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I live outside a rural town on an 8 acre block of land. About half of it is pasture and I make a bit of money from agisting livestock, mostly the cattle of neighbours. A few weeks ago I got a call from the owner of a local stable who said she has a friend looking for agistment for her horse. The friend, Bonnie, came around the next day towing a horse float. She had a look at the land and I told her the rate, she thought about it and then agreed, led her horse in.

I saw her, from the corner of my eye, eyeing me up and down a couple of times and I watched as she led her horse through the gate and stayed with it while it trotted about and got accustomed to its new surroundings. Bonnie is not really my type – for a start she’s only 28 (and looks even younger). I prefer women in their 40s, or older, more my own age. And she’s skinny, barely any flesh on her, dressed in jeans that make her legs look like sticks and a checked flannel shirt, no bra or need for one. Her hair is longish and dirty strawberry blond, she has freckles and pale lashes, narrow blue eyes, narrow lips, bitten finger nails, a couple on the left hand stained with nicotine. She’s my height but slouches a bit to one side as if trying to be smaller.

She walked back up, again giving me a look and a nervous smile, and I thought ‘what the hell’ and invited her in for a cup of tea. As soon as we were in the kitchen I stepped close, slid a hand round her waist and drew her to me. It was a hot kiss and as our tongues played I pressed full length against her, my heavy breasts pressing against her little ones, our hips pressing, my hand stroking her taut butt.

She pulled back a little and rested her forehead against mine, breathing heavily. I undid a button of her shirt, slipped a hand inside and over her bare breast, completely covering it, her very hard nipple pressing the centre of my palm. So cute. I pressed a moment then pinched it, twisted. Her legs sagged a little and she leant more heavily against me.

‘Too much?’ I asked, maintaining the pressure.

‘God no!’ she said breathily. ‘I love it.’

I undid her shirt all the way and put both hands on her slight chest, started tweaking her nipples, pulling them out, twisting, pinching. They are thick and measure half the length of my little finger – damn, they must be two inches long! My mouth watered and I got a good grip on them. Her eyes went all misty and she kissed me hungrily, sucking my tongue deep. I walked backwards into the bedroom using her nipples to drag her along, told her to get out of her jeans. Naked she looked a bit awkward – skin even paler than mine with some bruises on arms and legs, from her physical job I guessed, a dense red bush, pimply bottom and a tramp stamp tattoo across her lower back. I stripped and we kissed again, warm bodies close, then I eased her back on the bed and spread her legs – it’s been months and I was impatient now to eat her. Her pussy was raw and meaty looking, big wrinkly flaps, a white discharge and strong smell. It looked like it hadn’t been washed for several days, hairs matted and clinging damply to her labia. I buried my face in there and feasted, licking and sucking while she twisted and moaned and ran her hands in my hair. She came in less than two minutes and I kept up the tongue action, this time inserted two fingers in her vag. They sunk right in and I added a third, started frigging. She came again and I rotated my hand, found her g-spot and this time she came so hard she wrenched away and huddled on her side panting and moaning until the orgasm finished.

‘You OK?’ I whispered, spooning her and stroking her flank, kissing her flushed neck.

‘God yes!’ she said. ‘I really needed that.’

‘Well bahis firmaları let me know when you’re ready to return the favour,’ I replied. ‘Cos I need it too.’

She twisted her head back and we kissed open mouthed, then she was shimmying down the mattress. I spread my legs and she went to work, her mouth hot on my parts, tongue insistent around my labia then my clit. I let her lick and nuzzle for quite a few minutes then sighed and said it felt soooo good, lifted my legs and crossed them over her shoulders to hold her in place and started humping against that sweet mouth. She handled it well, fingers digging into my buttocks as she kept up the action on my clit.

‘Fuck yeah, I’m cumming,’ I grunted and reached down, grabbed a handful of her greasy hair and bucked hard, smearing my leaking pussy all over her face before falling back exhausted. ‘Damn, that was nice!’ I told her when she lay on top of me, her face glistening with my juices, cheeks flushed from being wedged in my crotch for so long.

I lit a cigarette and passed it to her, lit another for myself. We lay there smoking, her hand trailing over my belly and thigh, and I asked her about herself. She lives two towns away, sharing a house with an alcoholic father. She works in an agricultural supplies business and does regular early morning work at one of the racing studs in the district. Her life revolves around horses and, oh yeah, she hasn’t had a relationship for four years.

I tell her she has lots of catching up to do, butt out my ciggy and straddle her face, squash my pussy down on that sweet mouth. Her eyes crinkle as they look up at me and I feel her tongue work its way into my vag…

She was back the next afternoon after work and we fucked, snoozed, fucked again. That weekend she came after lunch on Saturday and after sex we sat naked on my enclosed veranda, drinking beer. Her breasts were splotched where I had slapped and pulled them, her neck still had a lingering orgasm flush, there was a fingernail trail down her inner thigh where I’d marked her and I knew there were nail scrapes on her butt where I had dug my fingers in. I liked marking her and it seemed to make the sex really intense for her. We were definitely heading into domme/sub territory…

‘Bonnie, come here luv,’ I said spreading my legs wide and dropping a cushion on the floor between my feet.

She was quick to comply and knelt there, bent her face to my bush. I let her lick for a minute or two then took a handful of hair and tilted her face up. She looked at me, eyes big and lips glistening.

‘I want you to suck right on my pee hole, babe,’ I say, looking closely to see her reaction. ‘That beer has done its job and I can’t be fagged going to the loo.’ She nods, eyes still bright and dips her head down again. I feel her licking around my urethra then her lips kissing it. ‘Ahhh yeah, that’s it,’ I sigh, relaxing my bladder and feeling the pee begin to run. ‘Take it in your mouth babe, drink it down…’

She drinks steadily and I halt the flow a couple of times so she can keep up, waiting for her to nuzzle and kiss my urethra before pissing again. It’s exciting that she has taken to it and when my pee slows to a trickle I tell her to hold the last mouthful then pull her up, put my arms around her and kiss her so we can share. Her long nipples are like nails as we swap the urine back and forth. I let some run out of my mouth and down my neck, tell her to lick it up. She spends a lot of time on my breasts and when my nipples are as hard as hers I push her down to my pussy, tell her to make me cum.

Later that afternoon I make us dinner, Bonnie hovering about in just an apron doing prep and cleaning kaçak iddaa pots. She is a bit careless and spills flour, earning herself five spanks on the bare behind with a wooden spoon so that she dances about a moment rubbing her sore bottom. We are onto wine now and again I have to pee, this time I simply put one foot on a stool and she kneels beneath and drinks it down. She spills some and earns herself another five spanks.

After dinner she asks if she can stay the night, telephones her father and explains she won’t be home. We watch a movie then some porn and I choose some lesbian BDSM stuff. I tell her she can rub herself and we sit side by side on the couch, fingers busy, watching a girl get tied and whipped, hot wax on breasts, pegs on nipples, clamps on labia, large insertions in her vagina and then anus. The room is thick with our smell and beside me Bonnie shudders through a cum, keeps her fingers sliding in her swampy vag. She looks at me, jaw a bit slack, pupils dilated, and I slap her inner thigh hard, making her yelp, smack the other inner thigh even harder, grab her by the hair and drag her to her knees so she can lick me. She goes at it feverishly and I soon cum, but keep her there for another long few minutes until I cum again.

In the morning I wake at dawn, watch Bonnie sleeping beside me. Her mouth is open, breath raspy and sour, hair untidy on the pillow, face a little blotchy, a pimple starting on her chin. I’m not sure what I feel for her – it was fun yesterday and I don’t think we’ve found her limits yet, but things are a bit more intense than I am comfortable with. The room gets lighter and I feel pressure in my bladder. I could go to the toilet but… I pull back the quilt and pat Bonnie’s cheek until her eyes open. I smile and heave up, straddle her face.

‘Gotta go, luv,’ I say and hold her hair, release a stream of piss. It smells strong and is no doubt dark after hours of sleep. ‘Don’t spill any babe,’ I warn as she gulps to keep up. ‘You get any of this on my pillow or sheets and I’ll fucking shit in your mouth.’

I feel her shiver beneath me and her eyes go wide, mouth still working as it fills. Yesterday I had eased my flow every now and then so she could keep up, but not this morning. She swallows valiantly, eyes getting a bit panicky as she is overwhelmed, then she coughs and splutters and yellow brine runs from the corner of her mouth.

‘Damn! You careless little cunt!’ I say angrily and yank her hair causing more pee to spill out.

Her eyes are really wide now and she’s swallowing hard but it’s too late and I tell her the damage is done. I get off her, stand by the edge of the bed, grab her hair and drag her up beside me.

‘Look at that! Fuck!’ I point at the damp pillow then drag her by the hair and rub her face in it. ‘You are going to wash that straight after we’re finished here, you little bitch!’

I swat her backside making her dance, feeling a twinge of arousal deep in my parts when I see the marks from yesterday’s spanks, then force her onto her back on the floorboards. She looks startled and anxious, not knowing how serious I am; but her nipples are pointy and I know she is up for it. I quickly squat over her face again, rest with my knees either side of her ears and rub back and forth leaving a wet trail from her chin to forehead. Her mouth is open and she sucks at my moving snatch, tongue washing where it can reach.

‘Yeah slut,’ I say. ‘You’d like to lick my box now, wouldn’t you, huh?’ She nods as best she can and I reach down, grab a handful of that reddish hair and shift down a little, my anus now over her mouth. ‘Well you have to earn that, slut, and you can start by kissing my arsehole.’ I feel kaçak bahis her lips tentative at my back door and yank her hair hard. ‘Kiss it!’ I hiss and press down harder.

As soon as her lips go around my ring I bear back and release a loud fart. She recoils and tries to pull away but I have her pinned. I yank her hair again.

‘Now kiss it properly, and I want to feel tongue, got it?’

She whimpers but does what I say and I relax my ring so she can worm her tongue inside. She is more dedicated this time and I stroke her face, tell her she is doing well. I look around and sure enough her nipples are still pointy and she has one hand in her bush, rubbing in time to her tongue. Well, I think, time to see what she’s up for.

‘That’s nice babe,’ I say in a softer voice. ‘Open me up, taste my butt slime.’ Her tongue beavers away and I feel her swallow – damn, she’s a hottie! ‘Oh yeah,’ I sigh, ‘Now I’ve gotta let one slide out.’ She struggles again and I yank her hair to keep her still. ‘I warned you, bitch, so you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.’

With that I clamp my thighs harder round her head, bear down and feel a turd slither out. The room fills with the smell of shit.

‘Mmmmppphhhh!’ Bonnie grunts in a panicky way, eyes wide, but unable to avoid the brown log.

‘That’s it babe, take it in your mouth… chew it a little, taste my shit… swallow, come on baby, swallow.’ I expect her to retch but she doesn’t, not even a little. Her eyes water and her face goes even redder, but she doesn’t vomit it up. ‘I think my nasty Bonnie has played with poopies before, haven’t you?’ Her eyes look a little defiant and I know she has. ‘You play with your poo sometimes when you go to the toilet?’ I ask. ‘In the shower, maybe, smear it about and taste it? Huh? Well, now you’re really going to taste shit, my dear!’

With that I bear back and push out another turd, one for her to be going on with, feel her jaw work as she takes it in her mouth. I start sliding back and forth so the next turd smears all over her face, laughing as I coat her cheeks brown, her chin and nose and lips, my cunnie throbbing at the sight. I slide down onto her chest, leaving a brown trail, rest with my anus on her left breast, feel her hard nipple. I shift a fraction and it penetrates my pucker and I lift and drop, fuck it with my arse.

‘Oh god!’ Bonnie gasps, hand a blur between her legs, hips quivering and lifting. ‘Oh god, oh god!’

I kneel on the floor beside her after she cums and watch her regain her breath. She looks so debauched lying there with shit drying on her face and chest. I lean forward and lower my face to hers, lips parting. She looks startled then closes her eyes and opens her mouth. We kiss slowly and tenderly, and I suck her acrid tongue, peck her lips until they are clean. I lie on top of her, move so my breasts rub her messy ones, rub my cheek on hers, kiss her again. Her arms go around me and we hug, roll onto our sides.

‘I love you,’ she says, breathe sour with shit. ‘I really mean it. I love you.’

‘Hmmmm, maybe,’ I say and stroke her cheek. ‘But right now we’re just going to be friends, OK.’ She nods, eyes show hurt from the rejection and I kiss her softly again. ‘I’ll tell you when you can stay over but you should know that I can be mean and demanding and quite brutal.’

‘I don’t care,’ she says, a note of defiance.

‘We’ll see about that,’ I say. ‘Now get me a cigarette and make a pot of coffee, and then you can get to work cleaning this floor and my bed. Oh, and Bonnie, you are not to wash yourself or get dressed until I say so, OK?’

She nods and gets up, goes to my side of the bed and lights a cigarette, draws deep, exhales fast, draws again, then brings it to me. I draw deep, pull her face to mine, kiss her again and exhale into her mouth.

‘Now get me some fucking coffee,’ I say and slap her butt hard as she skips out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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