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Cherry had another match after her win over Bertha, and for some reason it was against another heavy weight. Action Toni LeToure, or ATL for short, was a black woman nearly six feet tall, tipping the scales at 310 pounds. Her girth suited her form though as she was strong as she was heavy, with enormous 46 G breasts that tented the front of her mesh one piece with a purple bikini on underneath-she was not a fan favorite. Her purple boots and knee pads matched the swimsuit she wore under her mesh body stocking, though the crowd averted their gaze from the dark rolls of her body. Her hair was up in a nappy Macy Gray kinda look; she wore black fingerless gloves, more like somethin bikers would wear than traditional UFC gloves. Of course I loved her immediately as she called the crowd a bunch of horny perverts who still lived in their mother’s basement-I love heels.

Cherry came out to that same garbled pop techno-ish music that I couldn’t identify, though she was dressed more demurely. She came out with a cheerleader outfit on, a red halter top that revealed her bare, toned midriff, but scarcely contained her big DD’s. She had a short white skirt that revealed a white thong underneath as she skipped to the ring, waving her sparkly white and silver pom-poms at the crowd. She got up on the ring apron and turned her ass to the crowd, shaking it to the beat of the song. When she turned around to shake her tits, ATL grabbed Cherry from behind by a fistful of her long, blonde hair. She bent Cherry’s head back over the top rope so she was staring up at the ceiling; the teen’s face tensed in pain, and ATL slammed an elbow point into Cherry’s face. The blonde fell to the cement floor, blood trickling down from her nose and the ref, a short dark skinned greek man in a white button up shirt and black casino siteleri slacks, rang for the bell as ATL exited the ring by the steps.

Cherry was sitting up, wiping the blood away with the back of her hand, her pom poms now discarded on the floor, as ATL came at her from behind with a boot to the back of the head. Cherry flopped forward and I thought she was out until she started rolling around a little, trying to get up. ATL picked Cherry up by her hair and rammed her face into the metal guard rail. Cherry slumped to one knee, the dull thud echoed in the air; I’m sure her head ached so bad she was probably seeing stars. Toni picked Cherry up like for a body slam but instead ran the white girl, back first, into the steel ringpost. She dropped Cherry on the concrete, my niece’s pretty face contorted in a mask of pain as it looked like she’d been bent in half.

ATL dropped Cherry on the cold concrete floor and walked off. I was Cherry might’ve been paralyzed for a moment, she told me later she’d been unable to feel anything below her waist until she realized she was just in incredible pain. Slowly she felt the pins and needles; wiggling her toes in the white sneakers she wore to complete the cheesy cheerleader outfit that creep Vinny who sponsored her had left in her locker. She was cursing the stunted slime as she pulled herself to her feet using the apron, hugging the pole that had done a number on her back for support, when she saw the overhead lights reflect on something metal and she dropped to her knees on reflex. Cherry heard a hollow “clang” and looked up to see Toni wielding a steel chair, slamming it right where her own head had just been. Cherry shot a vicious uppercut right between the black woman’s thick thighs, slamming home right on ATL’s meaty pussy. She staggered canlı casino back, swearing, and holding her crotch. Cherry grabbed ATL by her tracts and ran her chubby face into the steel ringpost on the far side of the ring. The impact gave a light “dong” noise and the big black woman staggered but leaned up against the post, supporting herself.

Cherry saw her only opportunity and ran back, getting a head a steam, charging at ATL from behind a delivered The Blonde Kick, her big flipping dropkick, to the rolls on the back of ATL’s neck. The big woman’s head smacked against the pole again but she was still leaning against the post, only she looked practically knocked out; unconscious on her feet.

Cherry got on the other side, grabbed both of ATL’s thick wrists, tugging her rotund opponent like she intended to pull the black bitch through the post itself. As she reared back, both of ATL’s big G cup tits were wrapping around the post. This seemed to be just what Cherry wanted as she put one foot up on Toni’s enormous left breast, steadied herself and pushed back, planting both sneakers on the big tit as she figure-four scissored the right arm of ATL that was trapped between the post and the ring.

Cherry’s sneakers were digging into the heavy black breast, squashing it against the ringpost as she yanked the woman’s arm, threatening to dislocate it. ATL flailed like she was on fire, swatting at Cherry’s hands with her free meaty left paw but she couldn’t break the blonde’s grip and when it felt like her arm was going to tear right off her completely, she screamed up at the referee, “I quit! I quit! Get her off!”

The ref rang the bell and Cherry, almost reluctantly, let go of Action Toni and raised her arm as the ref leaned through the rope to help lift it, while kaçak casino the ring announcer proclaimed Cherry the winner of the no holds barred I Quit match. ATL fell back onto the floor after my niece let her go, clutching her shoulder as Cherry, almost happily, skipped over to pick up the folding chair and unfolded it, placing the bars that connect between the legs across ATL’s throat. The black woman was lying on the floor, holding her arm; her breath caught in her throat when Cherry sat down on the chair.

“Who’s the best now,” the blonde hissed, staring into the black woman’s beady eyes.

She grunted a reply. Cherry leaned the chair forward, cutting off the black woman’s oxygen.

“What was that,” Cherry spoke louder, so the front two rows could clearly hear her.

“You’re the best!” ATL shouted through a wheezing breath.

Cherry got up and ATL took in big gulps of air, holding her throat now; wheezing like she had asthma or something. Cherry placed the chair down a foot behind ATL’s head; she sat on it and reached under her skirt to *slooooowwwwwlyyy* pull off her white thong, tossing it to some lucky douchebag in the crowd. She left the skirt on and turned, facing the chair, and the audience-unfortunately I was in the row on the other side so I had to look up at the big digital screen to see what was going on.

Cherry lowered herself onto ATL’s face, the black woman’s head completely obscured under Cherry’s cheerleader skirt. She just hovered over ATL for a minute until she moaned out a series of small shrieking orgasms then completely dropped down and really rode the black woman’s face, using the chair for a balance.

Cherry looked like she almost passed out from the orgasm but caught herself on the edge of the chair, got up and waved to the fans before exiting to the backstage. ATL got up slow, everyone boo’ing or laughing; the black woman’s face was drenched in sweat and Cherry’s juices. I could tell by the look in her eyes my niece just made a powerful enemy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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