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I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch, and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 7

The Morning After

Was it her moving in her sleep?

Opening my eyes to see Catherine laying on her stomach, with her head turned away from me, an maybe more beautiful laying there asleep, then I would have thought possible!

So it wasn’t a dream! Because here she is, laying next to me, my arm draped across her waist! With the realization that my life will never be the same!

Catherine, without a doubt, the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. On the way I felt before sleep over took me last night, is even more true this morning, then it was last night. I want her, I need her — this woman in my life!

Lifting my arm from this beautiful dream an rolling away to the edge of the bed, where I carefully ease myself up and off, trying not to wake her.

An standing beside the bed now, looking back at this beautiful naked woman, her body slightly angled across the bed — her left arm on top of her pillow, bent at the elbow, almost like she’s waving to it. Her long beautiful left leg completely uncovered. Her right leg only partially covered by some of the bed sheet that covered both us last night — a heart stopping vision, naked from head to toe. All of it coupled with her honey blond hair splayed out over her pillow, making all of this, an artist vision of naked loveliness!

But instead going straight to the bathroom, where I desperately need to be, I’ve stayed here admiring this gorgeous woman with her toned body and her perfect womanly ass. Where I hope she forgives me for the way I treated it — those playful smacks to those luscious cheeks. I wasn’t to rough with that I hope?

But, I didn’t hear any complaints. Only lots of laughing, girlish squealing, chirps, and cries — her loving all our rough play! Where it seemed the more I man handled her, the more passionate, and excited she became. So I guess she wasn’t kidding when she said, “I like a little rough sex.”

Now the thought, should I get my cell phone and take a picture of this beautiful woman the way she is right now? Then again, I think not. That would be violating her trust, and I would never do that to her.

So its forcing myself to turn away from this vision, an moving around in the dim light, hoping I won’t trip over something in the process as I’m looking for, and wondering where in the hell my jeans are?

When its remembering, I was at the sliding doors to the balcony looking at snow that was still piling up outside. That’s where Catherine worked them off me at the same time I was talking to Banjo about moving my truck.

Leaving the bathroom, and closing the bedroom door behind me — leaving it unlatched. Then finding my jeans to put them on before it’s over to the balcony doors to see about four inches of wet snow piled up on everything. But thankfully, what’s snowing now is much lighter than it was last night — reminding me, I hope Banjo got my truck back to my house. Then it’s into the kitchen to start the coffee maker brewing what I so desperately need at this time of the morning.

But as I’m waiting for the coffee to brew, its back to the balcony doors, looking out at the still falling snow, as last night, and everything else that’s happened over the past twenty-four hours, plays back in my mind.

Where I’m totally amazed at that women laying in there on the bed. My God, what she had me doing, and how she has me feeling.

But in no way could I imagine it now, that as our time together goes on, I’ll repeat these words, “I could never love her any more than I do right now.” Only to repeat them again, and again, those same words with each and every time she does something to enthrall and amaze me. Which will turn out to be many times, over many things, and many hurdles.

But it’s the beeping of the coffee maker that brings me back from my muse. So returning to the kitchen to get some of that hot, black, liquid, morning nectar of the gods. Along with that, its wondering if her sister has some of that no-cal sweetener laying around. Remembering Catherine telling the counter man in the coffee shop, she wanted some of those packets for the coffee she ordered.

But not wanting to make a lot of noise trying to find some, I’ve spooned two teaspoons of sugar into her cup with the same for me. Then adding in some of the left over milk from what we didn’t use with our cereal last night, to add it in with her coffee.

Then taking that first long sip from my cup, instantly followed by a long satisfying sigh — Oh Yes! This coffee maker does a great job! It’s no wonder they’re so expensive.

Now carefully carrying both cups back to the bedroom, where I ease the door open with my toe, an taking both cups to the night stand where I plan to set them down. But as I do is when I accidentally bump the wine glasses left sitting there, bakırköy escort causing them to noisily clink together.

“Is that coffee I smell?” It’s Catherine.

An with that she turns over onto her back — stretching her arms up over her head — her breast lifted with that. Then out in front of her — squeezing them between her out stretched arms.

Where even waking from her sleep, I’m heart struck with how beautiful she is. An even more so, by how relaxed she is in her nakedness with me standing beside the bed watching her every move.

But she was like that last night in the kitchen. So why would she be any different this morning — just my thought, looking a this gorgeous sight of her laying there like she is.

An now as I’m about to hand her the coffee cup — it’s when I can’t resist leaning over to kiss her. “Bobby, don’t kiss me.” She says. “I know I have morning mouth.”

“Catherine, I don’t care what you have!” Just before I touch my mouth to hers, an the feel of her hand behind my head adding meaning to her returning the kiss.

“You know Catherine, I bet the rest of you taste just as delicious!” Breaking the kiss. “So maybe I should kiss your other lips too.”

“Oh…, you are such a pig!” She calls me, her hand on my shoulder holding me away.

“No Catherine. There’s nothing more sensual, and sexy as the scent of womans’ pussy in the morning after shes’ had sex the night before — I know!”

“Did I say you were a pig.” She tells me again.

“But thank you, and good morning.” She says, tapping my chin with her finger. “Maybe another time, but not this morning — I may have other ideas in mind.” She says.

Sitting up and propping the pillows behind her where I hand her the coffee cup. An taking a short sip, then a much longer one, is followed by, “Oh…, thank you!” she says, looking up at me. “This is delicious!” Shes says, reflected in her smile too.

So now with me sitting on the edge of the bed, where we’ve been quietly sipping our coffee, an where I’ve been thinking, an maybe too, what is she thinking — about what happens next?

When its, “Bob, what time is it?” She ask, breaking into my thoughts. Gets both of us looking over to the night stand to see five o’clock showing in the digital clocks’ display.

“Yes Catherine, and it’s still snowing too.”

“Bobby…,” As she turns back to me. “Would you get my purse from that chair?” She ask, pointing to the one where her purse is laying on the seat.

An looking to where she pointed, I’m off the bed to retrieve it when suddenly remembering, it was about this time the other morning, as I watched her on the computer when she was putting something into her bag — at the same time she was holding her phone to her ear.

Which had me wondering, who could she be talking to at that time of the morning? Only to have her tell me minutes later, it was her husband Jon.

An right as I’m handing her the purse, is when one of her cell phones begins to ring. An with her removing that one from her purse to look at it — where its right back to me — with the look on her face I know it’s him.

“I’ll be in the bathroom Catherine.” As I’m leaving her side.

“Bobby, thank you!” She calls after me. Is closely followed by her cheerful “Hello! — An good morning to you too!” She’s saying into her phone. Where there’s a pause until, “No, no, I’m at Katlyn’s.” She’s saying. “When I got in so late the other night I came straight here.”

“Yes…, it’s good thing I did too. The the forecast I heard was right, it’s snowing. — Yes — a lot of it I think! So I’ll be staying at Katlyn’s for a few days. No…, She’s still on her ski vacation in Europe.”

Where my closing bathroom door shuts out the rest of her one sided conversation.

Stripping out of my jeans in front of the vanity, it’s seeing my reflection in the mirror — “Asking, what the hell are you doing here?” Talking myself.

“Damn it man! You knew she was married. An yeah, you’re in love with her! An yes, you’ve been in love with her since the two of you sat down at the table across from the coffee shop. So tell me this Swaggart, where does this go from here? Because I sure hope you know what the hell you’re doing?”

Where of course, there’s no come back from the man in the mirror.

Stepping into the fully glass in-closed shower — about the size of a good walk in closet it seems — with a thought, how many naked bodies could fit in here at the same time? Of course wondering if that has occurred — like it has in the master bathroom shower back at my house. Although that one about a third the size of this one.

But still big enough for two beautiful giggly women, two men acting silly, all four wet, and slippery from soaping up together after another fun evening with Alex and Jennifer.

Now this one, with its two hand held shower heads, one of which I know is for a woman to use, for the reason nozzles’ designed.

But what gets my attention başakşehir escort now is that large square rain head above me — this one maybe big enough to mount on a city fire truck.

But when turning the control valve where at first, it’s a burst of cold water down over me from that rain head — a definite wake up to all my senses! Where it’s quickly moving the handle until the change over to some much warmer water before stepping back under the stream — hoping the hot water will ease my anxiety over what happens next — first mornings’ afters can be awkward. But lucky for me, they haven’t been, until…?

Maybe because I knew them for so long before they became first nights, where it made for easy, and fun first morning. But with Catherine — talking with her husband on the phone right now — awkward is a real possibility!

But when its the draft of cool air when the shower door opened that tells me she’s in here with me. Then the feel of her breast pressed into my back, at the same time she slips her arms under mine, an around my waist — kissing me across the shoulders as she does. A physical expression of something more than just — thank you for last night?

Moving us out from under the shower head, an turning around to pull her into me, where its the crush of our mouths together in a long hard kiss.

“Is everything all right Catherine?” My asking, breaking the kiss.

“Yes!” she replies.

“You’re sure Catherine?” Unsure myself.

“Yes Bobby, everything is fine!” she says. “It was just Jon checking in like he usually does every day — just Jon, being Jon.” she says. “Now stop asking questions, an kiss me damn it!” The demand unmistakable.

Where her wet hands now down between us stroking my dick to a full on erection, squeezed tight between us now, it’s telling me she wants more than just a kiss!

Loosening my hold on her so I can turn her around, where I rub my dick along the crack of her ass, splitting her butt cheeks around it thinking — I could cum like this — her ass is amazing!

Then with my hands cupping her breast — her nipples are like marbles against their palms they’re so hard — what’s turned her on, the thought crossing my mind. An it’s not just my dick sliding in the crack of her ass.

Guiding her up against the shower wall now, where she already knows what I’m going to do — her palms already against the tile. An pulling her hips back has her bending over where she’s already spreading her legs before I even move up to her.

Holding my cock with one hand as I guide it up to her already creaming pussy, where it breaks into her in one long forceful push that snaps her head up and back with her screaming, “DAMN YOU!” Her cursing me, echoing off the tiled shower walls.

Almost instantly fallowed by, “MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!” Her crying out with her coming so quick hard, just like she did last night when I took the first time. Only that time it was on her back — this time holding up her quivery body on shaky legs back against me.

“Another hard one Catherine?” Asking it with my mouth against her ear.

“Go…, to…, hell!” she says, words stumbling out — her forehead now resting against the cool shower wall — my kisses working their way over her wet back, and shoulders.

“Oh God Swaggart…, you’re killing me!” she says to shower wall.

“Catherine, that’s my line!” teasing her.

“Go to hell!” Comes back at me.

“Sure lady, but not yet.” Tightening my hold on her.

An pulling her back even more has her hands slipping further down the wall, leaving her bent over with my dick well lodged in her pussy — even her butt hole vulnerable to a finger if I chose to.

Holding her hips an pushing her back and forth in time to the rhythm of my thrusting back, and forth, sliding her pussy over my cock, fucking her slowly to, “I Love Your Dick! I.., Love…, Your…, Dick…, I…, Love…, Your…, Dick!” More stumbling words interspersed with squeals, squeaks chirps, cries.

Looking down to watch the shaft of that, “dick she loves,” well coated with her pussy cream, appearing and disappearing into, and out of the clinging opening of her pussy.

To my thought — she just got off the phone with her husband Jon. An now here she is, bent over in her sister shower, dogie fucked an repeating over and over, how much she loves it — my thrusting faster, harder into her — the slapping sounds of wet flesh meeting wet flesh adding to her cries, and squeals echoing around us.

My hard thrusting at her soon taking me to the point I can’t hold it off any longer — my own orgasm is on me with clenching butt cheeks from its intensity, my orgasm shooting ropes of seaman up inside her — pussy farts “splurting” some of it out of her around the shaft of my cock.

The weakening that comes right after a man orgasms — mine now, where I have to keep one hand against the wall, holding back my body from pinning her against it.

“You’re Killing bayrampaşa escort me Catherine!” My exhausted mantra again.

Pulling her up, and back against me, my face pressed into her wet stringy hair plastered to her head, shoulders, and down over her back — my dick slips out of her — the woman drains me!

No words could I say, except the ones I want to, could express this feeling I have for her at this moment.

But she’s turning in my arms, hers’ going around my neck, where we meet in a hard bruising kiss — so hard, it almost hurts until she breaks it with her “You’re killing me Swaggart!” She says, her eyes squarely focused on mine.

“An, how am, I doing, that Catherine?” Trying to catching my breath..

“By just being you!” She replies. Then ducks under my arm, and back under the stream of water still flowing from the shower head.

Leaving me to lean against the cold shower wall, watching her beautiful wet, glistening body, her arms up, hands running through her hair, as she’s slowly pirouettes under the stream from the rain head. A more beautiful vision I couldn’t imagine.

When this thought, “If you could have seen your beautiful wife, Jon Parker — the way I took her — dogie fucked against this shower wall.”

Then cursing myself for even thinking that. Because, like me, where I wasn’t there either — but I know it happened! Sally, and him in the shower, like Catherine and me, and what we just did.

Her pirouettes under the shower stream ending, she goes to the back of the shower an returns with two plastic bottles. One obviously for her. “Would you like to try this?” She ask.

Where the bottle she holds out to me I recognize as a brand I’m very familiar with.

“Is this what your sister’s boyfriend uses?” Taking the bottle from her.

“No! It’s not his!” She says, sounds a bit short.

“What he uses is in the other bathroom he shares with my sister. This is here when needed.” She’s telling me.

When needed? My thought. And by whom? Where it might be better not pursuing that, flashing in my mind.

Only to do it later, and regretting it!

“Thank you Catherine.” Telling her. “I use the same brand, just a different scent. This one is what my father has used since — like for ever it seems.”

Where my previous thought should have gone down the drain and stayed there, but the thought still lingers — for who?

“I like your scent!” She says, kissing me lightly on the lips. “It’s…, manly.”

“Manly?” she says. She should smell me, and the others with me, after we’ve come back from chasing bad guys for a week or so. Even the blood sucking flies refuse to come near us.

“Hold out your hand.” she says, Catherine opening the cap on the bottle she offered me, then pours some of the liquid into my cupped hand, then doing the same to one of hers. An using her thumb to cap the bottle, sets it back onto a shelf recessed into the shower wall.

“Turn around.” she tells me now. “I’ll wash your back for you.”

Wash my back she says?

“Thank you!” As I turn around to feel her hands rubbing over my shoulders, down my back, and even my butt — expecting her to do something to get even? But no, until she says, “Turn around now.”

Where she runs her hands over my chest. “Your a beautiful man Bob Swaggart!” She tells me. As her hands make their way over my flat stomach, at the same time looks to see me watching what her hands have been doing.

“You’re just amazing Booby!’ she tells me, “How could any woman resit…” Her words ending abruptly just as she grabs my dick and gives it hard tug.

“Now get out of here!” Her sharply saying. “There’s something I have to do.”.

Where she reaches around me to take that small hand nozzle with the, “ergonomically designed head,” from its place on the wall, “Bobby…” she says. “Please! I have to do something.” Her polite, but meaningful request.

An by the design of the nozzle, and knowing why it’s designed like it is, I know why she wants me to leave.

But already knowing her answer, but asking it anyway, “Is there anything I can do to help Catherine?”

“NO! I don’t need any help from you!” Comes back, along with her smacking me firmly on the shoulder. “I can manage this all by myself!” Very emphatically.

Where a few more seconds of me standing there looking at her, “Bobby, please, I rally need to do this!” She pleads.

Moving to, and sliding open the shower door, “There’s towels in the linen closet to the right.” It’s her saying after me, as I step out, sliding the shower door closed behind me.

But even before I can take a step towards that linen closet I can see why she wanted me to leave. An even through the steamed, and water streaked glass of the shower, I can see she’s already using that hand nozzle to flush out any remnants of our lovemaking from last night, and from just minutes ago too.

Then placing the hand nozzle back in its place, she turns off the water, an twisting her hair in her hands, squeezing out what water she can before she steps out of the shower.

Where she takes the two large fluffy bath towels I’m holding for her. An wrapping one around her waist, another around her head as she’s telling me, “Wait here. I’ll be right back!” she says. Where she moves around me and to the bathroom door, and disappears into the bedroom.

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