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Jen walked wearily across the playing fields. On this, like so many Sunday afternoons, sunny, but chilly: she was bored and felling how pointless everything had become.

Jen was tall, just shy of 6 foot tall. In fact she was shy in every way, a loner, her only company the cold friendship at her local church. She was 28, and felt attracted to women, but had never had a girlfriend, and few boyfriends for that matter. With long auburn hair, and a cute face this was surprising, but hey there are lots of people out there, on the edge of the pool. With firm strong breasts, and to her mind a big waist and bum, to everyone else Jen was very attractive. She loved lesbian porn, but it also made her sadder and sadder that she had not felt the warmth of another woman’s body. She knew what to do, but could never seem to create opportunities, or seize any fate offered.

Wandering aimlessly, humming an old pop song to try to stay cheerful, she saw a soccer match in the distance. Curious, she walked to the touchline and watched, with a small smattering of other people, like her with very little interest. It was a women’s football match, and Jen found it very dull.

But then, she saw her. A foot shorter than Jen, she had light ginger hair, freckled face, and such a cute, doll like appearance. Jen found herself smiling, and looking only at this little beauty. She had such a look of concentration, yet with a twinkle of humor and fun. She ran with tremendous energy and enthusiasm, but never seemed to touch the ball.

With increasing interest Jen studied the girl’s body in the football shirt, shorts, and comical knee length socks. This new centre of Jen’s attention had small, but bold neat breasts, slightly tubby legs and waist, and the most sweet, inviting arse on this planet. Jen felt her face redden, and a moisture in her panties.

Suddenly the ginger haired beauty managed to kick the ball, Jen applauded wildly. The girl looked at Jen, waved and gave a smile that arrowed straight to the watching girl’s heart. This was her, everything Jean had ever dreamt of, right there casino siteleri in front of her, playing football very badly.

To her horror Jen found herself coloring red, even more, in the face; like a love sick schoolgirl. She had an urge to run away, but a stronger urge to stay : she watched the object of her desire intently, oblivious to the match and how badly her ginger haired heroine played.

When the final whistle blew, Jen was torn, partly wanting to run, and yet desperate to speak to this fantastic girl. She froze, rigid with nerves, the ginger haired beauty was walking towards her:

“Hi, I ‘m Amber, well name and colour.” The footballer laughed, and a smile lit up her face. What a smile, it lit up Jen’s soul! With her legs shaking, Jen held out her hand. The women shook hands as Jen mumbled a high pitched “Hi”

Then Amber suddenly hugged Jen, they felt so perfect together. She took the dazed taller woman to the club bar. Amber said to Jen stay there, at a table till I get showered and changed: joking that she would smell better on her return. Well the smell of Amber’s sweat was so amazing to Jen, what could be better?

After minutes of reverie, Jen saw Amber return, a white T shirt hugging her, her nipples showing in the equally white bra beneath. She also wore faded torn jeans, not normally Jen’s taste, but this girl could wear a sack and make Jen wet and hot for her. Resisting the temptation to howl, Jen shot the footballing beauty her best seductive smile. Amber’s face coloured, which pleased Jen so much, not out of nastiness, just reassurance that there was crackling, heady mutual attraction.

Their conversation became relaxed, suggestive, funny and fun. Amber smiled quite coquettishly:

“Would you like to come home to my place for tea,” and again coloured in such a lovely way.

“Oh yes, Amber, I am coming back to your place for …. Teeea.” Both knowing this meant when they got through the door, they wanted to rip each others’ clothes off and have each other in the porch. Well that was not quite what happened. They got canlı casino to the kitchen, then the lounge and drank wine rather than tea.

“Come here, Jen. I need you to hug me please.” It was a hoarse whisper from Amber. Jen sat beside her love and hugged her long and lovingly. She heard a little sob from Amber,

“You Ok?”

“When I saw you clap, even before I just knew we were meant for each other: But I was so scared I would mess it up. Tried to be cool, but I did not feel cool, I wanted you so bad.”

Jen kissed the tears, shared the salty taste with her lover.

“I was afraid of messing it up, but it seems Sappho has determined we will be together, Thanks with all my heart to her.”

“It is strange, Amber I am a Christian and yet I worship Sappho in many ways. The love she expressed, so pure.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” laughed Amber. “In the meantime there are too many clothes being worn in here.”

They fumbled and giggled, but managed to help each other to fully undress. Jen saw Amber’s body with wonder, a light orange glow in the skin, freckles aplenty and breasts, not large but firm. Nipples pointing at her, imploring to be sucked.

Jean felt good that her breasts stood out strongly for Amber’s rapt gaze, proud of her long legs and firm neat bum, as she turned coquettishly for Amber to see fully. Even prouder of her shaved pussy, neat, but damp too! Amber was fantastic, thought Jen, she didn’t want to look better than her, she loved her too much for that: but did certainly not want to look a frump beside her.

Jen noticed a neat lovely triangle of orange hair above Amber’s sweet little pussy. Now she felt tears in her own eyes. She is perfect to me, thought Jen.

“Come,” Amber suddenly said, gently took Jen’s hand and led her to the bedroom. They jumped on the king sized bed, laughing, sighing groaning, holding so tight. Both said how they had been wet and desperate for this since that first encounter at the football match. How they had both been terrified it would not happen.

Jen decided to be strong kaçak casino with this cheeky, wonderful teaser she loved so much: Pushing the ginger hared girl down onto her back on the bed, Jean clamped her lips to her lover.

They kissed frantically, Jean marveled at the softness, the warmth of the girl. Her heart was bursting with pure love, her loins soaking with pure lust.

Licking avidly she went down, circled each nipple in turn, smiled as she saw the amber glow even there, and pleasured them. Amber’s sighs, groans and entreaties of “Yes, Yes” thrilled her.

Further down Jen trailed with her tongue, teasing the belly button of her lover, smiling at the giggles that she caused. Jen licked and gently nipped the inner thighs of her ginger glowing lover. Then round her wet, sweet smelling cunt, the tongue teased and pleased. Then she was licking at the emerging, hard clit, the licking growing harder, more urgent, two fingers entering the sopping slit of her lover. Now Amber gasped, groaned, begged to be frigged and licked. Jen responded with manic vigour, feeling Amber stiffen, groan in the depths of her soul, and the sweet honey gush out into the safety of Jen’s mouth and lips.

Amber made love to Jen then, and it felt to the taller woman like a swarm of butterflies pleased every nerve. Jen clawed her way to a desperate, but ultimately blissful orgasm

Church of Coldness

Amber had been so right, warning that Jen’s church would not welcome them. With dizzy courage Jen had told people that she and Amber were now a partnership, soon to be married in a civil ceremony. They were met with biscuits and silence. The Church could no longer voice its’ disapproval, but there are many ways to communicate love, and sadly the lack of it.

In the middle of the rambling, self-satisfied sermon, the two women just knew. With one movement they held hands and walked down the aisle to the rear door.

The vicar, doing a bad impression of Cliff Richard, suddenly stopped his droan.

“Why not stay? Jesus can change you ladies.”

Jen turned, still holding Amber’s trembling hand. Squeezing that hand she said to Amber:

“It’s OK, Baby.”

Then to the vicar:

“Jesus was there at the football match when I first met Amber, but he left here a long time ago.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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