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Chapter 5 – The video shoot.

As luck would have it, the very next day Alex called. He apologized for not having called already, saying he’d misplaced my number. Anyhow, he wanted to take me out. So we set a date. I was waiting tables on Friday night, but Saturday was all clear, so we set up an early date, around noon. After we hung up I immediately got started thinking about what had happened with Randy, regretting it now all the more. I didn’t think Alex would like me so much if he found out.

I put it out of my mind, and that Saturday I had a great time. Alex and I went down to Laguna Beach and walked around, then drove up to the Irvine Spectrum. He made me laugh and made me feel so comfortable. After dinner we went out to a comedy club. He brought me home at one in the morning. I’d spent nearly thirteen hours with him and never been bored. We talked about so much stuff it felt like we were making up for lost time. I really liked him. At the end of the date we made out on my front doorstep for another hour. I went to bed feeling great.

The next afternoon, he called and we talked even more. He came over on Monday. We kissed some more, but that’s as far as it went. I wanted to build a real relationship with Alex; I didn’t want it to be based on sex.

As things went better with Alex, I started to get more anxieties about what I’d let happen with Randy. I kept imagining him bragging about how he’d shagged me while they worked together editing some video. I had this horrible feeling that stayed in the pit of my stomach. I tried not to think about it. I knew there was no use worrying about something you can’t change.

Wednesday I went to pick up my paycheck. I also wanted to ask Randy to keep what had happened between us. When I got to the house/studio Randy greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was the middle of the day — I didn’t want to be there alone at night with him again. He invited me to come to the back, offered me a drink, but I told him I couldn’t stay and asked about the check. Randy said they weren’t ready yet, but I could pick it up tomorrow after my video shoot. I was nervous and left without bringing up our liaison. Driving home, I found myself hoping the incident would just happen to never be mentioned.

I talked to Alex that night. He invited me to a concert to see a kick ass band in two weeks. I thought about him often. I figured I would make tomorrow’s shoot my last. It was fun, and the money was easy, but it really was too much of a cloud hanging over my head. That’s how good things were with Alex.

The next day, I was still nervous as I drove up to the house, even though this was my third shoot. I was going to do video this time, and wasn’t sure what to do.

There were lots of cars in the drive. Alex’s wasn’t one of them, of which I was glad. I parked on the road and walked up to the house, entering quietly in case they were filming. I heard Randy’s voice, barking out technical instructions to his crew. There were a few people there inside. I kind of stood near the set, bag slung over my shoulder, as I waited for Randy to see me and fill me in. Thankfully it didn’t take long. Randy saw me, smiled big and walked over.

“There’s my starlet,” he said. “Hey, we’re running a little behind. I’ve got another couple to film before you’re on. So go ahead and get ready for the shoot. Your costume should be labeled and ready for you in the back. Take your time, get your makeup ready. You can even watch the scene if you’re ready in time.”

With that he was back to his crew, trying to get everything quickly ready. I went back to the changing room. There were three other people in there. A girl was in a chair in front of the mirror. Her hair was dyed blonde and she had makeup on. The actress, I presumed. I was a bit shocked at what was going on on the couch. A guy was sitting back on the couch, his pants down and his cock sticking up in the air. A brunette girl was sitting next to him, talking low and close, her hand pumping him.

I tried to act non-chalant, walking over to the mirror as if no-big-deal. The actress adjusting her makeup looked up at me with a cursetory glance. ‘Hello’ she said.

I set my bag down and found my change of clothes on the rack, my name tagged on: A pair of low cut jeans and a short blouse. Included were instructions to wear panties but no bra.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the girl on the couch lean over. When I turned I saw she had her mouth on the guy’s cock. Then one of the tech people stuck his head in and said, ‘places.’ The brunette released the actor’s cock and he stood up, his pants strained as he fastened them over his cock. Then he and the girl at the mirror filed out of the room. The brunette straightened her clothes then, with a smile I returned as politely as I could, walked out as well.

About twenty minutes later I was changed into costume and had done my makeup. I checked myself out in the mirror. My stomach was tan and lean, the jeans avcılar üniversiteli escort looked good on me, and my breasts were half exposed in the loose blouse. I got myself in character, looking at myself with pouty, glossy lips. I started soundlessly mouthing dirty words to the mirror, practicing my ‘fuck me’ eyes. My confidence was high, I was ready. I was no longer Jennifer Stevens, Alabama girl. I was once again Rachel Davies: porn star, seductress.

I decided to see what was happening on set. I heard the moans before I even got to the front. The actress was on top of the guy, raising herself up and down, his cock steaming into her pussy.

I watched from the hall entrance for about five minutes, mesmerized, until Randy yelled ‘cut.’ The actors had switched positions and the guy had been pumping at the bent over girl. Now they stopped, looking at Randy, the guy’s rock hard cock slipped out of the actress. Randy started barking technicals to the four crew guys as they adjusted equipment. The actor walked to the side of the set and there was the brunette. She dropped to her knees and took his wet hard cock, covered with the actress’s pussy juice and all, into her mouth.

I was about twenty feet away, and I realized the actor was staring at me, pure unmasked lust in his eyes as the girl sucked his powerful swollen cock. My pussy involuntarily moistened as I met his gaze. I was half afraid that he would suddenly come over to me because I might have let him fuck me there in front of everyone. I felt my cheeks redden and I wasn’t able to stop a nervous smile from coming to my face. He smiled back. Then Randy called places and everything started moving again. He took his place behind the actress and on Randy’s signal, started fucking her anew.

To the soundtrack of the actress’ endless moaning I walked around the set until I was at the couches. The brunette sat there focused on the scene. I sat a few feet away and turned my attention toward the set, too. Then she spoke to me in a hushed whisper. She was pretty, friendly, though I wouldn’t have immediately thought she wasn’t a high school dropout. She told me the actor was her boyfriend; she was his fluffer, keeping him hard between takes. I couldn’t imagine how someone could watch their significant other have sex with other people. And I recalled how he was staring at me as she sucked his dick, but I kept my mouth shut about both these things.

She asked me what I was supposed to be doing. I told her, and also said how nervous I was about it. She then told me she had something that would help calm my nerves if I wanted it. I asked what it was and she produced a little white pill. Ecstasy, she said. I knew of it, but never taken it. I knew it was something people take in dance clubs. It wasn’t one of the heavy drugs. I thanked her and took the pill. She gave me a big smile.

We both turned back to the scene. Despite the actress’ over the top moaning, it was a pretty hot sight. He was fucking her so hard she never had a moment to focus. After a few minutes, Randy signaled, and the actor pulled out. The actress got on her knees in and took the actor in her hands and mouth. About half a minute passed, then he took his cock in his own hand and started stroking. Almost immediately he started painting her face with creamy white cum, jumping out in powerful jets, while she closed her eyes and held her mouth open.

It wasn’t until about thirty seconds after he’d cum, what felt like a lifetime watching the actress sit there trying to figure out what to do with her new facial, before Randy yelled to cut. A techie walked on set with towels and handed them to the actors. The girl started wiping her face. Randy congratulated them on a great scene. The fluffer got up and then turned back to me. With a smile, she said, “It was nice meeting you. Maybe you’ll get to fuck Dave someday,” meaning her actor boyfriend. “Oh, and break a leg!” With that, she bounded over to him and they went into the back. The set was now being readied for me, and my heart was pounding.

Randy greeted me with a smile and started telling me what we would start off with. He said, basically I would perform a striptease and then I would use a dildo. I was a bit taken back by the inclusion of masturbation with a dildo. It was something we hadn’t discussed, but Randy really left me no time to object or even think about it before he had me agreeing to do it. I was still pretty turned on by the live sex show I’d just witnessed, so maybe that had something to do with my decision.

They moved the living room furniture out and replaced it with a bedroom suit. In no time we were ready to film. Randy told me to basically play the role of a girl who’s come home, she’s hot, her boyfriend isn’t around, so she decides to get herself off.

He called action and I moved across the set, trying to disguise my awareness of the camera. I began touching my boobs over my shirt, moving slowly avrupa yakası escort as if to seduce an invisible lover, or as if my hands belonged to my lover. I reached my arms down, my hands to my crotch, then sat back on the bed. Screwing my courage, I lifted up my shirt, over my head and off. I massaged my now exposed breasts in front of the camera. Then I reached inside my shorts and panties and touched my cunt, running my fingers through the small triangle of hair. Then I unfastened the button on the shorts, and slid them down, letting them drop. I swung my legs up onto the bed and lay back, spreading my thighs apart. My panties were wet and steamy to the touch. I’d been horny ever since watching the first couple. I closed my eyes, caressing myself through the thin fabric. Then I slid my fingers under the elastic waistband, and over my wet cunt lips. Without any direction, I went ahead and pulled my panties down to my ankles. Now I was naked before the camera. I touched my breasts again, massaged down my body to the juncture of my legs. Spreading them slightly more, I slipped a hand over my cunt, then a finger lightly through its wet folds.

My nipples were stiff and my pussy hot and wet as I dipped one finger in, circling. I drew my knees up, spreading wider, moving my finger inside my slick tunnel. I heard Randy’s voice, low: “Get the toy.”

Reaching back onto the bed I found the dildo. It was sleek but fleshy. I put one hand over my mons, the fingers over my clit, while with the other hand I put the dildo to my entrance. My pussy was really runny with juices now, and I was feeling good as I began to work the rubbery dildo inside me.

I started to thrust it a little deeper and deeper, my fingers now steadily manipulating my clit. I was starting to feel really good for a few minutes, really horny, when Randy said, ‘Alright, now Jeff’s going to come on.’

I looked up, startled, freezing.

‘Keep moving!’ he said to me. ‘Keep moving!’ I began to move the dildo again. The pleasure came back, but I was still concerned.

‘Don’t worry,’ Randy said. ‘You’re not going to have to do more than you’re doing now. You’re just going to simulate sex. He’s your boyfriend, and he’s come by to surprise you.’

I wasn’t sure what to do, but I wasn’t ready yet to break the scene. I watched as Jeff walked onto the set, fully clothed. I continued pumping the dildo in and out as he moved over to the bed. I didn’t see this guy before the shoot started, and momentarily I wondered where he had come from. Then Randy instructed us to kiss, so we did – me naked on the bed, dildo inside me, kissing a fully clothed stranger. Following direction, Jeff ran his hands along my naked thighs, up my rib cage to cup my breasts. When our kiss broke and I looked at him, I realized Jeff was really hot. His eyes were beautiful, piercing, looking straight into mine.

Jeff reached down and took the dildo in his hand, moving mine aside. He started to move it up and down my wet slit. Pleasure washed through me, a tight desire that wound through my body from where the dildo was parting my swollen cunt lips. He pushed it into me slowly, his eyes locked with mine. Then he began to move it in and out, fucking me with it, slowly accelerating. I began moaning with pleasure. Over and over he thrust it into me. Then suddenly he pulled it out. I opened my eyes just in time to see his mouth close over my cunt. His tongue lashed up my vagina. I closed my eyes as his lips and tongue began expertly working my sex. It felt so good! My mind stumbled over thoughts. This wasn’t simulated, he was actually licking my pussy. This wasn’t at all what I agreed to. But shit, it felt good. Did Randy plan this?

I was trying to decide whether to get up and walk out, but Jeff’s mouth felt so good. Maybe I would wait, I thought, a gasp escaping my lips as Jeff deftly licked my clitoris. Maybe I would wait until he got me off.

So I settled back, letting my mind rest and focus on the pleasure I was receiving. Jeff slipped two fingers inside my slick tunnel while his lips gently sucked on my clitoris. He began to fuck me with those fingers, running them along the top front of my cunt walls. His tongue flicked at my clit rapidly. I was dizzy and awash with the pleasure of my rapidly approaching orgasm. He was going to make me cum!

Then, inexplicably, just as I was teetering on the brink, Jeff stopped. I don’t remember hearing any direction from Randy — Not then, or at all during the course of events (and in retrospect, it was as if he didn’t want to remind me of himself or the cameras). Jeff stood up before me. My body was still in the throes of near-orgasm. His hands took mine and I opened my eyes as he helped me into a sitting position. His shirt was off. I marveled at his cut muscles, hard and defined as sculpted marble. I looked up at his face, and thought to myself ‘A face like Tom Cruise, A body like Brad Pitt.’

I brought my eyes back bağdat caddesi escort down as he finished unfastening his pants. He pulled out his cock, long, thick and beautiful. Perfectly shaped, as if it had been sculpted out of marble. Jeff was built as if for the sole purpose of seducing and fucking women. Instinctively I reached out and touched it, folding my fingers around the flesh that felt so warm, so hard in my hand. I stroked it, running my hand the length of it once, twice and again, marveling at how good it looked, how ripe and how powerful. I brought my gaze up to Jeff, his eyes burned though me, cranking up the lust in my body. ‘Just suck it,’ he whispered. ‘Taste it.’

I looked back at his cock, my lips needed to touch it, to feel the hot skin. I dipped my head down and opened my mouth. His glans brushed my lips as I sucked him into my wet mouth. His gorgeous meat filled my mouth. I slid my tongue in circles around his encaptured cockhead. I took him in deep, all the way to the back of my mouth and there were still at least four or five more inches to go. I suckled back to the head. I suddenly remembered I was on camera, this was all being recorded to be on evidence forever, for anyone to see. I took my mouth off his cock, my hand still absent mindedly stroking it, and looked at Randy and the camera. A million things were running through my thoughts, not least of which were a future career, family, now with this as a black mark to keep secret. Jeff grazed my cheek with his hand, bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked up and his deep, confident eyes locked with mine. In a soft but sexual voice, he whispered, ‘Just enjoy yourself, baby.’

His cock twitched in my hand. A thick drop of clear precum hung at the tip. My mouth watered at the sight. I licked the droplet, then sucked the tasty juices in.

‘That’s it,’ he said. ‘Let yourself be a bad girl.’ My nipples stiffened at his words. Why shouldn’t I? I thought. Hollywood stardom was so far from here, why worry about hurting a career I didn’t have? It was amazing the sexual power this man exuded. I looked up at Jeff, butterflies in my stomach, but a wicked smile spreading across my face. ‘What the fuck’, I thought, if I was going to do this, I might as well do it all the way. I was going to blow his cock like he’d never had it before.

I took his cockhead in my mouth, my tongue licking circles around his glans. I let go of him with my hand, so that I was only holding him with my mouth. Keeping him in my mouth, I thrashed my head around in circles. Then I sucked him as deep as I could, his cock filling my entire mouth, glans nudging the back of my throat. There must have been five inches in my mouth, and there was another five to go, but his cock was so thick I knew there was no way I could deep throat him. I pulled back to the tip, then sucked in as much as I could again. I did this again and again. My dark blonde hair had fallen forward on my face, and with one of his hands Jeff brushed it back on one side. He held my hair back, his hand lightly on the top and back of my head. Soon he began to slightly thrust to meet my movements. With each thrust his cockhead crammed against the back of my throat, causing my eyes to water, but he was whispering down to me dirty encouragements which turned me on even more.

His cockflesh was hard but soft, and felt great in my mouth. Every now and then as he drew back I had to try to swallow the mixture of saliva and precum that steadily filled my mouth. I knew he was going to have to cum soon, and I was preparing to take his cum in my mouth, or even on my face. The thought made my pussy was tingle even more, and it became an itch that I needed scratched. My mouth full of cock, I debated in my head. ‘All the way,’ I thought. ‘I’ve done this much, I might as well do it all, get the big paycheck.’

I slurped back off his cock, letting it go before he blew his load and the party ended. Leaning back, his thick cock bouncing heavily in front of me, I looked up at his slightly surprised face. With a naughty smile, I moved back on the bed, taking my feet off the floor. He got a knee on the bed and I pulled him on, my eyes ever drawn to his beautiful cock. I helped him down on his back, and shuffled around on my knees so that I was between his legs. His hard cock was standing stiff and straight up in the air. Unable or unwilling to resist my impulses, I dipped my head back down and took him in my mouth again, sucking his cock to the back of my throat. I held him in there for a long moment, savoring the feel of his hard flesh filling my mouth. Then I lifted my head off slowly, leaving as much slickening juices as I could.

I crawled on top of him, maneuvering around his cock until my knees were on the bed on either side of his hips. Reaching back, I wrapped my fingers around his cock, the juices slippery on my fingers. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this, but I was so horny I pushed away any thought to the contrary. I steadied his shaft and sat back until I felt his cockhead touch the dripping lips of my cunt. His cock was stiff and straight, aimed and ready to go deep inside me. I sat back a little more, and shivered in pleasure as the swollen head of his cock wedged inside me. His cock felt so good, pushing up into me, spreading me wide as it invaded my oh-so-willing body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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