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She had to work late, damn, she was so wet and horny. All she could think about was getting home, so she and her husband could take care of her problem, mmm, she had wanted to attack him when she got home. But now, all of that was changed, the big project had to be done and so she tried to work and promised herself that her toys would come in handy when she got home and found her husband asleep.

‘Damn,” she thought as the computer froze, ‘I don’t need this crap, not tonight,’ she thought as she tried to reboot it and then bent over to check the connections. She hadn’t even heard him walk up, they were the only two people in this department staying late, she felt his hand on her ass and it startled her, but then she liked it, as it roamed her ass through her jeans, making her pussy moisten.

She hadn’t been alone with him before and she hadn’t even thought about it, but now her wet pussy was thinking for her as it began to heat up at his touch. He pushed his hand between her legs and she instinctively spread them, giving him room, wanting his touch. Her crotch was on fire as he slid his hand over it and she sighed at his touch, feeling him trace her crotch through her jeans.

His maltepe anal escort one hand lay on her back, keeping her bent over, while the other explored her crotch, making her feel so wonderful. She worked to unbuckle her jeans and pull them down over her hips, wanting to feel his touch. His hand felt electrified as it touched her ass through her cotton panties and she could hear him sighing at his new prize and she worked to have her panties join her jeans around her ankles, she needed to feel him on her bare skin.

His hand felt so good as it stroked her slit and she could feel her juices intensify as he rubbed her little clit, which had gotten so hard now. She couldn’t help the moans that escaped her lips, as he was driving her wild with his hand, making her want him so bad. She kneaded her tits through her blouse and then pulled it over them and pulled her bra cups off of them as her bare hands excited them as his hand excited her pussy. She was in bliss now, having both ends of her massaged at once and she reached behind herself and stroked his hard cock through his pants, running her fingers over it’s outline, wanting to feel it in her hand.

His kurtköy ucuz escort breathing was getting heavier as his hand stroked her clit and then a finger entered her, it was like heaven to feel herself penetrated and she bucked against his finger, drawing it inside herself. He opened his pants and she grabbed his hard cock, exposing it to the air as her hand wrapped around it and stroked it, now wanting it to replace his finger.

“Fuck me Jim, oh please fuck me,” she moaned and then felt his cock touching her wet pussy as she was bent over, eager to accept all of it, needing it deep inside of her. Her pussy enclosed his cock, feeling it’s hard length penetrate her to the very depths of her desire, and she fucked him back, making his cock ram her hot pussy. His hands connected with her waist and he began to pull her back onto him and assist her own piercing by his hard cock.

Her breaths became shorter as his cock did it’s work, making her orgasm build and she could feel herself squirting on his cock, lubricating it, as it slid in and out and their tempo increased. She shuddered when her orgasm overtook her and she felt her face go flush as her kurtköy yabancı escort desires were met by his big cock. He grabbed her waist and buried himself deep inside of her as she felt his hot cum spurting into her and heard his moans join hers.

It was so fucking hot!! It felt like the heat of a thousand furnaces as their heat erupted from each other and their moans increased as their orgasms subsided. She didn’t want him to pull out, lost in the ecstasy of being filled, to have her desires sated for the moment, to realize the big smile she had on her face, it was wonderful. He pulled out and she quickly turned around and took his flaccid cock in her mouth and enjoyed their mutual juices as she sucked him and she could feel his cock react to her attentions as it hardened again in her mouth and this increased her actions.

She dropped to her knees, her jeans and panties bunched around her lower legs, and sucked him furiously, wanting to make him fill her mouth, needing to taste his jism as it erupted.

She felt his body tense and then shoot spurt after spurt into her mouth and she moaned as she swallowed it, hungry to eat it all as she felt it slide down her throat. He got embarrassed now, nervously looking around, before he zipped his pants back up and walking away, and she felt like a little slut, having gotten paid by her company for what she just did and she grinned from ear to ear as she tried to put her clothes back in order and fix her damn computer.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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