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Mandy had gotten what she supposed as was lucky. She hadn’t seen or heard from the guy in three weeks. It wasn’t until it was damn near one o’clock in the morning and Mandy was making a sugar and cigarillo run. Her neighborhood didn’t really go to bed until 3 a.m. and Mandy took advantage and made her way to the 24-hour convenience store. It was a small store but it had almost everything you could want. Mandy opened the second door leading into the main store and began to pick up some snacks. She was craving baked goods, a few fruit danishes and a couple cosmic brownies later she was standing at the register and smiling as the young middle eastern man made small talk and complimented her hair. Mandy almost didn’t notice someone coming into the store.

Mandy turned and looked at the guy who made her see fireworks on the 12. Her smile faltered and all the questions from before came up and died down when she saw him smile and bit his bottom lip like he had a secret. He said a greeting and stood behind her. He wanted something from behind the counter and Mandy had just finished her purchase. She was about to leave in a hurry but forgot her change when she turned to get it she was face to chest with the guy and he was holding out a hand with her singles and quarters. Mandy flushed and murmured thanks. When she was about to pull her hand back he asked, “Could I talk to you for a minute?” Mandy just nodded and made her way outside to stand outside of the brick that joined the little store with a barbershop.

Mandy felt silly waiting for what would inevitably be a solicitation. She told herself that she didn’t owe him anything. She reached into her bag and pulled out the pack of cigarillos she bought. Mandy smokes weed for her anxiety and smokes tobacco when she’s stressed out. Mandy fished through her snacks for the black and blue box of Dutch Master’s and went through the motions of lighting up, the familiarity was calming. He came out in time to see Mandy let out a dense cloud of smoke and he had to reign in the desire to kiss her and swallow whatever smoke was in her mouth. Mandy raised her hand in greeting trying to steel her nerves and school her face.

“I haven’t seen you around lately,” it was a question and would have been casual if he wasn’t looking down at Mandy with a want so obvious. Mandy almost wanted to laugh, but couldn’t as she thought she probably looked just as needy. “I write books for a living so I’ve been attached to my laptop and phone for the last 3 weeks hammering out the last of my revisions and finishing the first draft.” Her voice didn’t shake when she spoke and she took another puff. Mandy thought she had been going outside just enough.

He nodded in understanding and pressed a little closer to Mandy. “What kinds of books do you write?” Mandy was expecting him to ask if she was free if she still got wet thinking about what his mouth and fingers did. “I write adventure novels for a target audience of 15-23-year-olds.” It was an odd focus group and really it was something like 18-26 but she found that her books reached people still trying to figure things out and that it sometimes her novels gave people insight. Mandy felt maybe she should ask a couple questions to make things fair, “What do you do?” She still felt steady and spoke clearly. She thanked the tobacco and took another puff, noticing that the ember was dying she put it out on the brick behind her.

“I work in the new warehouse in the industrial district in the human resources department.” It was a good job and Mandy wanted to make a joke about heartless human resources but couldn’t think of the punchline when his mouth was on hers. It was soft and slow. It felt good and Mandy was going to let him explore with his tongue but thought better of it because she could taste the ash in her mouth as she swallowed her drool. She pulled back and leaned against the brick, “Can we go out?” Mandy was surprised to hear he wanted to do something besides turn her into a puddle. She looked up at him and was met with soft brown eyes longing but not as lustful. She smiled and agreed. They had set a date and Mandy waited until she got a block away before she started to dance. His name was Amaray and Mandy was glowing.

After days of text messages being exchanged and heavy hints about what they could be doing in equal measure from Amaray and herself, Mandy set about pampering herself and making sure to look as good as she felt. Mandy thought of the way his fingers ran up the lips of her pussy. She wanted to feel his heat directly and tried not to think of his tongue when she shaved her mound. She touched the smooth skin of her pussy after she finished and could barely stop herself from leaving the bathroom to masturbate.

Their date was a little awkward as Mandy tried not to ramble about mythology and the best way to make homemade desserts. Amaray did his best not be obvious in the way he looked at her outfit. Mandy was wearing a black tank top dress. It was form fitting and Mandy’s bust was ample and making it hard for their canlı bahis server as well. The poor kid could barely sustain eye contact when Mandy would move in a way that made her chest bounce. Amaray assumed she didn’t know what she was doing until they got a free dessert to take home and Mandy made the offhand comment that, they would have gotten double the dessert if Mandy had been wearing blue. Amaray laughed and thought he was right to ask her out on a date, Mandy was fun if a little zealous about baking and probably knew more about the wait staff at her favorite restaurant than was appropriate .

Amaray walked Mandy to the townhouse she shared with her roommates. His mouth felt warm against hers. Mandy’s head was swimming and she wanted more. “If you want you can come in and we could eat dessert.” Amaray couldn’t turn that around because Mandy had her palm pressed to his crotch and when his dick twitched at her invitation she gave it a firm squeeze and stroke. He nodded and followed behind Mandy as they made their way up the steps and into the townhouse. The house was mostly dark with the exception of a few familiar sounds Mandy knew to be her roommates in their respective rooms.

Amaray was surprised to see that Mandy’s room was half an office, with a writer’s desk that had a comfortable slant in it for those that leaned forward, a bookshelf to the far right of the room with books everywhere. The other half was all bedroom, a huge bed on the other side of the room covered in pillows and made neatly. Her room smelled like old books and eucalyptus candles. Amaray felt comfortable immediately after entering. Mandy told him he could sit on the bed while she went to go get drinks.

As Mandy closed the door behind her she was met with the familiar figure of her roommate walking towards her. Mandy reached out and grabbed his hand, “I am gonna get laid” Mandy whispered it just loud enough for her friend to hear, he smiled and said, “Don’t hurt him. ” Mandy had a look on her face that said, ‘I can’t promise anything’.

Amaray didn’t have to wait long before Mandy was back with a plate, another fork, and two cups of fruit juice. Mandy sat the cups on the floor at the edge of the bed next to his feet. Mandy still had on her shoes and could feel her toes going numb from having them on so long. Mandy was about to bend down to take them off but Amaray was on his knees and had his hands on Mandy’s ankle, slowly working the small strap out of its buckle and freeing her foot. Amaray made note of the tattoo that looped around Mandy’s left ankle, a bracelet with hearts and stars that looked faded with a few stars having crooked lines and he wondered if she had screamed.

Mandy felt the blood rush back into her toes and she sighed in relief. Amaray pressed his fingers into the center of her foot and Mandy yelped it felt nice to have him rub her foot. He worked the other one in the same fashion. Amaray was counting and had seen almost half of Mandy’s tattoos liking the one on her right ankle all the more, it looked like the planetary orbits, the sun sat in the middle of her foot and around her ankle where nine different rings and all the planets floating around her ankle.

Mandy felt a spike of want through her center when she felt his hands trail up her calves to her thighs. Amaray kissed from her knee of one leg and up to her thigh and planted a wet kiss where her thighs met.

He stopped for a moment at the start of her tattoo on her thigh and listened to her breath catch in her throat when he grazed his teeth against her flesh. He bit into her and felt her skin give and fill his mouth, he wanted to leave a mark. He sucked hard and felt Mandy’s moan as she leaned back trying to give him more skin to touch. Amaray followed her and pressed her into the mattress. He liked the way her body surrounded him soft thighs that engulfed him and the giving flesh of her stomach and breasts made him almost dizzy with want. She tasted like the fruit punch she had brought upstairs, her tongue was inviting, playing with his, running along his teeth and stroking the roof of his mouth.

Mandy had her hands beneath his shirt and she pressed against his hard body. He was lithe muscle and bone. When he ground down into Mandy she felt his hip bones and wondered if she could fatten him up. If she could get him to the point of solid weighty bulk. She stored the thought for later when Amaray lifted his shirt above his head and Mandy could see his muscles flex beneath flesh and she thanked God because he was living art.

Mandy lifted up pressing her body against his naked chest and his hands went to her back deftly unhooking her bra and making Mandy sigh in relief. His fingers pressed gingerly against the red dents left in her skin, he made a soft sound like he was sorry for the marks. His hands were at the hem of her dress which had ridden up to just below the cusp of her ass. He looked at her and opened his mouth to say, “Please,” before drawing her into a kiss. Mandy said, “Yes,” against his lips and her bahis siteleri dress and bra were over her head and in the corner of her room in the next moment. Amaray took a moment to really look at Mandy, her chest rising with each quick breath and the way her breasts twitched when she felt his eyes shot over her form. When Mandy moved closer to him he saw the edge of leaves peek from beneath her breast, he licked his lips and filled his hands with her breasts. Felt her nipples get hard against his palms and her body bow towards him. He went from her mouth and laid wet open mouth kisses down her throat, he nibbled at her collarbone and made his way over her soft breasts leaving small spit shiny splotches of red along his way.

When his mouth clasped over her nipple she keened and he dragged his teeth along the sensitive nub. He was enamored by her taste, the velvet of her skin and the noises she made. Breathy sighs and choked sobs of delight. Amaray made his way between her breasts and began to press more kisses to her sternum. He nuzzled the skin of her right breast with his nose and held the breast up so he could run his tongue across the roses underneath her chest.

Amaray moved from her breast down to her stomach. Her flesh giving and springy. He massaged her sides and her belly kissing all the while until he got to her belly button. “I want to taste you.” He was back between her legs his mouth at the juncture where her hip met thigh. Mandy laid back and felt his hands shift from her sides to her front once more to run his hands against her belly. Mandy lifted into the touch his hands were down by her hips and she lifted a bit more so he could pull her panties off.

Amaray had seen the black lines beneath the lace of the lingerie that Mandy wore. On her right hip was a word and her left held a ship. He pressed kisses against the artwork on both hips. He sat back on her heels and looked between Mandy’s spread legs. Amaray was surprised and could barely swallow the drool that pooled at his bottom lip, Mandy was bald and wet. He used his thumbs to spread her wide and felt his dick throb as it pressed against his zipper.

He let the flat of his tongue meet her clit in a long slow stroke up that made Mandy scream. He pulled back to flick the tip of his tongue against the base of her clit, he was teasing Mandy. He began to slowly circle the perimeter of her clit in one long motion. Mandy knew two words, “Please, Amaray!” He sucked her clit into his mouth and began to write a story. Mandy felt like her body was on fire, the heat of his mouth on her was too perfect she felt like she would come from the very beginning. Amaray pressed two fingers into Mandy when he started to feel her clit jump at a particular letter, he knew she was close to coming and he wanted to feel it around his fingers.

Mandy clenched around his fingers and felt her orgasm just one too many strokes away. She clenched around Amaray’s fingers and he crookes them just right to stroke her g-spot and has her coming with a shout of his name.

Amaray pulled back to lap at her pussy letting her ride through her orgasm slowly. He didn’t pull his fingers out until her walls stopped flexing. Mandy reached a handout and Amaray met her halfway, his hand was still wet and Mandy brought their joined fist to her mouth and traced her teeth over his knuckles and began to suck and lick his fingers.

Amaray adjusted himself in his pants with his free hand. Mandy lifted up and told Amaray, “Let me take care of you.” Mandy moved to the side so that Amaray could take her place on the bed and she could climb between his legs. She kissed him and could taste herself on his tongue. She stroked his sides and back feeling the muscle shift beneath her fingers. She ghosted fingers over his nipples and his moan was a startled sound against her lips.

Mandy smiled into their kiss and began to run her nails over her nipples in slow circles to match what her tongue was doing to the roof of his mouth.

When Mandy pinched his nipples between her nails his hips bucked up. He was flushed and Mandy liked the look of him, needy and desperate. Her mouth left his and made a trail down his neck to his chest. Mandy sucked a nipple into her mouth and laid the flat of her tongue against it and sucked one and rolled the other between two of her fingers. Amaray was startled to realize Mandy found his sensitivity arousing instead of amusing.

In the past he had partners shy away from his nipples or treat them too roughly. Mandy felt perfect, she switched nipples and Amaray felt her teeth sink into his skin and he was so close to coming. Amaray put his hands on Mandy’s shoulders wanting her to slow down as she sucked harder, he really didn’t want to cum in his pants. Mandy assumed he wanted her to refocus her attentions. Mandy pulled back and licked her lips before looking up as she began to go with the press of his hands on her shoulders. Mandy pressed her chest against his bulge and Amaray jumped, he was probably hard enough to hammer nails. Mandy bahis şirketleri unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from the inside of his boxers. He lifted up enough for Mandy to pull his boxers down to mid thigh. His penis was beautiful, the tip the same flushed red as his bottom lip, the shaft of his dick was the same brown as his skin getting a deeper shade of brown as her eyes traveled down. Mandy grabbed the base of his cock running her fingers through the trimmed thatch of sandy brown pubic hair. She teased the tip running her tongue along his slit, around the head of his cock and down his shaft.

Mandy could feel his heartbeat in his cock. It pulsed heavily. Mandy looked at Amaray in the eye as she began to swallow him down. His eyes fluttered close as Mandy wrapped her lips around his cock and he felt her hum as she began to swallow more of him down.Mandy was wet and sloppy as she sucked him hard. Her tongue pressed flat against his dick and the low hum coming from the back of throat was almost too much.

Mandy’s hand stroked whatever wasn’t in her mouth. Mandy let her tongue work him over, flicking against and around the tip of his dick when she pulled up only to make her mouth like a vacuum and seal his dick in the heat of her mouth and caressing tongue. Mandy switched hands and began to massage his balls. Rolling them in the palm of her hand slowly, focusing on one nut at a time as she rubbed her thumb against the wrinkled skin.

Amaray could only stare numbly down at Mandy working him over. The top of Mandy’s head gave way to the brown skin on her back and Amaray saw two dragons perched on her shoulders looking at the opposite wall.He wondered how he hadn’t climaxed yet. Mandy pulled off of his dick with a wet sound with her lips just barely parted by his tip she gave his dick a sloppy kiss. She ran her tongue down the side of his shaft and pulled one of his nuts into her mouth. She rolled it against her tongue and sucked. Amaray probably would have cum if Mandy didn’t have a grip on the base of his cock. She laved his nuts with her tongue and sucked both into her mouth at once and Amaray yelled, “Fuck”. Mandy took him back in her mouth she bottomed out and let him fuck into her throat while she hummed and rolled his balls in her fist. He pulled back sharply as his nuts lifted close to his body. Mandy held on and swallowed his cum.

Amaray felt like someone had hit restart on his brain. He felt sticky and content as Mandy sucked the cum from him. She let him go when he began to pull back sharply. Mandy reached up and Amaray met her halfway kissing her swollen lips and tasting his lingering bitterness.”I think it might be time for a snack.” Mandy was smiling into his mouth and Amaray couldn’t help but laugh yea, it was time for a break.

They talked for a long time. He asked her about her books and learned she wrote under two pseudonyms, M. McKenna and Char Davey, she published her adventure books under Davey. Mandy learned the human resource department dealt with a lot of teaching and that they were trying to schedule a seminar on respecting pronouns. Mandy made a suggestion, “For everyone who goes the whole day without messing up anyone’s pronouns they get a sticker and a cookie that says ‘Decent Human'”. Amaray laughed and said they had done something like that when they had a transgender person begin working at one of the offices, “Everyone got an ‘I was respectful today’ stickers for not asking inappropriate questions and respecting pronouns. ”

Mandy really like Amaray, his laugh was cute and seemed to come rumbling from his chest. She liked his long fingers and his soft smile. She wanted to see him again and talk about his job and see what kind of comic books he liked. While he was talking Amaray let out a loud yawn and apologized as he made Mandy yawn as well. “Maybe it’s time I get ready to go.” Mandy had to agree with him it was going on 2 in the morning and most people had a regular sleep schedule that accommodated a nine to five work day. She almost offered for him to stay the night but he caught her off guard with his lips pressed to hers. It was a sweet slow kiss, no tongue just warmth. “Mm, I want to do this again,” Mandy didn’t know what he wanted to do again, the date, the conversation or the heavy petting, she was in favor of any one or all three. Amaray could see the wheels turning in her head and wanted to make it clear,”I want to go out again maybe in the daylight. I like the way you look in sunshine.” Mandy blushed and hid her face behind her hands and felt Amaray lay between her legs and kiss her hands.

“How about we go to the Crafts and Coffee festival?” Mandy had moved her hands to let Amaray press kisses to her forehead and eyes as Mandy spoke. When he was laying kisses down the bridge of her nose Mandy opened her eyes and smiled down at him. Amaray laid another kiss against her mouth and spoke, “It’s this weekend right? I have to work in the morning on Saturday. How about we make it a nice afternoon? Can we meet at the festival?” It sounded like a good plan to Mandy, she nodded and told him they could text if anything comes up. She walked Amaray to the door after finding an old night gown to throw on. They kissed for a few minutes before Mandy could open the door.

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