbing at her clit.

“My nightstand…top drawer,” Linda says between moans. “Oh fuck. Condoms. Hurry.”

I leap off the bed and nearly run into my closed door. I throw it open praying that my sister hasn’t made it back but since I’ve not heard a car or the front door I’m not too worried. It almost hurts to run because of my erection which is standing nearly straight up. I think I’m harder than I’ve ever been before. I throw open their bedroom door and pull open the nightstand drawer. The condoms are buried but I find them quickly enough. Sprinting back to the bedroom I find Linda still rubbing away at her clit.

“Do you know how to put one on?”

“I think so. Start at the top and unroll it down,” nice to know that sex education in junior high was good for something.

“Yes. Now get it on and get over here.”

I tear open the packet and fumble the condom dropping it on the floor. I grab another and put it at the tip of my erect cock. I slip it down until it’s fully on and then I’m on top of Linda. I poke around hopelessly for a minute and Linda smiles and helps me by reaching down and guiding me where I need to be. With a single thrust I’m inside my stepmother. Holy shit I can’t believe I’m doing this.

“Slow down there,” she admonishes me. Doing as instructed I slow my pace.

“That’s better. I’m not a sidewalk and you aren’t a jackhammer. Long slow strokes are what I like. Oh yes, just like you’re doing. Now tell me the truth, you’ve wanted to do this to me for a long time haven’t you? I’ve caught you looking at me.”

“Yes, I have wanted this.”

“Wanted what? Tell me.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you.”

Linda pulls me down on top of her and her lips find mine. Her mouth opens and I do the same and her tongue is in my mouth and the kiss turns more passionate. I konyaaltı escort suddenly feel her tighten around my hard cock and she screams into my mouth. I’m not ready for this to be over so I keep pumping away but faster and harder and then Linda is forcing me off of her. I’m afraid that she realizes what we’ve just done and how wrong it is but instead she throws me on my back. I watch as she takes my still hard cock in her hand and pulls off the condom before kissing my chest, my stomach, and then the tip of my cock. Her mouth opens and she takes me inside, her tongue swirling over my hardness. She bobs up and down sucking me, milking me and I can’t help myself I reach down and grab Linda’s hair and I show her the pace that feels good to me.

“You better stop,” I warn her as I feel myself about to explode.

“Mmm mmm,” she mumbles and whether she’s saying yes or no I’m not sure and I don’t care as I can’t stop the eruption. Linda never releases me but instead I see her throat work as she swallows load after load of my cum. When finally I’m spent she lets me fall out of her mouth.

“Shit boy, it’s been a while hasn’t it?”

“How do you know?” I wonder.

“I don’t think I’ve ever swallowed so much cum in my life. I’ve certainly got a belly full now.”

“I want more,” I blurt out like a pouty child.

“I bet you do but it’s going to be a little while before you can get hard again,” Linda says as she runs her hand over my stomach and down to my pubic hair.

“I don’t care. I want…fuck…I don’t know,” I say in frustration.

“You want everything?” she guesses.


“Well, I had a great orgasm but wouldn’t mind another. You can lick my pussy.”

This too will be a first and I tell her so. “Just listen to what I tell you and you’ll do fine,” she instructs.

I lay down between her legs and for a minute I just stare. This is my first time seeing everything on a woman and the fact that the woman is someone I’ve lusted after for a while now makes it even better. The fact that she’s my stepmother doesn’t even matter to me anymore. I take my first slow lick and then another. I press my tongue in between her folds and she opens up to my tongue. I fuck her with my tongue and Linda’s moans make me think I’m doing just fine without her instructing me. I work my way up and find what I think is her clit. My tongue grazes across it and Linda arches her back off the bed. I definitely found it. Linda’s legs open wider and I have more access. I want to see and feel everything so I use my fingers this time and slip them inside her. She’s very wet and they slip in easily. My tongue goes back to her clit as my fingers twist and turn inside her feeling every curve as I go.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck right there,” Linda yells as my fingers and tongue have found the combination she likes. Acting on instinct now I suck on her clit instead of licking at it and it sends her over the edge. I feel it as Linda’s pussy begins pulsing against my fingers almost as if she’s trying to push me out. I don’t let up until Linda’s feet on my shoulders push me away. I want to dive right back in but Linda is keeping me away from what I want.

“I can’t take any more,” she says by way of explanation.

“I can,” and grabbing Linda’s legs I spread them and am on top of her. I have no trouble this time and I shove my now hard cock back into Linda’s still quivering pussy and then it dawns on me, “Shit! I didn’t put on a condom,” I can’t believe how stupid I am.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Linda yells at me as she wraps her legs around me pulling me into her even more deeply. “I’m on the pill anyway,” she adds.

“Turn over,” I order. I want to try a different position, one I saw in a men’s magazine that Steve managed to get.

I pull out of Linda and she turns over. She gets up on her hands and knees and I position myself behind her. This time I can easily see what I’m doing and I guide my now throbbing cock inside her. I need leverage to do this right so I grab Linda’s hips and pull her back as I thrust forward. Faster I go as our bodies hit together. The slap of skin on skin and the smell of sex in the air has me already close to an orgasm again. I ask Linda if she’s sure about the condom and she tells me she is. It’s a good thing too as I’m not sure I could stop. I’m pumping harder and even faster now nearly coming out of her as I pull back and then ramming my way home.

“I’m going to cum…oh fuck…” I yell and I reach up and grab a handful of Linda’s hair pulling her head and neck back as I unload again this time shooting my cum deep inside her. The feeling of doing this without a condom is even better and it feels like my orgasm is never going to stop. When I finally do I collapse onto Linda as she too drops down onto the bed.

It’s then that we hear the front door start to open. I somehow find the strength to get up and crack open my door. My room is at the top of the stairs and looking out I see my sister start to enter the house. Shit. There’s no way for Linda to leave without being seen. I have an idea and I quickly grab my jeans and slip them on, find a t-shirt that I may or may not be clean and quickly open and close my door and leap down the stairs just as my sister is putting her keys in her purse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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