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Cleverness is sexy — the sequel

Great minds thinking alike

Hannah and Alice lie together in post coital bliss.

“I need a cock,” murmurs Hannah, slightly the older of the pair. “Don’t misunderstand honey, what we have is lovely, you do me so beautifully with the strap-on, but sometimes a girl just craves the real thing.”
“What do we have?” replies Alice dreamily, unoffended by her soul mate’s frankness. “What are we?”

“Non-exclusive as women and still enjoy men, we don’t have to define as ourselves as anything,” shrugs Hannah.

“Fine by me,” agrees Alice, “but getting back to your point, where do we find someone appropriate?”

“You sung the praises of quiz-master Giles a while back,” ventures Hannah, “seen him recently?”

“A couple of times…” replies Alice, guardedly.

“I thought your initial assignation was a one off?”

“It was, then it wasn’t,” answers Alice vaguely, “he seems to have assumed a mentoring role.”

“By mentoring I suppose you mean spanking your pert bottom, followed by a sound shafting?”

“To be honest, yes,” Alice smiles pleasurably at the memory of her last encounter just a couple of weeks previously.

“Well I’d like some of the latter too, please. Let’s invite Giles to tea,” announces Hannah decisively.

Giles sits in Hannah’s spacious flat eating daintily cut sandwiches, cream scones with strawberry jam and sipping Earl Grey tea, brewed in the pot of course. What, he wonders, have these two, a science professor, and a recently published novelist, been plotting? With characteristic confidence and manners Giles ask the question.

“Delightful although this is I suspect a hidden agenda.”

Alice responds with sparkling good humour. “Hannah has devised an initial entertainment to set the mood, after which we rather hoped you’d assist us in attending to certain needs. Not unlike those you and I have indulged in our recent, shall we say, tutorials.”

“Aha,” now Giles understands, an intriguing prospect indeed. “Please proceed,” he gestures indulgently.

Hannah steps boldly forward, grasps Alice by the wrists and tugs her towards the sofa. “I’m afraid this naughty darling has been tardy in keeping me apace with her recent romantic encounters — contrary to our arrangement. Consequently I intend to spank her, with you as a witness to add a dash of shame and humiliation.” Alice, looks anything but shamed and humiliated; turned on would be a more accurate description.

Hannah sits canlı bahis purposefully, back straight, knees demurely together, pulls Alice face down across her lap and commences the spanking. Hoists her simple summer dress, pulling down lace-trimmed panties the better to expertly burnish her bare bottom until Alice is squealing. Hannah winks conspiratorially at Giles who watches enraptured from an adjacent chair.

“Bad girl, I haven’t finished with you yet,” she admonishes. Pulling her friend’s skimpy undies right off she sniffs the flimsy material, inhaling the olfactory evidence of the young woman’s sexual stimulation before pushing them into Alice’s mouth. “That’ll keep you quiet for a bit; I have to be inventive when disciplining this minx,” she explains to Giles who leans forward so as not to miss a single erotic moment.

Hannah tosses a cushion on the floor then manoeuvres her compliant partner into position. “Kneel, feet and knees apart, head on the cushion and bottom up high, reach behind and spread your cheeks”, an instruction at once embarrassing and unexpected. Wincing as her fingers touch tender skin Alice slowly obeys, opening her arse crack to reveal her most intimate treasures.

Initially Hannah strokes and soothes, caressing Alice’s pale open thighs, brushing teasingly across already engorged labia. Without warning she delivers six slaps to the broad expanse of Alice’s already red bottom, eliciting stifled gasps of protest from the gagged girl.

“Good, it appears I have your full attention, a dozen swats right on that lovely rosebud should keep you focussed.”

“Hmm!” Eyebrows shooting up in shock Alice expresses muffled outrage this at rude revelation.

“Keep that bottom spread wide young lady or you’ll get extra,” warns Hannah, “one…”

“Mpf!” Alice is certainly feeling the impact of Hannah’s punitive palm on her rudely assaulted orifice.

“Two,” Hannah continues counting out loud, the promised slaps causing cumulative distress, each punctuated by further solicitous touches.

“Six.” Hannah allows a brief intermission, sliding dextrous fingers along Alice’s glistening slit. With each additional smack, supressed yelps of distress gradually transmute to sensual moans. Eyes rolling, slack jawed, the knickers fall from Alice’s mouth; she sneaks a hand towards her aching pussy.

“No!” Hannah slaps it away, then takes pity and bends to softly kiss the burning buttocks, rimming Alice’s pulsating portal with a darting flicks of her tongue.

The final stinging bahis siteleri blow across her anus precipitates a violent climax. Alice’s entire torso stiffens; Hannah prudently moves sideways as Alice orgasms, squirting across the parquet floor. Looking smug she employs the panties to mop up, then lifts the still trembling Alice into a passionate embrace.

“Thank you,” whispers Alice.

“You’re welcome,” purrs Hannah.

“Christ almighty,” gasps Giles.

A pleasurable interlude ensues while the over-stimulated trio regain their composure and more tea is taken. Eventually Alice breaks the contemplative silence, “High time we dealt with Hannah.”

“Deal with?” repeats Hannah warily.

‘And what might my role be?” enquires Giles, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

“She wants cock,” reveals Alice bluntly, “apparently it’s been a while and we rather thought you might be so kind.”

“I might,” agrees Giles.

“I am actually here you know,” points out Hannah petulantly.

Blithely ignoring this interruption Giles continues, “In fact most definitely will, after another a pressing matter is concluded.”

Alice, instinctively knows where this is going, recognises the determined expression on his face. Attempting to edge away Hannah is caught between the two, each clasping an arm. “What do you mean?”

“I spank you for over zealously punishing Alice,” says Giles in a distinctly commanding tone.

“She enjoyed it,” protests Hannah, “came buckets in case that escaped you?”

To no avail, the determined pair force Hannah face down over the back of the sofa, blonde tresses tumbling across her shoulders. Standing behind Giles lifts her full skirt, unveiling a perfect peach of a bottom, enticingly framed by white stockings and suspenders.

“How very lovely,” he observes, “is this attire in my honour?”

“No,” replies Alice, “Hannah is both feminist and femme, hence high heels are de rigeur.”

Kneeling on the sofa cushions Alice grabs Hannah’s hands, fixing her firmly in position, bare-bottomed and vulnerable.

“I didn’t agree to this,” protests Hannah to no avail, “I give spankings not receive them.”

“I think you may find this helpful,” suggests Alice brightly, proffering a short leather strap to Giles. “It certainly had a salutary affect on me,” her lips purse at the recollection. Hannah groans disconsolately.

“Exactly what’s required to redress the balance; hold onto to her tightly Alice, she’s going to really feel these.” It’s no bahis şirketleri exaggeration; Alice only just manages to restrain her friend’s struggles against the searing impact of six parallel bands of fire.

“Too much,” Hannah gasps after five strokes; mind already focussed upon an altogether more urgent need as arousal inexorably suffuses her sex.

“I’ll decide when what’s too much,” growls Giles delivering a forceful final stoke that brings the woman up onto her toes.

“Noooo,” wails Hanna as the strap slaps down across the full moons of her bouncing buttocks. Bloody hell, she thinks, this is what it’s like to get your arse smacked, no wonder Alice makes such a fuss. However in tandem with the tingling smart suffusing her bottom cheeks a surging thrill builds between Hannah’s thighs.

“I think she’s ready,” observes Alice, demonstrating the English knack for understatement; a fact exemplified by the abundant wetness between Hannah’s thighs. Impelled by his own pressing need for release Giles grasps her hips, plunging into her pussy with a single powerful thrust.

“Christ you weren’t exaggerating, Alice, it is big! Go on, hard and deep, I can take it,” gasps Hannah, wriggling ecstatically to accommodate the full length and clenching her cunt around Giles’ rigid rod as it penetrates to the hilt.

“You will take it,” confirms Giles settling into a powerful rhythm, aware of the heat radiating from Hannah’s curvaceous derriere. Suddenly she throws back her head, convulsing in an uncharacteristic loss of control; hips bucking wildly, Hannah is engulfed in a noisy series of climaxes while Giles spurts his seed deep within.

Collapsed in various states of dishabille, momentarily satiated they finally rouse themselves. Exchanging a meaningful look the women advance on Giles, slumped in an easy chair. Clutching his cock, eager tongues flicking along its tumescent length as it stirs, they make an effective team, both blessed with sufficient self-possession not to fall prey to jealousy.

“Let’s get you nice and stiff again,” whispers Hannah, “Alice is a greedy girl and needs a fucking too, she can lick my kitty while you take her from behind.” How very clever, Giles appears set for an exhausting afternoon…

Who inspired these three libidinous characters?

Giles – a melange of ‘University Challenge’ host Jeremy Paxman (his gravitas, not his irascibility) and persuasive ‘librarian’ Anthony Stuart Head of ‘Buffy’ fame.

Alice – encompasses elements of Alison Brie (Community, Glow, Mad Men) a young Winona Rider.

Hannah – (physically) resembles lovely British erotic model and actress Amelia Jane Rutherford, aka Ariel Andersen.

In your imagination they’re no doubt completely different.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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