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The clock had just passed 8pm when I heard my cell phone ring. As I glanced down, I wondered whether or not I wanted to bother answering. I had just returned from a weekend bachelor trip and was still a little worse for the wear. Having recently broken up with my girlfriend a month prior, the trip was a nice way to clear my head and let loose a little.

Following the break up with my ex, I had moved back in with my mother until I found a place of my own. I picked my phone up after the third ring, seeing that it was my old buddy Drew from high school. I put the phone to my ear, figuring a chat with an old friend could be just what I needed.

“Hey man, what’s goin on? Wasn’t sure you were going to pick up.”

“I was just crashed out on the couch, how have you been?” I said back, trying not to sound as tired as I was.

“Good man, I heard you were back home, was seeing if you wanted to crack a few beers?”

I sat up a little on the couch and looked around the room. The place was spotless considering I had moved most of my stuff into the basement, and my mother was away for a few days visiting her sister. Seeing as how I had the house to myself, I told Drew to head over.

Around 8:30 Drew showed up at the door, a case of Bud Lights under his arm. He looked much the same as he had the last time we had seen each other, which was close to five years ago. He was just over 6′, slightly taller than I was, but much slimmer. He had one of those frames where no matter what he ate, he never seemed to gain a pound. I’m more proud but keep myself in good shape, although I wouldn’t say I’m built. I took the beers into the kitchen and put them in the fridge, taking out two for Drew and I, while also grabbing a bottle of tequila.

When I returned to the living room Drew was sitting on the couch turning on the tv. As I handed him one of the beers, I held up the bottle of tequila with an inquisitive look. “I’ve had a long weekend,” I said as I walked back to the kitchen to get a few more things. “a few more shots couldn’t hurt.” I grabbed a couple shot glasses, limes, and salt and returned to the room.

We threw on a basketball game, knocked back a round of shots and started making our way through the beers. The conversation started with mostly small talk, catching up, seeing what we had been up to for the past few years. We had each mostly been working since finishing school, and we had both recently just gotten out of relationships. I had no idea Drew had a girlfriend. When we were in high school, he was never much of a ladies man. He had success with girls here and there, but was far from being a stud.

After a few more rounds of beers, our conversations began to switch more to the sexual side, as we discussed the things we used to do with our ex’s in the bedroom. We went back and forth with tales of different positions, different locations, and so on. All the talk was starting to get me a little worked up. I slowly moved my left casino oyna hand over my crotch, lightly rubbing my shaft with my fingers.

As we continued chatting, we noticed the basketball game had ended and we switched over to a movie, The Girl Next Door. It was a raunchy comedy we had watched several times when we were younger, and thought it would be a little nostalgic. As the movie played, we began to reminisce about our high school days. Most of our time was spent at a friend’s house. The basement of his house had been remodeled and his parents basically allowed him free reign down there. We had our fair share of parties down there and had also had our fair share of girls down there too.

As the stories continued, I felt the bulge in my pants growing larger, as I tried to contain it with my left hand. “Man, we did some crazy shit down in that basement” I chimed in as we finished remembered a story where the three of us had each fucked a girl down there simultaneously, one in the tv room, one in the bedroom and Drew unfortunately had to make due with the bathroom.

“Haha yea we did” Drew answered. “I’m a little surprised things didn’t get more crazy sometimes. We could have probably had some orgy’s down there.”

I laughed, but could tell Drew was somewhat serious through the smirk on his face. I imagined what an orgy would have been like with the three of us and the three girls involved, and immediately felt my cock twitch. With an empty beer in my hand, I stood up to get a refill, not thinking of the apparent tent in the front of my pants.

“Gettin a little excited over there?” Drew chuckled

“Hey, I haven’t been with a girl in almost a month, what do you want me to say” I jokingly responded. After grabbing two more beers, I returned to the living to find Drew pouring two more shots. “Ready for another round are we?” I asked, setting the beers down.

“Damn straight.” We each took our shot, chasing it with a slice of lime and a swig of beer. As Drew plopped back on the couch, his left hand immediately landed on top of his crotch, which was now sporting a bulge of it’s own.

“Oh look who’s excited now” I said, nodding my head towards Drew’s crotch and hand. He just smirked back as he set his gaze on the tv, which was currently at a scene at a porn convention. My hand soon made its way down to my pants as I began rubbing my cock again. “You wanna watch something else?” I asked, glancing over at Drew.

“Yea, why not.” I reached down to my phone, bringing up a porn website, and soon had a video streaming onto the tv. It was of a teen girl fucking her boyfriend, before they are caught by the mother who ultimately joins in. We were each blatantly stroking ourselves thru our jeans at this point. There had been several times during high school that we had watched porn together, but we had never openly jerked off in front of one another.

As the scene heated up, my cock was getting so hard it almost hurt pressing canlı casino against the inside of my pants. I by no means have a big dick, roughly 6.5″, maybe 7″ if I’m really worked up, but I’m very comfortable with myself and what I’m able to do in the bedroom. I glanced back over at Drew who was still rubbing his hardening member thru his pants, and I thought to myself ‘fuck it’. Leaning back against the couch, I undid the button and pulled my zipper down. My cock exploded out of the top of my pants, springing to life.

“Jesus!” Drew exclaimed. I looked over at him, noticing his eyes darting back and forth between the tv and my cock.

“I’m sorry man, I had to get this thing some air.” I reached down, grabbing my dick at the base, slowly pulling the skin of my uncircumcised penis down, exposing the bulging purple head. I began stroking my cock, allowing the foreskin to envelop my head before sliding it back down. Looking over at Drew, he was still rubbing the outside of his pants.

Knowing that he wasn’t a big ladies man in high school, I wondered if maybe he was insecure, or shy about his size. “Feel free to let your flag fly,” I said, looking over at Drew, waving my own cock around. He chuckled and smiled back, but only continued to rub the outside of his pants. Just then, I noticed him subtly undoing his zipper and reaching into his pants. I smirked as he slowly began stroking, but what happened next had my jaw on the floor.

Drew looked away from the tv and directly into my eyes as he removed his hand from his pants, with a firm grip around his shaft. He adjusted the jeans, pulling out his cock which appeared to be at least 9 inches. He let out a deep sigh as he began to slowly stroke up and down his mass, his fingers unable to reach all the way around his thick girth. Not wanting to look like I was staring, I looked back up at Drew. “Wow man, that thing is a monster.”

Drew could only smile as he continued to pump his cock. Seeing such a big thick cock on the frame of someone that skinny had me in awe, and I had trouble looking away. When my eyes did make their way back to the tv screen, it didn’t take long to realize that the porn star’s dick was nothing compared to what Drew was wielding. My eyes slowly drifted back towards Drew and his massive member. His head was tilted back now, and his eyes were closed as he still slowly stroked himself up and down.

It really was a great looking cock. I had never considered myself gay or even bi, but had to admire the sheer size of Drew’s dick. It must have grown to ten inches at this point. I slowly inched my way along the couch closer to Drew. I kept my eyes on the tv, watching as the mother was being pounded by the boyfriend as the teen girl was eaten out by her mother.

When I was close enough to Drew, I used my left hand to continue rubbing my cock, and reached over with my right hand, overlapping Drew’s hand and taking the top portion of his cock in my hand. “Whoa”, Drew kaçak casino quickly exclaimed, lifting his head and looking forward.

“I’m sorry man, you just have such a great looking cock, I had to take a closer look” I said, as I slowly slid my hand down his shaft, replacing where his hand had been. When I reached the base, I slightly tightened my grip, feeling the full girth of Drew’s stiff cock. Drew’s head fell back again as he let out a sigh. I loosened my grip and began pumping my hand up and down.

As I said, I have a good sized dick, but holding onto Drew’s member was different. The thickness, the length, and the overall feeling of holding another man’s hard cock had me full of lust. With my left hand I was delivering short quick strokes to my own cock, while my right hand made its way up and down Drew’s 10 inches. I went down to the floor and positioned myself in front of Drew, on my own knees. I began using both hands to pump his shaft, also caressing his balls. I had never desired another man before today, but suddenly wanted nothing more than to make this beautiful cock cum.

Drew’s breaths became more rapid, and his scrotum began to tighten. I held my left hand firmly at the base of his thick cock and pumped his shaft with my right hand. A deep groan came out of Drew, and suddenly a rope of cum shot out from the top of his cock. Without hesitation, without thinking, I thrust his dick into my mouth, continuing to stroke him rapidly. “Oh Fuck! Holy shit!” I heard Drew exclaim, as I felt another rope of cum hit the back of my throat. I got his whole head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the rim of his tip as a third shot filled my mouth. I swallowed then sucked hard on his cockhead. After taking a quick breath, I attempted to go down as far as I could on his cock. I was surprised as I fit what seemed like more than 6 inches into my mouth and down my throat. The bigger surprise came when Drew’s fourth cumshot hit my throat, and I gagged hard on his cock.

“Oh fuck yea” Drew shouted, putting his right hand on the back of my head, holding me down on his cock. My eyes filled with water as Drew pushed another inch of his length into my throat. After another deep sigh, he released his hand from my head, and I lifted myself up off his still throbbing cock. I hadn’t felt this turned on in a long time, and my cock was ready to burst. I stood up on my feet and began pumping my own cock. After a matter of seconds I was shooting my load. A long stream landed across Drew’s shirt. The next two shots were directed down at his cock, which was still covered in saliva and semen. After finishing, I dropped back down to my knees and licked up and down the length of his shaft, licking up every drop of cum on his now softening cock.

We both sat on the couch afterwards, our cocks still out, sipping on beers. “Man, that really hit the spot” Drew said, finishing off his beer and finally zipping up. “I better get going, got work early in the morning. We should do this again sometime.”

I walked Drew to the door and cleaned up the empty cans around the room. With the salty taste of cum still filling my mouth, I couldn’t wait to get reacquainted with Drew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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