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Summary: Mary is tasked with seducing her nerdy best friend.

Note 1: Thanks to HFernandez for suggesting this idea.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Warning: This story manipulates religion… if that offends you please quit reading now.

This is part five of a potentially lengthy series. In part one, Church Girl: 1 Perfect Turn, sweet innocent virgin Mary is selling raffle tickets door-to-door when she arrives at Mrs. Taylor’s house. Mrs. Taylor, a seductress of teen girls, takes the opportunity to seduce the minister’s daughter and to make her a submissive pet.

In part two, Church Girl: 3 Oaths of Obedience, sweet Mary is tested in her new role as submissive pet to Mrs. Taylor as she pleasures her at church while her Minister father is upstairs preaching about the sins of the flesh. Mary is ordered by Mrs. Taylor to masturbate for seven days… each day using a different object.

In part three, Church Girl: 7 Days of Self-Sin, sweet Mary must pleasure herself every day, each time coming with a different object. She also discovers her Principal and favourite teacher are members of the secret society and submits to one of them… as she is also being trained to be the Next One… a leader in the future feminist sexual revolution.

In part four, Church Girl: A Virginity Taken, Mary comes in the midst of a church service from a vibrating egg, then meets with Mistress Gloria where she learns of the secret lesbian society, has her virginity taken by a strap-on, and explores her inner dominant.

Church Girl: Best Friend Turned

“Pegging is when you wear this strap-on and fuck a man in the ass,” Gloria answered her curious pet’s question.

“Oh my God!” Mary gasped.

“It’s all part of the evolution of female power that’s slowly been seeping into society, and now into the bedroom,” Gloria explained.

“I can’t fathom,” Mary said, imagining her dad being sodomized by her mother, which made her giggle.

“Who are you thinking of getting ass fucked?” Gloria asked, reading her pet pretty well.


“By your Mom?”


“You’re well on your way to becoming a real leader of the revolution,” Gloria approved.

Mary laughed, “I’m not sure I can keep up with all that I’ve learned already.”

They got dressed and Gloria kissed the beautiful, complex teen.

“So today’s question is what’s next?” Gloria asked, knowing it was time for Mary to explore the thrill of seduction and to begin honing some skills.

“I was hoping you’d tell me,” Mary answered, her whole world turned upside down in the past week.

“I think it’s time for you to spread your wings,” Gloria said.

“How so?” Mary asked.

“Time to start saving women.”

“Who? Sorry, whom?” Proper grammar was important to Mary.

“Your friends, and hopefully your mother,” Gloria said, dying to see Mary bring her mother into the fold.

“I have to save my Mom,” Mary nodded, determined to bring her mother into the secret society.

“Yes, you do,” Gloria agreed before cautioning, “but don’t rush into it. It has to be done carefully. And only after you’ve saved a few others and built up some confidence in your abilities, should you attempt that challenge.”

“Okay, so do you think Tiffany first?” Mary asked, recalling Gloria mentioning her.

“Yes; I was also thinking of Alyssa, but I think Tiffany is a natural first choice,” Gloria agreed, knowing she shouldn’t push Mary too fast, already worried a little about how much she’d already revealed about the ins and outs of the revolution… a new seduction being an in… any other teen would be overwhelmed already, but Gloria felt Mary had maturity years beyond her age.

“Do you have any advice on how to save people?” Mary asked.

“Moi? But of course. Most importantly, listen to them; learn who they are, what makes them tick. Then do things for them, take them under your wing and build their trust; never lie to them even if you aren’t revealing your ultimate intentions. And finally, draw them in; make their first time with you as pleasurable as possible,” Gloria answered.

“I can’t wait,” Mary replied, excited to play her tiny part in the revolution.

“Now remember not to ignore your parents! You need to appear like your normal self,” Gloria added.

Mary nodded with a playful smile, “And not like an eager pussy pleaser?”

“Exactly,” Gloria laughed.

“I understand, Mistress,” Mary nodded.

Gloria smiled at the term Mistress, happy to see Mary reverting back to her natural submissive nature… one that over time would be converted to dominant… but not just yet.

“Now get going; my daughter will be home soon,” Gloria ordered, glancing at the clock. A daughter she had decided would be her own next target… knowing she was long overdue, and could no longer make lame casino siteleri excuses for not bringing her in… unless she used Mary to help?… hmmmm.

Mary, curious and after asserting herself today over the formidable Mistress Gloria more confident in herself, asked, “Is Carla part of the secret society?”

Gloria admitted, “Not yet, but some of her friends are, and she’s next.”

Mary smiled, “I hope she’s as delicious as you.”

Gloria nodded, “Me too; it will be good to have an in-house source of the Lord’s homemade wine.”

Oddly, Mary’s first emotional response was jealousy. Carla was prettier than she was, and was Gloria’s daughter… would she be replaced?

Gloria, exceptionally intuitive and interpreting Mary’s face correctly, comforted the teen, “And please understand Mary, you’re particularly special. You’re the only person in this community who’s ever used me as their pet. When I bring Carla into the fold, she’ll be serving us both.”

“Really!” Mary exclaimed, surprised and excited, Carla and the other cheerleaders were at the top of the social hierarchy of the entire school! Could this lead to a reshuffling of the entire high school’s society?

“That’s a promise,” Gloria nodded. “For the most part you’ll be submissive to the adults in the community, although even that can change as your intuitions develop and guide you, and among all the students, you’ll be the queen bee.”

Mary repeated her singular-word expression of bewilderment, “Really?”

Gloria pulled Mary close again, smiling at the insecurities of someone who held such raw power and leadership potential within her, “Mary, I tell you again: you’re special, a blessing to us all, and the Lord has great plans for you.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Mary said, as her idol pulled her in for a warm hug and a sensuous kiss.

They kissed and held each other tight in an embrace for a couple of minutes until they heard the front door open.

Gloria broke the kiss and said as if continuing an imaginary conversation, “So yes, I’ll be glad to help recruit some girls for the new youth group.”

“Great,” Mary nodded, trying to act casual even as she could feel her yearning burning in her cheeks and loins.

“Hi, Mom, Mary,” Carla greeted, accompanied by Kendra, Carla wondering why this nerd was being allowed in her house.

Kendra saw the look of almost caught on Mary’s face, and could tell Mistress Gloria had turned the virginal nerd. Kendra instantly wanted to taste Mistress Gloria, and perhaps to grind herself off against Mary’s sweet, innocent face.

Gloria, who’d been almost caught numerous times, and had even been caught flagrantly once (which had meant that unexpectedly she’d had to turn the girl’s mother as well), was well-practiced at acting casual, and she asked, “How was the lake?”

Kendra smiled, hinting to her Mistress her desire to taste the new honeybee’s nectar, “Wet.”

Carla sighed, “Yeah, it rained a lot.”

Kendra continued the naughty innuendo, “And I like being rained on.”

Mary, who remained silent, caught the cheerleader’s innuendo, and looked to Mistress Gloria who nodded slightly… Mary proud of herself at catching a sexual nuance that a week ago would have gone completely over her head. Kendra was very pretty but also very bitchy, and having her between her legs lapping for the Lord’s juices popped into Mary’s head.

Gloria nodded, “Rain is essential.”

Carla disagreed, “Not when I’m trying to get a tan,” not getting it.

Mary said, “I need to get going. Thanks for everything Mistr… Mrs. Taylor,” barely catching herself before using the term Mistress and giving away everything.

Kendra caught the near slip, confirming her suspicions.

Carla was oblivious that her mother had just fucked the minister’s daughter and that she was next.

“Thanks for stopping by,” Gloria said, before adding for Mary and Kendra, “It was an education.”

Mary nodded, “I learned a lot too, ma’am,” as she turned to Kendra with a look of you’re mine.

Kendra saw the predatory look on Mary’s face and was shocked. It was similar to the one she’d seen on Mistress Gloria’s face many times before.

Carla asked as Mary headed out, “What’s for dinner?”

Gloria looked significantly at Kendra as she answered, “I was thinking of enjoying some fish.”

Kendra’s mouth watered at the blunt innuendo aimed directly at her. She nodded in agreement, “I could definitely enjoy some fish.”

Carla sighed, not all that fond of fish, “Fine, I’m going to take a warm shower.”

Kendra smirked to herself, thinking of her Mistress’ excessive squirting, I’m about to have a warm shower, too.

Carla headed down the hall and as soon as the bathroom door was closed behind her, Gloria snapped her fingers and Kendra rushed over to her and dropped to her knees. Gloria lifted her dress and Kendra dove right in.

As the cheerleader licked her, Gloria clarified, “You’ve obviously figured out Mary has joined the society. But you need canlı casino to know that she’s at the top of the teen hierarchy.”

Kendra was surprised by this and disappointed: she’d already made plans to use Mary at school tomorrow.

“And of course you’ll keep this knowledge secret; Mary is special and is just beginning to understand the special gift she has,” Gloria continued.

Kendra wanted to ask questions. Special gift? A nerd at the top of the hierarchy? But more importantly for now, she wanted to taste the full flood of sweetness she’d been craving ever since she first submitted to Mrs. Taylor a couple of weeks ago while Carla was sleeping… and replaying the seduction in her head as she licked was making her cunt leak.

Gloria finished, “Is that understood, my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kendra answered between licks, knowing utter obedience to her Mistress was of the utmost importance whether she understood the reasoning behind her orders or not.

“Good; now get Mommy off,” Gloria ordered, always getting extra excited when risk was involved… they were doing this in plain sight of the bathroom door… and also loving the incestuous role playing she indulged in with her daughter’s friend.

“Yes, Mommy,” Kendra replied, resuming her licking hungrily… this incestuous role playing where she was essentially playing the part of Carla always turning her on… the idea of eating her own mother equally stimulating. Perhaps someday…

And although it took longer than usual, her earlier multiple orgasms impacting the ease of her eruption, Gloria did come again, although it was a weaker orgasm than most.

Kendra lapped up the cum before joking, “Obviously Mary has already sampled your kitty.”

Gloria nodded, “More than once.”

Kendra stood up and asked, “How?”

Gloria shrugged, “With her tongue and a strap-on.”

Kendra gasped, “You let her fuck you with a strap-on?”

“And she’ll likely fuck you too,” Gloria teased, finessing the implied question about her submitting to Mary.

“But I can’t use her?” Kendra sought clarity.

“Nope,” Gloria answered, “but she can use you.”

“I can’t fathom that,” Kendra said, Mary being so sweet and meek.

“Trust me, she’s a powerful Mistress in the making,” Gloria said. “Now go and wash up before your dear sister Carla comes out and sees Mommy’s cum all over your face.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kendra nodded, her Mistress’ voice making it clear the conversation was over.

A couple minutes later, while Gloria started making supper, chicken wings instead of fish, Carla got out of the shower. Gloria smiled… soon she would continue the many-generational family tradition of mother seducing daughter.

Mary meanwhile was reading five texts from her mother… the last two worrying about her lack of response. Mary texted back that when she’d left for church that morning, she’d left her phone at home. Her parents would be home in an hour, so she decided she’d make them dinner and resist the temptation to rush to her room and dive into some research on straight girls’ bi curiosity; this was something she hoped she could find online. She wanted to impress her Mistress and fulfill the high expectations Gloria had for her, but the confidence she’d demonstrated in the bedroom when she’d switched roles and become the Mistress was gone, and now she was once again the inexperienced and insecure girl, unsure where even to start.

It wasn’t until after eight that Mary finally made it to her room.

When she did, she saw a text from Mistress Gloria from an hour earlier.

Kendra is yours to use as you wish. This is not a requirement for you, just an option.

PS: I mean it. You are meant to change lives. Give yourself a few days to come to grips with who you are, and if you wish, stop by and pick up a strap-on for when you feel you are ready to wield it.

Mary responded, reminiscing the power she’d felt when the harness was around her waist and she was fucking, yes fucking, Gloria: Thank you, thank you and I’ll sneak over tomorrow at lunch to munch some brunch.

Gloria was watching television with her husband, who had as usual barely gotten home in time for dinner. She responded: Sounds perfect. I could use a healthy lunch munch.

Mary giggled to herself; even though her period was due tomorrow, although usually it didn’t come until the evening… hopefully she could come before that happened.

Mary realized Gloria hadn’t given her the story she’d mentioned earlier in the day about losing her virginity to her grandmother, but she decided she’d wait for Gloria to remember.

So deciding to do some recon, she googled ‘How to seduce a straight girl into a lesbian’ and found lots of sites.

The first was ‘How to Seduce a Straight Girl in 6 Easy Steps’ by Svetlana Ivanova, and she clicked on it. She wasn’t even a couple sentences in before there was a kaçak casino link to a study from late 2015 by the University of Essex that made the astonishing claim that 100% of women are attracted to other women. The University’s website stated, “When it comes to what turns them on, women are either bisexual or gay, but never straight.”

A closer read questioned some of that data, but it did become obvious that regarding sexuality, women are noticeably more fluid than men. In other words, women find same-sex interactions more natural than men, and they’re less ashamed of them. Even though men tend to have more frequent same sex encounters than women, they keep them a secret or are ashamed of them more often.

Mary pondered the research.

At first (was that only a week ago?) she’d felt some shame for her sinful ways, but now she too thought of her adventures as a natural progression of her sexuality.

Another link brought her to some facts about women and porn.

According to pornhub results from 2017, women’s favourites were:

1. Lesbians

2. Lesbians scissoring

3. Threesomes

The number one search on google by women was cheerleaders, which was fascinating and had her thinking of the cheerleaders at her school, and how they were near the top of her list for converting… partly because they were so pretty, partly because they were bitchy and thus desperately in need of saving, and partly because there was a great need in her school to overturn the social hierarchy.

The most intriguing of all the surveys compared women to men… where women sought out pussy licking 393% more than men, lesbian encounters 197% more, gangbangs 130%, and double penetration 129%.

Equally curious was that women liked to search for other activities like ebony/interracial, big dick, teens, younger dominating older, and hentai.

Mary did some google searches to learn the meanings of:

Gangbang (yes, she still was that naïve), and she gasped when she read what it was, and then clicked on some images to confirm that it was what she thought it was.

Double penetration, which was also shocking, since she’d never considered the anal passage might be used for anything but its eliminatory purpose, and she couldn’t fathom how that could even be pleasurable. (Mary made a mental note to ask Mistress Gloria about the purpose of anal sex: could it conceivably be pleasurable, or was the attraction simply that it was so dirty?)

Hentai, which although she knew what it was, she was shocked to see how many Asian graphic pornographic stories existed.

Younger dominates older (which seemed self-explanatory), but after a fair amount of research, she discovered that many women in their thirties and older have a major fantasy of being seduced by younger, prettier girls (most common amongst teachers, housewives and women in positions of power). This intrigued Mary extensively, as she found the idea of doing Mrs. Walker and her own mother really exciting.

Finally Mary, now horny, returned to the original purpose of her research of figuring out how to seduce her best friend Tiffany.

The Ivanova article asked:

Are you a lesbian with a crush on a straight girl?

Mary wasn’t sure whether she was a complete lesbian since she wasn’t repulsed by all boys, just mainly the self-centered ones, but she definitely now liked girls better than boys.

Step 1: Don’t tell her you’re a lesbian right away.

This made sense to Mary. It wasn’t like she could just announce to her best friend she was suddenly a lesbian. That said, she had no idea how to even start a gentle foray.

Step 2: First become her friend.

Mary smiled… well that’s done. Until this crazy secret she’d discovered and this new world she’d become part of, she and Tiffany hadn’t ever kept any secrets from each other since they were small children. And truth be told, it was bothering her more than a bit that she couldn’t tell Tiffany everything that had transpired of late. As she reflected on this new territory, she realized it had felt uncomfortable that she hadn’t had anyone she could share this great life-changing revelation with. Hopefully she’d be able to address that lack, and soon.

Step 3: Plan some fun activities you can do together.

This too would be easy for Mary. They often did things together… although they tended to be school-based, whether they were at school together, or doing school projects, or studying. Mary would need to find a way to help Tiffany let loose, although she wasn’t yet sure how.

Step 4: Feel her out.

Finally some advice that might help, Mary thought with a giggle as she extrapolated the first line into, ‘Feel her out before you feel her up’.

The recommendations here made sense.

a) Give her compliments about her beauty.

b) If that goes well, start making them a little more sexual.

c) Touch her more, not inappropriately but slyly. This will, in many cases, trigger her curiosity, as your touches will likely stimulate her inner feelings and she’ll want more. Remember that touch can be a stimulant to pleasure.

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