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I stood outside of Coach Lacy Miller’s house. It took all my will power to push the door bell. She answered the door and invited me in.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked, as Coach Lacy Miller, closed the door behind me.

“Yes, Captain Ashley, I did,” Answered Coach Miller referring to my new status as captain of the cheerleading squad.

As she smiled down at me, I could not help but to look down at the captain’s pin on the collar of my uniform.

Coach Miller had been my PE teacher when I was in 7th grade and again when I was in 10th. Now, she is 38, 5, 11′ and I’d say around one hundred and ten pounds. She has blond hair, which she keeps short and usually in a pony tail. Her arms and legs were toned and lean but not muscular. Coach Miller, as they would have said in the old days, has curves in all the right places. She has really nice breasts, and like all women the only extra fat she has is in her butt and hips. She’s fit but still very feminine.

I on the other hand, am nothing special. 5 foot even. I’m about 90 pounds, soaking wet, and I just turned 18 a week ago. I have no fat, anywhere, which is great if you like being a bean pole but bad if you don’t have the money to turn you mosquito bite A’s into C’s or D’s. I have a firm ass though and I can eat just about anything and stay thin, so I guess that’s cool.

I walked in and she closed the door behind me. “Mrs. Jackson, (the school secretary) said you wanted to see right away?”

Coach smiled, “Yes, but, I didn’t mean right after practice.”

“No time like the present. I mean it’s not like it’s a long commute for me. I do live right down the street.”

“Of course,” She said, a hint of nervousness in her voice, “Well, I want to show you something and go over a few questions the girls have raised but I need a few minutes. Would you mind waiting in my bedroom?”

“No problem.” I looked up the stairs to the second floor and asked, “Which one’s yours.”

She flinched as though coming out of a daze. “Oh, it’s up the stairs, door all the way at the end of the hall.” She turned away towards the back of the house then turned back as I headed up the stairs. Calling up after me she said, “I may be a minute, so make yourself at home.”

I found her bedroom with no trouble. It was a lovely shade of lavender, my favorite color. There was a large, old style, four poster bed in the middle of the back wall with an army of stuffed animals on it. In one corner of the room was a full home entertainment system and a computer set up in the other. The windows all had lovely window dressings that match either the walls or the tan carpet.

I’m nosey by nature and she had said to make myself at home, so I started going through stuff. I found her walk-in closet, her family photo albums, which contained no pictures of a husband or boyfriend. I found her panty drawer. It had numerous sports bras and clean pink panties in it. Along with undergarments I also found a nice size vibrator and a bottle of lubricant. No wonder she didn’t have a boyfriend. With this thing why would she need one?

The last thing I found was the master bath and just in time too, because by that point I really had to go. I continued my snooping in there as well and was reward by finding Coach Miller’s clothing hamper. I opened it and discovered, right there on top, a pair of recently soiled panties. They were calling to me. I picked them with trembling fingers and brought them to my nose. They were ripe with the scent of her womanhood. I pressed them to my face and took in every last whiff of Coach Miller.

I was brought back from my nasal orgasm by the sound of Coach’s voice, “Ashley, Where are you?”

“I’m in here.” I said quickly putting the panties back casino siteleri where I had found them. I then washed my hand, flushed the toilet and made sure I didn’t have any panty lint on my nose.

Returning to her bedroom I noticed Coach had changed. She was still wearing the track suit she had been, when I walked in but now it was open to reveal that she was only wearing a sports bra beneath it. The bra was snug fitting around her breasts and had a v-neck that showed several inches of cleavage. It cut off just below her breasts leaving her mid drift exposed all the way down to her sweat pants. She had put a stud in her naval to accentuate this fact. Never one to wear makeup, Coach had expertly done hers to give her face a soft, younger tone. She had put on perfume and a set of reading glasses that made her look anything but nerdy. Finally, Coach, had let her hair fall so that it framed her face. I had never seen her this way but I liked it.

“A…” was all I could manage.

She motioned me over to her computer desk. I was just standing there when she smiled and laughed slightly, “Well sit down silly.”

I laughed nervously and sat. She leaned in over my left side brushing her breasts against my shoulder, “There’s something I want to show you.”

My eyes found her breasts and locked on. Her perfume filled my nose and I was enjoying every second of the contact. I felt a tingle in my chest and my stomach filled with butterflies. It felt like I needed to pee again.

“So, which one do you like?”


“Which uniform do you like?”

“I’m sorry I guess I checked out there. What were you saying?”

She turned the chair so we were facing each other, her standing me sitting. She than fake slapped me. First, across the one cheek with the back of her hand, then, more slowly, almost like a caress, across the other with the palm of her hand on the back swing. “Well, wake up.”

She turned me back to face the computer and explained again how the school wanted us to pick out new uniforms for the squad. She had talked to several of the girls but the decision was mine, because I was the captain. I started to scroll down the screen promising myself a long kitty petting when I got home, if I could stay focused. Which became very hard to do when, standing behind me, Coach started to rub my shoulders. The tingly areas in my body increased with every movement of her hands. I gave into my lust, stopped scrolling and started to just enjoy the back rub.

“You like that one?” Coach asked skeptically.

“Yes.” I said without looking at the screen. I was horrified when I did. It was the sexiest uniform I had ever seen. In fact, I think it was a costume for a strip club dancer. I freaked, shouting “No.”

She turned the chair to look me square in the eyes again. “I mean … I need to go…,” I stammered as I got to my feet.

I tried to push past her and moved to the door. She caught my arm and stopped me. She then, pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down onto it. Once she was sure I wasn’t going to bolt again, she sat down next to me and put her arm around my shoulders.

“Now Ashley, you and I have known each other for a long time. I was so happy when you where made caption, because I knew you and I would finally be able to have the relationship I have always wanted. I want us to be more than friends. What the phrase your generation is using, ‘BGF’ (Best Girl friends). You should know that anything you tell me will stay between us OK.”

I had started sniffling, she handed me a tissue. “Now, I want you to be completely honest with me Ashley. Are you doing drugs?”



I got to my feet again, only to have her pull me back down on the canlı casino bed next to her. “No Coach, I am not doing drugs.”

She let out a deep breath she had obviously been holding, “Then what, Ashley? Why are you so jumpy?”

“Promise you won’t get mad.”

She made a cross over her heart and then hugged me tight. Her arms felt so good, I lost focus again.


“I’m not on drugs Coach. I’m in love.” I sniffle again and looked away, “With you.”

She hugged me tighter. When she realist me I noticed she was crying too. “I’m so glad you trust me enough to tell me that.”

“So, this doesn’t change anything between us?”

She laughed and wiped one of my tears off my cheek with her index finger. She then put it in her mouth and sucked it erotically. She stood up and walked over to stand directly in front of me. She then dropped to her knees bring us face to face. “Of course it does.” She said as she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips.

Coach pulled back, “Oh this is going to be fun.”

She kissed me again but this time her tongue found mine and they played tag for several minutes. While this was going on my brain had stopped. I was focusing only on how good her lips felt against mine. Coach however, was multitasking. She shrugged out of her track suit top and then hugged me again. I turned my head so the side of my face came to rest on her breasts. I thought I was in heaven.

Coach unzipped the back of my top and pushed me back from her bosom. We broke contact only long enough so she could remove it. With my A size breast I never wore a bra under my top. My aroused state had brought my nipples to full attention. “Now, every girl I have ever known with tiny breasts has always complained about their size.” Coach said. “However, none of them have ever complained about the fact that small breasts are often very sensitive.”

She leaned in and began to suck on my left breast through my polyester bodysuit. Before the tingling in my breasts had been much like the feeling you get when you touch your tong to a 9 volt battery. Now, it was more like what someone must feel when they touch an electric fence. It shot through me from my hair to my toes. I shuddered once, then twice and it felt like I had just wet my pants.

Coach stopped sucking. “Well, I’d say they are pretty sensitive. I made you cum in little under a minute. Let’s see if the other one is as touchy,” and she dive in again.

Now, I hear, in porn movies the girls will be all, Oh baby or Lord that’s good. Give me more of that. All I could manage was “Uh… and O…,” before I came again, this time with more force and wetness.

Coach grin devilishly, “I’d say the right is not as sensitive, it took almost two minutes for me to make you cum that time. Of course you could be getting tired. Are you getting tired? Do you want me to stop?”

She might as well have asked if I wanted to stop breathing. “Hell no! Don’t stop!”

“Ask me nicely.”

I was puzzled for a minute but then drawing from my limited acting experience, “Please Coach, don’t stop. I’m so wet.”

I heard the snaps on my body suit pop. There aren’t any snaps on my panties, bikini briefs, so Coach just ripped them off. It hurt a little but at the same time aroused me even more. She brought my soaked panties to her nose and sucked in my scent, just as I had hers earlier. Next, Coach stuck two fingers into my unkempt pussy and began to rub my clit with her thumb.

I leaned back letting my arms take the full weight of my body. “Oh…Coach that feels sooooo, good.” My shutters before had been light tremors, this was like a 7 point 2 earthquake.

“Not again,” Chided Coach. “We’re going to have to work on your sensitivity. kaçak casino How am I supposed to enjoy making you cum if you’re doing it every five seconds?”

Coach then put her fingers back into my pussy and brought them out covered in my cum. She put them into her mouth and sucked her fingers clean. I swear, I almost came again just from the sight of it. She repeated this action several times before she noticed I was looking at her longingly. “Oh I’m sorry do you want a taste?”

I nodded my head.


She covered her fingers in my cum and then fed it to me.

“Does that taste good baby?” She asked as she spooned another two fingers worth of cum into my mouth.

She stood and dropped both her pants and panties then took my hand. “Stick out your fingers like this.”

Coach showed me by pulling her ring finger and little finger under her thumb. When I had done as she instructed, she took my hand and stuck my fingers into her shaved pussy. It was wet and warm. She then moved my thumb to a little ring that she had through her clit. I started rubbing the ring with my thumb. “We’ll have to look into getting your clit pierced too. I know a girl who will do it for free if you let her lick you first. It makes sex so much better. OK, keep rubbing it like that for a minute. I don’t come as fast as you.”

It took a few minute in fact. Coach instruction me the entire time with oh yeah and just like that. Finally, my efforts were rewarded with a, “That’s it sweetie, your making me proud. That’s so good.”

When I pulled my fingers out of her they were covered in her cum. I put them quickly to my mouth and sucked off every drop. I only got one more taste before Coach recovered enough to grab my hand again. “Ok, sweetie that was cute, for a first timer, but you should move the fingers to your mouth slowly and sensually. More ladylike and less like a person die of thirst. Don’t worry, there is plenty down there and from now on you will get all you want.” She kissed me again the two tastes of our cum mingling, “Remember savor it don’t swill it.

“Oh, jezz.” I shouted as I looked at the clock it was nearly eight. “I have to get home.”

I began to collect my things and ran into the bathroom to get dressed. I did my best to hand comb my hair, washed my hands several times and then used some of Coach’s tooth paste to get rid of the cum smell in my mouth. I came bolting out of the bathroom but was stop at the door to Coach’s bedroom. She was holding the phone in one had and giving me the wait a minute gesture with the other.

I only got half of the phone conversation but it was pretty plain to see what Coach had planned. “Yes, Mrs. Haze this is Coach Miller… Yes… I heard that Ashley was elected captain… She and I have been working all evening and we lost track of time… Yes she is a hard worker… I’m very proud of her too…That is actually why I called. You see we have a few more things to do and by then it will be pretty late. I don’t want her walking home in the dark…I was wondering if she could spend the night…I would never dream of asking you to let her stay over on a school night, but it still being summer vacation and all… Yes… Yes…Bright and early tomorrow…Ok…I’ll let her sleep in a little if she works hard enough tonight. Thank you, Mrs. Haze, bye.”

I looked at her dumb struck. She went and sat at her computer as I followed and looked down at her amazed. “We need to start desensitizing you. More sex is the only way I know of to do that.” She smiled, “It’s going to mean a lot of work but I’m willing to put in the time if you are. I’ll also go ahead and order this uniform for you,” She nodded towards the computer screen the sex uniform was displayed again. “I can’t wait to see you in it.” Coach got up and walked over to me, a devilish smile on her face, “But for now, I want to see you out of this one.”


To be continued…

Thank you for your editing help Aquachimera

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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