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I just turned 45 years old and had been a coast to coast mover/trucker for half my life. My strength and ability to go without sleep helped me to make good money. My new tractor had the power and speed to get across the country quickly. The pay was a share of the line-haul so it helped that I owned the trailer too so I got a bigger percentage than drivers who only owned their tractor.

It was not always easy to get women on the truck with me and hard to keep them for very long. Many of the women found along the road fell into two categories; Truck-stop hookers, commonly called lot lizards. Lot lizards would often go with a driver to get to new locations where the market might be better for their services.

The second type was looking for a husband with a big paycheck. This second type would share a lot of consensual sex and then try to spring the trap shut. Usually I was running too hard to waste a lot of time with either type. Some drivers had taught their ladies to drive or found one that already had a CDL. They were hard to find back then. I wanted a partner; a woman that would be with me because we both wanted to be together and have a lot of sex because we both enjoyed it. So my lonely life goes on.

On a cold rainy Saturday in January, I found a special treat. I had to deliver in Tacoma, Washington on Monday morning. It was a military shipment, so it had to be cleared with the military transportation office before it could be delivered. So, I hung up for the weekend at White Pass, a great ski area behind Mount Rainier. This is where the Mayer brothers grew up. And their father was still the mountain manager. My favorite black diamond slope offered an incredible view of Mount Rainier, all the way down after crossing over on a narrow cat walk. I always carried my skis in the winter for just canlı bahis such an opportunity. I liked to work hard when there was work to be done and play hard if there was not. I had planned on skiing all weekend but it started raining Saturday afternoon. It was cold, near freezing rain, and forecasted to last the weekend. So I put the skis, boots, and poles away and headed down the road toward Tacoma.

Then I saw her. A girl was trying to flag me down. She looked more like a drowned rat than the beauty that she was. I picked her up and continued on toward Tacoma. She was very wet. She said that she had been walking on the side of the road and a car was about to hit her, so she jumped out of the way into a ditch full of water. The ice on the surface was so thin that she had easily penetrated it and soaked her clothes and her entire body. She was shivering and I knew that I had to get her core temperature up. I told her to get in the sleeper and take her wet clothes off. There was a heavy moving pad that she could wrap in. I turned the heater up to full and continued on towards the Flying J Truck Stop in Tacoma.

She was still shivering, even in the warm sleeper, under the heavy moving pad. So I found a place to pull over. I took all my clothes off and got in the sleeper with her. It seemed like her shivering would never stop and her body felt very cold. We held each other very tight.

My only concern up to now was hypothermia. We were far from a hospital so I knew that I needed to act to save her life. Her shivering finally did stop.

Her little body felt nice as it pressed up against mine. Her tits were small but firm. The kind I like. We slept like that for a while. Later, when I awoke, her breast was in my hand.

My cock found her entrance and was pressing up against it as we kissed. bahis siteleri By now she was getting warm and wet. My cock had taking over my thinking completely and was demanding entry to her tunnel of love.

There was enough light to see her pretty face, framed in blonde hair and I held it in my hands as I kissed her. By now my erection was throbbing and wanted to enter her wet pussy. Our tongues had found each other and were having a little battle of their own.

I made my throbbing member wait while I slipped my head down between her shapely legs. The light scent of pussy was divine. The faint musky aroma was driving me wild. My tongue started licking from her clit down, spending extra time on her clit each time. She turned around so she could suck my manhood at the same time. For a petite girl, she knew how to get a lot of cock in her mouth. At least half my length was in her mouth without gagging her. She let her teeth rub along the sensitive bottom of my member.

She moaned as I continued the attack on her pussy with my hungry mouth. The taste was wonderful. She began moaning louder and shaking all over. Then she screamed, “I’m cummmmmming! I’m fucking cummmming!” I did not stop licking her slit until she came a second time a few minutes later. Her second orgasm shook her body again, only harder. She moaned and screamed. She pulled my face into her cunt. I will never forget the feeling and the taste.

I turned around, moved up and my cock quickly found her wet opening again. There was so much pre-cum and pussy juice that my love stick slipped in easily. She was very tight after two intense orgasms, even as I started stroking hard. Each time I pulled back and pushed in again she had more love stick in her little vagina until I was all the way in and hitting the back. By now my swollen bahis şirketleri woman pleaser was hard enough to use as a hammer. This was the best feeling pussy that I had ever had. It was tight, wet, and had a lot of friction on the sides.

Then she got on top and rode me. She started rotating as she rode. My bulb was rubbing against the back as she turned it inside her. I had a tit in each hand and my thumbs were rubbing her nipples. I had not been fucked in weeks and I knew that I could not last long. As cum pulsed from my balls to my cock-head, the sensation vibrated from my toes to the top of my head. Maybe it was further. “I can’t last! I am losing it! I am coming! I am coming!” It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. If only it could last forever! I knew that I would remember it forever. Our combined love juice was running down my shaft. My mind was somewhere out in deep space and my body was in heaven.

She replied, “I am coming again! Wow! I cannot believe you got me off three times! That is the first time in my life.” Her petite body was shaking again and she continued stroking my manhood with her velvety pussy a few more times. As our orgasms slowed, she lay down with her back to me so we could spoon.

Normally I can go two and sometimes three rounds without it knocking me out, but I quickly fell asleep holding her firm tit and spooning in the afterglow. The wonderful afterglow! When I awoke, it was broad daylight. She was gone. I wanted to hold her tits. The emptiness I felt was so extreme and lonely. I wanted to hold her but she was gone. She had left my life as quickly as she had come into it.

There was a note taped to the steering wheel: “Driver, I don’t know your name and I never told you mine. My name is Jennifer. I am happily married and never cheated on my husband before. You saved my life and for that reason I gave you the only thing that I had to repay your good deed. I hope you enjoyed your reward as much as I enjoyed giving it.” She was gone. She was gone forever. I felt only emptiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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