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Continues the story of ‘Cathy’. I don’t really think the characters and plot make sense unless you have read the first part. I really welcome feedback and suggestions; and voting, of course.

Sitting on the train, Cathy tried to ignore her worries about the future. She was happy, gloriously happy, to dwell on the past. How David, tall, dark handsome David, her friend… now her lover, had fulfilled her fantasies. Her wildest dreams had not prepared her for the sensual pleasure of making love for the first time. After six months of waiting and hoping, her ‘big brother’ had been so understanding, not laughing at her stupidity and lack of experience. She wished that every girl could find someone as sensitive and passionate to lead them to womanhood.

She wanted to relive every moment; from the first tentative touch in the bar to the final time his seed erupted into her depths, before they fell asleep.

Then she remembered the aching loss when he had not been there in the morning. The enigmatic note that said everything and nothing; gave her hope and despair.

“What happens now?” thought the tall, dark haired girl as she stretched her long, slender legs in front of her train seat. “Do I just go into the office and carry on as before, pretend nothing has happened?”

She knew it was impossible. It’s a bit difficult keeping the same relationship with one of your bosses when, the night before, he had his face between your naked thighs, licking your pussy, and had fucked you three times. That sort of changes life pretty fundamentally, whether you like it or not.

She promised herself that next time, if there were to be a next time, she wouldn’t be such a silly goose; so, so virginal. These hang-ups about being watched undressing, having her breasts and pussy displayed, were stupid. It must be the result of her strict upbringing. Her domineering mother, with her puritanical values, who seemed to think that sex was a mortal sin unless it was for procreation. That flesh should never be on display. Hell, it was a wonder she hadn’t spent her adolescence in a burqa.

Even though the embarrassment, the humiliation, had aroused her powerfully, it must stop. Yes, next time she would force herself to be more composed; be more dominant…if David wanted there to be a next time. If she still had a job!

What David’s attitude to her would be, she couldn’t guess. Perhaps he would be embarrassed and want to forget anything happened, just a silly mistake brought on by too much wine. Yes, that was probably right. Hot tears welled in her eyes as she envisaged the scene. He would be polite and kind, he always was, but firm.

“Look, Cathy, about last night. I know it was very good and we both wanted it but, you do realise, in my, our position, it’s just not on. A married partner can’t have office affairs so there can’t ever be a repeat. You do understand, don’t you?”

Oh, she forgot!

“… but you know I’ll still respect you.”

She didn’t want to think about it. She’d much rather hold on to the memory of how her vagina had gripped him as he slid his hard penis in her virgin sheath. The wonderful sensations as he rode her faster and faster until she had exploded in glorious, shattering orgasm.

“God, I feel good,” she thought, “This sex thing is better than vitamin pills. Why did I wait so long?”

The hot damp spot in her crotch cried out for attention. She looked carefully around the carriage. There was no-one sitting anywhere in sight, so she undid the side button of her short skirt and slipped her hand under the waistband.

Her hand moved into her panties, through the fine black hair of her mound, until her fingers found her engorged lips. Slipping two fingers inside her pussy, she was amazed how wet she was. All the nerve endings in her swollen sex lips tingled under the gentle ministrations of her thumb.

Eyes tightly closed, she tried to bring back the images of last night in the hotel; her excitement and erotic embarrassment. Instead, she saw herself transported back in time to the Orient. She was a newly captured harem girl, being prepared for her new wealthy owner.

She had been stripped, bathed and her whole body coated with sweet smelling oils by beautiful, dusky women in the harem. Dressed in a diaphanous white satin shift that barely reaches the tops of her thighs; she stands outside the door, nervously awaiting a summons.

The chief eunuch claps his hands and she moves forward in a daze, hands tied behind her back with silken cords. She hears the words of the harem mistress.

“Recruits from Europe are always so yielding, my Lord. This is a particularly fine specimen; a virgin, no less. I’m sure she will be satisfactory.”

Cathy manages to lift her eyes and sees David sitting on a wide leather couch in front of her. He is cloaked in voluminous rich robes, decorated with purple and gold borders. He is smiling.

“Satisfactory, you say. Mmm. Let me see for myself.”

“Of course, my liege.”

With this, Cathy feels izmir escort bayan hands at her neck and the two shoulder clasps of the flimsy gown are undone. As the wisp of satin floats to the ground, a burning crimson glow suffuses her face and neck; down to the thrust out swells of her firm breasts. Not only does her enforced nudity in front of this handsome man make her feel uncomfortable; the knowledge of the wanton spectacle she presents excites her.

Her smooth olive skin is sleek, shiny, and the black curls of her oiled pubic hair glisten in the light. The women had teased her nipples erect earlier but now they are nubs of marble, revealing her state of arousal.

The man beckons her forward and, as she has been ordered, she approaches wordlessly. Instructed to look straight ahead, she can sense hungry eyes devouring her intimacy. She sucks in her breath when hands brusquely squeeze her swollen breasts and her nipples are tweaked quite roughly.

A frisson shivers up her spine as David’s finger curls in her moist vagina, pulling on her pubic bone to draw her closer. She can feel his hot breath on her belly and tries to control the stirring in her loins. The full taut globes of her bottom are gripped and weighed as if they were ripe fruit on a market stall. She realises that is what she is; sexual merchandise.

“Turn around and spread your legs wide apart.”

The command is firm but the throaty sound of the voice seems to caress her naked flesh. She complies and goose bumps cover her body as she sees the lustful male eyes of his personal amanuensis revelling in her debasement.

“Good. Now bend forward as far as you can.”

She hesitates. This is too much. The chief eunuch is looking anxious, fearful that disobedience will cost him a beating and this makes her certain. She wants to please this man, be owned by this man, and she leans forward as far as her spread legs allow.

Already aware of the display she is making of her most secret places, the humiliation is intensified when she is forced to pull her bottom cheeks as widely apart as she can with her wrists tied. The strong smell of her arousal invades her nostrils and she realises the man must also be aware of her female scent.

The first touch of his fingers on her puffy, juice coated labia is electric. A fingernail follows, gently tracing from her vagina back through the crease in her ass. She flinches as the nail begins toying with the puckered ring of her anus; her most secret, private place.

Completely mortified, she pleads silently, “Not there, oh God, please not there.”

The fingers continue their devilish exploration and she suddenly realises she is being masturbated for someone else’s pleasure with other people watching her debasement. Her gasps and moans, her shivers and the pulsing of her vagina were being drawn from her to excite the man who was playing her body like a virtuoso. The fantasy receded as Cathy felt the heat growing between her legs while she massaged the walls of her vagina. Her thumb sought her clitoris and she started to shake as she rubbed the swollen nub. She closed her eyes, picturing the handsome, dark haired man who had taken her virginity. She remembered the wonderful new feeling of fullness when his hard cock had been deep in her pussy. Desperate for release, she worked her clitoris harder and harder until she groaned as strong waves of orgasm flooded her body and she slumped back in her seat, gasping.

“Are you all right, madam?”

Cathy nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of the voice.

Looking up like a rabbit caught in a headlight, she went scarlet with embarrassment seeing the young, uniformed man standing beside her in the aisle, his hands on the coffee trolley.

“It’s just, you seemed to be in some distress. Can I help you at all?”

Mortified, her face burning and her hand still in her juice filled panties, she could only mutter, “Err, no thanks, it’s… it’s just cramp.”

How long had he been standing there? She prayed he hadn’t seen too much of her performance. Perhaps he hadn’t fully realised what she was doing. From the wide grin on his face as he moved on, Cathy was only too aware that she had made his day.

Still smarting from the humiliation on the train, she crept into the office and put her case under the desk while most people were still at lunch, glad of the chance to slip in unnoticed. She needed a couple of minutes to compose herself, before changing her sodden panties. Thank goodness it was Friday and she could soon escape to the quiet sanctuary of her apartment for the weekend.

“Hi Cathy, didn’t notice you were back.”

Swivelling on her chair, she saw Karen, one of the partners and an attractive redhead, walking towards her.

“It’s been terrible. Clifford and I have been completely lost without you. And I couldn’t find anyone to stand in for you as my squash buddy on Thursday.”

Although Karen was a good friend, Cathy couldn’t face a conversation just then. The sight of the well escort izmir dressed, attractive woman made her more uncomfortable and ashamed about the sticky mess between her thighs.

Karen would never be caught masturbating on a train or have to sit in the office in damp panties, she knew. She was much too classy. Cathy had always been envious of her boss’s natural elegance and stylish clothes sense. As she’d often seen in the sports changing room, even Karen’s underwear was refined and sexy; a far cry from Cathy’s simple bras and panties. How she wished she had the courage to be bolder.

“How was the course, did you meet any interesting people?”

“The course was really first rate, Karen, I learnt a lot. More than you could say for most of the people though, boring as hell mainly.”

“Oh well, if you will mix with stuffy legal types. Anyway, I thought David was down there yesterday? He’s not boring, surely?”

“No, no, of course not. It was a relief to have a friendly face to talk to,” said Cathy a bit too curtly.

And a friendly cock to fuck her! She hoped Karen couldn’t read the guilt on her face. A sudden image flashed through her mind; of David standing naked by her bed, his rigid penis towering over her face like a weapon. She shivered.

Karen said laughingly, “Well, I hope you were a good girl and didn’t try to seduce him, what with the two of you staying in a smart hotel together. You know how boys like to misbehave.”

Cathy felt her face flush and was completely at a loss for words. Luckily, she was rescued as the subject of their conversation appeared.

“What’s this,” said David with a cheerful grin, “Mothers’ meeting? No work to do, you pair? I thought you had to get the French draft contract off tonight Karen?”

Karen raised her light green eyes to the ceiling and smiled.

“Yes, yes, you’re right, as always! I’m really pushed, I must dash.

“Catch you later, guys,” she called over her shoulder, already on the way back to her office.

David and Cathy looked at each other, each trying to find words to say; neither seemed to want to break the silence. Finally David took a deep breath.

“Look, Cathy, about last night. I know it was –”

“Don’t say anything David; I think I know what you were going to say. There’s no need. Just leave me alone, I’ve got a heap of things to catch up on.”

Cathy was on the verge of tears. She felt sordid and abused. Sitting in her wet panties, with her debauched performance on the train etched in her mind, David was now completing her misery.

“Would you do me just one favour though. Would you give me a lift home tonight? My suitcase is a bit heavy and I don’t want to have to drag it through all the rush hour commuters.”

Clearly confused by the girl’s reaction, David was a bit hesitant.

“Yeah, yeah, of course, sure. It’ll give us a proper chance to talk.

“Oh, by the way, this time will you show me your apartment. All the times before when I’ve given you a lift, you’ve never let me see inside.”

Before the enormity of what he had said had sunk in, he was off, with just a slight touch on her shoulder that burnt into the young woman’s skin.

Cathy thought the world was going crazy. She’d just stopped him giving her the brush-off speech, hadn’t she? Or had she? If so, he wouldn’t have said what he just said, surely. But it was so peculiar! He must have been joking. He couldn’t want to see her apartment if he was desperate to draw a line under last night. No, she finally convinced herself, it was his way of letting her know that last night was a bit more than a one-night stand.

Relieved and happy, she started sorting the mass of paper that had accumulated on her desk while she was away. She could face the drudgery with a much lighter heart knowing now that David wanted to see her again. If he wanted to see her apartment, she mused, perhaps he also wanted to repeat –

Pleasant daydreams were interrupted by the feeling at the top of her thighs. She couldn’t stay in these panties any longer. She had to clean herself up and change her underwear. Then the telephone rang.


“Oh! Hi, David,” Cathy almost trilled, “What can I do for you?”

“Have you got the Maxwell file?”

“Yes, I was just updating the billing details. D’you need it?”

“Yes please, and, err, by the way, I’ve decided what your taxi ride tonight will cost you.”

David’s tone was light almost laughing, but Cathy suddenly had a premonition of danger.

“You mean you expect me to pay?” she exclaimed with shock and self-righteous indignation.

Still soft, but with a wicked chuckle, David replied instantly.

“No, no, of course not, not in that way. I just need something to remind me not to forget to pick you up; a kind of aide-memoire.”

“What?” Cathy was mystified and a bit concerned.

“I want you to take off your panties and give them to me. I’ll be waiting for you, bye.”

Cathy was speechless and the phone went dead before izmir escort she could think of a reply.

“God, he’s asking far too much,” she told herself. On any day it would be more than she could do to hand someone a pair of her clean panties, never mind worn ones. But today! After masturbating on the train, she knew what a terrible state her underwear was in. Sitting at her desk she could feel the still wet, sticky crotch. The whole idea was highly embarrassing but, the tingle between her legs told her, also terribly exciting.

Minutes passed and Cathy was panicking. She couldn’t possibly do as he asked but, if she didn’t, he’d think she didn’t want him. Perhaps she could go and appeal to him, tell him how much she cared but beg him not to force her to do this. No, she wasn’t going to plead with any man to be allowed to keep her underwear on. Anyway, it wouldn’t work, she knew in her heart. She knew him too well. He would tease her unmercifully.

Suddenly it struck her! Yes, it would still be difficult but she thought she could just about handle it. Bending under her desk, she opened her case and rummaged through her clothes. Finally she found what she was looking for, a pair of panties she’d only worn one evening that week. Examining them surreptitiously under the desk, she decided they were probably the best, or rather least worst, option.

She bunched them up in her hand under the file so no-one could see what she was carrying, then stood and walked nervously across the floor into David’s office and closed the door. Blushing furiously, she strode across to his desk and, wordlessly, placed the file on the desk and dropped the flimsy, pale blue garment on top of it.

She cringed with shame as David smiled and stared at the scrap of cotton for a moment. Then he picked it up slowly and held it to his face. Cathy wished the floor would open up and swallow her, it was so excruciating. It was all she could do to stand there and not turn and flee. Yet the heat in her loins told her she wanted this badly.

Finally, he spoke softly and tenderly.

“Thank you; I know how hard that must have been for you.”

Cathy began to breathe a sigh of relief; she was going to get away with her deception.

“Just one thing though. These don’t seem very warm. How do I know these are the panties you were wearing just now?”

“I… err…” Cathy just stared at the carpet.

“Prove it to me.”

He had beaten her, she knew it. There were only two options. The most sensible course would be to turn on her heel and flounce out, but she didn’t. Blushing but very aroused, she took the hem of her short, black skirt in both hands. She slowly raised it until it bunched at her waist, shamefully exhibiting to him, in the white frame of her garter belt, her panties.

Not waiting for him to say anything, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband and wriggled the white silk over her hips, down her legs and stepped out of the garment as gracefully as she could. He held out his hand as she picked up the damp panties and put them in his outstretched palm.

“Much better,” he sighed, holding the gusset to his face and breathing in the smell of her juices. “I certainly won’t forget to take you home now.”

Utterly shamed but utterly excited, she wanted to creep back to her desk. Cathy tried to reclaim the blue panties from the desk but David stopped her.

“Oh no, after your performance, I don’t think you can be trusted not to cheat. I’ll mind those and I’d better look after your bag to keep you out of temptation.”

David followed her out of the office and, imagining his eyes glued to her near naked ass, she felt a trickle of moisture on her inner thigh. On auto-pilot, she fished out her suitcase from under the desk and handed it to him.

“Good girl. See you later then.”

The rest of the afternoon was a torment of sensations for Cathy. Just the knowledge of being naked under her skirt seemed to keep her in a constant state of arousal. It was stupid but she kept thinking everyone she met must be aware of her condition.

As she walked around she could feel currents of air on her labia, chilling the hot fluids that seemed to be seeping constantly down her legs. Once, chatting in Karen’s office, she leapt from her perch on the corner of the desk when she suddenly thought what spectacle she might be showing the pretty redhead.

By the time David called to say he would be ready in five minutes, she was emotionally drained. She had been kept on a sexual high for hours and her clitoris was begging for serious attention. Of course, she realised, that had been his intention!

He came across to her desk carrying her case and, as she gathered her things together and put on her jacket, he ambled towards the elevator. By the time Cathy caught up with him, he was standing inside holding the doors open for her. As the doors closed, he smiled wickedly and wanted to know how the afternoon had gone.

“Why ask?” Cathy exploded, needing to let off her pent up frustrations. “You know damn well what you did to me today. I’ve not been able to concentrate on anything except ‘down there’ all afternoon. Even with several trips to the rest room, I’m still very horny and my thighs are drenched.

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