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Ryan is quite a remarkable high school boy who has recently become my lover, and the most important person in my life. You could say we met by accident (literally), but what an accident! Prior to meeting Ryan I had been exclusively heterosexual, but with almost one look into his deep blue eyes, his tousled brown hair and his slim body, I found myself rapidly falling in love with this magnificent teenager. My name is Jeff. I’m 31, about 180 pounds and, I think, just an average guy. Ryan is 18, about 5’6″, 130 pounds, a senior in high school and as cute and loveable a person as I’ve ever met, guy OR girl.

Ryan has the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. It’s about 6 inches long, fairly thick, and fits very nicely in my mouth and nearly into my throat. The shaft of his beautiful dick is smooth and straight, with a vein running under the bottom side that throbs and stands out prominently when he’s getting hard, although when Ryan is super aroused, his dick sometimes starts to curve upward slightly. The head of his penis (it’s cut) is the classical helmet shape, and the color ranges from pink when he’s relaxed to deep purple when he’s hard. The head of his dick gets so hot when he’s hot, that I want to cuddle it in my hands, although having it up my ass or in my mouth (or both) feels really great too!

There’s a slight scar on his abdomen just up above his light brown bush, that he got when he was a small boy. He was playing with friends when he fell on a nail and cut himself there. I always give that mark a light kiss after I’ve sucked him off. His pubic hair is moderately thick, and mainly in a patch above his dick, with some smaller, downy kind of hairs on his balls and between his balls and his ass. There’s almost no hair at all on his sweet ass cheeks or around his tiny puckered ass hole.

I think that the most sexually attractive thing about Ryan, as a teenager, is his ass. Yes, everything else is, too. Blue eyes, light brown hair in his eyes, etc. are big turn ons for me, but the one constant factor is his ass. And it isn’t just for the obvious reason, the anticipation that I would soon be fucking that tight ass with my cock. Even if (god forbid) I lost my dick, or couldn’t get an erection, his hot ass would still be wildly stimulating.

First, the shape of Ryan’s asscheeks. Viewed with his jeans or cutoffs on, his ass juts out nicely, just a nice handful while you’re kissing him deeply. Viewed from the side, his ass cheeks bulge out prominently enough to catch your eye, but not obscenely far out, like a woman’s. I speak as the voice of experience there, as I had dozens of women before I fell in love with Ryan. Now, women’s butts are a turn off, but a man’s tight butt catches my eye every time, though I obviously try not to be obvious about it!

When you have him down to his underpants, it gets even better, of course. Again, holding those tight ass mounds while holding him gives you not only the firm feel of that young flesh, but also the warmth of his butt, and when you run your fingers down the middle of his furrow, you can just feel the tiny slit in the center, through the cloth.

Now, when he’s naked in front of me, must be the best moment of all. Besides holding his smooth, hairless, round pale ass cheeks in my hands, there’s so many other sensory delights. Stroking those globes you can feel the delightful smoothness of his hairless young butt. Insinuating my fingers down his crack, I can clearly feel where his ass hole starts and the entry to his inner world begins. Stroking that hole inside his puckered ass ring, I can feel the tiny quivers running through the ring, his ass cheeks and through the rest of his body as I stroke his sensitive flesh between ass cheek and the rectum itself.

Slipping my finger inside his hole, if he‘s really hot, I’ll feel a slight wetness or moisture. I think this is a major turn on. If the man you’re finger fucking took a bath or shower recently, this will likely be dry and you’ll need to wet it with your finger or tongue so that the entry is pleasant for him. Now, if you have your pants off, or around your knees or ankles while you’re reading this, take your hand off your cock. Slip it between your legs, past your balls, to your ass, and slide your index finger up inside your ass hole. Doesn’t have to be far, but at least up to the first knuckle, and now rotate it around as best you can. Take it out and bring it up to your nose.

THAT, to me, is the very best part of a man. Smelling the musk on my finger when it’s been up his ass, or sniffing it in a man’s underpants, brings you a spicy perfume that never fails to bring my cock to full staff! That tiny trace of manly musk and sweat smells immensely different and serves as an aphrodisiac for me when I’m with Ryan. Now, that’s quite a confession for me. Up until recently I’d never had a homosexual experience, and had been with dozens of women and was even married. Then I met Ryan…

Well, casino siteleri as you may recall from Chapter 2, we had planned to get together the next day, Saturday, but it didn’t work out. I had to work overtime at the forensics lab (I’m a researcher at the University) and Ryan had to go see his mother. It wasn’t until 2 weeks later that we did get together, and by that time we were both crawling the walls with sexual frustration.

We did speak on the phone a week after our first meeting when Ryan called me, to see what was up, and to let me know that the next day was his birthday. I told him how happy I was for him, and that I’d have a treat for him the next time we got together, but that I was sorry I couldn’t be there for him that night and the day of his birthday too.

He said that was okay, and that he knew I loved him and cared for him, and that he couldn’t wait to see me. He also said that he thought his father and mother might do something special for him, but he didn’t know what.

The next week I was back in town, and Ryan came over to see me. We kissed as soon as he stepped inside the door of my house, and hugged. “I missed you, little bit,” I said.

“Oh, I missed you too, Jeff,” Ryan said. “I feel really bad and I need someone to talk to,” he said.

“What’s wrong,” I said as I led him to ‘our’ sofa, the one where we first made love.

“Well, I know it doesn’t sound like much, and it’s probably not important, but both my mom and dad completely forgot about my birthday”, he said with a tremor in his voice. “I guess it’s babyish of me, but I got kind of depressed about it.”

“I’m so sorry, Ryan,” I said. “I’m sure they love you deeply, but perhaps something important came up…?”

“Yes, they did have big problems at the places they work, but I was just hoping that someone would say ‘Happy Birthday, Ryan,’ and except for you, no one did until I reminded them a few days later. It just made me sad,” he concluded.

“Well, what would you like to do to feel better?” I asked.

“I was hoping you’d ask that,” Ryan said with a smile. “How ’bout my favorite thing, hot dirty sex?”

“Okay, follow me,” I said. I had been really hoping we’d get to this spot, and fast. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. “After all we’ve been through, it’s hard to believe I haven’t shown you the bedroom, but, here it is.”

“I don’t want to be SHOWN the bedroom,” he mock-growled. “I want to be fucked six ways to Sunday in the bedroom!” He pulled off his t-shirt and tossed it on the floor, followed by his shoes, jeans, socks and underpants. He jumped on the bed, and I watched as he bounced up and down a few times, with his rapidly stiffening dick echoing his bounces.

I followed suit, and joined him on the bed, taking him in my arms and kissing him on his mouth, forcing his mouth open with my tongue, though he hardly fought me. The taste of his hot, squirmy tongue, and his full lips was intoxicating. “I’m really horny, baby, so I hope you don’t mind if we come really fast, and then we take our time the second time.” I didn’t give him a chance to say anything, but swung around into a sixty-nine, with me on the top, my dick hanging down over his face, and my mouth right over his stiff cock, which I was already stroking to a greater erection. Pre-cum was dribbling from his penis, as his urgency was also already pretty apparent.

I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth as I felt him do the same to me. I stroked his cock with my left hand, and his nut sack with my right, while leaning on my elbows. I felt him squeezing my ass cheeks with both his hands, and his index fingers on both hands came together at my ass hole, after tickling my butt for a few minutes. He quickly penetrated my ass with one finger and began fucking me. My head bobbed up and down on his rod, and combined with my fingers stroking him, and the feeling he had from having a finger moving around in my ass, he quickly shot his load in my mouth. I caught most of it and kept it on my tongue, but some dribbled out the side of my mouth onto his curly pubic hair above his dick.

I was ready, too, and shortly after he came in my mouth I shot a hot load of cum into his mouth, and some on his face. I turned around and lay down next to him, smiling a cummy smile, bringing my lips to his. We kissed and exchanged cum back and forth for a few minutes, then concluded our kiss and lay back, still in each other’s arms.

“Better?” I said after a few minutes.

“Yeah, much better,” he said. “I needed to release that tension, now I’m all warm and cuddly.”

We dozed off for a few minutes, and I said, “Now, how ’bout a birthday party, with cake?”

“Hmm?” he said. “What do you mean?”

“Follow me,” I said. We went down to the kitchen, nude, and started looking around for something to eat that would fit my plans for Ryan. “Do you like honey?” I said.

“Sure,” Ryan said.

“How canlı casino about bananas?” I said.

“Uh huh,” he said, though now he was looking dubious. “What are you up to?” he said.

“We’re going to make a birthday cake for you with honey, bananas, a ladyfinger and some cream,” I said, “Sort of a no-bake cake.” We grabbed a bottle of honey, some firm bananas and a package of ladyfingers, and headed back up to the bedroom. I told Ryan to kneel on the bed on his hands and knees, with his nude butt up in the air, and as I opened up the honey the dubious look disappeared from his face, to be replaced by a look of sheer delight.

“I guess you didn’t know you were going to be the mixing bowl and serving plate, did you Ryan?” As I began stroking his behind, Ryan leaned down on his face and brought his hands up to his ass behind him, pulling his smooth round ass cheeks apart. He was a quick learner and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

As I teased his hot hole with my tongue, his fingers reached all the way to his anus, opening the tiny pucker for my culinary invasion. Inserting the pointy top of the honey jar in his ass, and squeezing out honey into his hole, I began slowly packing in honey up his anus, fingerful by fingerful, until I got a few spoonsful at least inside his rectum. I then took a ladyfinger and a banana, and after peeling it pushed the cake and smooth fruit up inside his tight hole, packing it in with my middle finger.

“How does that feel, lover?” I asked.

“Wow, full,” he said. You better do something, because I feel like I’m going to poop it all out!”

I then coated my cock with the honey, and mounted him from behind, slowly inserting my cock into his butt. It was a tight fit, considering everything that was in there, but the deeper I reached, the more the honey and banana got melted from the heat of our bodies and the friction of my penis rubbing against the inside of his smooth, tight hole. Soon, my cock was moving in and out of his ass with little resistance other than that caused by his tight ass ring.

We soon reached a rhythm of pumping that brought a tingle to the base of my cock, and small gasps from Ryan. “Oh, that’s SO nice, fuck me deep, lover!“ He sighed. The electricity built up inside of me and soon I was pumping his ass hole harder and faster.

“Fuck, I’m deep inside your sweet little hole, fuck!“Faster and faster, I soon felt the irreversible moment come and I yelled, ” I’m fucking your hot delicious hole, cocksucker. Can you feel my hot cum inside you?”

He was gasping out, “Yes, yes, fuck me hard. Shoot your hot cum inside my twat! FUCK YOUR BITCH!”

I shot my load into his anus, mixing with the food there, and then slowly my cock shrank down enough to come out of his ass easily when I pulled away. Fortunately, though he was hot enough, Ryan didn’t come, as I had a similar treat in mind for him, and he’d need his hard cock to complete it.

I asked Ryan to roll over onto his back, and crawled over top of him in a sixty-nine position. I could feel him pulling my thighs down so that he could get my honey coated cock in his mouth, and I pulled his knees up against his chest so that I could bring my mouth down to his ass hole. The skin all around his hole was smeared with mashed banana, cake and sticky honey, and I set to licking from the outside in, by licking the light hairs around his crack, spiraling into the center of his ass, his tight, oozing hole. The taste of the sweet honey and bananas was one I’d never tried before, but I thought both the flavor of the meal and the ambiance of the dining area made this a four star meal. As I licked, Ryan’s ass muscles squeezed out more of the mixture, until I’d consumed it all and was licking the plate looking for more. My cock bobbed in and out of his hot mouth, as he sucked from the very tip of my penis, and inside the piss slit, down to the base and all through my hairy balls, while tickling my anus with one of his fingers. It would have easily been enough to make me cum again, but after cumming twice in rapid sucession, it would take me a little longer to produce more sperm for him. After he finished washing down my cock, and my giving his anus a thorough swabbing, I stretched out beside him and he took me in his arms this time.

He lightly kissed my lips and said, “Well, that might have been a great meal for you, but what about me? Here I lie, hungry and still horny, with a sore butt.”

“Sore?” I complained in mock exasperation. “How many people get their rear end treated to a tongue bath? Ryan, I can’t promise you the world, but how about the chance to eat a great dessert, get your rocks off and give me a sore butt in return?”

“Sweet talker,” he said. “Here, lay down on your back.” As I rolled over to do as he commanded, he pushed my knees up to my chest. I could see that he was going to fuck me missionary style, and I wiggled my butt in anticipation. I wanted kaçak casino a cock up my ass, and Ryan’s was ready for me. “You like that hole, baby? Would you like to fuck it? It’s nice and tight, and hot for your big, fat cock,” I cooed, though my mouth was filling with saliva at the thought of his dick inside of me.

He began drizzling honey on my ass hole, and spilling some of it on my balls, giggling and rubbing it into my sack of balls, but mainly into my ass hole with his fingers. After he had poured what felt like half the bottle on my crack, he took a ladyfinger and started sliding it up my ass. It immediately crumbled, and he giggled and started poking the crumbs into my hole with his finger. Then he took a peeled banana and slowly inserted its tip into my tight ass hole. “Relax your ass muscles, sweetie,” he said with a grin, “So that I can get this massive cock up your ass hole.”

“Cock?” I said. “I thought your cock was that beautiful, big thing sticking up from between your legs. What you’re holding looks like a banana.”

“Yeah, but it’s going to feel like a cock,” Ryan said. “After all, you’re really a virgin in your ass. But not for long.”

He slowly inserted the banana up my ass, and it felt like I was taking a shit, only in reverse. It didn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable. Still, there was a distant tingle in my cock that told me that this was going to be a lot of fun, soon.

After he got most of the fruit up my hole, he crawled between my legs on his knees, and took aim by holding his very stiff cock in his hand, and aiming it for my too-small seeming hole. He nudged it between my ass cheeks, and I pulled my knees closer to my chest to allow him closer access. I could feel his 6 inch rod entering my hole, stretching the ass ring and scraping the walls of my rectum. After he got the head of his cock in, he hesitated, not wanting to cause me pain, but I looked in his luscious blue eyes and wanted him to impale me and fill me with his lusty cum. God, what great eyes!

“Please, fuck me hard, sweetheart. I want you all the way inside of me,” I begged. “Stroke my ass hard with your cock.” He began slowly pumping in and out, and, as before, when the heat of our joined bodies, combined with his hard pumping liquefied the contents of my bowel, his pumping speeded up from the lubricant. It felt marvelous to have Ryan on top of me, impaling me with his penis, and looking up at his face I could see the buildup as he climbed toward his climax. His eyes would alternate between open and closed, looking into my eyes with lust, then closing as he screwed his face in concentration. Then he started talking to me, and that really set me off.

“Jeff, I’m fucking your tight ass with my hot cock. I can feel it sliding against your insides, and I can feel when you squeeze my hard dick with your sweet hole. I’m gonna lick up your ass after I cream inside it, but right now I’m fucking my little bitch in her hot, slutty hole. Tell me how much you want it, slut!” He almost screamed.

“God, yes, fuck my tight cherry! Fuck me hard, fuck my ass, cum inside me, shoot your hot load up my ass, shoot it so hard I can taste it baby, I wanna get fucked by my hot man lover! FUCK! FUCK ME, YES, YES! FUCK MY HOLE!!”

It felt like his cock was getting bigger inside of me as he reached his explosion, and soon he thrust really hard inside me, moving me up on the bed with the force of it, as he yelled, “Fuck, I want to fuck you all night long with my cock, your hole feels so good on my cock, I’M CUMMING!” As he collapsed on me, spent with exhaustion, I put my arms around him to hold him closer, and he brought his lips down to my face, forcing himself on my mouth. I felt a thrill to have him dominate me like that, and could feel my cock swelling with lust. After a little while, he roused himself, saying, “Man that was really good! Ready to fuck, again?”

I looked at him with a ‘Are you crazy?’ sideways look, and he collapsed, laughing, saying, “I’m just kidding. I’m totally exhausted.”

“Well, you said you were hungry for some of that cake, so…” I reminded him. He slowly dragged himself around on top of me, so that his dick was hanging above my face, and, after pinning my knees back to my chest again, he brought his mouth to my ass hole and started licking my hole. While he teased and ate out my ass, I took his cock between two of my fingers and inserted it into my mouth, so I could start sucking off the mixture of honey, banana, cake and sticky, creamy cum that he’d left there. It tasted as delicious as the serving I had out of his ass before, and we spent the next few minutes feasting on the dessert from my ass and Ryan’s cock.

After we had both cleaned each others bodies with our tongues, he turned himself around again so that he was lying on top of me, with his face next to mine, and then rested his face just below my chin on my chest. The weight of Ryan on top of me felt so good that I thought I’d cry with pleasure.

“Thank you for giving me the best birthday celebration I’ve ever had,” he said. I could feel the warm trickle of his tears onto my chest.

“I love you, Ryan,” I said quietly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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