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For as long as I can remember, I have loved school. No matter how many fights I got into, how many times my results fell short of A plus, how many times I have had to make myself believe that it was not the curvy girls that got my attention, but the rugged boys, I still loved being in school; learning something new in the classes and leading the groups I was unanimously elected to lead. Now, after just barely two days “with” Tamara, I was miserable in the place I loved.

She says she loves me and moments later makes out with the Jock for god and everyone else to see. Sure, I didn’t tell her I loved her but that doesn’t make it okay for her to kiss the next person she sees. Okay, her boyfriend; but I just assumed they would break up now that we were sort of together. I guess I was wrong. I am not one of those clingy girls and if she wants to be with Jock, I am too proud to beg her to be with me instead. So I am going to do the best thing I know how, be passive aggressive! If she figures out and breaks up with Jock, then good for us, otherwise I will just forget the entire episode.

Trouble is, I can’t seem to get her out of my mind of a second, let alone the school year. Her dimpled-smiles, her big brown eyes and those full brown lips, I miss them already even though it has just been 2 hours, 37 minutes and 42 seconds since I last saw them. I had to meet her at the library in less than an hour and the tug of war between “I can’t wait to see her” and “I can’t face her” was ongoing in full strength.

I was reading the 18th Sonnet in Shakespeare’s Complete Works, when my body shivered at the welcome intrusion of two lithe hands snaking around my hips.

“Shall I compare three to a summer’s day?” Tamara’s mouth made ripples on the back on my neck. I moved away from her embrace.

“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.. I couldn’t help it. You looked so sexy, engrossed in the book. But no one saw, I swear.” She said.

“It’s not like we are in the entrance where everyone passes by. Its fine. Nice of you to show up this late; and where are your books? You do realize I am helping you study during my break?”

“Huh? Bell rang like 5 minutes ago. Also, you asked me to meet here to study?”

“Of course. Why else?”

She moved closer to me and held my hand in hers. “To spend time with each other.”

I slid my hand from hers and said “You can spend time with your boyfriend. I have a ton of work that needs to be done before the school closes. So if you don’t want to study, I don’t see why we should waste each other’s time for no reason.”

“You don’t see a good reason to spend time with me?” Water was pooling in her eyes.

“I do. Studying together.”

“Fine! If that is the only way you will sit with me, then so be it. Teach me.”


“I said teach me.” She was angry now and if her eyes were sparkling, sadness had nothing to with it, she was furious. Somehow, her anger was turning me on. If she liked biting and grabbing during regular sex, I could only imagine the kinky things she would do during angry sex.

“Ok. Sit down then. Have you done the work I asked you to do from home?”

“I did, but I didn’t bring the book here.” She looked at me, daring me to say something.

“You can use my rough note to write in. Here.”

We worked till there was ten minutes for the break to get over; we were both angry and weary of each other but too proud to break first.

“So are you going to eat lunch together or is it a waste of time as well?”

“I have no problem in eating lunch with you. You think your boyfriend would approve?”

“What is your problem?” She asked irately.

“I have no problem. Come let’s go eat.” I didn’t wait to see if she was following.

We chewed our food like it was each other’s heads and kept staring anywhere but the other’s face. I knew I was being childish, but so was she. Why couldn’t she ask what was wrong with me? If she loves me like she claims, she wouldn’t just let us be without a fight.

I was immersed in my own thoughts when I heard that arrogant voice disguised in what he hoped to be a sexy one, “Babe, just tell me what I did wrong. Nothing we cannot fix, right? We have been together for three years and now you’re just throwing it away?”

That got my attention and boy, did I feel shitty.

“There is nothing to salvage, Jock. We are just too different. I’m sure you will find someone better than me.”

“There is no one better than you. Look, I will even be nicer to your ‘friend'”, he looked at me with disgust, “if that is what this is about. I just don’t want to lose you.”

“Whether or not we are in a relationship, you have already lost me. I don’t like you anymore. I am sorry. I wish I could make myself like you and believe me, I have tried so hard. It is impossible.”

I saw Jock’s expression change considerably in just a moment’s time. “Nobody talks to me like that, babe. I sat through your drama for so long because I wanted to be prom king with you as the queen. I don’t need this bullshit.”

“Fine, then please casino siteleri leave.”

“It’s someone else isn’t it? You found someone else.”

Tamara looked down guiltily.

“When I find out who it is, I will kill him. He will wish he never set eyes on you. I swear.” With that he slammed a juice box on her tray, making Tamara jump in her seat.

I was spellbound during their entire conversation. She was not with him anymore, she broke up with him. I was elated for a second before realizing what a huge jackass I had been to her. I looked at her slowly and she had her lips pursed.

“I don’t know what to say…”I said honestly.

“There is no need to say anything. You went along with whatever I initiated, you didn’t want anything to do with me other than study. I got it.”

“No.. no.. that is not true..” I said desperately. How do I tell her?

“It’s fine. It’s my fault I fell in love with you. It’s not like you gave me any false promises.”

“Tamara I care about you. I was just..”

“Just what?”


She looked at me like I was raving mad.

“Of what?”

“I saw you kissing him in the morning.”

“Jock? He kissed me. And I told him soon after that it was over. You were jealous?” I shook my head positive. “Oh god! That’s a relief. Don’t ever behave like that again.” She smacked my hand.

“You’re relieved?”

“Yes, you were jealous. You care about me.” If she smiled wider, her head would split open.

“I do, of course I do. I thought you would see through my passive aggressive act.”

“Is that what it was?” she teased.

I blushed. “So, you really forgive me?”

“Now that you ask.. May be you should work for my forgiveness.” She raised an eyebrow.

“Anything. What do you want me to do?”

“You should figure it out yourself because I am already late for my class and you have a student body meeting.” She flashed me the cutest dimple in the world before leaving.

“Mandy?… Mandy?”


“Where are you?”

“Sorry guys. I need to be somewhere. Whatever you decide, I am sure it will be great. Please send me a mail on the final plans.”

“YOU don’t want to sit in on the meeting?”

“I do. Something more important came up. I’m really sorry. Bye guys. Great discussion.”

As I all but ran from the conference hall, I could sense the bewilderment in everyone’s mind. I never missed a student body meeting and I didn’t leave mid-session. All my school activities have always been very important to me, but today they seemed futile, Tamara occupied my heart and brain. All I wanted was for her to forgive me.


“Hello Ma’m. Could you please excuse Tamara? She has been chosen art director for the school magazine and we need to discuss some matters with her.” I saw her friends stare curiously at Tamara as she herself looked confused.

“Really? Tamara?”

“Yes ma’m. She is very talented.”

“If you say so Ms Kaling. I guess you are excused from the rest of my lecture today, Ms Rivera.”

“Thank you.”

I walked on with a smug smile as Tamara opened her mouth a few times but decided against forming a sentence. We reached the washroom and I went in, with her closely following. I locked the door behind her before casually checking all the stalls. I moved towards her as her breathing got ragged and those glorious mounds on her chest rose and fell in sync with my excruciatingly slow footsteps.

I gently touched her jaw and she closed her eyes. I traced her face with my fingertips, going over every ridge and cut, till I was sure I knew it by-heart. I bent down to kiss her and for the first time she was passive. She was letting me show her how much I care about her. I kissed her with every drop of passion I had in me, tracing her beautiful, shapely lips with my tongue, I wish she would let me put lipstick on her lips one day; the mundane thought was somehow so erotic.

I lifted the top of her cheerleader outfit and saw that her nipples were threatening to tear the beautiful red bra. My eyes bulged out and I licked my lips. I had seen those beautiful orbs trapped in a pink bra and that turned me on, but this? Blood red was her color. She oozed sex and she was all mine. I realized there was no fighting my possessiveness when it came to her. I wanted her and I wanted her for myself. The thought scared me, but I was not going to delve into it until I absolutely had to.

I bit her nipple over the bra and she moaned. “Shhh..” I closed her mouth with one palm and she grabbed it and suckled on my fingers. I licked at the other nipple till she finally whimpered impatiently.

I complied by biting on it with my right molar and dragging my all my teeth over it till the other molar. She hissed. I smiled content with her reaction.

I couldn’t hold it off any longer. I have not seen her pussy yet and it was time. I needed to make up for being inconsiderate. I grabbed her both sides and lifted her as she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. I placed her on the wash basin canlı casino counter before lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties till the ankles.

She looked at me as if to ask if I’m sure and in answer I bent down and rose between her legs. I gave her one more kiss before squatting before her and cautiously smelling her pussy. It smelt wonderful – tangy and sweaty- encouraging me to open my eyes and admire it. The first thing I noticed was how fat they are. I loved her full lips but these were another story. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, they were luscious and alluring. I am not one for body hair and that she kept it cleanly shaven made it all the more tempting.

I moved in for a kiss and heard her gasp. I placed my tongue between her fat, dripping pussy lips and dragged it along the slit tentatively. She jerked. I pulled them apart with my lips and poked my tongue in and around and across, trying to lap up every drop of her pussy juice as she thrashed about.

I suddenly rose between her and grabbed her legs and placed them over my shoulder, all the while locking my sex-crazed eyes with her dilated ones. I grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples, eliciting a growl from her before bending down and kissing her pussy. I think I was already addicted to it. I positioned my tongue to drill her hole and rolled my thumb over the tiny flap in between the lips. I slightly raised my eyes to see if she was enjoying and the image I saw has been engrained into my brain and will remain so till the day I die.

He head was slammed against the mirror, causing hair to fall off from her perfect ponytail. Her top was bunched up above her full breasts, one of which was still covered in the red bra. She was animalistically pulling at the nipple on the uncovered one while rubbing the lace material on the other one for friction. Her short skirt tousled around her thick brown thighs and round ass cheeks and her pussy dripping in to my mouth. She was the definition of sex goddess. I worked on her pussy more diligently, now worshiping her more than anything. I felt her ground against my face and her legs wrap around my head. I remember thinking I’d rather finish this off soon before she smothers me to death.

I lightly scrapped my teeth on one of her pussy lips and waited to see her reaction. I suspected my kinky seductress would like it but assured when I felt her thigh urgently hit against my face. I sucked one lip into my mouth and licked its underside as my thumb continued its magic on her clit. I felt a hand on my head pushing it deeper into her pussy and as much as I wanted to breathe, I kept at it, sensing she was close. Sure enough, she came into my face with a guttural groan and I drank every drop of her come until I was absolutely sure there was none left.

When I came out of her vice grip, she was almost comatose and I wiped her pussy lovingly with some paper towels and put all her cloths back in place. She had a satisfied smile on her face all along. I pulled her back on her feet.

“I can’t leave yet.” I said

“Of course not. Let me take care of you.” She put hand in between my legs where my jeans were already damp.

“No no.. There is no time. The bell will ring any minute. I will take care of it myself.”

“What? No! I’m here. I can do it as fast as you can.”

“No no. I am just going to wash it off.” She looked at me like I was mad. I realized I get that look a lot from her. “Please don’t argue with me. Also, this was about making it up to you. I want you to know you mean a lot to me. I missed the student body meeting for the first time to spend time with you.”

“Well, I wish you enjoyed it too.”

“I did. I mean seeing you come? That was the best…Next time I’ll talk dirty to you as well.” I added sheepishly.

“I love you” She said and gave me one of the sweetest kisses we have ever shard.

“Let me go get cleaned up,” I said as we pulled apart.

“Leave the door open.”

“What? No!”

“Why not?” She pouted


“There is no reason to not leave it open. Come on, please.”

“Fine, you pervert! You are so weird!”

“That I am.”

I lowered my jeans and panties and washed my pussy with the hand shower. I was quite embarrassed about the audience but when I looked at her she was staring at me like she would jump at me any moment and was unconsciously rubbing her skirt into her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But I had to be the grown up here or we would never make it before people start knocking at the door.

“This is the reason I should not have left the door open.” I pointed at her hand.

“I can’t help it. You are just so damn sexy.”

“I am starting to think you are a sex addict.” I said before pulling my jeans up.

“Only for you baby,” and shamelessly kept grinding her hand against her pelvis.

I didn’t say anything but what she said made me inexplicably happy.

We kissed again before she left the bathroom first and I followed couple of minutes later.

I had a grin plastered on my face for kaçak casino the rest of the day and it took everything in my being to not skip as I went to the parking lot to meet Tamara.

She was talking to a couple of her friends and I stayed a couple feet behind, waiting for their conversation to be over. I heard one of the cheerleaders ask Tamara, “So why did you really break up with Jock? There is no way you found someone hotter than him.”

“I don’t know about hotter. It’s like apples and oranges. “

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, this person I am seeing is totally opposite Jock.”

“Meaning, not hot? ‘Cos he is yum-mmy!”

“No! Ma.. I mean.. this person is very attractive and sexy.” I was gloating. “And has the kindest heart and I love he..I mean.. I think I am in love.”

“Love? In the middle of the final year? It’s all going to be over in another couple of months.”

“I wouldn’t let it. I cannot. I have never felt like this before. This is forever for me.”

“You’ve got it bad, Tammy. Why don’t you introduce us to this mystery lover and we’ll say if he’s worth your time.”

“No. My lover is not ready to date in public.”

“What? Who wouldn’t want to be seen with you? Sounds like a loser. You are better off without him, Tammy. If you don’t want Jock, fine. We will find you a hotter guy, but don’t fret over someone who doesn’t even want to see you in public.”

“I don’t want a new guy. I am happy where I am. This person needs a little time and we will come out as a couple when both of us are ready.” I felt terrible, like drowning. Her friends were right, she didn’t deserve my attitude. But I wasn’t sure yet. What happens when we go to college? I fall in love with her and we try long distance, which is something she is apparently open to, and it doesn’t work out? My heart gets broken and then what?

“Mandy.. Mandy?”


“How long have you been waiting there? Why didn’t you come over?”

“Oh you were busy talking.”

“Guys, you all know Mandy, she has been tutoring me. Mandy, these are my friends, Britney, Leah and Meera.”

We all smiled politely and said “hi”s , because we have not crossed paths in an official capacity and when we could, we avoided each other. But they seemed nice enough. If they were Tamara’s friends I could try to like them.

“Ready to go? Leah is giving us a lift to my place.”

“Oh. Cool.”

We reached her home fast enough and I silently thanked all gods when Leah declined the invitation to come in, because in spite of the guilt trip, I just really wanted to ravish Tamara.

After the usual drill with G, we pressed for the lift and when it opened, a young, blond woman clad in everything designer stepped out.

“Tammy, baby, I haven’t seen you since last week. Are you avoiding me?”

“I was busy,” Tamara answered curtly.

She looked taken aback. “Who is your.. friend?”

“This is Mandy, she is tutoring me. Mandy, this is Sheila, my father’s third wife.”

“Oh.. Hi,” Well, this was awkward.

“Tammy I am going shopping, do you want anything?”

“Our tastes are poles apart Sheila. But, thanks for the offer.

Sheila left after giving us both air kisses and we went to Tamara’s room.

“So, is she the ice queen?”

“Yah! She is actually better than the last one. I learned step-mom etiquettes from that one.”

“Is your dad not around?”

“I haven’t seen him since February. He comes in when he misses Sheila, fucks her loud enough for everyone in this huge house to hear, goes back to his offices and his many whores.”

“Does Sheila know?”

“About the whores? Sure. She was one of them, but luckily for her, she got caught by the last one, Catherine, and my dad had to marry her to show he wasn’t sleeping around with every woman he sees, that he was in “love”. Saved some bucks on alimony.”

“Well, that explains your sex drive then.” I tried to lighten the mood.

“No. My sex drive is all thanks to your body.”

“What? This little thing?” I asked framing my body with my hands.

“There is nothing little about that body. You are woman,” she growled woman “and I have been controlling my urge to devour you since our tryst in the bathroom. Now give it to me.”

She tore at my shirt and I helplessly watched as a few buttons flew away. She pulled down the cups of my cotton bra roughly and stuffed one breast unceremoniously into her mouth. She vacuumed the air in her mouth until only the nipple was in her mouth and let go. She harshly bit on the nipple and I gasped in pain. “Tamara, not so hard please,” I said.

She kissed the hurt nipple tenderly before moving to the other breast and repeating the vacuum trick which I loved. She then softly ground her teeth around my small nub and I moaned appreciatively. She led me to the bed and pushed me on it, but held a hand behind my head to break the fall. Before I knew it she was grabbing at my tummy. I could not see why, but she genuinely seemed to love my soft stomach and the love handles it sported. She rolled her face around on it and gently bit it before licking my shallow belly button. I apparently loved it when my belly button was played with. She dipped her tongue in and licked around it until I was writhing in pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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