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We book a relaxation session

The first two chapters in our story can be found in Exhibition and Voyeur section. You could read those first to get the whole trip up to date. This story stands alone however.


Sophia and I decided to spend a few days in San Diego to visit the best sights and go over the border to Mexico to check that out.

After arriving at our hotel and unpacking, we went to explore the local mall for a bit of retail therapy. Strolling around in the cool mall with the temperatures at over 95 degrees outside was lovely. In the centre concourse of the mall there were some independent stalls set up selling all kinds of goodies and providing various services.

One of these was a local woman who introduced herself as Amy. She provided various ‘therapies’ for the busy locals including things like Reiki, Swedish massage, sports massage, Indian head massage and various other relaxation treatments. We got chatting and she explained many of the treatments she could provide and seemed very professional. Amy was around forty years of age, around 5′ 10″, blond hair tied back and very trim. She looked gorgeous in her tight white open necked shirt and tight white trousers. I’m not much into massages but she peaked my interest when she explained what she did. We chatted amiably for some time as it was quiet and we got on very well. We explained that we were on a visit from England and she seemed genuinely interested.

‘Do you do hotel visits?’ asked Sophia looking at me. ‘I could do with a massage. I haven’t had full body massage for ages.’

‘Do you cater for couples?’ I quickly added, returning Sophia’s stare and raising my eyebrows.

‘Yes, of course.’ replied Amy. ‘I have several couples as my regulars and they enjoy the full body massage.’ she looked at us and smiled. ‘Where are you staying?’

We told her the name of the hotel and she arranged a visit for the following evening after dinner.

On the way back to the hotel Sophia spoke. ‘Why did you ask about couples? You’re not big on massage.’

‘I know’ I replied. ‘But she seems so nice, plus if she’s massaging both os us we could learn a bit about how it’s done and then do it for each other. What do you think?’

‘I think it’s a great idea, you’re not bad at massage, but you’re no professional.’ Sophia smiled at me. ‘Plus, she’s pretty cute, isn’t she?’

We laughed. ‘Well, she is.’ I replied.

The following evening, after a light dinner and a few glasses of good Californian wine, we showered and put on robes waiting excitedly for Amy to arrive.

She arrived shortly after 8pm and set up her massage table, talking all the while as she did so.

I noticed she wore the same outfit at the mall, all in white, with one big difference. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her shapely breasts pushed against the stretchy material of her shirt with her nipples just showing. Sophia looked at me and smiled, making a face that said. ‘Do you see what she’s wearing?’

Her tight trousers showed off a shapely ass. She looked great.

‘So, you guys had anything like this before?’ she asked. ‘I mean, together?’

‘Er, no.’ said Sophia. ‘I’ve had massages but it’s not antalya escort normally Archie’s thing. We’ve certainly never massaged together.’

‘I’ve never even seen Sophia get a massage before.’ I added.

‘OK’ said Amy. ‘Do you want to keep underwear on? Basically, anything that’s covered up won’t be touched.’

‘Well,’ I hesitated. ‘We’d like to give each other a massage, so what we’d really like is for each of us watch you massage the other so that we can learn how to do it.’

‘OK. I’m cool with that. Are you saying you want an ‘erotic’ sensual massage that you can then do on each other?’ she asked, doing the quote marks when she said erotic.. ‘Don’t be shy.’

Sophie and I looked at each other. ‘er … yes. Please.’ I said.

‘Oh, you British are so coy.’ she laughed. ‘Why don’t you just say so? I will charge you a bit extra to cover the tuition if that’s OK with you.’

‘Agreed.’ We settled on the price, which I thought was very good value.

‘Right. Who’s up first?’ she asked.

‘Me.’ said Sophia handing me her robe and laying face down on the table, completely naked.

‘Right’ Amy said as she poured massage oil on her hands. She looked at me.

‘Archie. I’ll start at the top and do Sophia’s back. Watch how I move my hands around her body. You take some massage oil and begin at her feet, rub the oil well in and slowly move to her ankles.’ Amy began massaging Sophia’s shoulders.

I was already getting a stirring under my dressing gown and I could feel the beginnings of the erection I always get when I see my wife naked.

‘See how I do this?’ she said as she began working the oil into the skin. ‘Now, in order not to get oil all over your robe, you may want to take it off.’

I hesitated. ‘Don’t be shy, I’ve seen all this before.’ she giggled.

Amy looked me straight in the eyes as I shrugged off the gown. Then she looked down at my growing member and back up to my eyes. She smiled. ‘Nice. Now that wasn’t so bad was it?’

It felt very erotic having her look me over and make approving noises, my cock responded by growing a bit more. She went back to her work and for the next 15 minutes she worked down Sophia’s back to the top of her butt while I worked up to her knees as instructed. At one point Amy came down to my end of the table and brushed past me. My hard penis brushed accidentally against her hand. She looked at me and smiled. I was then shocked as she deliberately gave it a squeeze.

‘Now.’ she said suddenly. ‘We get to the more erogenous zones so it gets more interesting for everyone. Archie, now you just watch closely.’

I stood to the side while I watched her massage oil into Sophia’s butt, then came down to her thighs. Sophia opened her legs to allow Amy to get better access to her inner thighs. I got a good look at her glistening pussy and could see she was already wet. Amy worked her hands up her thighs, just lightly brushing her pussy. I noticed at this point that Sophia’s breathing had become deeper and I had to look if she was still awake. She was, and now she began moaning quietly as Amy continued to work her thighs and tease my wife.

I stood to the end of the table so kemer escort I could get a good view of Amy’s work. Amy looked up and smiled at me, then looked down at my rock hard cock. She smiled.

She then asked Amy to turn over on her back.

Sophia sat up, her faced flushed with excitement. She turned over onto her back.

‘Wow. This is SO good.’ she said. ‘You have wonderful hands Amy. I don’t mind what you do. I’m in your hands.’

She lay back on the table. I could now see my wife in all her glory. I also noticed that Amy’s nipples were now showing hard through her shirt. She noticed me looking and smiled.

‘Now’ she said as she applied more oil to her hands. ‘This time, work your way up from her feet to her knees. Then just watch what I do.’

She stood at Sophie’s head and applied oil to her gorgeous breasts. As she worked her breasts she also used her fingers to delicately work her nipples causing them to harden. Sophie was now breathing harder and I could tell she was not far from orgasm.

Amy was good. Because she was quite tall, standing at Sophie’s head she could work her hands all the way down to her waist and back up. He breasts pushed at her shirt and I had to work hard to watch her breasts and Sophie’s.

‘Amy, your shirt is getting oil on it.’ Sophie suddenly said. ‘Why don’t you take it off?’

I was shocked as Amy didn’t hesitate to slip the shirt over her head and throw it to the floor, her breasts springing magnificently free. They were well rounded with great extended nipples and dark areolas.

‘That’s better.’ said Amy as she continued her work. Now I was in heaven. Two women baring their breasts to me. What next?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out as Sophia suddenly kissed Amy’s breasts as she leaned over her. My wife, kissing the breasts of another woman. My cock became even harder. Next, Sophia grabbed Amy around the neck and pushed her lips against her own. The two women began kissing deeply and passionately. The two of them were locked together for some minutes before they parted breathlessly. Amy went to Sophia’s legs which had already parted in readiness for her fingers.

She massaged oil into Sophia’s thighs and around her pussy, which was now quite puffy. Within a few minutes she was making circling motions on her clit. Sophia was in heaven, breathing hard now. I was mesmerised by her working around her pussy and also looking at Amy’s lovely tits as she moved. I looked back to see Amy’s finger slip inside my wife’s pussy as she gasped. Within a minute she had three fingers inside her slippery wet pussy, pumping her and massaging her clit at the same time. Sophie bucked her hips against Amy’s hand and came strongly for a minute or more. Slowly she came down from her orgasm and her breathing returned to normal.

After a few minutes, Sophie sat up.

‘My god, that was so good.’ she said. ‘Thank you Amy.’ She kissed her again on the lips.

‘I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I did too. I lost a bit of control there. That doesn’t normally happen with clients but you were so responsive. I wouldn’t have taken my shirt off unless you’d suggested it, then I just went with konyaaltı escort your response.’

Both women looked at me. Naked and hard at the end of the table.

‘I am still here.’ I said.

‘Of course Archie. Now your turn.’ said Amy.

‘OK.’ I said. ‘Can I make a suggestion?’

‘Of course darling.’ replied Sophia. ‘What is it?’

‘Can I skip the massage?’ I need to get off.’

The two women looked at each other.

‘What do you think, Sophia?’ said Amy. ‘Shall we help him out. You can see he’s desperate.’

‘Yeah. What do you suggest?’

‘Lie on the table on your back Archie and we’ll begin.’

I did as I was told and lay back expectantly, my penis laying flat on my belly. The two women oiled their hands and began working up my legs toward my groin. Sophie was still naked and Amy topless. I watched their breasts move as they worked their magic. It felt wonderful.

They then got to my cock and Amy began, very lightly to run her fingers around the tip while Sophia massaged my balls.

Suddenly, Sophia climbed onto the table and straddled me, sitting on my penis and sliding along the length of it between her legs. Meanwhile, Amy moved to my head and disappeared from view. The next thing I knew Amy appeared to be slipping out of her trousers and climbing onto the table. We were all naked now, Amy sitting on my chest facing Sophia with her butt right in front of me. My head was racing as the two women began to kiss again passionately.

Sophia then guided my aching cock into her pussy, while Amy slid back and planted her legs either side of my head. I now had a full view of her shaved wet pussy right over my face. I was in ecstasy as she opened her legs over my head, lowering herself to my mouth. She was now grinding her pussy in my face and moaning loudly as i liked her, as Sophia slid slowly up and down on my cock, grinding herself into me.

Both women were working themselves up to orgasm and I bucked my hips against Sophia as she forced herself down. It was wonderful and we were all going for it. At one point I thought I wouldn’t be able to breath but Amy lifted herself up so I could get my breath as she continued to passionately kiss my wife.

The two women exploded together and clung to each other as they came, grinding themselves against me.

They sat upright on me. Sophia climbed off me and stood to one side. Amy also climbed off me and they began stroking me again.

‘Better let me take charge.’ said Amy. ‘As you are paying me.’

Sophia stood back and let Amy do her work. She climbed back on the table and straddled my legs as she took my penis in both hands. Within a couple of minutes of gentle stroking I was breathing hard and moaning more loudly than I think I’ve ever done. I began pushing my hips against her stroking as I built up to my climax.

Suddenly, with a loud grunt I exploded and shot a fat white juice into the air, coating Amy’s breasts. I continued to pump until both Amy’s hands were covered in my juices. When I’d finally subsided she looked down at me.

‘How was that?’ she asked.

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘Just wow.’

We let Amy shower off before packing her stuff up to leave.

‘Thank you so much guys,’ she said. ‘I had a great time.’

‘No, thank you’ said Sophia, ‘we enjoyed it so much. It’s added something to our relationship.’

We kissed Amy goodbye, poured another glass of wine and discussed our threesome massage.

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