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Trevor Guillaume is my name. The city of Boston is my home. And this right here is my story. What a mad world we live in. Every day that goes by, the human race disgusts me a little more. And I’m not just saying that because of my line of work. I am an Assistant District Attorney working for the Suffolk County Prosecutor’s Office. It’s not an easy job, or a pleasant one, but someone’s got to do it. I am twenty seven years old and I absolutely hate my job. When I graduated from Suffolk University’s Law School three years ago, this isn’t what I saw myself doing.

Life takes you to many funny places sometimes. Many people tell me they think I should count my blessings. I’m a six-foot-one, lean and dark-skinned Haitian-American man living in the city and life has been exciting lately. I recently got engaged to a six-foot-tall, very voluptuous, big-bottomed and quite beautiful, dark-skinned young Black woman of Haitian descent named Mariah Grand-Pierre. We met at a party in the town of Randolph a year and a half ago. Our relationship hasn’t been a bed of roses but we’re okay. Mariah is a Patrol Supervisor working for the Massachusetts State Police. One of the few Black female State Troopers on the force. She’s a smart, driven and ambitious gal. She’s also two years older than me and doesn’t let me forget it.

Lately, I have been under a lot of pressure. I’m prosecuting a particularly tough case. Janine Mendes, daughter of former Boston Mayor Thad Mendes has shot him dead. Seven times. She’s on trial for capital murder. Janine is a tall, elegant, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, bronze-skinned young woman of Irish and Portuguese descent. She has the looks of a supermodel, and a Harvard MBA. She used to work for the United Nations right here in downtown Boston. On weekends, she volunteered to mentor young women at the local YWCA. In the eyes of most folks in the city, she’s an angel. Her father, on the other hand, was a shady politician more ruthless than the average Mob Boss. Many wished he were dead during his long reign as the city’s mayor. And now that he’s gone, many feel the woman responsible for taking him down should be given a medal, not jailed. I have the unfortunate job of prosecuting her.

It’s my first big case. If I screw it up, I might as well start looking for a new job. The District Attorney didn’t tell me this, of course. She didn’t have to. That’s just the way the system works. I’ve won ninety four percent of my criminal cases. Mighty impressive considering this is my first job right out of law school. To say that I am under a ton of pressure would be putting it mildly. Between the stresses of my job and the pressure Mariah puts on me, I feel like I’m starting to break, folks. The Recession has driven many law-abiding men and women in my fair city to become criminals. Last month, I prosecuted and convicted a thirty-year-old soccer mom from Chelsea who robbed a video store in the South End. Two weeks ago, I secured a conviction against a former corrections officer who robbed a gas ankara dansöz escortlar station.

Those are the hardcore criminals I usually secure convictions against, folks. Not exactly the most lethal people out there. It is any wonder that I absolutely hate my job? Seriously. If we weren’t in the middle of a recession, I would definitely quit. I hate what I do. I hate what I’ve become. I feel like the angel of Death. Nobody is ever happy to see me. Not the families of the people I prosecute. Not my fellow prosecutors. Not the cops whose team I’m supposedly part of, since we’re all law enforcement personnel. Can you think of anyone who is happy to see a prosecutor? Me neither.

My parents constantly tell me how proud they are of me. My father, Thomas Guillaume came to the city of Boston from his native Republic of Haiti when he was twenty years old. Back in 1983. He attended Boston College for undergraduate studies, and later went to Boston College Law School. He eventually became a tax attorney and did pretty well for himself. Enough to buy us a nice house in Milton and send me to private school. As for my mother, Catherine Beaulieu Guillaume, she teaches music at one of the local public schools. I’m their youngest son and the most accomplished. My older brother Andy is a corrections officer. He hasn’t talked to me since I convicted one of his former co-workers for a crime he committed. I don’t choose the cases I prosecute. The District Attorney sends them my way. I am but a cog in the machine that is the American Criminal Justice System. I have very little in the way of real power. I’m under too much pressure from all over. And if I don’t get it under control, I’m going to break.

Lately, I’ve been seeing this tall, good-looking Black man named Jacob Jules. Like me, the brother is Haitian-American. He’s a criminal defense attorney I met while prosecuting one of the few cases I ever lost. I was impressed with his talents in the courtroom, and even asked him for a drink after the trial was over. He took me up on my offer, and we’ve bonded. Jacob is a successful, sexy Black gentleman. He has a son named Jason whose mother is a former college girlfriend of his. They split up years ago but share joint custody of their son. He’s also bisexual, though you’d never guess this about him until he chooses to tell you about himself. He used to play football for Bridgewater State College, back in the day. From the moment we met, I liked him immensely. He’s fine. He’s smart. He’s generous. And he’s good company. We have a terrific time together.

Jacob is the only person in this world who understands me. I recently realized that I was bisexual. I haven’t told anyone. Jacob is the only man I’ve ever been with. And I’ve only dated five or six females in my entire adult life before getting engaged to Mariah Grand-Pierre. I struggled with my attraction to both men and women my entire life. In the Haitian community, many hate homosexuals and feel strongly that gays and lesbians should not ankara saatlik veren escortlar be allowed to marry. Even though Same-Sex Marriage is legal in several states. If you think African-Americans are homophobic, wait until you meet Haitians and Haitian-Americans.

For three months now, Jacob and I have been seeing each other. He’s been very patient with me. He knows about Mariah. In fact, they’ve met. I introduced him to her as one of my best friends. Jacob is smart, funny and very likable. Mariah liked him immediately, and even tried setting him up with a few of her girlfriends. Jacob declined, saying that his career and his growing son were the most important things in his world. He didn’t have time to date. Mariah respected that, saying that seeing a black father who was devoted to his son was a wonderful thing. See how cool Jacob is? We hang out at each other’s apartments all the time. Mariah has been pressuring me to move in with her but I tell her I’m not yet ready. She’s not happy about it but too bad. I could care less.

The time I spend with Jacob is quite often the highlight of my day. After a long day at the office, I go to my lover’s apartment and we take a long, hot shower together. Two tall and sexy, gorgeously naked black men kissing under the warm water. I love running my hands all over Jacob’s body. The brother has got it going on. I kiss every inch of him, and pay special attention to his manhood. He loves it when I fondle his dick. He’s long and thick, and uncut just like me. I’ve been working out lately and he loves how my muscles are acquiring definition. Jacob’s body doesn’t need any work. He’s black, ripped and stripped. And always ready to get down.

Sometimes, I love to surrender to him completely. Jacob would kiss me passionately, and stroke my member while sliding his manhood into me. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Feeling a strong man pounding his cock into my ass while I screamed passionately, my arms wrapped around his sexy body. When it comes to gay sex, I’ve only been intimate with Jacob and he’s shown me that man-to-man sex is the bomb. He loves shoving his dick up my ass as much as I love getting fucked by him. He absolutely rocks my world and I love him for it. I love making Jacob happy. Sometimes, he comes home and finds me naked on his bed. I would take him into my arms and kiss him before sucking his big dick and licking his balls. When he would finally cum, I would drink every last drop of my sexy lover’s manly seed. After I gave him head, he would bend me over and stuff his cock into my ass. I’m a power bottom all the way and I love getting fucked by my man. Jacob would fuck me so hard tears would come into my eyes. Afterwards, we’d lie in bed together, talking or watching TV. Yeah, I treasure every moment we spend together.

Jacob and I are very careful not to arouse suspicion. Two bisexual black men of Haitian descent working in the field of law enforcement can’t let their business be known. Friends, ankara azeri escortlar family members and co-workers would have a field day if they knew. So it’s important to keep up appearances. I regularly take Mariah out to dinner, and treat her to nice evenings on the town. The woman is demanding in every way. One time, she asked me take her in the bathroom of a Rhode Island hotel we were staying it. I had no choice but to comply, believe me. Mariah hiked up her sexy red dress and got on her knees while sucking my dick. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as she worked on me. She wasn’t as good at oral sex as Jacob was, but I’d never tell her that. She sucked my dick and stroked my balls until I got mad hard, then I put on a condom and took her for a ride.

I bent her over the bathroom counter, and slid my cock into her pussy. I pumped my dick into her snatch while she moaned and urged me to fuck her harder. I drilled my cock into Mariah’s pussy. She loves it when I fuck her hard. We went at it for a few minutes before I came and pulled out. Mariah still wasn’t done with me. Looking me in the eyes, she told me to fuck her in the ass. Folks, I was stunned. To be honest, I’ve always been curious about anal sex but Mariah never let me anywhere near her ass. And neither would Jacob because he’s strictly top. I took the lube she handed me, and made good use of it. I rubbed it on her ass, then pushed my dick into her booty hole. Slowly, I made my way in. For the first time in my life, I was having anal sex with a woman. Or with anyone for that matter. I held Mariah by the hips and fucked her hard. She screamed as I fucked her. I pounded her hard, shoving my dick deep into her ass. I wanted to make her big ass pay for being so bossy all the time. She squealed as she got butt-fucked roughly, and seemed to love it. I smacked her big butt, watching it bounce as I fucked it. Mariah howled and told me to tear her ass apart. With energetic thrusts, I rammed my dick deeper into her ass. Just like the lady asked. Afterwards, I asked her how she liked it. Mariah laughed and told me she loved it. Well, so did I. Now I know why Jacob loves my ass so much. It’s fun to be the penetrator!

Man, sometimes, my head spins. Professionally, things were looking up. I secured a conviction against the Mayor’ s daughter. She’s headed to the Framingham Correctional Facility for Women. She’s going to do the better part of twenty years behind bars. Considering my own bosses were telling me to make a deal with her attorney, I think I did pretty good by not settling. I won my case and my victory was all over the news. Personally, things could be better. I’m in a relationship with two people, a man and a woman. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Sometimes, I want to see Jacob and he’s busy with work or he’s spending time with his son. He loves his son so much. I respect their relationship. It’s just that sometimes he blows me off without warning, messing up the plans I’ve made for us and I don’t like it. As for Mariah, she’s been sexually aggressive lately. She wants me all the time. I don’t know why. I use condoms with her every time because I don’t want her to get pregnant. I’m not ready for fatherhood. Right now, my life is okay. Not great, but not bad either. What can I say? Like the rest of you, I’m surviving!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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