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I spun the stirrer around the glass, waiting for the return of my friends who had gone outside to smoke. I was having a great time that night but was bored in the moment. I might have joined them outside but I hadn’t wanted to abandon my newly replenished drink. I glanced around. A pretty little brunette caught my eye and she smiled. It was strange actually; when it came to men I nearly exclusively attracted to those with brown hair, but when it came to the ladies I definitely preferred blonds. Still, she was quite the adorable thing as she flashed an amazing smile my way. Then I looked to her left and, HOLY SHIT! There stood an exceptionally fun ex-playmate of mine from years past. She spoke to him for a minute. They appeared to be “together”.

I looked back at the door, half expecting my friends to be making their way towards my table. But when I turned back around, the only person making their way to my table was that pretty little brunette.

“Hi,” she introduced herself in a semi-shy yet forward manner, “I’m…,” and I don’t remember what she said because what came next was a little mind blowing. She wasted no time explaining to me that she had seen me there before and was very attracted to me. She proceeded to inform me that she and her boyfriend (my ex-fling) had been long discussing a threesome and that she was ready to make it happen. “It’s his birthday next week,” she exclaimed with a smile. Indeed it was I recalled thinking back.

“Does he know that you are talking to me about this?” I asked wondering if this had truly been her idea or his.

“No,” she said lowering her voice and glancing around, “I wanted to talk to you while he went out for a smoke”.

“A smoke,” I said with surprise. (He had been quit when he and I had been fucking.)

“Yea, is that a problem?” she asked as disappointment panned over her face.

“No,” I responded and redirected the conversation, “So you didn’t say anything to him about talking to me?”

She confirmed that she had only mentioned that she thought I was ankara moldovyalı escortlar hot and he had agreed with her but they had not discussed anything further.

Interesting, I thought while staring into her eager green eyes and I asked, “So what did you have in mind?”

She was undeniably excited that I was entertaining this idea. She whispered a few thoughts to me before I saw him approaching. He had a cautious and weary look on his face as she introduced me to him. I stuck out my hand and we shook. I looked at him mischievously. I’m sure she construed it as playfulness, and it was. But I was being much craftier then she realized, playing along as if he and I had never met.

The three of us chatted for a bit when she looked at me with wide eyes and a big smile. That was my cue. “If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need another drink,” I announced as I made my way to the bar. Once there, I positioned myself so that I could watch their conversation without blatantly staring. There was no way I was missing that reaction. The bartender placed a new drink in front of me and as I leaned down to sip I saw it. They both froze for a moment, her grinning ear to ear, his eyebrows raised, eyes wide. He looked over my way and then back to her. I couldn’t hear what was said but she grabbed his hands, bounced a bit with excitement and then came running over my way.

She was talking very fast as she debriefed me on some details. Then we met him outside where he was having yet another cigarette which he apologized for. “Oh, its no big deal,” I replied, “Actually, I used to smoke too. But I quit,” I added with a sarcastic smirk. He looked at me and in a second I knew I was testing him. He wasn’t about to pass up a threesome but I could tell he wasn’t entirely trusting the situation either. I loved it! At first I had considered the fact that he may have very well set the whole thing up. But then I reminded myself that he probably wasn’t that clever. And then that wary look in his eye as I mentioned quitting smoking ankara ukraynalı escortlar had confirmed for me that he was in no way the mastermind behind this plan. Nope, he was actually kind of nervous.

When we got to their place she wasted no time grabbing me by the hand and dragging me to the bedroom. We were standing aside the bed and making out when he stepped in. He stood in the doorway watching. I could see the mixture of awe and disbelief on his face. We pulled our shirts off over our heads and continued to kiss. She slid her hand briefly over my breast. It was then I realized that I had never asked her if she had ever done this before. I knew this was to be their first threesome but was this her first time with a girl? She was being awfully timid for someone who had been so aggressive about making this happen.

I undid her bra from behind and then mine. As they fell to the floor I cupped her perfectly shaped but smaller sized tits in my hands and pressed mine into her. As out nipples rubbed together I grew exceptionally wet very quickly. I unbuttoned her jeans and dropped to my knees to pull them down her legs. Taking the panties down with them, I was face level with her shaved pussy when my knees hit the floor. I wasted no time leaning in to passionately kiss between her legs, massaging her clit with my tongue. She was soaked instantly and moaning so intensely that I was pretty sure this was her first time experiencing a woman going down on her. I stood up and moved her to the bed.

I positioned her on all fours and motioned for out speechless spectator to approach the bed. She was facing him so it was pretty clear what to do. He whipped out his cock at offered it to her mouth. I watched her suck on him for a minute before getting behind her. I loved this position for oral! I ran first my fingers and then my tongue over her wet pussy lips before pushing two fingers inside. I eventually moved up to three while teasing her with my tongue, occasionally switching from her clit to her ass. I loved the ankara minyon tipli escortlar pleasurable noises that girls made during sex and she was moaning so much that “he” had backed off to watch while I brought her to climax. I sucked the sweet juices from her while she came, and boy did that girl cum!

We all repositioned without a word spoken as if the next act had been choreographed. I was lying on the bed as she took a position standing at the end. He approached her from behind, bending her over both to fuck her and position her head between my legs. She wasn’t being shy anymore! I ran my hands through her hair as she devoured my pussy. He was fucking her, hard! I remembered what a good, hard fuck he had been. If only he had been able to maintain my attention out of the bedroom, our little sexual escapade might have continued longer. But good sex only held my interest for so long. I looked up at him and at the same time he had looked up at me. Our eyes met for a few moments and the whole scene suddenly became incredibly hot for me. There we were, connected by the girl in between us; him pounding her pussy while she ate mine. I came HARD!

After a few moments of laying in numb bliss I dressed myself and readied to leave. It was pretty late and I had to work in the morning. “I’ll walk you out,” she said while throwing on a t-shirt. We walked through the kitchen and when I reached the door I turned to see her paused at the counter, her back turned toward me. I waited a second and as she turned around she slipped a folded piece of paper into my hand. “Call me,” she said with sweet smile. “But shhh,” she said nodding towards the bedroom. I smiled back and kissed her goodnight.

When I got home I took the slip of paper out of my pocket and looked at it. The idea of fooling around with her behind his back excited me. But at the same time I felt a little bad about the fact that she didn’t know the history between him and I. Walking towards the house I hesitated near the trash and contemplated throwing out the slip of paper to avoid temptation. But ultimately I slid it into the back of my phone book once inside. I grabbed my favorite dildo before climbing into bed. I never did get fucked that night by that magnificent cock for which I had been yearning. Maybe there would be a way to continue playing with them both?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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