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The patient was the last one of the day, “Thank god,” I thought to myself.

It was Friday and it had been a long day and an even longer week. My life seemed to be an endless parade of patient’s, visits at the office and rounds at the hospital. I couldn’t remember my last day off. As with most small cities, we were short doctor’s and my life took a back seat to my patients and each emergency that came along.

My nurse had prepped the patient, taken their blood pressure, weighed them, measured their height, and then had them strip down to their underwear and lay on the examination table. As a doctor, I had been through this a thousand times before.

The nurse stuck their head into my private office and said, “The patient is ready, are you okay if I leave now, my daughter’s daycare just called and said she was sick and I have to go get her?”

I replied, “Sure Nancy, this is the last patient shouldn’t take long, lock the door when you leave, I have some paperwork to do afterwards, I hope she is feeling better.”

“Thank you,” the nurse replied and she was gone. Nancy had looked tired, as tired as I felt, the thought made me afraid to look in the mirror.

I looked over the chart and smiled when I remembered the name. This patient was as close to a “friend” as patients could be. Being the only doctor here meant long hours and not much of a personal life, but it also meant, that I knew just about everyone.

The patient was older, according to the chart, they were 54. I talked to them just about everyday, they were a courier and made deliveries here just about everyday. This particular patient, always asked me how I was, they would always listen and seemed genuinely interested, almost flirting with me. That counted for a lot, in a life that was mainly about dealing with people who only told me their problems.

Doctor’s were human too; my smile was because this patient was attractive and in great shape. Examining a person was the same regardless of their condition; but someone who took care of themselves was much nicer for the doctor.

Not that I could do anything about it, I was married to my practice. This week I seemed to have been either here in the office or at the hospital without a break, I cringed thinking about all of my dead plants at home.

I pulled myself out of my chair and walked slowly to the exam room. Thinking about this patient, I have to admit, for a physical, despite my tiredness, did make my heart beat a little faster, and I felt a flicker of long forgotten excitement flare in my body.

One knock on the door and then I stepped into the room. Exam rooms were the same everywhere and this one was no different. The patient and I exchanged polite conversation or a much conversation as you could comfortably do when one person was fully dressed and the other was only wearing their underwear, a fairly tiny pair at that and nothing else, not even a gown, I noticed, trying not to appear to be staring at anything.

I wondered why Nancy hadn’t given them a gown, but decided not to question it because, honestly I was enjoying the view, not too professional I thought to myself, but a little treat for me, nonetheless.

I asked the standard doctor basic questions about any issues or problems they were having and the answer was no to all of the questions, as I figured.

I was finding it a little distracting, this patient was very attractive, although older than me, and the patient was in great physical condition. They had a lean athletic body, virtually no fat except in the right places, their legs and stomach were well defined and I was finding it difficult not to stare at the chest and crotch of the patient.

That spark I had felt was building into a flame now and I found myself not nearly as tired as I was in my office, and the excitement continued to build as I proceeded through the exam. although I forced myself to stay focused, or at least as much as possible.

After several minutes, the questions turned to some of the more intimate types, about any issues with sex and those about libido. The patient replied a little embarrassedly that at the moment, saying their partner had kind of lost interest in sex and for the past couples of years or so, and in fact, the only sex they had was alone, masturbating.

I noticed the patient did not blush or seem embarrassed with that answer and without thinking I almost said, “That’s a waste,” but caught myself just in time. Just because I didn’t say it, didn’t mean that it wasn’t true.

Because I was tired, my brain did not have the usual filters in place and I it was so tempting to offer to solve the problem for the patient right here and right now. My own sex life was non-existent and despite the ethical and professional consequences of having sex with a patient, even consensual, I knew it would be a mistake; however, I could still fantasize and despite my professional reservations, I could not help myself from thinking about this patient in the most carnal ways.

I tried to remember the last time I had sex and realized beşiktaş escort it had been more than a year, and since the last time I had really had great sex, I realized, I couldn’t answer the question, “Damn,” I said under my breath.

The patient repeated themselves before the I realized a question had been asked and I pulled myself back to reality. Answering the question, I focused again and proceeded with the exam.

After listening to the patient’s heart on their chest and then on their back, I couldn’t help but notice that the patient had virtually no body hair, they were almost perfectly smooth. “That is interesting,” I thought to myself, although to be fair, more and more of my patient’s were like this and personally I liked it, on women, and surprisingly on men too.

I almost asked the patient about this, but just as I opened my mouth, I closed it, it wasn’t a medical thing, and quite frankly, I shaved myself pretty regularly because I liked how it felt and I imagined that they did as well. The feel of my clothes against smooth skin, even something as basic as fresh blankets and sheets on shaved skin felt so sexy. Just because my patient was in their 50’s that was no reason for them not to enjoy that sexy feeling that I liked so much.

After asking the patient to lie on their back again, I absentmindedly wondered if ALL of their body hair was removed. Using the stethoscope, I asked the patient to breath deeply, I noticed goosebumps on their skin. I also noticed that they had their eyes closed. I listened to their body, I could see the flushed skin, their breathing was becoming more rapid, and their heart beat was getting faster.

“Could it be because of me?” I wondered.

People said I was good looking, both men and women often commented; but, I did not believe them, I thought I was kind of ordinary looking, I stayed in shape despite all of the long hours, and I tried to do the basic maintenance to my body, but I found it hard to believe that this patient might actually be attracted to me.

It had happened before, but I had never acted on anything, always saying I was flattered, if asked, but I wondered if that is why I never dated anymore, I was literally the only doctor in town, virtually everyone was my patient, and I had never considered that before.

Between my practise and long hours at the hospital, the only kind of action that I got sexually was similar to my patient, by my own hand. It was okay, but not very fulfilling except for a few moments at a time.

Moving down the stethoscope over the patient’s chest, down around the small but very hard nipples, down across their flat stomach I continued to listen and pretend to be focused on the exam, the entire time I was thinking about how perfect their body was, especially given their age. I wondered if I should explore a little more, I could make it look like part of the exam.

I knew it was wrong even to have these thoughts, but given how tired I was of being alone and how long it had been since I had any meaningful contact with another person, I felt my professional armour starting to crack. All of those things; the long hours, the lack of appreciation and acknowledgement, the loneliness, the desire for passion, all were helping to dissolve that armour, as I continued my examination.

For the first time in forever, as a normally reserved doctor I took a chance, a dangerous chance. Using the stethoscope, I moved the steel part close to the waist band of the patient’s underwear, to the edge, hesitated for a moment, and then slid it underneath the thin fabric.

It was a huge risk.

The patient inhaled slightly and then smiled slightly, I almost missed it, and their legs parted a little more, just ever so slightly.

I was in unchartered territory, I pretended like it was all part of the examination. There was no resistance to my stethoscope, there was no hair or stubble beneath their underwear, the skin was as smooth below as it was above. I moved the stethoscope lower and almost jumped when the patient said, “That feels nice, don’t stop.”

I had not dared for such a reaction, I smiled to myself, and said, “I love that your body is so smooth.”

“My other half doesn’t like it, but I do, and I’m glad that you do,” the patient replied in a quiet voice, never once opening their eyes. “It takes a little longer shaving, but it feels so sexy and a little naughty.”

I said, “I agree, I like how it feels as well,” stopping without risking too much.

“Are you smooth all over too?” the patient asked.

“Yes,” I replied almost hoarsely.

“Wow, I think that is very hot,” the patient replied, and then followed up with another question.

“Do you ever just go commando, I love how that feels, especially after just shaving, or is that too personal?” they asked.

“Yes and no, yes I do go commando, and no that isn’t too personal, I ask you lots of questions, it is only fair you get to ask me one or two,” I laughed.

I continued to probe with the stethoscope, sliding it beşyol escort over the smooth skin, do I dare to push my luck? The patient made that unnecessary, asking in a quiet voice that trembled a little, “I can take these off if you would like.”

Before I had a chance to say anything, the patient hooked their fingers and thumbs in their waist band and pulled their underwear over the curve of their nicely curved ass and down their thighs, “Would you mind?” they asked and without thinking I helped pull them the rest of they way off.

Although I had a good view of their body before, now I saw the body completely, the athletic legs, the well-defined muscular shoulders and arms, the flat stomach, the complete absence of body hair, and a cock and balls that seemed to scream to me. I took this all in during a split second.

He asked me, if everything looked okay, with the hours that I worked and after a long day, I could not remember the last time I had seen a naked man. Without thinking or filtering, I said, “You look better than okay, you look delicious.”

I was embarrassed at my lack of professionalism, he looked up into my blue eyes with his hazel eyes, and said, “Good, I was hoping that you would think that, it really turns me on to be naked while being examined by a sexy doctor and I had hoped that you would take a chance with me.”

“You think I am sexy?” I asked, almost stunned at the thought and then I added, “It does? And you planned this,” I asked, growing more turned on myself.

“Not everything, but I’ve liked you for a long time and I told myself that if I ever got a chance, that I should take it, and here I am, naked with your hand right next to my freshly shaved cock,” he said smiling and looking into my eyes.

He added, “And yes, I do think you are very sexy, you try to hid it, but you are the reason I asked for this route, I get to see your smile everyday.”

“I shouldn’t, this isn’t right,” my voice trailed off as I noticed his cock was at full attention and I noticed the top was wet with a small topping of clear pre-cum, he appeared totally at ease, like he was the doctor and I was the patient.

“What isn’t right, I see every day how hard you work, I listen to your other patient’s, I see a beautiful woman who needs to allow herself to be human,” he said with such conviction that it made a tear come to my eye.

I considered how I must look to him, dirty blonde hair in a loose pony tail, about average height at 5.5, my weight was the same as when I graduated from high school at 115 pounds and my 34 x 22 x 35 frame was in pretty good shape thanks to hours of jogging and yoga. But at 42, I didn’t think that anyone even noticed me anymore. He probably couldn’t tell if I was sexy or not because I wore medical greens and a white lab coat most of the time.

All the while we talked, he made no effort to cover himself; my hand was still on the stethoscope, which rested just beside his balls. He looked at me, I felt lost in his gaze, it had been so long since I had felt the desires that I felt at this moment.

He said, “I can tell you are wrestling with what to do,” he paused and then said, “Making an appointment with you was the only way I could see you for longer than a few minutes Nicole. I picked your last appointment of the day on purpose. I have wanted to find a way to see you and here I am. “I can’t believe I am here naked and you are fully dressed.”

I couldn’t believe it either and my mind was racing, I blurted out, “What about your partner?”

“You can say my wife,” he smiled, “She is very religious, and ever since menopause, she has had virtually no interest in sex and even before that it wasn’t much better, I think we had sex once or twice in the last 5 years.”

“This is wrong, you are married, I think you are very sexy and I am attracted to you, but I can’t, I’m your doctor,” I said, trying one last time to resist what I realize I wanted so badly, I could scream.

“I am too old to be shy,” he said and he reached for my other hand which had been hanging loosely at my side, his hands were warm and his eyes never left mine. He placed my hand on his cock, his hand wasn’t the only thing that was warm, despite my internal struggle, my hand acted out of reflex and my fingers tightened around his thick cock.

It wasn’t huge in length, maybe only 5 or 6 inches, but it was very thick and in my small hand it looked huge, despite my misgivings, my hand began to stroke and caress his sex. He let out a low moan and closed his eyes again. My mind was screaming, at 54 he was a dozen years older than me, what was I doing?

Countering that my body was saying, “You will never have this kind of opportunity again, for Christ sakes woman, you have a man who has booked an appointment just to see you, he is naked and very attractive, and he just put your hand on his dick for you.”

I turned a little so I could bring my other hand into the game, finally releasing the stethoscope. Taking his balls into the palm of that hand I couldn’t believe how beykent escort heavy they felt as I slowly moved my hand and fingers around them, he shifted and moved his legs a little further apart.

He moaned and my knees felt weak, it has been so long, I thought, I needed this.

The pre-cum was now thicker and I rubbed it into my fingers and lifted one of them to my mouth and licked it savoring the feeling and the taste. Between my own legs, my activities were making my pussy wet and I could feel my heart beating faster as well.

He opened his eyes and l could see the excitement and anticipation in them.

I thought, “This is not how the appointment was supposed to go,” but I had long since passed the point of no return, and we both knew it.

I leaned over the examination table, hesitated for a second, and then took the tip of his cock into my mouth, instantly he inhaled sharply and I felt his hands move and rest on my blonde hair.

He whispered, “Yes, Nicole, that is perfect, I have been dreaming about this, hoping that you would respond this way.” I felt one of his hands leave my head and seconds later I felt fingers on the crotch of my scrubs. The upward pressure of his strong fingers took my breath away, I had missed that feeling more than I realized, I knew it was only a matter time before I would feel his fingers inside me, and it made me break out in a light sweat.

My tongue lightly ran over the tip of his cock, licking him like an ice cream cone, then closing my mouth over his cock just like my mouth was a vagina for him. I felt his hips push forward and inch after inch of him pushed deeper into me, I could feel his veins with my tongue, and the bulk of his cock along the sides of my mouth. I fought the gag reflex as he reached the back of my mouth and then the disappointment as he pulled back only to be delighted when seconds later, he plunged back towards my throat.

My fingers still caressed his balls and I longed to take each one into my mouth, tea bagging him if you will, but he didn’t seem to want me to stop working him with my mouth. It felt so different, sucking the cock of a man who had no hair down there, the feel and taste were so much more enjoyable.

My other fingers began to explore below his smooth balls, using only a few finger tips, I ran them along the space between his balls and his asshole, very lightly touching him, in fact barely grazing that very sensitive area. He tightened and groaned out loud in response. We remained like that for several minutes, in my warm wet mouth his cock felt so incredibly wonderful, the smoothness of his skin, the sensitivity to my touch, everything about this was so erotic.

His shaved ass was almost like a woman’s and that only added to my excitement as I brought my fingertips to his rosebud, rimming it lightly as my mouth continued to be fucked by his cock, I could feel his body tense, I heard the moaning intensify and then a loud moan as his cock flooded my mouth with his cum.

I tried to take all of it, but there was so much of the hot, white, sticky, liquid, that it overflowed and dribbled from my lips. He pulled me physically up his body and we kissed, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, sharing his hot cum that still filled my mouth, the taste of his cum and our shared kisses was all encompassing. His dripping cock staining my uniform with the residue of his orgasm.

We kissed for what seemed like hours, him naked, me fully clothed, continuing to share his cum as our lips and tongues danced over each other faces. In reality, it was only minutes, but for someone who had not been with anyone forever, I completely lost track of time.

I felt his fingers between my legs, roughly cupping my wet pussy through the fabric of my scrubs. I offered no resistance as he yanked my lab coat off and left it lying on the floor, we paused our kissing only for the few seconds it took for him to pull my top up and over my head, exposing my bra and my bursting tits.

It took him only seconds to release me from my bra and in an instant, his mouth moved from my lips to my breasts, my small nipples disappearing into his mouth as he alternated sucking one and then the other, his fingers playing with my hard nipples while his tongue, lips, and teeth made me moan on the other one. Then he would switch.

It was my turn to whimper and moan.

My hands cupped his ass cheeks and pulled him physically tighter to me, but he lifted me off the floor and turned his attention to stripping my bottoms off, my scrubs and panties disappeared as if by magic. I felt him lift me again, almost throwing me onto my back as he dived between my thighs with his face.

I was little self conscious after working all day and not having the time to freshen up but, he did not seem to care one bit as he looked ready to ravish me.

Wasting no time, he spread my legs spread wide and with his face and mouth, devoured my sex with a passion and energy that drove me wild, his tongue found all of my most sensitive places and every inch of his face seemed to find nerve endings that screamed with long ignored desire. The roughness of his energy was like a storm suddenly striking like a hurricane, I could hear my moans and groans but did not recognize my own voice. He may not have had much sex with his wife, but it wasn’t because he didn’t know how.

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