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It started with a note. A note with one line on it. Then why am I here? Looking at the front door of my wife’s friend’s house? That damn note. I had my suspicions and when I found the note I needed proof.

Where to start? At the beginning. That is so cliché! But where else would you start? My wife and I have been married for 18 years. She is 38 and used to be out of shape. When I say out of shape I mean she had 3 children and never really got back in shape after the third one was born. It never bothered me that she was heavy; I was in love with her. Sure she put on weight after each child was born; but do you know what a woman’s body goes through to give birth? I never said a word about her weight and she didn’t seem to mind either, that is not until she joined the book club. My wife is a teacher and she started going back to work once our youngest was able to care for him-self. I have three boys and the oldest is 18. My job makes me travel a lot. I am gone at least 2 weeks every month. Some times I am gone more then I am home. So it was important that my wife did not go back until she was sure the youngest was able to take care of himself.

My wife Karen is very prude. She never gets undressed in front of me, hates when I ‘surprise’ her in the shower and always wears old granny underwear. Our sex life is ok; she has never given me a blow job and does not like when I go down on her. She often accuses me of treating her as a port in the night just a person I screw before I have to leave again; which has dampened our sex life. I used to want her all the time. Now I have to be careful because if I come home for the weekend after being gone all week, have sex with her, then leave the following week I have to hear the same argument. So I have learned to surf porn on the net and take care of business myself. I have never cheated on my wife. Masturbation to porn while thinking of other women is not cheating. My dick has never entered another woman’s body since the day I was married. Not that the opportunity has been there, but like I said before, I am in love with my wife.

She started at a new school on the other side of town. It is brand new. She was very lucky to get picked for her position and was starting to make friends. When I came home, instead of hearing about what the boys have done, she was starting to tell me about work. This was good. I encouraged her to make friends, maybe invite a couple out so we could double date. We went to the first Christmas party for her school and I met some of the people she is working with. Let me tell you, they were very good looking. The men, like me, kind of mingled with one another and did not branch out to talk to the women. We did not know each other yet and it would take some time to really talk. Besides, a company Christmas party is not an event you want to branch out very much anyway. With hindsight being what it is, I did notice Karen was hanging out with 5 particular women more then with the others. I just thought they were all teaching the same grade and therefore on the same team at school so they knew each other more. It was not until after the Christmas break that Karen told me she was asked to join the book club.

Let me tell you how ignorant my wife and I were about a book club. Both she and I really thought the women would pick books out, read them, and discuss their views on the book. Boy were we both wrong!

Our fist lesson came when one of the book club members had a St. Patrick’s Day party. Karen told me they had a book to read before the party and it was a couple’s party so she wanted me to read the book with her. Since it was the middle of February I did not see a problem with it. I read the book and it was your typical boring housewife book. It did take longer then I thought and I was cramming in the last few pages the day of the party. I quizzed my wife on the book making sure she read it and we both felt comfortable talking about it. We got to the party and not one word was spoken about the book. The beer was flowing and the music was playing and it turned out to be a great party with me having a great time. We husbands talked sports and it kind of ended up being like a high school party with the women in one room and the men in the other. I would check on my wife and found out she was drinking right along with the others. My wife is NOT a drinker. I found out her favorite drink is a cosmopolitan. She was sucking them down as fast as they were making them. I eased off my drinking so I could be the DD.

We were one of the last ones to leave and I had to pour my wife in the car. She could not stop canlı bahis talking about how much fun she had. She also could not keep her hands off me. We got home and had sex three times. At one point on the way home she grabbed my hand and stuck it down her pants. She was soaking wet. Again, hindsight being 20/20 I did not think anything of it at the time. The next day she was hurting and I told her my secret about hydrating while you are drinking. We never talked about our sex life so nothing was said.

We found out that the book club was nothing more then an excuse to get together and have a fun time. They randomly pick out books and do read them, but they do not discuss them. My wife started having a new life. I would hear about how the book club got together and went to a club for a couple of drinks. It was always the women and never the men. And it would be on our side of town because the teachers did not want any of the parents seeing them drink. So they came to the clubs on our side of town.

Karen was in the club about a year when she started to walk. A 5k was coming up and the book club members wanted to walk in it. Now the other 5 members of the book club are in great shape. They are MILF’s! I will admit that I liked going to the social gatherings to see the other women. The month before the 5k Karen starting walking to get ready. It was not enough. The day of the 5k she was left behind. She could not keep up. It devastated her. She joined a gym and started working out. That was two years ago and 140 lbs later she is a size 4. I noticed something else. As she started losing weight she started to display herself more. She wore skirts and shirts with cleavage showing. She blended in with the book club and became a MILF. Then I noticed she had thongs. She never had thongs. When she would go out with the book club she would wear a thong. That is when something clicked. I don’t know why, maybe it was the way she acted when she was around them or the looks she gave them or the little smile when she would flirt but something set a red flag off.

I did an experiment. I planned a romantic evening and took her to a nice place for dinner. She wore cloths you would think she was going to join a convent. She had her granny underwear on and later when we arrived home and I started to make a move on her she did her normal thing. She undressed in the bathroom, came out in her nightgown, turned off the light and climbed in bed. Yes we had sex but it was the normal missionary position and nothing to write home about.

Then I planted a seed with one of the other book club members that a new restaurant was opening up and we should all go. The seed took and the night came and Karen wore high heels, a skirt that was 5 inches above her knee, and a low cut top that showed cleavage. And she had on a thong. The only reason I know this is because the day of the dinner date I went in her drawer and took an inventory of her underwear. A pair of red thongs was missing. It was a party of 10 and the dinner went well. We decided to go to our house for after dinner drinks and it ended up with us 5 guys watching a basketball game and the women stayed downstairs where we have a finished basement. During the night I tried to pay attention to the noise I heard coming from downstairs and I could have sworn I heard a slapping noise. As if someone was really getting a beating. But when I opened the door I just heard laughter and music.

When the night was finished and we were saying good bye to Beth and Mike I went outside with Mike to look at something in his car. Beth and Karen stayed just in the foyer. I took a couple steps out and wanted to get a jacket on so I turned around and caught the door before it could close. When I opened it I could have sworn I seen Beth’s hand come out from under my wife’s skirt. They both just looked at me and I got my coat and went out.

After saying my good byes to Beth we went back in and Karen grabbed my hand and took me upstairs and fucked my brains out. She took off her cloths in the room and I thought she just hooked her thong and skirt and pulled them off at the same time. At that point my dick was thinking for me and I didn’t care. My wife was stripping in front of me. She climbed on top of me and started to ride me. She even left the lights on. We stayed in that position and I did not climax because it was not comfortable for me. The only thing keeping me hard was seeing her naked riding my dick. She let out a scream that I thought would wake the dead. She slumped on top of me and asked if I finished. I told her no so she got off me and got on all fours bahis siteleri and told me to fuck her from behind. I kneeled behind her and guided my now hurting dick because this was a dream come true and it could not hold all the blood rushing to it. My dick could cut diamonds it was so hard. I put the head of it just inside and stopped. I grabbed her hips and pulled them back to me. Then I pushed her hips away. She caught on and started to fuck me. I just stayed there and let her do the work. She was bucking for all she was worth. Then she said the unthinkable. She looked over her shoulder and said, “FUCK ME HARD!” This was coming from a woman who up until this point has only let out small moans when we screwed. I could not take it anymore. I came for what seemed like hours. It was incredible. I lost function of my muscles and just slumped forward on top of her causing my dick to come out and cum to go down the inside of her thighs. We collapsed together and lay panting for some time. She finally rose to put on her nightgown and she went to her drawer to get a pair of granny underwear. She crawled in bed and went to sleep. Now in the past she got grossed out when I came on her. She hated the wet spot. But tonight she just lay in the wet spot with cum all over her legs.

I laid there thinking of how my prude of a wife just fucked my brains out. I also was thinking of why she put on new underwear. I got out of bed and looked for her skirt. It was still crumbled up on the floor of the bedroom. I picked it up and did not see the red thongs. Curiosity took me downstairs to the finished basement and I discovered them under the couch. What was going on? Why was my wife’s underwear under the couch? There wasn’t any other woman’s underwear. Why just my wife’s?

That is when I wanted to know what was going on. I had to know. I became my own private eye. I left the underwear where I found them and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to the kitchen. Karen was in her running cloths and was just getting ready to go out. I said good bye and checked to see if the underwear were still there. They were gone. I checked the laundry basket and found it to be empty then realized she had started a load of laundry. I opened the washing machine and the red thongs were right on top of the now washing laundry.

I took the next week off but told my wife I was going out of town. She told me that was ok because this coming Tuesday the book club was going to get together over Beth’s house, just the girls.

Now here I sit, holding the note I found while snooping through my wife’s purse. It is a woman’s hand writing and it says, “Wear your black thongs”. I am debating whether to go ring the bell and tell them my trip was canceled or sneak around back and try to find out what is going on.

Again, curiosity is stronger then I thought. I went to the side of Beth’s house and opened the privacy fence gate to the back yard. I walked around to the back and looked in the sliding glass doors. The blinds were small slits but I could see through. My heart is pounding and even though the music is loud all I can hear is ringing in my ears. My eyes fall on my wife with her skirt up around her waist with a massive black strap on cock being shoved in and out of her shaven pussy by Christina. Beth has my wife’s hair and is yanking her towards her spread legs.

Christina asks, “Who is my slut? Who loves getting fucked? Are you my lesbian fuck slut?”

Karen screams, “YES!”

Beth slaps her across the face and tells her to shut up and lick pussy. As Karen starts licking on Beth’s pussy, Beth’s head and eyes roll back and then she looks at Christina and tells her what a great pussy licking slut they have. This must be music to Karen’s ears because she starts to buck on the dildo going in and out of her.

Christina tells Karen to get her ass ready. I don’t understand but then I see my wife lick her fingers and starts fingering her own ass. Beth stands up and Karen watches her as she gets a strap on and walks to the front of Karen. Karen without being told takes the 10″ cock in her mouth and starts licking and sucking it. Christina tells Karen they are going to stuff both of these cocks in her. Karen moans with joy. Christina starts to slap Karen’s ass telling her she is not wet enough to be fucked in the ass. Christina pulls the strap on out of Karen and you can see Karen’s hips still trying to fuck it.

Christina puts her hand down on Karen’s pussy and says, “Look how wet my slut’s pussy is.” She then takes her soaking fingers and moves my wife’s hands out of the way bahis şirketleri and starts to put three fingers in her ass. Karen is moaning. Christina looks up at Beth and asks her if she is ready to fuck her slut. Beth smiles and yanks Karen’s head back and spits on her face. Karen’s mouth is open and her tongue comes out and licks the spit off. Beth laughs and slaps her, once, twice, three times and Karen is crying with joy.

Christina lays on the floor and Karen places a knee on each side of her and guides the 10″ strap on into her soaking pussy. Christina looks at Karen and tells her to stick her ass up and ask Mistress Beth to fuck her ass.

Karen takes one of her hands and spreads her ass and looks over her shoulder and says, “Please Mistress Beth. Fuck my ass.”

Beth places the 10″ strap on at the entrance of my wife’s ass. “What if I don’t want to?” Karen gets a look of concern in her face and starts to beg, “Please fuck this slut’s ass. It is yours to do with what you want. Please fuck my ass.”

Beth starts slapping Karen’s ass. Christina is laughing and reaches up and starts to pull on Karen’s rock hard nipples.

Christina starts saying, “You’re my slut aren’t you?”


Beth shoves the strap on in and Karen screams with pain. Both Beth and Christina are laughing. But they are not fucking her. Karen starts slowly moving her hips.

Christina says, “What a slut you are. You are fucking two cocks at once and we have not even started. Look at how wet you are. You love this. You love being my slut don’t you?”


“You love getting fucked by me and licking my pussy.”


Karen’s hips are going faster. Beth starts to move in and out. Christina is pulling on her nipples.

Karen starts to chant, “Yes. Fuck me. I am your slut. Fuck me, use me like the slut I am. Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me. FUUUCCKK MEEEE!” Her hips are really moving and Beth is shoving the strap on in and out. Karen starts to scream and her whole body starts to shutter and shack in a massive orgasm. Her strength is drained and she can’t hold her body up and she has stopped moving her hips but Beth is still pumping in and out of her ass and Karen is just moaning. Beth’s movements slow as her orgasm subsides and she pulls out of Karen’s ass and sits back.

Christina rolls Karen off of her and stands up. She walks over to her bag and pulls out a 4″ leather strap. Karen seeing this immediately gets on all fours and sticks her ass up in the air.

Christina says, “Who told you to cum? Who gave you permission to cum?” And starts to hit her. She does these 4 or 5 times and then says, “Get over there and clean Mistress Beth’s toys off.” Karen crawls very shakily over to Beth and starts’ licking the strap on that has been in her ass for the last 10 minutes.

From where I am standing Karen’s ass is facing me and is up in the air. She is soaking in her own cum. It is running down her legs. Christina takes her strap on off and sits on the couch. She snaps her fingers and Karen crawls between her legs and starts to lick her pussy.

Beth gets up and has a scowl on her face. She looks at Christina and says, “I didn’t get to finish my orgasm. This fucking slut made me work for it!”

Christina grabs Karen by the hair and yanks her back. “You embarrass me in front of my Mistress?” She slaps Karen on the face. “You cum without permission” SLAP! “You make Mistress Beth have to work for it.” SLAP! “We have got a lot to work on” SLAP!

She shoves Karen’s face back into her pussy and tells Beth to fuck her all she wants. But this is not good enough for Beth. She wants more.

“No. I want the slut to beg. I want you both to beg.” She grabs Christina by the hair and forces her off the couch. “Don’t tell me what to do with your slut. You remember whose slut you are before you go barking orders.” Christina falls on the floor on all fours and starts to kiss and lick Beth’s feet. Karen is on all fours with her head down and her ass up.

Beth kicks Christina which causes her to move back.

Beth walks over to her bag and grabs two but plugs. She sticks one in Karen and one in Christina. She then grabs an 8″ vibrator and turns it on. She sticks it in and out of Karen who starts to move her hips. She then shoves it all the way in. She does the same to Christina.

Beth says, “My husband and kids will be home soon. We do not have enough time to finish. I want you both to keep those in until Friday. If the battery stops pull it out and replace it. DO NOT CUM! If you cum I will make it your last time. I will be checking during the week to make sure you have those in. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of my house.”

I hurry out to my car and leave before being noticed. What am I going to do now? What can I do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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