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Chapter 4: Next Day

I awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. The sound stopped and a few minutes later Kay, with still damp hair, bounded into the room and back into bed. She pushed me out saying, “Get up, do whatever you need to do, and get back in here and fuck me before breakfast.”

I peed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and rejoined Kay in the bedroom. Kay was on her back, the covers thrown off, her hips propped up on three pillows, with both hands between her legs, knees up and widely spread. I was surprised, but also turned on by the fact she was masturbating. Her head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, breath coming in little pants. Her right hand was rhythmically stimulating her clitoris, her left hand lightly rubbing her labia and the small zone of tissue between her vagina and anus. She opened her eyes and saw me watching, smiled, closed her eyes and continued her self pleasuring. I watched her slowly dip her right finger dip into her pussy, come out glistening with moisture and return to her clit. The fingertip moved slowly up and down along the side of her clit, the delicate tissue moving with her finger. As she moved her finger up the side, her little pearl of pleasure peaked out, then disappeared when she stroked down. Every couple of strokes, her finger would switch to the other side. Her clit swelled and lengthened in response to the stimulation.

She started circling her anus with the middle finger of her left hand, spreading the moisture of her pussy over the small puckered area. I could see her anus contract and move as she touched herself. Her circling fingertip moved directly to the center and pressed against the muscle, slowly causing it to stretch open. The tip of her finger gained access and slowly disappeared inside her ass. The fingers of her right hand reached for her pussy hole. Two fingers found the opening of her tight love canal, pressed and slid inside her exposed cunt. Kay’s hips ground against her hands, fingers dipping in and out of her ass and pussy. I didn’t want to make a sound. I didn’t want to disturb her. I wanted to watch. A voyeur. Her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass open, wet and being slowly fucked with her fingers. The palm of her right hand was firmly pressed against her pubis still stimulating her now hidden clitoris.

My penis was engorging and swelling. I took my cock in my hand and felt it become heavier as it swelled with blood. It grew and lengthened in my palm. Precum oozed from the tip of my lengthening cock. I spread the slick liquid over the engorging head of my dick. As my dick became fully erect, I began to gently stroke it in time with the slow grinding movement of Kay’s hands and hips. I timed each stroke with the slow fucking action of her fingers. As her fingers disappeared into her pussy and ass, I fucked my hand, my hips pushing my dick through my encircling fingers.

Kay’s breathing became more ragged. My breathing quickened. I must have moaned. Kay’s eyes opened and she saw me there, naked, erect cock in my hand, watching her, masturbating in time with her masturbation. We continued now each watching the other.

“Don’t cum Jay,” she whispered. “Not yet. I want your cock hard and stiff. I want you to fuck me here,” she said as she withdrew her finger from her ass and then reinserted it into her anus. “I want to feel your cock push against me here, stretch me her, enter me here, fill me here. I want you to fuck me here.”

I went to her and knelt between her legs. She continued to manually stimulate her clitoris. She withdrew her finger form her anus reached for me and took my stiffness in her hand. She guided my cock and placed the swollen head against her anus. “Fuck me here,” she again requested.

“Are you sure Kay? I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

She just looked at me and pulled more insistently. The tip of my cock touched her anus. Her anal muscle contracted with the contact of my penis, her little brown pucker moving in and out as Kay spread the precum leaking canlı bahis from my cock onto her already moist anus. “Fuck my here Jay. I want you. Fuck me.”

I took my hardness from her hand and pressed my swollen glans against her muscle and felt resistance. Kay reached down and slipped her finger into herself again. She then worked a second finger into herself, stretching the sphincter, opening herself to me. As she withdrew her fingers, I quickly pressed my cock against her still partially open ass. I could feel Kay push against me, her sphincter stretched, the muscle opening, giving way to my advance, accommodating the tip of my swollen organ. My cock’s purple head slipped inside, the sphincter contracted around my shaft, gripped and held my cock. Kay gasped and let out a little cry of pain.

“Kay? Did I hurt you? Are you OK?”

“Just a little,” she replied huskily. “It’s OK now. Fuck me. I want all of it inside of me. Do it please. Push it as deeply into me as you can.”

I slowly applied more pressure, her anal sphincter tight around the head of my cock. My shaft now easily overcame the resistance of her anal muscles and my cock slowly disappeared inside her rectum. Kay’s legs were spread widely before me, her fingers inside her gaping cunt just above my hard flesh; I watched my penis impale her body.

“Oh god yes,” Kay groaned as she continued to work the palm of her hand against her clit, faster and faster, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her ass, the tight muscle contracting around me, the sensation unlike anything I had felt before. My excitement heightened as I watched Kay continue to fuck her pussy with her fingers, my cock fucking her ass. Seeing her fingers slide in and out of her cunt and at the same time seeing my cock moving in and out of her stretched anus. I could feel her excitement build. Her hips were pressing against me more firmly, more quickly. The little contractions of her anus became more forceful and more pleasurable as they gripped my thrusting cock. The sensation of her rectum sheathing and caressing my deeply probing cock was bringing me quickly to the point of no return. An orgasm was imminent. My cock was already twitching uncontrollably.

Suddenly Kay was screaming with her orgasm and I could feel her rectum grabbing at me as the waves of her orgasm passed through her pussy and anal muscles. Then I was exploding, ejaculating my sperm into her ass. Spurt after spurt of thick semen erupted into her rectum as I continued to thrust my cock deeply inside her dark space. My orgasmic contractions releasing my sexual tension in great waves of pleasure into my cousin’s open and welcoming body.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her, breathless. “That was incredible Kay. So fucking incredible.”

“Oh god Jay, the sensations were so intense. I have never experienced anything like that before. It was wonderful,” she agreed as I watched my cock slip out of her. A gush of cum following the exit of my penis before her stretched anus fully closed. The thick white liquid oozed and dripped out of her slowly closing anus. I touched her and rubbed the white liquid still dripping out of her anus. I slipped my finger inside her ass. Her warm rectum was slick with our love making. Kay reached back and held my hand there, her anus now tight around my probing finger.

“Ummmm, Jay, you felt and feel so good. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“It was fantastic. That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. When I came out of the bathroom and saw you masturbating, I was instantly turned on and could not take my eyes off of you. What a great way to start the day,” I said while withdrawing my hand from her ass. We cuddled and kissed. “I had no idea how good that could feel. I have never fucked anyone in the ass before Kay. Thank you. That was and you are incredible.”

“Jay, I have never done it before either,” she confessed meekly. “You are my first. I have always liked touching myself bahis siteleri there while fucking my pussy with my fingers. I have never had a penis inside my ass until you fucked me there with yours. When you entered me, it was such an intense feeling. The sensation of your penis stretching me open and penetrating me and filling me was so enjoyable. I love having you inside of me. I love having you fill me with your cum.”

We lay there basking in the warm afterglow of our orgasms. Holding each other, nuzzling and kissing. We dozed in each other’s arms.

I nudged Kay awake and said, “I don’t know about you, but I am ravenous.”

“Me too, Let’s go find some breakfast,” she agreed.

Thank goodness for complimentary toiletries. We needed them since we had not come prepared to spend the night. I was pretty much set with my slacks and leather jacket. Kay was going to be a bit overdressed, but nothing ever seemed to bother her.

I was in the bathroom shaving while she finished her hair and dressed in the main room. When I came out, she was ready to go, still looking good in her leather boots and fur coat.

The hotel staff informed us of a nice restaurant that served a very good breakfast only a block and a half away. It was clear and brisk out. We decided to walk.

The restaurant was small, cozy and not too busy. We took a small booth and ordered. Our coffee came and we were smiling dreamily at our own thoughts, which I was pretty sure were about the same. I was getting warm and took my jacket off. I asked Kay if she wanted me to help with her fur.

She smiled at me coyly and said, “I better not.”

“Kind of warm in here,” I said. “Besides, I would hate to see you spill something on that gorgeous fur.”

Kay smiled an even broader smile and said, “OK, if you insist.” She started to let the coat fall open exposing her bare breasts.

“Jesus Kay,” I blurted.

She paused holding the coat around her upper torso, still open, her breasts still exposed. “I was just doing what you requested,” she responded impishly. “Do you want me to take it off or not?”

“Of course I want you to take it off, but maybe not here. I would prefer to eat here, not at the city jail.”

She pulled the coat around her lovely breasts, only partially covering them. I was now wondering whether she had her thong on, or not. Kay stood up beside the table facing me, her back to the restaurant. She held the coat open and her nude body was exposed for me to enjoy.

“You were wondering weren’t you? Well now you don’t have to wonder.” She pulled her fur back around herself as she sat down. “I really am an exhibitionist I guess. Especially when I can show myself off to you.”

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Kay periodically let her fur fall open exposing herself for my enjoyment, but I think she enjoyed it as much as I. After we finished, we walked back to the hotel and stopped off in the lobby and ordered an espresso. We sat alone in an alcove. Kay was sitting in a chair with her back to the main lobby. She opened her fur and exposed all her bits and pieces to me.

“You are driving me nuts Kay. My brain is going to be damaged from lack of blood supply. You have my cock so continuously engorged that my brain must be suffering. There really is something special about risk taking and sex. I am even more turned on by you when you are exposing yourself in public like this,” I confided.

Kay looked very pleased with herself. She reached between her legs and fondled her labia, letting her legs fall a little farther apart.

“Oh my god Kay. You are going to be the death of me I think.”

She smiled and progressed to finger her pussy and then put her fingers in her mouth and made an exaggerated show of sucking and licking them. Her legs were still widely spread, her pussy lips open and glistening with moisture.

She stood up with her coat hanging open, crooked her finger at me and said, “Come here big boy and give me a kiss.”

I stood up, put bahis şirketleri my hands inside her coat and wrapped my arms around her nakedness, pulled her to me and very carefully kissed her neck, cheek, eyes and then her waiting mouth. Her mouth opened to my probing tongue. I could taste the tartness of her pussy on her tongue. Kay’s hand went to my fly and slowly unzipped my pants. I was commando as I had chosen to not wear my underwear from the previous day. Kay purred her surprise when her hand immediately encountered my heavy cock without the intervening underwear to contend with.

She encircled my shaft with her fingers. Her hand pulled me through the unzipped opening and placed my swelling length against her belly. Here I was with this naked beauty, standing exposed in the hotel lobby, my cock out and being fondled and rubbed to an achingly stiff erection. Because of the heels on her boots, I only had to stoop slightly to allow the tip of my cock to penetrate her wet and waiting pussy. My cock slid easily into hot wet hole. She groaned with pleasure as my hard cock fucked her pussy. The excitement of taking Kay there in the alcove of the lobby heightened the intensity of my pleasure. Kay was moaning with each thrust, my cock filling that special space in her body. I could not slow down. I could not hold back. I came violently. I felt like I was going to pass out with the intensity. When my ejaculatory contractions subsided, I was having trouble keeping my balance. My cock slipped out of Kay’s pussy. I knew my cum must be dripping out of her vagina and down her leg.

“Jay, that was so good. I came when you came. Oh god it was so intense cumming while standing up.”

“Whew,” I gasped. “We better get ourselves back together.”

I stuffed my still semi-hard penis back into my pants. Kay pulled her coat around her body and we walked to the elevator and returned to our room. Kay dropped the fur coat in the chair, seductively removed her boots and calmly reclined on the bed shamelessly exposing her still messy pussy. I disrobed and walked over beside her. She reached up, took my still heavy cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. She licked me lightly, tasting our mixed fluids. She then took me into her mouth thoroughly sucking my cock clean.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth as she reclined, again opening her legs and exposing her wet pussy. She looked at me and asked with a very expectant tone, “Well?”

I couldn’t believe it. She wanted me to clean her dripping sex like she had just cleaned mine. How could I refuse her after all the pleasure she had given me. I wanted to do what I could to give her equal pleasure.

Without a word, I silently slipped between her legs and moved so my face was next to her pussy. I could smell the musky odor of our combined love. I tentatively licked her vulva tasting the thick strands leaking from her pussy. Kay moaned as she felt my tongue lapping at her. That spurred me on. I sucked the liquid mess from her vulva, then forced my tongue between her labia and licked the thick cum still oozing from her vagina where it had been deposited so short a time before. I licked and sucked at her clit and brought Kay to another intense orgasm, the contractions of which forced more of my cum from her vaginal opening. I licked it up, the sensation and knowledge of what I was doing giving Kay more pleasure.

“Jay, thank you so much for doing that. I loved the sensation of your tongue cleaning me and stimulating my entire vulva.”

“I enjoyed doing it for you my sexy and succulent cousin. Eating your pussy and cleaning up my mess gave me great pleasure because I could tell how much it pleased you. I know I enjoy having you lick me clean as well. I am happy to do the same for you.”

Check out time was rapidly approaching. We had to clean up, check out and head for Boulder. We were disappointed when we arrived home and saw Parker’s car in the driveway. I looked at Kay, then her coat and raised my eyebrows. “How is this going to work?” I asked. “Are you going to be able to get in and get dressed without raising suspicions?” Kay was still only wearing her fur coat.

“I’ll figure something out,” she replied. “Should be fun anyway,” she said with an evil grin on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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