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Maddy fetched a sweatshirt to wrap around Zach’s midriff in a way to hide the broad, dark cumsplash darkening his jeans. But she was exultant as she helped him back to the dorm.

“Zach, I want you to shower, change, and then meet me in my room.”

Zach was becoming increasingly accustomed to following instructions, and in less than twenty minutes he was sitting next to Maddy on her bed, now relaxed into pj’s.

“This is literally the best day of my life,” she said to him, with absolute conviction. She was in a light tanktop now, with sharp nipples pressing at the thin fabric. Her open face and blue grey eyes compelled his own gaze.

“Magic is real. I mean, that’s absolutely the number one conclusion here, right? This isn’t hypnosis, or chemistry, or physics. This is fucking magic. Like, literally.”

Zach nodded. “Maybe? I mean, I’m not casting spells or saying magic words or anything. It feels like there’s actually a science to it, I just don’t know how to prove it.”

“Magic,” Maddy said. “Magic can have rules. But it’s not just magic, it’s sex magic.”

“I guess that’s true,” Zach said. “Maybe.” He felt the need to not completely agree with her.

She didn’t seem concerned.

“So, Zach, you and I are going to own this campus. We are kids in a candy store now. But we have something to take care of first.”

“What’s that?”

“You cannot tell anyone else about this.”

“Probably not.”

“So, you and me, like it or not, we’re a team now.”

“Um… ok.”

“We’re going to have an absolute ton of fun, I know it. But we have one important matter to address.”

“What’s that?”

She reached out and placed her hand on his crotch. “The virginity thing has got to go. You, sir, are going to plough your way through this campus, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. But I don’t want some mesmerized floozy to be your first. And similarly, I am going to have everything I’ve ever fantasized about, but I want the first to be real. You, Zach, are real.”

“You are… a little more freaky than I expected,” Zach said, holding with honesty.

“I’ve had years of time to imagine it, you bet I am.”

“One thing, though,” Zach said. “Here’s what doesn’t make sense: you told me your first experience was with someone who played games with you, and it… it didn’t feel good. You didn’t want that from me. But now you are basically planning all the games, at a much bigger scale, with much bigger stakes.”

Maddy looked a little abashed. “Yeah, that’s kinda true, Zach. I have to admit it. But you know what? I trust you. I can tell the way you are caring about people, including me.”

Zach leaned back across her bed, letting everything sink through him.

Maddy didn’t seem willing to let him ruminate. She leaped on him, straddling his hips, and planted a kiss on him.

“Come on, Zach. Let’s cash in the v-cards together!”

“I… I don’t have any condoms.”

“I’m on a pill. For cramps, you know. But good point. I bursa escort want you to go get some condoms after this. Like a lot. You’re going wear them for everyone except me.”

Things were moving faster than Zach could follow, and Maddy didn’t give him time to think about. She stripped off her shirt.

Her small, bare breasts graced his vision. There was a shallow swell to them, and her pink aureoles puffed out, and her small, sharp nipples were hard.

“You told me how much you love big tits,” she said.


“Don’t be. You’re male. But this is what I have and I want you to enjoy them. With your lips.”

She pressed her left nipple to his mouth, and Zach obliged.

He had to admit, her enthusiasm, her excitement, her complete loss of inhibitions was turning him on. Her breasts weren’t big, but they were soft. There was enough to pull her into his mouth and still feel the curve of her pressed into him. The sensation of the hard nubbins of her nipples against his tongue was a revelation, and maybe to her also, because she moaned and rubbed her hips against him. He felt himself hardening. She had to feel it too. She was in some kind of soft shorts, and his PJ’s offered no real obfuscation to his swelling erection.

She pressed herself more tightly against him, groaning with his kiss deeply into her breast, and rolling his erection against herself.

“Tell me about Ava,” she said, finally pulling herself up from him.


“Your roommate is having sex with literally the hottest girl either of us know, and you have superpowers. Tell me you haven’t thought about using them.”

“I’ve used them,” he said, instantly regretting it.

Maddy leaped up. “Oh. My. God. Tell me everything.”

“I… can’t.”

“You told me plenty already and showed me more. Come on, Zach, stop pretending to be so goody-goody. Tell me!!”

“It’s not that… there’s one other thing, and it’s even weirder.”

“Weirder than being trained in magic by your biology professor and making women orgasm from a distance?”

“Yeah, kinda. You gotta trust me on this. I actually can’t tell you. Like, there’s something I experienced, but I physically can’t talk about it.”

“And yet you told me something already.”

“That’s true, and… I need you, Maddy. I need a friend. An ally. But there’s something here I can’t open up about. I can say this: Ava is absolutely as sexy as you think she is. And she and Jacob are figuring things out, probably right now.”

“Zach, I’m going to tell you this exactly once, and then we’ll drop it. The day Ava makes love to me is the day I am yours forever, ok?”

“Um… ok?”

She resumed rocking her hips against his.

“Where were we? I think it’s time you had the sensitive one.”

She pressed her right breast to his lips, and in a moment was groaning and grinding against him.

For a few breaths, Zach found himself seriously questioning everything. Was this who he was? Was this how he wanted to have bursa escort bayan sex for the first time. But something deep said, yes. Yes, he liked Maddy, or at least he thought he did. He could feel that no-win dichotomy he wanted to hold women to. Maddy was adjusting more easily than he was, but this was the time to experience everything, to rethink everything. That’s what people went to college for.

He put on a burst of energy. Maddy was light, and he simply lifted her as he rose, resting her back against her bed as he stripped his pajamas off. She was laughing, and he stripped her shorts off as well.

She didn’t tell him what to do this time, and he pounced on her.

He held her down and kissed her.

Feeling her press the heat between her thigs up at him, he let his belly hold her down there. He felt the length of their bodies together.

And then the dorm room door opened.

Someone gave out an embarrassed shriek.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”

Maddy’s roommate slammed the door shut as she backed out.

Maddy couldn’t stop giggling. “I should have put the sign out.”

Zach couldn’t help but tune in to check. Maddy had very consciously not put the sign on her door. She had been hoping to be caught. She was proving something, but that something was too complicated and subtle for Zach to grasp with such a light touch.

She struggled to get out from under him, but he didn’t let her, and knew she wanted him to keep her pinned. He couldn’t tell now what was raw intuition and what was coming on subtler channels. But she loved it. She loved her nakedness against him, and she loved his nakedness holding her.

He let his urgency flow through all those channels ordinary or otherwise, and he felt her groan and arch her back, wanting more.

“Take me,” she said.

He moved, awkwardly but it worked. He pulled up her legs, lifting her so her butt was against his chest. Then he lifted her more, bringing her pussy to his mouth. But he held her there, just breathing across her lips and the fur of her sex.

“Oh my god,” she said. Apparently this was a favorite phrase.

She wriggled, trying to press herself to his kiss.

He dove in, and he let himself tune in also, following every pulse and throb, feeling every motion as she moved herself against him, and feeling the urgency of her desire. He resisted any effort to boost it, just letting it unfold entirely on its own.

They kissed, deeply. It was a long completely absorbed kiss, with all their naked flesh from the kiss down, and an absolute anticipation of what was absolutely necessarily going to come, and no rush for it.

But even as they kissed, even as he held her, even as he felt her moving beneath him, he crunched his abs, and brought himself up, bring the head of his cock to press between her thighs. Feeling the connection, she moaned, and reached her hand down between their bodies to feel his heat with her fingers.

She tugged him, guided him.

The moment escort bursa they both wanted.

She rubbed him over her, slicking the head of his cock with her and he felt the hollow of her cunt, and the swell of her mons, and the thick bulge of her clit.

Things were sparking and connecting in his mind. His theoretical knowledge, his endless imagining, his years of secretly glancing at porn, his recent experiences; all collapsed to the awareness at the tip of his cock as she rubbed him over her and finally kissed him with her wildly aroused lips and began to pull him against that gentle resistance.

And suddenly he was inside her. He could feel the way she grasped the head of his cock, clamping down just below the bulge of it. He could feel the cylinder throbbing and pulsing between them, connecting them. This was it.

Her heat flowed into him.

She gripped him, and her hand clutched at his ass, pulling him. She moaned deeply through him; he felt it in his bones.

He slid slowly and easily into her, planting himself to fullness.

He felt her muscles fluttering and grasping at the base of his cock, as Maddy whimpered and pushed her hips at him, grinding up to meet him.

Zach felt himself swelling, thickening.

Maddy cried out, calling his name.

Zach answered.

Something profound and deep passed between them.

* * *

In his memory, the rest was flashes of wildly erotic sensation. Sweat dripping between them. Gasps, moans, groans, and peak after peak of pleasure.

Zach could not understand why he didn’t come instantly. Maybe it was the accident out around the fountain, or maybe it was something else, but wave after wave passed through him, and he felt Maddy cumming, and cumming again as he eased himself into her, thrusting.

Then she was riding him, and cumming.

Then he was holding her from behind, pounding into her animalistically, and she was cumming.

Then he was feasting on her fountaining sex, and she was cumming.

Then he was holding her down and pounding into her and they both came and came again.

* * *

“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe that’s all I need for the rest of eternity. You might have just completed my sexual experience from beginning to end.”

Zach was too completely emptied to speak. He was hollow, but full. He was happy.

“I don’t think I want anything else, now or ever,” he said.

Silence fell through the room.

“Oh, you will,” Maddy said. “And so will I. And now we can have absolutely anything we want.”

Zach stirred uneasily.

“I know, I know. You have all these moral qualms. But Zach. Zach. They didn’t give you this gift for nothing. It’s for a purpose. Think about Diana, all the good you can do. Think about me, all the pleasure you can give me…” She drifted. “Think about all the times we were shamed. Bullied. Ignored. Zach: this is our time. We can have everything we want.”

Zach let it soak into him. He remembered Sara, at war with herself. He looked inward, saw the same war within himself. Part of him just wanted this. All of this. And part of him wanted something else. Something he was having a hard time naming.

# # #

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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