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In the good old college days this happened. It was the first snowfall of the season and we tumbled out saying it was time for a road trip to the ski lodge. There was Gary, Gary, Moe and me plus Gary’s girlfriend Gina. We always said you couldn’t get the two Garys mixed up because they were the only Garys we knew. (Well, the one with Gina was blonde).

We drove up to the lodge and got in a few runs before the crowd arrived for the weekend. We were feeling pretty good so headed off into town to hit the bar. We didn’t drive since it was only a few miles and that way we didn’t have to chance driving and drinking.

Now in the bar Gina was getting hit on a lot. She was a long legged brunette with a gorgeous smile and mischievous eyes to match so one of us stayed with her at all times. When I was with her Moe said the other guys had headed back to the lodge and he was going to do the same. I checked with Gina and we decided to canlı bahis have one more beer.

Later on our way home it began to rain and we lamented it might ruin the slopes if it kept up. We were getting soaked but we just ambled talking and stumbling along. By the time we got back it was pouring and we were soaked but we just laughed and started to make out in the rain. There’s no explaining our behavior except it was like one of those sappy love movies and I got a good look at where those rain drops went that disappeared down her neck into her cleavage.

I enjoyed feeling her chest and ass but we soon realized it wasn’t really fair to Gary what we were doing so we went inside. It did give me pause to think she might be amendable to further encouragement if we got the opportunity. I do have to admit thoughts of what we might have done ran through my head as I showered.

When I came back to the common room Gina had changed bahis siteleri and was watching TV. Her boyfriend, Gary was passed out on another couch and the rest of the crew where sleeping in the bedroom. I wasn’t all that tired so I plopped down beside her to watch TV and see if I could catch glimpses down her sweatshirt. Of course she caught me. Her reaction was to grab me and start in where we left off in the rain.

Soon I was rock hard and she was trying not to moan too loud so as to wake Gary. My hands were on her hips, thighs and then between them finger fucking her like crazy. We started to discard clothes and soon were ripping them off. I drew her down on top of me. She positioned her vaginal lips over my rod sliding it to and fro to well lubricate it then slipping down my shaft impaling herself. She rode me like a cowgirl and like there was no tomorrow.

Every once in a while Gary would stir or snore or roll in his bahis şirketleri sleep and we would stop, watch him then smile as we continued like the wind. We kept that up for nearly three quarters of an hour when a knock came on the door. We panicked thinking the knocking might wake Gary and we quickly threw our clothes back on. I answered the door with my hard dick tucked up in the waistband of my shorts.

It turned out to be Moe who had taken his time coming home and I didn’t realize he was not in yet. He came in and passed out on the couch we had defiled. By the time he passed out so had Gina.

The next day we checked out of there since the slopes were closed. Gina and I just looked at each other with a smile and shook our heads. To this day I’ve always wanted another crack at finishing what we started. Now that will never happen again since Gary ended up marrying her about a year ago. They are expecting their first child in a few months.

Believe it or not they are naming the kid after me since I was the one that introduced them to each other. Nothing has ever been said about that night at the ski lodge and I doubt Gary will ever know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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