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“There’s gonna be chicks right?” Jake, one of my best friends yammered from the passenger seat for the millionth time since we left my house to head to a keg party.

“Jake dude, I have no fucking idea, I didn’t throw this party, I didn’t invite people.” I replied.

He looked at me for a second considering this then pulled a cigarette from his pack, lit it and said,

“Okay, but there better be chicks there.”

I rolled my eyes, of course I was hoping there were girls at this party I’m a 26 year old guy who is unattached, naturally I was hoping to get laid. But I was far less desperate than Jake.

“Charlie, where the hell is this place?” Jake asked after littering his cigarette butt out the window.

We had left town a few minutes ago and were driving towards the boonies now, where all good keggers took place.

“It’s at Brandon’s’ family plot outside of town, ya know the one on the edge of the woods.”

“Jesus Fuck there won’t be any girls. No girl is going to drive all the fucking way out here…I better be too trashed to function if no one is going to suck my dick tonight.” Jake muttered angrily sinking into his seat.

I sighed and continued the drive to our destination.

Pulling into a big open field, where a lot of other cars were pulled haphazardly into the grass, I parked the car and grabbed my worn leather jacket from the back seat pulling it onto my broad shoulders, I pulled a cigarette from my pants pocket, lit it and exhaling the smoke motioned Jake to follow me towards the gathering of people up ahead.

Jake pulled his beanie over his dirty blonde hair leaving it just perfectly off his forehead in that stylish hipster way that everyone does. His general demeanor screamed “DOG” but he was my best friend, so when he started to bounce up and down spotting a sexy red head and a cute blonde at her side by a beer pong table I just pat his back and told him to “Make good choices”

He replied with some snarky remark and swaggered his way over to the girls who immediately started giggling at his approach. He would be fine tonight.

I walked to the closest keg and got myself a drink, the beer tasted like piss but most of these kids were probably under 21 so when you are broke and underage you take what you can get. I remember those days. Chugging back the beer I filled my red Solo cup once again and threw it back. By the third cup, the taste barely mattered.

By now, I had a pretty decent buzz starting so I slowly nursed the drink in my hand as I meandered my way to a log sitting round a fire pit. I watched all party goers, some were completely caught up in some drunken drama that wouldn’t matter tomorrow but was the end of the world tonight. Others were taking in any type of substance that would erase the bad choices they had already made and were going antalya escort to make tonight. I shook my head.

As the night drifted by and darkness fell over the crowd people got wilder. Most were too drunk or stoned to care much about drama; girls were dancing on stumps taking their clothes off for guys who were filling their heads with pretty lies. Some guy had busted out a guitar and was strumming away a pleasant melody. I was pretty drunk, and all the girls who had been swimming in front of me all night, I was finally starting to have the confidence to approach.

I spotted Jake with his hand in some girl’s pants and his tongue down her throat as they leaned against a tree. I stood up to go take a piss. On my way back to the fire I spotted the sexiest girl I had ever seen.

She was medium height, with a slender figure that flared out into curvy hips. Her long auburn hair was down and moving around her while she seductively rolled her body to the beat of some dance song that way playing. Her low cut tank top plunged revealing the top of creamy breasts, as she raised her arms above her head the material lifted up displaying her mid-section which was decorated with a small flower tattoo on her left hip and a small gem sparkled in her belly button. I was transfixed.

She caught my eyes and motioned her head to the side towards the woods. I pointed to myself uncertain if she meant me, she bit her lip in that way that girls do when they are trying to be sexy, only on her it was sexy, and she pulled her finger towards her in a come hither motion as she turned to walk into the woods.

I walked towards the covering of the trees where she had just disappeared to trying not to seem desperate although I was anything but calm. As I got closer my eyes picked up the silhouette of her figure and I started to get hard. All you saw was the perfect hour glass shape, my dick rubbed against the rough material of my boxers. I tried to nonchalantly adjust so my erection was tucked into my waist band.

I stepped into the darkness of the trees and saw her leaning against a tree sexily.

“Hi I’m Char-“

“I don’t care, I don’t need to know your name, just fuck me.” Was her reply seconds before she cut me off with her mouth hard against mine.

Well fuck.

I couldn’t think for a moment as her soft lips crashed onto mine and her tongue willed my mouth open with expertise that suddenly had me feeling like a virgin. Her teeth clicked against my teeth briefly and my senses seemed to return to me with the sound. I hungrily returned her kiss and her nails started pushing my jacket off and onto the ground. I allowed her to get my jacket off and my shirt over my head, her nails skimmed their way over the stubble that was growing on my chin and cheeks. She bit my lip hard enough to hurt but then she kemer escort sucked my tongue into her mouth and I got a flash of what her mouth around my cock would feel like and I started to strip her tank top off.

She giggled as I ripped the material of her shirt pulling it off of her, and with the skill I knew I had, even if it had been briefly forgotten, I unclasped her bra with a flick of my fingers. Her breasts were perfect supple mounds of silky smooth skin and pink nipples pointed in arousal. I enveloped each breast in my hands and roughly massaged them. She moaned.

I pinched her nipples and she dug her nails into my back. Continuing with the same idea I bent down and took her left nipple into my mouth tonguing it to an even harder peak, if that was possible, before I bit down a little harder than maybe I would have with any other girl, but she seemed into it. So I travelled over to her right nipple and repeated the rough teasing.

Her hands slid down the front of me and rubbed my dick through my jeans. I inwardly groaned at the heat from her hands through the material. Trying not to let her throw my focus off I grabbed her hips firmly and pulled her into me letting my erection poke solidly against her. She looked at me, biting her lip in that sexy way, and unbuttoned my jeans pulling the zipper down all while never breaking eye contact. Her eyes were dark and glazed with lust, and I needed to know what she would look like while screaming from my dick.

She reached into my boxers and wrapped her soft hand around my cock. I was trying to focus on her face but she started to trail her fingers up the shaft and over the tip and I found myself leaning against the tree letting her take control. She pulled my jeans over my hips and let them fall to the dirt. With breasts highlighted by the fire on the other side of our covering in the woods, she lowered herself down so her mouth was level with my cock. She kissed the tip leaving a ruby red stain from her lipstick. Out popped her pink tongue to lick around the tip and my head started to swim.

She confidently pulled all of me into her mouth and I felt the tip hit her throat and then go just a little further. I thread my fingers through her auburn locks and pulled her head back before thrusting back into her throat. For a moment I hesitated thinking I may have pissed her off, like so many other girls who hated being “face fucked” but she moaned around my cock. The vibration from her throat and lips just fuelled my vigor as I thrust my hips out and back into her throat; she let out a small gag sound but otherwise took it like a champ. Her tongue flitting along my shaft she pulled back her lips sucking the pre-cum off my tip.

She came back up, her make up smudged and small beads of sweat glistened at her temples and the top konyaaltı escort of her cleavage. She thrust her tongue back into my mouth and I growled turning her so her back was flush against the bark of the tree that had been holding me up. I pushed her jeans down over her hips and nudged her legs apart with my knee. She gasped.

I reached between us and looked into her eyes while I thrust 2 fingers into her, she was wet, hot and tight her muscles were already pulsing slightly just from my fingers being inside her. I found the spongy ribbed area just inside of her pussy and rubbed and worked my fingers against it until she bit my neck to stifle her orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers and still I flexed them trying to carry her orgasm as long as I could. She pushed my hand away and I pushed her back into the tree further, she bit her lip as the bark scraped against her bare flesh. I dropped down in front of her and deftly moved my tongue around her clit, spreading her open I sucked the hard nub into my mouth and ran my tongue down to her still pulsing hole thrusting it inside. She tasted the strongest here; her musky scent filled my head as she started to grind herself into my mouth and nose. I lapped up her juices and sucked on her clit until I felt her legs start to tremble as her orgasm built.

Not allowing her to cum from my mouth, I stood up and bent her over to brace herself on a fallen log and without warning thrust my cock into her from behind. Her searing moist walls hugged my shaft as I filled her, the tip of my dick rubbing against her cervix. I was vaguely aware of her moaning as I pulled out and rammed myself back into her, our skin making a harsh slap as it met. I pushed her legs further apart and reached between her legs rubbing her clit while I slammed in and out of her pussy with reckless abandon.

She dug her nails into the log and let out a long moan, as I felt her orgasm start I pulled my hand away from her clit and started to thrust against the muscle spasms. Each thrust made her clench and release harder and harder, her pussy encouraging my cock to spill cum as deep as I could. Her soft ass jiggled as I continued fucking her, she continued to ride orgasm after orgasm as I sought my own release buried deep inside of her.

Groaning I felt the distinct stroke that signaled my orgasm was approaching, my balls drew closer to me as my muscles started to go taut. I pushed as far into her as I could, her cum coated my thighs and balls. I gripped her hips as a huge wave of pleasure crashed around me making the world become a soundless hot white light, like a bomb exploded, as the first shot of cum hit inside of her. She moaned as my cock twitched with each frantic thrust from me, a final orgasm from her squeezed my dick sending her cum down my shaft and balls and the last drop of mine somewhere deep in her pussy.

I withdrew my dick, some of my cum trailing with it decorating her pussy with strands of sticky white. I tossed her my t-shirt to mop herself up and pulled my jeans up,

“Some party huh?” She asked.

“Yeah, some party.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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