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He had been coming in for a while now; everyone knew his face if not his name. At least two days a week, almost like clockwork. Though most people preferred to watch movies from their couch, in the comfort of their own home, the dark anonymity yet common purpose of other movie-goers touched something in him from much younger years.

Most of the workers recognized him, but a movie theater is like a revolving door of employees; most don’t stay very long. For her, there was just something … unique … about him. Maybe it was the salt and pepper hair, maybe it was the striking blue eyes, maybe it was his quiet and polite voice when he ordered his usual, never-varying concession order. She didn’t think he was that much older than her, but he still had a weight of personality about him.

She definitely felt something the first time she had a chance to chat with him more than the usual “Would you like to add candy to your order?” that her boss made her say to each and every person. The day had been a little boring, and it was the dead time between show-times where all she really had to do was stand there in case the odd customer walked in.

She saw him walk in, smiled and started putting together his concession order even before he reached the counter.

When she turned around with his order, moving to fill his drink cup, she stopped because of the look on his face. His attitude had changed ever so slightly, half-smiling but with an appraising look in his eyes that she really liked.

“Am I that predictable? You didn’t even ask me what I wanted.”

She smiled back and stuck the drink cup under the nozzle, filling it with soda. “Pretty much,” she quipped. “Besides, I know what you want.”

His response made her stop in her tracks. “J.J., you have no idea what I want.”

And there it was … the sarcasm-laced double entendre that she found so damn attractive and sexy in a man. And he said it with the perfect amount of straight-faced delivery that left just a little niggle of doubt as to whether he had actually meant that second meaning.

When she looked at him again, she was secretly pleased to see in his eyes that he definitely knew every way she could have taken that comment.

She shot back with her own little dig. “I think I have a pretty good idea. And how you’d know my name was J.J.?”

He nodded his head at her. “That’s what it says on your name tag?”

She laughed softly, liking him even more for his easy confidence. “Fair enough.”

She handed over his drink and food and when he handed her his money, he touched her fingers for a little longer than he really had to. She didn’t mind.
Giving him his change, she couldn’t help but throw out one last comment. “Be sure and let me know before you leave if that movie’s any good.”

“Be happy to … nice chatting with you.” He smiled in that quirky way she was beginning to like and walked off.

And that’s how it started …

She just had a look about her … an interesting mix of guileless innocence and a secret knowledge that he might discover if he just asked the right question. After that first ice-breaking conversation, he looked at her differently. She had piqued his interest and pretty soon, he was making it a point to stop and chat with her if she wasn’t busy, especially after the movie he had seen finished. He never pushed it, though, which added to the many things she now liked about him. She could tell he understood that this was her workplace and respected that she couldn’t just drop everything for him.

However, he found himself now imagining her sometimes as a spinner … someone petite enough to spin around easily from sexual position to position. That realization, along with the mental images it conjured, made their verbal sparring even more risqué, but neither of them minded a bit.

On her end, she started making it a point to be the one who took his order or refilled his drink; she liked talking with him when she could, especially since the double-entendres hadn’t stopped. If anything, they had happened more and more; it was almost a competition who could get the best line. Sometimes he won, sometimes she did, but they both respected the other’s wit and banter. And she thought that he felt the tension between them too, like an invisible high-voltage wire humming with sexuality.

He definitely felt that hum … he may not have been able to admit it to her on any random day when there were other movie-goers around, but he liked to think that she had a special smile just for him. A certain gleam in her eyes that meant she was just a little happier to see him than some other person walking into the theater …

Yet another weekday, yet some more dead time between the trickle or flood of customers depending on what movie had just started showing. Her boss had asked her to make the regular checks of the exit doors in all twelve theaters, so at least she was moving around.

As she walked the hallway in front ataköy türbanlı escort of theaters 5 through 8, she saw him coming out of the men’s room. He was adjusting his crotch slightly, checking to make sure his fly was zipped … he hadn’t seen her yet, and she felt a little thrill thrum through her as she imagined what might be behind that zipper. Damn, woman, get a hold of yourself. But she couldn’t help saying something to him.

“What ya doing, Jack?”

He looked up and smiled at her, making that thrum in her deepen and drop somewhere just a little below her stomach. He looked back at the men’s room door and smiled a little bigger.

“Just making sure everything came out all right … is that O.K. with you?”

She chuckled and felt a little more daring than she had in the past. Just how far is he willing to go?

“Well, I don’t know … did you get my permission to do that?”

He had turned away to open the door to the theater, but stopped and turned slowly to face her. That invisible high-voltage wire was humming like a flood of cicadas now.

“I’m sorry … do I need your permission for everything I do?”

She smiled and tried to hide how that thrumming thrill had now settled into a pulse in her loins. But she couldn’t … and didn’t want to … back down now.

“Pretty much, yeah. Is that a problem?”

He laughed and opened the door to the theater. “No, no problem at all … but you just should have said something before if you wanted to give me a hand in there.”

She stood there for a second as he walked into the theater. Damn, he got me … that was good. She shook her head and smiled, opening the same theater door to make her check.

Before her eyes could quite adjust to the darkness, she realized that he hadn’t walked down the short hallway to the seats but was instead waiting for her. He grabbed her arm and gently pushed her against the carpeted wall. He stepped in close, really close, and held her against the wall. They were far enough away from the screen and seats that most people wouldn’t hear them, but he kept his voice low.

“Do I need your permission to do this?” As his right hand held her arm and back against the wall, his left hand ran slowly up her other arm and brushed lightly against her breast. Her back arched and her nipple stiffened at his touch. He leaned in and she could smell his cologne as his lips quivered against her ear.

“Or this?” His lips moved slowly, almost like a form of torture, from her ear to her neck where he nibbled gently on the soft skin there. Oh my God … she could feel something hard against her leg as he kissed her neck and knew exactly what it was. She couldn’t hold back her moan at that realization and her hands moved to his hips and held him there.

Her brain overrode her body for a split second. “Jack … we can’t … not here, someone might see.”

He pushed his hips into hers a little harder, maybe to make sure she felt how much he wanted her. “Where, then?” Both of his hands now brushed against her breasts, almost like he was convincing her to give into him.

“I don’t know … I don’t think I can …” He forced her to stop her half-hearted denial when he forcibly grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them. She barely stifled the moan that came out of her as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her to the door.

“But … what … what about your movie?” It was a last straw that she grasped to try and control the situation before it spiraled into pure, raw desire.

“The movie sucks … besides, it’s about damn time we stopped this teasing.” He pulled her into the hallway and quickly looked around him. The hallway was empty, but who knew who could walk out at any minute. He spied a doorway down a small hallway before the concessions stand and the lobby.

“What’s that?” he asked, still pulling her by the wrists.

“Oh no, we can’t … that’s the room we hold the kids’ birthday parties in.” The fact that she wasn’t really pulling away from him and let him pull her closer to the door contradicted her words.

“Anyone else done this in there?” Days ago, she had joked with him about all the places in the theater that a black light would show exactly what had gone on in there. She never thought he had paid any real attention to it, though.

“No, of course not … it’s a kid’s …” He cut her off and pulled her into the room that held two folding tables with cheap tablecloths on them and a “Happy Birthday” sign spelled out with twine between each letter.

“Perfect … because I’ve got something for you that I’ve been dying for you to unwrap.”

Oh, this is so … bad. But the wetness and building heat between her legs contradicted any rational thoughts. Besides, she had suffered through so many little brats yelling, screaming and making a mess that she had to clean up later, it was a delicious irony that he had chosen here.

He pushed her ataköy ucuz escort against one of the folding tables roughly and used his leg to force her legs apart. Before she could try one last protest, he had insinuated his body between her legs and she couldn’t help but wrap her leg around the back of his to keep her balance. He held her face in his hands, firmly but softly – God, how does he know how to do that? – and looked into her eyes.

“Jack …” She couldn’t tell if her voice was pleading with him to continue or to stop, or maybe a mix of both.

“J.J. …” He broke his gaze just long enough to look at her mouth and then back at her eyes, the index finger on his right hand caressing her cheek.

“We …” He waited as she stood at the trembling precipice of decision, her mind losing to the demands of her body.

“We have to be quick.”

He growled low and deep, which somehow made her even wetter, and kissed her forcibly. She kissed him back and wrapped both her legs around his waist, almost sitting on the edge of the folding table. She ran her hands through the short hairs on the back of his neck, feeling him shiver with pleasure and kiss her harder still.

He had just been waiting for that last surrender, though he didn’t think he had ever been harder in his life. He pushed his straining, clothed cock into her and she pushed back, both of them grinding into each other. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time, but he just had to … had to … do something first.

He pushed himself slightly away from her and she moaned in disappointment. She moaned again, in pleasure this time, when he deftly unbuttoned her jeans and started pulling them down. Gripping both her underwear and the denim, he pushed them down to her ankles and started to kneel down.

“Jack, no! We … we don’t have enough time!”

“There’s always time for this.” He pushed her inner thighs back and open, forcing her to bunch the cheap vinyl tablecloth behind her ass as she now sat fully on the corner of the table. Before she could utter another word, he was on his knees in front of her and moving his head closer to her pussy.

Damn, she smells good … and she’s so wet. He grinned slightly, but got serious as his lips got closer. He held her legs open with his hands and planted a kiss first on her left inner thigh, right next to her opening pussy, and then on her right inner thigh.

She squirmed in pleasure and leaned back on her elbows. “God, Jack, please …”

He quit teasing her and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. He lapped at her wetness, moving his tongue up and down and swirling it inside of her. Every time his tongue reached the top of her pussy and brushed against her clit, she squirmed and jumped. The more he tasted of her, the more he wanted.

She ran one hand through his short hair and pulled his face into her. He took the hint and started using the tip of his tongue to make broad strokes across her clit. Her breathing became ragged and hoarse as his tactics made her so much wetter and stoked the fire in her.

“Don’t stop … don’t you dare fucking stop …” He pushed his tongue even harder on her clit, now sometimes making short up and down motions along with the side-to-side movements. He moved his right hand across her thigh and gently slipped his index finger into her wet pussy, feeling her clench it as he concentrated on both sets of motion.

When he slipped his middle finger into her too and she moaned out his name in a deep exhale, he knew he had to have her. He stood and started fumbling with his belt; she half-sat, half lay on the table, her neck covered with a slight blush of passion, her eyes half-closed.

She watched him pull his belt apart, unbutton his pants and push both his underwear and pants down. His cock popped free, hard and thick with a drop of pre-cum already formed in the tip. She moaned again and rubbed her pussy and clit with one hand, wishing she could find out what that little drop tasted like. Next time.

She spread her pussy lips apart for him as he moved closer, his eyes intent on the pleasure she was giving herself. When he got close enough, she reached out and grabbed his cock, growling herself when her small hand couldn’t quite close around its throbbing thickness. He moaned at her touch and watched her rub his pre-cum around the throbbing head of his cock, making it glisten and quiver with its sensitivity.

They both watched as she pulled his cock closer to her pussy, until the head was resting against it and mixing his pre-cum with her wetness. He thrust slowly but surely into her and they both moaned loudly until she felt his balls and pubic hair rest against her. For a split second, they froze, both of them enjoying what they had known would be incredibly delicious.

He pulled out slowly, almost to the point where the head of his cock would show, then pushed back in firmly. Working up a rhythm, he started ataköy üniversiteli escort to fuck her smooth and strong, his hips pushing back and forth into her waiting pussy. She tossed her head back and bit her lip as his thick cock pushed deep into her pussy, sending electric shocks throughout her body.

He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her pussy again and again, causing the table to creak loudly. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head in the hollow of his shoulder. He moved his hands to wrap around the soft globes of her ass and started quick, sharp thrusts into her. She moaned and bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming in pleasure.

“Yes, Jack, yes … fuck me, fuck me … fuck me!!” The sweat stung his eyes a bit and he flung it off as he gave into his lust for her. She pushed herself back until she could look into his eyes, mirroring his thrusts with little thrusts of her own.

“Take me from behind … now.”

He groaned out loud at just the thought of that. “Fuck, yes.”

He pulled out of her, his straining cock glistening with her juices. He pulled her up from the table and spun her around. Before she could fall because of her jeans and underwear around her ankles, he pushed her against the wall where the “Happy Birthday” sign hung.

She stuck her ass out and he rewarded her with a stinging slap on one cheek. She cried out in pleasure, “God, yes … please … put it back in … please.”

She had awakened something so strong in him that he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He didn’t really care as there wasn’t enough blood for the brain upstairs to work; he spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand and pushed the head of his cock around until he found her sopping wet opening.

She thrust back into him, impaling her pussy on his thick cock. He grabbed her hips and gave himself over completely to the fuck; slamming his cock into her again and again with the only goal in mind of filling her completely with his cum. She clawed at the wall and thrust her ass back into him, their bodies making wet slapping noises when they met.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m getting close, J.J.” He watched as his cock flew in and out of her, the veins in it throbbing and covered in her juices.

His cracked and rough voice drove her closer to the edge too. “Yes, yes, me too … come with me, you bastard! Fill me up!”

She rubbed her clit hard and fast and felt the oncoming rush of her orgasm. When he pulled her hair roughly from behind, forcing her head and neck to strain back, it hit her like an oncoming train. Her pussy clamped down tight on his cock, almost keeping him from moving it if not for the lubricating juices.

He grunted low and hard when he felt her pussy start to milk his cock with its spasms. He rose up on his toes and felt his cum surge into her. He grabbed her hips – hard enough to leave a bruise, she would find out later – and pulled her ass tight against him. He exploded deep into her, again and again, his eyes shut and mouth wide open.

Both of them started to come down from the high oh so slowly … she felt his hot breath on her neck and he felt her body relax against the wall. He reluctantly pulled his softening cock out of her pussy, both of them sighing when the head slipped out with a wet sound.

He fell back against the same table that he had fucked her on and just watched her for a moment. She looked so good leaning against that wall, her ass almost an invitation for another round. She looked back at him through sweaty strands of hair and smiled. When he saw her reach down to pull up her panties and jeans, he reluctantly pulled his pants up as well. He knew he’d be pushing his luck if he tried anything more … besides, the fuck had been so good he probably needed a breather of his own.

She stepped away from the wall and both of them surveyed the damage they had caused. In her passion, she had clawed at the “Happy Birthday” sign and torn the twine holding the separate letters together. Now, three or four sets of letters hung down like a Scrabble game gone wrong. The cheap vinyl tablecloth had obvious stains on it and would more than likely have to be thrown away.

They looked at each other, at the damage, and back at each other again. Simultaneously, they broke out into laughter, trying not to make too much noise … now that they actually cared about that. He opened the door and poked his head in a quick in-and-out motion.

“All clear.” They snuck out of the room and stood in the hallway for a minute, smoothing out their clothes.

“I have to go to the bathroom and clean up … nobody can know what we did just now.” She glanced nervously up and down the hall.

“Do you regret it?” She looked back at him and saw he was deadly serious about the question.

“Fuck, no!” she blurted out. He laughed again as he saw the surprised look on her face at her language and she laughed with him. She demurely kissed his cheek, which made him smile at the incongruity. “It was my pleasure.”

“Most definitely my pleasure, too.” He watched her turn away and walk to the bathroom, admiring her body.

“Hey, J.J.?” She turned to see him standing there with his hands in his pockets, that same damn quirky smile on his face. “Ever been to a drive-in?”

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