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Disclaimer: this story was written for a special person I’ve met online, in return for a short one he sent me. This is my first time writing, so keep in mind the learning curve!


Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz.

I’m startled by the sound of my phone vibrating. Almost instantly, I have butterflies in my stomach. I know it’s Bleu before unlocking the screen. I reach for my phone and unlock it.

“Bonsoir.” Just one word, and yet I smile. I know he wrote in French to tease me about my weakness for his accent.

“Good evening, handsome. Already on your way?”

“Oui. I’m on the train, should arrive in B… at 21:07.”

“Should I meet you at the station?”

“No, I think I’d rather check in by myself. We could meet for dinner?”

“Sure. I’ll swing by around 22:00? “


“You tease…”

I get up, happy to know I have plenty of time to get ready. Still, I don’t want to overdo it, I know he prefers a natural look. I shower, wash my hair, blow dry it, style it with soft curls. A simple dress with a very low-cut neckline should be enough to keep him distracted. I opt for no makeup other than a light pink lipstick. The perfume is the last touch. J’adore. I wonder if he will remember it.

At precisely 22:00, I ring the bell.

Bleu opens the door, very at ease in his jeans and shirt.

“Salut, Deedee.” He smiles and beckons me in, his piercing blue eyes devouring ankara escort me.

I get in and glance at the cute little place we secured for the weekend. The one-bedroom apartment offers plenty of privacy and looks precisely like in the pictures. Perfect.

I turn around and smile. I hand him a small box of Swiss chocolates.

“A little welcome gift. I hope you like it.”

He takes the box in one hand, pulling me close with the other. He leans forward and whispers “merci” in my ears. He nuzzles my neck and I feel my knees getting weak. He places one gentle kiss on my cheek and moves to the small kitchen.

“Can I offer you anything? I’ve brought the Lambrusco you like.”

“Thank you, but maybe later. We should get going if you want to find a place to eat.”

He smiles mischievously.

“I prefer to eat you.”

I smile at this easy joke, suddenly not knowing what to do with my hands and feet. He senses my bashfulness and moves closer. Placing his hands on my shoulders, his blue eyes meet mine with a steadfast gaze.

“You look lovely.”

I open my mouth to answer, and that’s exactly what he has been waiting for. Swiftly and gently, he places his lips on mine before I can say whatever commonplace answer I would give to his compliment. And that’s all it takes to win me over, to break any reservations and throw caution to the wind. His lips, his hands, it all awakens a fire that had escort ankara been almost extinguished and it’s painfully clear how skin hungry I have been. That’s what it takes to remind me that we both needed this getaway, we both wanted to be here lost in lust and sex.

I moan softly into his mouth as my hands move over to his head. I slide them down his neck, his shoulders, his back, with passion and urgency. I. Want. Him.

He pulls me closer. His hands move down, travelling down my back and resting on my butt cheeks. His touch is gently for a second, but desire takes over and he grabs them, squeezing his fingers into my soft flesh and pressing his hips against mine. I can feel his erection and I’m gratified by his obvious desire.

He breaks the kiss to slowly pull down the straps of my dress, first one and then the other. The dress falls around my waist as he pulls down my bra, revealing my breasts. He takes one in his hand and starts kissing and licking the other, circling ever closer to the nipple. He finally takes it into his mouth, sucking it gently and teasing it with his tongue. I run my hands over his hair, breathing hard and fast. I can feel myself getting wetter each second. He moves slowly and deliberately to the other breast and does it all over. By now I am feeling so horny I get impatient; I reach down and start rubbing his hard cock over his pants before I start fidgeting with his belt, frustrated for ankara escort bayan not being able to do it faster.

He laughs playfully at my clumsy attempt and whispers “Doucement”. He sounds so damn sexy and he knows it. I move my hand to my crotch, eager to find relief. He watches for a few seconds as I rub my pussy over my panties, enjoying the sight. He then knees in front of me, removes my hand and helps me get rid of the rest of my clothing. He asks me to place my left foot on the couch behind him. I comply, spreading my legs and exposing my soaking pussy.

Always teasing, he starts by licking and kissing my inner thighs. I moan, horny and impatient, and take a mental note to pay back in kind. Ever so slowly, he finally reaches my pussy. He licks it back and forth, telling me how wet I am and how good I taste. Finally, he starts circling my clit. Gentle, slow, tortuous circles around it, making me moan louder and grind against his face. He wasn’t lying when he said he was skilled. He places one hand on my ass to hold me in place while he licks and sucks on my clit. When his other hand reaches my pussy and starts fingering me, I lose any control I still held over my body. All I have is this primal urge to move my hips and fuck his fingers, my breath ragged, my body trembling, my skin sweating. It’s not long till I come hard, moaning loudly. I hardly keep my balance, and he helps me down to the floor gently as my orgasm subsides. He kisses me passionately as I lay on the floor, still catching my breath.

I finally open my eyes and smile at him. He’s beaming, pleased at my reaction to his oral skills. And I know just what to do. It’s payback time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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