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It was a beautiful morning when Katie suggested that they go for a horse ride to celebrate Mary’s birthday. They had been best friends for years and Katie knew how much her friend loved to go riding. Mary was so excited at the thought of riding that she practically leapt from the bed. She quickly got dressed and rushed off to saddle up her favorite horse. Katie, with her long dark hair flowing down her shoulders, raced her across the fields and then asked if Mary wanted to go down the trail through the woods. The birthday girl knew it was a special day, because her friend never wanted to go down the trail normally.

Mary watched her friend ride along beside her and started to notice how truly lovely she was. The long, dark locks flowed in the breeze and her large, firm breasts bounced along within her loose shirt. A few impure thoughts strayed through the mind of Mary and she started to feel moisture building between her legs. The rhythmic bouncing of the horses did little to quell her growing lust, even making her more aroused than before. She wondered if Katie ever had thoughts of her as well, even though they had been friends for so long. She tried to hide her arousal from her best friend. It would be hard to notice her hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her shirt or notice the growing wetness from her pussy, yet it was her face that was most obvious, flushed and slightly red from her mixed excitement and embarrassment.

They arrived at a small clearing near the creek, where there was already a quilt spread out. Mary knew that someone had been here recently, since it was still dry and clean. Katie stopped and tied her horse to a nearby tree and then tied off Mary’s. The two girls went over to the creek and started talking.

“I wanted to get you something special for your birthday, Amby.”

“Oh?” Mary tried not to sound to too excited, yet still doubted it would be what she truly wanted.

“It took me awhile to decide on it, but I think you will like it.”

“Of course, I wi…” The young woman’s sentence was cut short by a sudden kiss. Katie could not wait any longer as she grabbed her friend into a powerful kiss. Mary was not sure it was even real for a second and then melted into it. She parted her lips and invited her friend’s tongue into her mouth. The kiss was powerful and erotic, everything Mary had dreamed it would be. When it finally ended, Mary could only stare at the beautiful woman in front of her.

“I know you have wanted this for some time, but I was never sure if it was what I wanted. Then I thought of how you make me feel and realized that I love you.”

“I love you too, Katie.” Then she was pulled into another powerful kiss from the dark-haired beauty.

Katie led her over to the quilt as she started to pull Mary’s shirt over her head, revealing her firm breasts and hard nipples to the open air. A small grin appeared on her friend’s lips as she leaned down to take one of the erect nipples into her mouth. Mary moaned loudly and almost fell as her legs got weak from the sudden rush of excitement. Katie laid her down on the quilt as she continued to suck on her tits.

Katie ran her strong, loving hands over Mary’s body, exploring her for the first time. It was new for both of them, yet Katie was going to make sure it was perfect. The soft lips moved between Mary’s nipples, giving each one equal time in her ankara moldovyalı escortlar mouth. The feeling was like heaven to the young woman being explored by her partner, she could have laid like that forever. Soft moans escaped her lips as her friend’s hands began removing her pants, exposing her virgin pussy to the world. Devilish thoughts ran over Katie’s mind as she saw that Mary had not put on any panties. Mary was now completely naked for anyone to see, yet Katie was the only person she was thinking of.

Katie ran her finger over the wet pussy in front of her, pressing hard against the virgin flesh. She grinned like a Cheshire cat as she played with the tender lips. Mary could only close her eyes , moaning and writhing against her touch. She wanted it so badly that she could no longer think of anything else. Then she felt the soft kiss upon her aching pussy lips. Katie flicked her tongue across the hard clit and drew it softly over Mary’s pussy. It was a sweet taste that reminded the dark-haired vixen of honey, her first taste of another woman.

Katie slipped her tongue slowly into her quivering mound, gently exploring Mary’s chaste flesh. The young woman moaned louder, thankfully they were deep in the woods where no one could hear them. She lifted her smooth hips up to Katie’s mouth, offering her cunt willingly. It was greater than her wildest dreams could have imagined. The restless nights she had lain awake thinking of her friend like this were finally real and she cold not be happier. It was the deep, sexual release she had needed for so long, her body aching to be touched by the tanned beauty.

Katie continued to explore and pleasure Mary’s eager body with her hands and mouth. She wanted to feel and taste every inch of her dearest friend before anything could ruin this moment for them. It was the sweet desire to give in to feelings that she had long denied, opening herself up to something new and even taboo to their families. A wild hunger in her eyes as she took control of the innocent redhead. She let her fingers tease the hard nipples as her tongue imitated the motions on Mary’s clit. It was feral, passionate, and intense.

It was this craving that opened a whole new side to Katie, one that she had never known was there before. She knew that Mary was not simply in love with her or experimenting with a forbidden desire, but she knew that Mary was hers. The young birthday girl was giving herself over to her lover, now and forever. Mary could not see the change happening, but she also knew that she belonged to Katie.

When it seemed that nothing could stop the affair, a soft rustling came from behind the trees. Mary was too absolved in the passion to even hear it, but it was close to them. A set of mysterious eyes watched the pair in their illicit deeds, yet made no move to interrupt them just yet, simply watching. The eyes watched as Katie bit her lover’s clit hard, causing her to scream out and cum all over her face. The wave of passion swept Mary into a pure euphoria, making certain she was not aware of anything else. The dark-haired mistress licked her friend’s juices off her lips and turned towards the eyes, smiling and licking her lips seductively.

“Are you enjoying the show?” She asked in a playful tone.

“Yes, very much so. I could watch this all day.” A deep voice replied, startling Mary from her orgasmic ankara ukraynalı escortlar bliss.

Mary looked up to see Joe leaning against a tree and staring at them. The sudden realization hit her that she was naked with Katie and her exposed pussy was still leaking her juices for him to see. He had been watching her as Katie licked and sucked on her body, watched as she came hard all over her, and was still watching her as she looked at him bashfully. Suddenly she started to cum again as these thoughts flooded her mind and her body. She moaned and panted as her body continued to leak cum onto the blanket, while both Katie and Joe gazed at her.

Mary’s body ached from the pleasure and she could make no moves to cover herself up. She could only lay there as he moved closer to her. He knelt down beside her and whispered softly to her. “Did you just cum from me watching you, angel?”

Mary managed a soft “Yes” as she turned to look at him. She stared deep into his brown eyes and did not feel embarrassed, but comforted by him. He stroked her cheek tenderly as he smiled back at her. A stray thought wondered if he was going to expose them to their parents or what he would say about the exhibition. However her eyes caught a slight movement between his legs, before she could say anything. She could see Katie’s hand moving against his jeans, outlining his hard cock pressed against the material. A deep confusion overwhelmed her happiness and she looked over at her lover for some sort of guidance. Katie was wearing a wicked grin and had the same hungry look in her eyes.

“Mary, my pet, are you ready for the rest of your present?” The redhead stared blankly as her friend moved closer. “I know you have had feelings for Joe for some time, but was always too shy to say anything. I also know that you were confused by your attraction to me, although so was I at first. However we decided to give what your heart and body truly wanted for your birthday.”

Mary was not sure if she understood them right and tried to speak, but found her lips quickly covered by Joe’s. The kiss was deep and tender, filling her body with a familiar longing as she gave in to it. She sighed and instinctively pouted as he broke their kiss, although he kept his lips close to her. A soft voice gave her all the reassurance she needed with only a few words.

“Happy Birthday, Mary.”

Katie suddenly moved between them and began undressing Joe eagerly, ready to see her first male body up close as well. Mary watched her friend’s hands make easy work of his clothes, pulling his shirt off to reveal his chest and pushing him back to undo his jeans. The young woman’s eyes widened as his jeans were yanked off his hips and the stiff cock sprung up from them. She had never seen one up close, only in the magazines under the bed of Katie’s brother. It was something of a fascination and always wondered what it feel like to touch one, taste it, and especially to feel it inside her. Now her first hard cock was only inches from her face and being stroked rigorously by Katie.

They were all naked now and laying upon the blanket, Joe on his back being stroked by Katie while Mary watched next to them. The raven haired woman that had started all of this looked over at Mary and beckoned her over. The curious, excited girl quickly knelt beside her lover and stared at the member with eager anticipation. ankara minyon tipli escortlar She reached out to touch and felt her pussy drip as it entered her hand. She stroked it softly and then hastily leaned over to lick the head. There was a salty drop of pre-cum on the tip, which she licked off and grinned. She wanted to taste more, so she leaned over to take the whole cock in her mouth.

Joe sighed as his dick was enveloped by Mary’s warm mouth, sliding his fingers into her hair. Katie edged a hand down between her companion’s legs, playing her pussy as if she had been doing it for years. Mary moaned with his penis still her mouth, which caused Joe to moan as well. She bobbed her head on his swollen organ, running her tongue along the shaft with each stroke. Katie could easily tell how excited she was from her shuddering pussy, soaking her fingers with Mary’s love juice.

“She is ready, Joe.”

They leaned Mary onto her back and she knew what was next, breathlessly awaiting the moment. Katie helped spread her legs as Joe moved between them and then guided the head off his tool to her friend’s dripping cunt. He held her legs apart and rubbed the head against her lips, teasing her further and driving her mad with lust. She begged him to shove it deep inside her and fuck her savagely. It was all she could think and everything she wanted at the moment. Katie leaned down, sucking and biting Mary’s stiff nipples as he slowly lead his cock inside her mound. He could feel her cherry against the head of his cock and tried to brace her for the sudden sting. Joe drew back and swiftly slammed his cock deep into her, shattering her innocence and inciting her passion.

Mary screamed loudly, however not in pain as one might expect, but in pure unbridled delight. The feverish excitement was all that she could feel as he started to pound his erection in and out of her tight snatch. The man of her daydreams and her best friend were both pleasing her body as she felt the rush that she had yearned for. It was Mary’s deepest fantasy and everything she had hoped. Thunderous moans erupted from her body and she shuddered violently. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body, while the rigid cock abused her tender flesh. Joe could feel her tight walls gripping his penis as her juices flowed out of her. The feeling was more powerful than he could ever describe and one he hoped would never end. He finally came, filling her tender pussy with his sticky cum.

Joe slowly slinked off her as her pussy persisted to heave and gush their combined juices. The red, exhausted tool started to soften as he rest next to Mary. He audibly gasped as he watched Katie move between Mary’s legs and lick up the combined juices. She enthusiastically lapped up and swallowed their cum, only making Mary cum harder and harder. Mary flooded Katie’s mouth with her sweet nectar, completely unable to stop the rigorous undertaking.

Joe became insatiable from watching the illicit display of wanton lust and desired more himself. He positioned himself behind Katie and lowered his mouth to her soaked cunt. The vigorous man kissed her lips and slid his tongue into the virgin cavity. The experienced mouth worked her aching flesh as she eagerly savored the taste of Mary’s sex. The air was filled with desire and obsession as everyone became inflamed with reckless abandon. The ceaseless tongues quickly toppled both girls over the edge as they climaxed violently. The blanket was soaked with their fluids and the smell of sex clung to their naked skin. They crawled against each other and the three of them simply laid there. Mary beamed happily and thought to herself that this was the best birthday present ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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