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Adriana Chechik

I call John and make another appointment. I let him know that this is for a massage only, we can talk business later. Tomorrow at 4pm is his first available. I think about that for a split second – hmmm. If he has many appointments like mine, I want to catch him in the morning, first thing. I tell him I cannot do that and would rather have an early morning appointment. Tuesday, 9 am. He asks how long and I say “an hour, at least.”

“OK,” he says, see you on Tuesday, 9 am.

I get up Tuesday morning and grab some breakfast and get in an early workout at the gym. I feel like I am half-hard during my workout. I can’t stop thinking about his cock in my mouth.

I hit the shower again and get dressed in my business attire for my “appointment” with John. I am wearing my favorite tan slacks. They really show my cock off well, after the slightest encouraging. Blue dress shirt and blue jacket. I have blue eyes, so the shirt and jacket make my eyes stand out.

I get there a few minutes before 9 and walk in. He comes out right away. He is wearing green scrubs, a white v-neck t-shirt and flip flops. I immediately think what a great choice, if you have to get them off and on in a hurry.

He leads me to the back and that gives me a few seconds to rub myself. After the good morning greetings and a little small talk, he asks me “how do you feel after your first session?”

“Excellent,” I said.

“Were you sore at all?” he asked.

“No,” I answered.

“OK,” he said, as I am taking my jacket off. I grab a hanger from inside the partition and hang my jacket on it. I step back out of the partition and proceed to take off my shirt. He looks admiringly and asks, “You said ‘at least an hour’ on the phone, so I blocked off two hours for you. Is that enough time?” he asks. By now, I have taken my shoes off and all I have on are my slack, socks and boxers. I can feel my cock getting firmer. I notice he is checking it out.

“I don’t know if getting a great massage should have a time limit,” I responded, as I unzip my slacks, undo my belt and guide my slacks off my legs, leaving my now growing erection even more noticeable.

I glance at him and my appearance is having an effect on his cock. Sit on the chair and take off my socks, then I stand up and drop casino siteleri my boxers. He gives me a quick glance and smiles. “OK, go ahead and lay face down. I’ll be ready in a minute”, he says.

He walks into his office. I can hear him undressing. I am pretty sure he is naked, but I desperately want to see. So I rise up and look at him and ask for a bottle of water. Yes, he is naked. He gets the water and I take a small drink and hand it to him. He puts it on the counter.

John starts on my back and then he comes up and while standing directly in front of my head, starts rubbing my shoulders and down my back. After a few seconds, I feel his cock hit the top of my head. What a great feeling. I am so excited. He takes a small step to the left of my head and concentrates on my left shoulder. His cock is rubbing against my ear and left cheek.

I turn my head and lick his cock as he sways forward and backward. He moves back a little and pulls back enough for me to get my lips around his cock head. OMG. I am in heaven. I try to take it slow, but I want his cock, all of it, in my mouth. So I lean up on my elbows and use my left hand to guide his cock in my mouth. He is still swaying back and forth, rubbing my shoulder and back, so I let him control the tempo.

He pulls out and switches sides. I lay my head down and turn it to the right. Now he is gliding his beautiful cock over my lips. It is nice and thick. Probably close to 9 inches of man meat. My tongue is out an I am enjoying this. Then I sit up on my elbows again and use my right hand to guide his cock in my mouth. I am moaning and slobbering all over his cock. I position my head for direct penetration and try to take it all. He gets to my throat and I gag and cough. I grab his cock and tell him to try again. I open my mouth, wrap my lips around his cock and let it slip into my throat. But, it only lasts a few seconds and I gag and cough again.

He pulls out and walks to the left side of the table. He pumps out some oil and rubs it on my ass. He rubs my left side for a while, then he moves to my right side. He is really taking his time and rubbing thoroughly. He rubs down to my thigh and then back up my ass, making sure he drags a finger or two over my hole. Every time he does this, I raise my canlı casino ass to meet his fingers. Soon, he is stopping at my hole and partially inserting a finger, which my ass raised up to meet it and I moan audibly.

Next he walks up by my face and tells me he wants to pull me down on the table a little ways. I say “OK”. He pauses there, long enough for me to know that he wants me to suck his cock. So I do. I love it. I stroke him with my left hand as I suck on his beautiful cock. After a minute or so, he pulls away.

He walks to the other end of the table and I hear him messing with something. I am not sure what he is doing, but I lie there and wait for whatever he has in mind. Then he gently grabs me right above my knees and pulls me toward the end of the table. He stops when my ass is hanging off the end. He guides my feet to two platforms that I can rest my feet on and basically I am standing up, bent over the table at the waist. OMG. What a vulnerable position. I am so excited.

I hear him get more lotion and he pours it on both of my ass cheeks and lets it run down the back of my legs. He continues the massage. Oh, does it feel good. He is teasing my hole with every stroke. He starts pulling my ass cheeks apart and then I feel something that I have never felt before. I am not sure what is is until I feel his face cheeks between my ass cheeks. He is “tossing my salad”!! OMG. It is truly amazing. My ass in rising every time I feel his tongue in me. I am in another world. This goes on for several minutes. Then he walks back up to my face and I immediately grab his cock and suck for all I am worth.

I know what is coming and I am so ready. He stands there for a good five minutes, allowing me to enjoy his cock. I can taste his pre-cum. I suck it in and swallow. Then he pulls away. He leans down to my face, kisses me and says “I think you are ready”. All I can do is shake my head yes. I hear him open a drawer, then open a condom wrapper. His hand is on my ass, just massaging me for a few seconds. He inserts a finger and rolls it in and around my hole.

Next thing I feel is both of his hands on my hips. I think to myself, this must be what it feels like to get fucked from behind! I am beyond excited. I want this so badly. He lets go of my right hip and kaçak casino I can feel him rubbing his cock up and down my crack. OMG!! I feel it hover around my hole and I raise my ass, hoping for penetration. He keeps teasing me.

“Fuck me,” I say under my breath. My ass is looking for his cock. I want it now. “Fuck me,” this time loud enough for him to hear me.

“Don’t worry”, he says, “it’s coming.”

Then I feel it. He stops at my hole and probes. OMG. This is really happening, I thought. My ass is almost uncontrollable right now. It wants his cock so badly. Then, I feel pressure. Then more pressure. OMG, I am getting fucked!! Then it slides into my ass. It hurts, but I love it. I feel both hands on my ass again and he says, “just let it sit there for a minute or two. Let your ass get used to it.” I just lay there, bent over a massage table, like some fucking slut, so vulnerable. But I love it. I lay still for a short time, then I start moving my ass, trying to take more of this magnificent cock.

John, sensing what I need, begins to pour more of his cock into me, inch by inch. After a few more minutes or inches, I ask him to stop. My ass is burning. It is being stretched for the first time. After a brief rest, I ask for more. He obliges by grabbing my hips and pushing more of his cock into me. “Almost there” he says. Then I feel his weapon pull back a little, as if he is done. But then, without warning, he slams his cock into my virgin ass and buries it in me. I am in another world. I know what just happened, but I can’t believe it finally happened. My hole is so stretched, I can’t even describe the glorious pain I am in. His cock feels like it is in my stomach. I never dreamed of this kind of pain and excitement all at once.

“How does that feel?” he says. “I’m all in.”

“Oh my God. I can’t believe I am getting fucked in the ass this morning. This is unbelievable,” I said.

“Fuck me good and cum on my ass.”

“You have no idea how good you look right now,” he said.

I put my head back down on the table and closed my eyes. John must have fucked me for another ten to twenty minutes. Then I felt his cock swell. He pulled out, pulled off his condom and came all over my ass and lower back.

I just laid there. He walked up to me and I leaned into him and sucked his cock into my mouth again. I sucked him as far as I could, grabbed his cock and pulled it out of my mouth. Some cum was still coming out, so I leaned forward and sucked it out. Then I licked and cleaned his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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