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Barbara Clausen stepped from her car and handed the keys to the valet. He took them and handed her a receipt. Giving the young man a smile, she headed for the glass doors leading into the restaurant side of the sprawling building. She saw her image reflected in the glass. She also saw the young man pausing before getting into her car to park it. He was watching her with a bit of admiration on his face.

Well, it was nice to be admired. Barbara was 56 years old but had stayed in good shape, working out and watching her diet. In fact, she was in better shape now than she had been for years, ever since her girlfriend Lee had convinced her to join a gym now that the two of them led a life that was not so regimented. She couldn’t resist adding a bit of extra sway to her walk as her heels clicked over the concrete. She grinned to herself as the valet finally tore his eyes from her legs and bottom and climbed into her car.

The doorman pulled open the right hand glass panel and smiled at her. Barb returned the silent greeting and seemed to surprise him by calling him by name. Once inside, she turned and walked quickly down the hallway to where the maitre-d’ stood watch.

“Hello, Barbara. Nice to have you in the house tonight.” The tall middle-aged man carefully marked off a line on his seating chart. He took her elbow and led her towards a booth in the corner.

“Its nice to be here Jason.” Barb patted her old friend’s hand where it rested on her arm.

“Miss Lee called and asked me to tell you she would be a few minutes late. She promised you would have to wait no longer than it will take for a single drink, which I ordered as soon as I saw your car pull in the parking lot.”

“You are amazing, Jason,” Barb kissed him on the cheek as she slid into the curved booth.

“Yes, I know,” replied Jason Kentrick, a twinkle lighting his eyes. He took the glass a waitress brought from the bar and handed it to her. “Happy Birthday, Barbara.”

Barb leaned back and sipped her drink appreciatively. Her eyes followed Jason as he returned to his station by the door. He had always been a friend. Her ex-husband and she had not only come here for years when they wanted a special night out, but Barb and Jason’s wife Daphne had sat on several different school and community boards together and were fast friends. In fact, the four of them had gone out a number of times over the years.

When her marriage to Grady finally crumbled, the foursome had fallen apart, but somehow they had managed to juggle the conflicts and remain friends. In fact, it was through Jason and Daphne’s efforts that she and her ex had come to an understanding of each other. A better understanding in fact then they had the last few years of their marriage.

Barb had not cared for pretty much anyone’s opinion concerning her relationship with Lee, but she had worried about losing the Kentricks. She found her fears were groundless. A number of old acquaintances and apparently not-as-close-as-she-thought people had turned their backs when she became publicly involved with another woman, but the ones she cared about the most, her dearest friends and her children, had never wavered in their support of her.

In fact, she had been rather astounded at how easily her daughter had accepted her new status. She had simply kissed her mother and said “Whatever makes you happy.”

Her son had been a bit more curious. “Mother, I know that you and Dad had really parted long before the divorce. Sara and I were glad it was amicable, that you two had made peace with each other, and we didn’t go through all the yelling and shouting that some of my friends tell me their parents did. Of course we would have liked for you to stay together, but the older we got, and yes we discussed it, the more we knew that wasn’t going to happen. I really do want to know one thing though.”

She had told him to ask whatever he wanted and he had continued. “If I’m not being too nosey, when did you become a lesbian? Was it sudden? Or did you have feelings for other women before you became involved with Lee?”

“Oh my,” she replied. “Billy, I’m not a lesbian. Your father and I enjoyed a robust sex life up till we started to drift apart and I still find men appealing.” She groped for the words to express aloud the debate she had had with herself and the what she had decided. “If I had met a guy who made me in feel the same as Lee does, I would have had no problems being with him. but I met her instead. Its not her sex, sweetheart, its the person that she is. She makes me so very happy.”

Her son hugged her. “I’m happy too then Mom.”

Of course it wasn’t actually that simple. Billy had continued to be confused and a bit dismayed but he had publically thrown his support behind her. That had meant a lot to her. casino siteleri

She settled comfortably against the cool leather and crossed her legs. She was tempted to look at her watch but decided not to do so. If Lee said she would be here soon then she would be.

Absorbed as she was in her thoughts, she didn’t even see anyone approaching until a hand was waved in front of her face. Startled, she looked up and into the quietly laughing face of her girlfriend.

“You were a million miles away.”

“I know.” Barb replied. “Good place though.” She looked over her lover and smiled in appreciation. “Don’t you look lovely. You’ve changed clothes since lunchtime.”

Lee spun around. Usually the younger woman dressed casually whenever possible, although her clothes were always suitable for their two woman law office. Now she was wearing a dark blue skirt and a cream colored blouse. Sheer nude pantyhose and matching heels completed her ensemble.

“Thanks, but I had to do something to match this spot, and you. You still look as gorgeous now as you did this morning.”

Lee remained standing and Barb looked at her with puzzlement. “What is it Lee?”

In response, the young woman waved her arm. “I have someone I want you to meet.” Another young woman, possibly a year or two junior to Lee, walked over quickly, a shy smile on her face.

“This is my friend, Denise. I bumped into her this afternoon and invited her to join us for supper. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, Lee.” Barbara smiled, hoping the expression wasn’t strained. She had hoped for a bit of a romantic dinner with Lee, but would never begrudge her young lover a visit with a friend. And certainly she would never do anything to make a friend of Lee’s feel uncomfortable. “Please Denise, sit down. Would you like a drink?”

The visitor slid into the booth on Barb’s left hand side, even as Lee slipped in on the right side, putting barb between the two of them. Jason took their orders and brought chilled champagne to the table with his compliments. The three women enjoyed a wonderful meal. Declining dessert, regretfully in Barb’s case as the chocolate cake here was nearly sinful in its richness but guaranteed to add an inch to her waistline. The threesome settled back with another bottle of wine and talked.

The conversation was as bubbly as the champagne. Denise was full of fun and related several amusing anecdotes about Lee. Barb was familiar with one or two, but a couple of the stories were new to her. She was enjoying herself much more than she had thought she would.

Lee leaned forward, pointing at Denise with the index finger of her right hand. Barb nearly jumped as her partner’s left hand settled on her knee and began to work its way up under the hem of her skirt. Not by even a sideways glance did Lee give away what she was doing. A smile crossed her lips as the searching fingertips found the top of Barb’s stocking and slid around the smooth skin they found there.

The conversation continued, with Barb making a valiant effort to continue to contribute. It was nearly impossible for her to pay much attention to anything but what was going on under the table. She squirmed under the gentle assault. The insistent pressure of Lee’s hand made her uncross her legs and lift her hips for a moment, which allowed Lee to push Barb’s skirt up nearly around her waist.

In her state of arousal, Barb’s heightened senses caught a slight sound, as though someone had dropped something under the table. Then she heard the rasp of nylon brushing together. A part of her mind that was able to consider anything except the touch of Lee’s fingers on her thigh made a note that Denise must have crossed her legs.

A moment later the source of the sound was revealed when a the side of a foot contacted her leg. Barb barely smothered a gasp as she realized that Denise must have taken her shoe off and was now rubbing her foot up and down against the side of Barb’s calf. She looked left at Denise, her mouth open in surprise, then jerked her gaze back to Lee as she heard a throaty chuckle from her girlfriend.

Except for that, the two young women continued their conversation as though nothing was going on under the table. Lee slid her hand all the way up Barb’s thigh to press her fingers against the black satin panties the older women was wearing. Barb’s legs parted, almost involuntarily. Denise slid closer and draped her leg over Barb’s, rubbing up and down. The crackle created by the young woman’s pantyhose hose leg scratching against Barb’s stocking seemed to have an electric effect on the middle-aged lawyer.

It was clear to Barb that this was a set-up. Both Lee and Denise continued to carry on a light hearted conversation, occasionally asking for her opinion or thoughts. canlı casino At the same time, both girls continued their near ravishing of Barb. Hidden by the table cloth, the two young women teased Barb until she thought she was going to explode.

Lee, knowing her partner intimately, stopped just before Barb went over the edge. Some signal passed between her and Denise, who suddenly announced she needed to go to the Ladies’ Room. Lee accompanied her, pausing to pay the bill and hug Jason for his thoughtfulness. The two young women returned, having given barb just enough time to pull herself together, and smooth her skirt back down.

“Ready?” asked Lee brightly.

Barb managed a shaky nod and stood up. The other two women flanked her, still chatting lightly as they guided Barb from the dining room. However, instead of heading for the parking lot, the trio turned into the hotel proper. Barb, still almost in shock and more than a little turned on, made no protest, going along with the girls as they walked to hotel elevator and took a car to the top floor. Lee produced a key, opening a door into a corner suite.

The moment the door closed, the two women were all over Barb. Lee kissed her, a long deep lingering kiss, then Denise followed with another mind-blowing tongue swab of her throat. Then the two younger women began to kiss in front of Barb, their hands moving over each other’s young bodies. Barb’s already rising excitement threatened to make her dizzy as she watched her partner kiss another woman. Then the pair turned their attention back to her, moving to either side of her and showering her face with kisses even as they began to strip her clothing from her.

Barb’s eyes closed and her head tipped back. It seemed there had to be more than four hands on her. Her blouse was gone and the front clasp of her bra was unhooked, spilling her breasts. A hungry mouth fastened on her left breast and another one on the other soft orb. The sound of a zipper being pulled down reached her ears, was immediately followed by her skirt falling down her legs.

The pressure on her right breast eased for a moment as Lee gave Denise instructions. “Take her panties off, but I think that garter belt and the stockings should stay. They frame her very nicely, especially her bottom.” A soft giggle followed. “No snacking when you’re down there.”

Barb felt her panties slide down her legs. She stepped out of her heels. In response to the pressure of hands she assumed were Denise’s, she raised one foot, allowing the black satin to be freed, before balancing on that foot and raising the other. Those same hands caressed her ankles, then slid up her legs. Barb’s eyes opened wide as a tongue licked at her ankle and then followed the touch of the hand tracing the curves of her left leg.

“Hey!” protested Lee, who looked down at Denise, even as her mouth continued to at least partially hold Barb’s breast, Pausing to tap the hard nipple back and forth, the para-legal continued. “I asked you to do something else to her down there besides tongue lash her.” In spite of her words, she laughed as she saw Denise draw back her face from between Barb’s thighs.

“I didn’t do anything THERE. Yet.” the third woman mischievously replied. “But I need to get ready.” She rose, shedding her clothing as she did. Before Barb could inquire what “get ready” might mean, Lee kissed her again and then whispered in her ear.

“Put your heels back on,” commanded Lee softly. When the older woman had complied, her young lover continued. “I want you on the bed. On your hands and knees darling, those sexy legs poking off the bed. I want you to face me, so you can watch how I react to what is going to happen to you.”

Barb, her mouth so dry she could only nod her agreement, followed Lee’s directions. The younger woman stood back several feet from the bed. Still almost fully dressed, Lee was flushed and the top buttons of her blouse were undone. Her gaze flicked back and forth from Barb to Denise, now invisible to the older woman.

“Denise is finishing undressing my love. She has lovely breasts, although not as full and lush as are yours. She’s stepping out of her skirt now. All she has on now is a pair of sheer pantyhose and her own heels. Denise, please step up behind Barbara and let her feel you.”

Barb tensed as she sensed the nearness of the third girl. Then she felt the cool smoothness of Denise’s pantyhose rub against her. The younger woman leaned over her, and Barb felt two warm breasts tipped with two hard points against her back. Denise stretched out on top of her and darted her tongue tip into Barb’s ear.

“Can you feel me Barbara? Feel my hips pressing against you. Feel my dampness seeping through the nylon as I gently rub myself against your pussy and up against your lovely kaçak casino rounded ass. Can you feel my heat? My juices are already trickling from me along your cleft and down to mingle with yours. Do you feel it?

Barb could do nothing but moan. Then Denise’s body was gone. She looked up at Lee.

“Ah, you wonder where she went, didn’t you darling? She’s right there. Listen! Can you hear something? Something like snaps being fastened. She’s donning a leather harness. Now she’s settling the dildo in place. Its very sexy Barb, her strapon jutting from her. Its your birthday, but we are about to have one of my fantasies fulfilled. She’s going to fuck you and I’m going to watch.” With that, Lee slid her right hand inside her blouse. Straining her eyes, Barb could catch a glimpse of her lover’s pink nipple and the fingers closing around it. Then Denise was back.

Two small hands stroked the curves of her ass, adjusting her position. Barb’s arms gave way, her chin resting on a pillow and her face still turned towards Lee. She felt the head to the strappie touch her, brush against her incredibly wet pussy. Denise took the latex shaft in hand and began to rub that head against her opening. Barb lifted her hips and spread her legs. There was a moment that her body tightened as Denise pressed forward, then her resistance gave way and the girlcock slid deep inside her.

“Oh GOD,” whispered Barb.

“She’s in you, isn’t she,” breathed Lee. “I can see her right up against you. Her hands are gripping your hips. And now I see her start to move. A little, just a little at first it seems. Now a bit more. I see her hands tightening, holding you steady. Her eyes are closed Barbara, but I can see her face. She’s loving it, loving fucking you. Oh, she’s moving faster now, her athletic body beginning to drive against you. Does it feel as good as it looks darling?”

Barb’s body was moving in time to Denise’s. Every movement that Lee described was followed by a corresponding action by Denise. Lee’s friend had settled into a steady rhythm, not too hard, not too soft. Just steady long firm strokes of her hips that drove the cock into Barb and drew it back for the next stroke.

“Oh GODDDD,” repeated the woman on the bed. Her arms braced herself again, her hands gripping the sheet. She fastened her eyes on her lover. Lee’s blouse was open now, her bra pushed under her firm breasts. Her thumb and forefinger were closed over one nipple. her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her legs were spread. There was no sign of panties under her pantyhose. One finger of her other hand was already pressed against her shaved pussy. Lee’s eyes remained locked on Barb, taking in Denise’s actions.

“Oh yes,” the young woman crooned as she added a second finger. “So hot. I’ve always wanted to see someone else take you like that.” She moved closer. “Is she good Denise?”

“She’s very good,” gasped the third member of the party. “I can feel her pushing back, Can you hear the slapping of my mound and the leather straps hitting her ass?”

“Yes, I can.” Lee’s eyes were alit with her desire. “I love you fucking my girlfriend. My sweet sexy older lover. Are you going to make her come?”

“Yes, but not too soon.” Denise was feeding the latex cock to Barbara in long slow strokes. “Why don’t you let her eat you while I fuck her?”

“Oh,” chuckled Lee, “This is too much fun.” The young woman moved right in front of her lover’s face. She dropped her own skirt and shrugged out of her blouse. Tantalizingly close to Barb’s face, she spread her legs and rubber herself, pressing her pantyhose into her cleanly shaved slit. Barb nearly whined as Lee remained just out of reach. She could scent her young lover’s arousal and strained to reach her.

Denise began to speed up. Lee,” she gasped. “I’m fucking your Barbara. I’m taking her. So deep. I can feel the shaft hitting deep inside her.” The young woman’s hips were blurring now, as she frantically plunged the strapon in and out of the matted curls. Her back arched, her hands gripping Barb’s ass until the knuckles turned white. She cried out.

Barb closed her eyes as her body trembled and tensed. As though that was a signal, Lee took a last step, grasped the back of her older lover’s head and pressed her face between her legs, humping wildly. Barb’s outcry as her body sought its release was drowned as Lee’s pussy, her juices dripping through the soaked nylon of her pantyhose, ground against her open mouth. Denise gave one last convulsive heave and buried the dildo all the way into Barb. All three women came together in a rush of spasms and mingled cries and shaking bodies before collapsing into a tangle d pile.

Eventually Barb managed to crawl up the bed and lay down on her back. Lee snuggled against her, resting her head on her lover’s shoulder. Denise did the same on the other side.

Lee looked at her life partner and winked before stretching to place a soft sweet kiss on Barb’s mouth.

“Happy Birthday.”

(The End)

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