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Danny was trapped and struggling to breathe, and he absolutely loved it.

He’d been eating Emily out for almost ten minutes, and what had started with exploratory licks and suckling on her thighs had evolved into having his face ridden by the exuberant brunette. As he’d allowed his tongue to explore deeper into her tight slit, Emily had only writhed harder against him, her legs wrapping tighter around his head. His nose was able to get some air from the thicket of her pubic hair, but for the most part, she was all he had to breathe.

“God, yes,” Emily moaned, her hand gripping tightly at Danny’s hair, pushing him closer to her crotch as he ate her out. “Shit, you give as good as you get, dude. I’m soooooo close.”

Danny couldn’t reply, so he just continued to plunge Emily’s depths with his tongue. She had one of the best pussies he’d had the privilege of tasting, and her enthusiasm only made things better for him. Every time he darted deep, she let out a low moan, while teasing her clit caused her thighs to clench tighter. Feeling how her body was starting to shake, he began to focus more on the latter, and the vice around his head was soon joined by higher and higher-pitched moans from his partner.

“Fuck!” Emily finally yelled, her whole body jolting forward. Danny was fully smothered as Emily’s ass left the table and she sat fully on his face, her twat spasming hard against him as an orgasm rocked her body. Danny dug deep, his arms gripping Emily’s legs to help support her as he continued to feast, pushing Emily’s orgasm as long as possible. For her part, Emily slammed her hands on the table, shaking violently as pleasure filled her world. “Shit, shit, shit, AHHHH!”

Finally, as Danny felt himself becoming desperate for oxygen, Emily collapsed back onto the table. Her thighs continued to tremble before him as he took a deep breath. He placed a hand on the table between her legs to steady himself, smiling as he watched Emily come down from her orgasmic high. As he looked at her, he realized she was still wearing her shirt; all they’d done, he still hadn’t seen her tits. That needed to change.

“That was… holy shit…” Emily smiled dreamily at Danny as he stood up in front of her. “I’m so glad we’re doing this.”

“You and me both,” Danny said before leaning over and kissing Emily again. They made out for another moment, Danny taking it up another level by squeezing Emily’s breasts through her shirt. She moaned into his mouth, her body ready for what was coming; the way his erection brushed against her thighs made it clear he was ready, too. Finally, he pulled back, and Emily allowed him to pull her shirt off as he went. She smirked, reaching behind her back to unhook her bra; with a roll of her shoulders, she was topless.

“Like what you see?”

“Absolutely,” Danny said, canlı bahis not hesitating to lean forward and take her perky tits in his hands. He allowed himself to enjoy the weight of her c-cups for a moment, before lowering his head to take one of her dark nipples into his mouth. Emily shivered, her nipples still sensitive following her orgasm, as Danny began to lightly suck and nip at her; her pleasure intensified as he began to roll his palm against her other breast. Instinctively, her thighs pressed together as she started revving up again, squeezing Danny’s hips. And while the attention being paid to her chest was nice, she needed to feel what was waiting between her legs.

“Mmmm, Danny, get on the floor,” Emily moaned, pulling him from her tits. Their eyes met, the lust a palpable heat between them. “I owe you a ride.”

“Yeah you do,” Danny agreed, stepping back and glancing at the floor behind him. He took a moment to find a good spot on the cheap carpet and dropped to his knees. With Emily now standing, he gave her a few kisses across her legs before laying all the way down on the floor. Emily looked down at him and smiled, his erection standing tall and calling for her to take a seat. “There’s a condom in my wallet.”

“I’m on the pill,” Emily responded, stepping over Danny, a foot on either side of his hips. “I want to feel you inside me right.” Emily dropped down onto her knees slowly, stopping herself just as she felt Danny’s dick pressing against her ass. She reached between her legs and grabbed him, enjoying the way Danny bit his lip as she squeezed it. He continued to squirm as she rubbed the head along her length, wetting his tip. “Besides, I don’t want you coming inside of me. I want more of you on my body.”

With that, Emily dropped her hips, spearing herself on Danny’s entire length. They both let out a cry of pleasure, with Emily’s hips involuntarily bucking as the mere act sent another mini-orgasm tearing through her. It was her turn to bite her lip as she leaned into the motion, rocking her hips and feeling Danny stretch her.

“So damn tight,” Danny hissed, his hands gripping the tops of Emily’s legs as she rocked on top of her. He felt snug inside of her, the slick walls of her pussy twitching around him. Combined with the sight of her on him, eyes shut and kneading her own breasts, it was easily one of the best lays of Danny’s life, and they hadn’t even really gotten going yet. He let his hands run forward and grip onto Emily’s hips. “Bounce for me, baby.”

Emily opened her eyes and smiled at Danny, putting a hand on either side of his head and leaning down to kiss her lover. Their tongues began to intertwine as Emily began to do exactly what Danny had asked: bounce her ass on his dick. Danny’s arms went around Emily’s back as she rocked, gripping her close to him as she bahis siteleri went up, down, up, down, up, down on his cock.

“That what you wanted?” Emily whispered, running her tongue along the edge of his ear. “Wanted to feel my as slapping into your legs? Your dick pumping into me?”

“Damn right,” Danny said, a hand going back to take a handful of her shapely ass, guiding her to bounce a little faster. He began to thrust up to meet her bounces, the sound of their flesh slapping together filling the small room. “God, I’ve wanted this for so long, just to drill into this hot pussy of yours. So good, baby, so good.”

“Mmm, yeah, Danny, fuck me hard. Just pound me, just like that, yes!”

Emily picked up her pace, loving the feel of his rod slipping out of and then pounding back into her. His thrusts were only increasing in intensity, and there was a heated charge building in both of their bodies as they came closer and closer to the breaking point. She loved the feel of him inside her, the grip he held on her ass; he was addicted to the heated grip of her twat, the way her boobs bounced as she rode him.

“So close…” Emily moaned, head back, eyes shut. “So fucking close…”

“God, Em… just want to… fucking god…” Danny could barely articulate himself, so he just acted. He shifted his grip back to Emily’s hips and turned her off of him, pushing her to the ground as they came apart. The move surprised Emily only for as long as it took for Danny to mount up and thrust back into her waiting cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Emily shouted, now pinned under Danny’s body as he sunk even deeper into her. Their mouths found each other, kisses desperate and wet as he slammed into her over and over. Emily wrapped her legs around him, urging him to go deeper, harder, faster… so close… so close…

“Fuck, I’m coming!” Emily shouted, her legs tightening, holding Danny inside of her as her third, and most powerful, orgasm of the night exploded through her body. Again, she shook involuntarily, her whole frame overtaken with white hot pleasure, intensified by the feeling of his dick still moving inside of her, the way his chest rubbed her nipples, the heat of his breath against her neck. It was heavenly, and she knew what would make it perfect. With some struggle, she tore away her legs. “Cum on me, Danny, give it to me!”

Already near the edge, Emily’s request was all Danny needed to let himself go. With a heavy grunt, Danny pulled out of Emily and rose to his knees, stroking his dick rapidly as he looked down at her. She continued to urge him on, both verbally and with the way her hips continued to tremble. “Here it comes, baby. Here it comes!”

With a deep, satisfied sigh, Danny’s orgasm hit, and he shot his load across Emily’s stomach. The first burst went far, a long rope stretching all the bahis şirketleri way to her left breast, and the follow-ups got good distance as well, painting the pale expanse of her body with his cum. He continued to stroke and shoot until he was left partially erect and dripping spots just above her pubic hair.

“Fuck,” Danny said, feeling exhaustion hit him as he rolled off of Emily and collapsed next to her. For a long moment, neither of them said anything, both just breathing heavily and basking in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Well,” Emily said, finally breaking the silence, “that was pretty fucking great, huh?”

“No shit,” Danny replied, propping himself up to look at Emily. “I should work late every night.”

“Maybe not every night,” Emily laughed. “But definitely again.”

“Absolutely,” Danny said, pulling himself up. He looked down at Emily, his cum still splattered across her stomach. “Let me get you some paper towels.”

“I’d appreciate that,” Emily said, letting her fingers run through his load. “You’ve got the goods, dude.”

“Plenty more where that came from,” he assured, handing her the roll of paper towels.

“You promise? Because there’s still plenty we could-“

Emily was cut off as her phone began to ring. Recognizing the tone, she reached out to where her pants had been discarded and quickly dug it out.

“Hello, Mr. Reyes,” she said, answering. “No, we didn’t forget the security camera, we just haven’t left yet… no, we got held up, but we’re leaving now… yes, we’ll turn it right on… no, we won’t forget to lock up… good night, sir.”

“Guess we really did take our sweet time,” Danny said as she hung up, already pulling his shirt on.

“Yeah, we did,” Emily agreed, starting to wipe her stomach. She glanced up at Danny and flashed a toothy grin. “Worth it.”

The two quickly got dressed and made sure they weren’t leaving anything too incriminating behind. As she pulled on her own shirt, Emily realized there was still some cum drying from her earlier facial, but she just laughed, not worried about it picking up on the camera.

“It’ll just look like I spilled something. Which, heh, true.”

Once they were ready, Emily set the security camera and alarm and they slipped out the back.

“So,” Danny said, dropping into the passenger seat of Emily’s car, “I guess you need my address.”

“Or…” Emily said, letting the word hang between them.


“Or since we’re both working in the morning, and I’m the one in need of a change of clothes… you could come back to my place.”

Danny smiled. “Is your roommate out of town, too?”

“No,” Emily said, eyes locked with his, “but my parents are.”

“Right…” Danny said, unable to look away. “You’re eighteen. You’re still in high school.”

“Yeah…” Emily put her hand in Danny’s lap, massaging his newly forming erection. “I’m your sweet little girl. How about I take you home and show you how sweet?”

Danny swallowed hard. “Sounds good to me.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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