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The day was what Ben usually called a “lazy day.” He’d completed his latest project the previous evening, and his next project wasn’t scheduled to begin until the following week. He planned to spend the next two days running errands, doing odd jobs around the apartment, and just relaxing. At the moment, he was enjoying the noontime sunshine of a cool, early October Thursday while sitting at an outdoor table of a pizzeria.

He was paging through the day’s edition of the New York Sun. He was alone. The fall semester was in full swing and his fiancé, Gaby, was in school, bringing lux et veritas — light and truth — to the masses.

“Hello, Ben,” he heard a voice say.

He turned his head to see a female police officer standing next to him. She stood about 5’9″, with a thin build, pale white skin, and light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were hidden behind de rigueur mirrored sunglasses.

“Hello, officer…” Ben began, then paused.

“Morgenstern,” the cop replied.

She waited a few moments.

“You don’t remember me?” she asked finally.

“No, I’m sorry,” Ben answered.

“I pulled you over in your Jeep about two weeks ago,” she told him.

“Oh, yes, now I remember,” he said. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t really see your face that night.”

He invited her to sit down, as he folded the newspaper and placed it on the table.

“So, what can I do for you, Officer Morgenstern?” he asked. “You’re not here to ticket me now, are you?”

He watched her as she moved to sit down. Even in her uniform, he noticed the curves of her petite body.

“I’m not here in an official capacity,” she said, as she removed her sunglasses.

Ben looked into her deep brown eyes. It took several seconds for him to speak.

“OK, unofficially, what can I do for you?” he said, finally.

“I wanted to ask some questions about what happened the night I pulled you over,” she told him.

She stared at him.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“I’d like to know what was happening in the backseat that distracted you from driving,” she said.

“How did you find me, Officer Morgenstern?” he asked.

“Please, call me Kate,” she said. “You handed me your driver’s license, remember? I memorized your address.”

“And, you followed me here, Kate?” he asked.

She looked around, slowly. They were alone outside the pizzeria.

“Yes, I did,” she answered.

The hairs on the back of his neck rose slightly. He was already sitting with his back to the outer wall of the building, and — though always conscious of his surroundings — he swiveled his head to look for danger.

“Why?” he asked.

“Who were the women in the back?” she asked, answering his question with one of her own.

“My fiancé and one of our neighbors,” he answered.

“Which one was your fiancé?” she asked.

“Gaby was the shorter of the two,” he said. “She was laying across the backseat when you stopped us.”

“And, do you and your fiancé often have threesomes with other women?” she asked.

Ben was taken aback by her question.

“I mean,” she continued, “I’m assuming, from what I saw in the back, some very kinky stuff was happening. Or, did they just make you watch?”

“Oh, no,” he answered. “I was fully involved.”

She smiled.

“I’ll bet that was fun,” she said.

“It was,” he said, returning her smile.

“Wanna know a secret?” she asked, leaning closer to him.


“The other night, after I let you go, I drove my patrol car back to my hiding spot, opened my pants, and rubbed myself off thinking about you three,” she said, just above a whisper.

She could see the surprise on his face.

“I wish I could’ve watched that,” Ben said, finally.

“Do you think your fiancé would like you watching me?” she asked.

“I think Gaby would enjoy watching you too,” he said. “We should have invited you to join us.”

“Just to watch, or to join in?” she asked.

“Which would you prefer?” he asked in return.

“I’ve never been good at just watching,” she said.

He looked her body up and down.

“What are you good at?” he asked.

She leaned in close again to whisper in his ear.

“Everything you can imagine,” she said. “And, maybe, one or two things you can’t.”

“Sounds interesting,” he said.

As she leaned back in her chair, she put her sunglasses on again.

“What would you say if I said we should go to your place and I’ll show you what I’m good at?” she asked.

“I would say that’s a very tempting offer,” he answered, slowly.

“But…” she said, waiting for him to continue..

“However, that’s something I would have to clear with Gaby first,” he said. “And she’s at work right now.”

Kate grinned at him.

“So, what else are you two into,” she asked.

“Well, we’re pretty open-minded,” Ben answered. “But, we’re not into a lot of pain or craziness.”

“What does that mean?” she asked.

“No blood, no bruises, no kids, no animals,” he said.

He could see she was considering what he’d said.

“What are you ankara bayan escortlar into?” he asked after a few moments.

“I like to be in charge,” she said, “and, I like it rough.”

“Oh, a cop who likes to be in charge,” he said. “There’s a surprise.”

Again, she smiled.

“We like it rough sometimes, too,” he said. “How rough are we talking about?”

“I like to pinch nipples, pull hair, spank, choke, and light slapping,” she said.

“Huh, you weren’t kidding,” Ben said.

“Are you interested?” Kate asked.

Ben thought for a few moments.

“I don’t know if Gaby would be into being slapped, but the rest is nothing we haven’t done before,” he said. “I’m pretty sure she’d be interested in having you join us.”

Kate pulled out a business card and slid it across the table to Ben.

“My cell phone number is on the back,” she told him, as she stood up. “Talk to Gaby and let me know.”

“I definitely will,” he said.

She leaned toward him as she stood up.

“Even if she’s not interested, my offer still stands,” she said, softly.

She straightened herself and walked past him.

Ben smiled as she walked away.

Ben brought up his conversation with Kate over dinner that evening. Gaby didn’t require much convincing — they’d long ago discovered they were attracted to the same kind of women. Around that time, they’d also made an agreement that either of them could, with certain exceptions, propose a third person — male or female — to join them in bed.

During the discussion, Ben revealed Kate’s offer to meet him alone. Gaby took a few moments to consider this.

“Are you going to meet her?” she asked.

“Not without you,” he said.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because I love you,” he said. “I won’t do anything to fuck that up. If you want her to join the two of us, great. If not, that’s fine too.”

“You remember my three rules, right?” she asked.

“Of course,” he answered. “But, you made me break rule two last time.”

She thought for a few moments.

“Maybe we should modify the rules a bit,” she mused.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked.

“From now on, we’ll play it by ear,” she said. “As much as I want your cum, we’ll see what the situation is when you’re ready.”

He smiled.

“Sounds good to me,” he said. “As long as it’s what you want.”

“Just as long as you never break rule three,” she said, standing up and moving to him.

He reached out, pulled her onto his lap, and looked into her deep brown eyes.

“I told you, I love you, Gaby,” he said, and kissed her.

“You’d better,” she said, finally.

He slid his hands up under the back of her shirt and ran his fingers across her warm brown skin.

“So, should I call Kate?” he asked.

“Well, obviously I trust your taste in women,” she said, with a smile. “I mean, you’re marrying me.”

“Is that a yes?” he asked.


As Gaby listened, Ben called Kate and invited her to their apartment the next night.

After he hung up — excited by the prospect of Kate’s company — they made their way to the bedroom.

Friday passed slowly. Ben got a few things done, and Gaby had an easy day at school — teaching two classes and seeing a few students during office hours.

She arrived home to a light supper prepared by Ben.

After dinner, they showered — separately — despite Ben’s protestation that they should save water by showering together.

Gaby stepped into a loose, floral print sundress she had not yet packed away until next spring. Underneath, she wore a black, lace thong. She decided against wearing a bra; not needing one to support her perky B-cup breasts. For her feet, she chose a pair of strappy, black, four-inch heels to boost her 5’2″ height. She left her wavy, dark brown hair hanging down to the middle of her back.

Ben stayed casual. After shaving and showering, he pulled a pair of comfortable blue jeans and a t-shirt onto his heavy 6’3″ frame.

The doorbell rang a few minutes after 8:00. Ben buzzed Kate through the door in the lobby and opened the apartment door to wait. Gaby stood beside him as they listened to Kate climb the steps to the second floor.

It took only a few moments and Kate came into view. She was wearing her uniform. Her hair was down — falling just past her shoulders. She smiled as she walked toward them.

“Are you on duty?” Ben asked as she reached the door.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m on my dinner break.”

Ben was a bit disappointed.

“So, how much time do we have?” he asked, moving aside so she could enter the apartment.

“I asked for an extended break, so we have an hour,” she answered, walking through the door.

Gaby stepped to Kate and reached out to shake her hand.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you…again,” she said, smiling.

Kate laughed.

“Yes, last time you seemed a bit preoccupied,” she said. “How is your friend, the one in the backseat with you?”

“She’s doing well,” Gaby answered. “But, we haven’t seen her again…at least in that way…since that ankara seksi escortlar night.”

“Mmmm, that’s too bad for her,” Kate said.

“I’m surprised Mrs. Moynahan didn’t peek out to see why a police officer is here,” Ben said, as he closed the door.

“Oh, yes; Mrs. Moynahan,” Kate said with a grin, “we know her well.”

“Really?” Ben and Gaby asked in unison.

“Hardly a week goes by that we’re not here for one complaint or another,” Kate told them.

“She’d probably have a heart attack if she knew why you’re here,” Gaby said.

An awkward silence fell over the three of them. Standing in the small hallway just inside the door, they looked at each other, waiting for one of them to break it. It took several seconds.

“Are you wearing panties, Gaby?” Kate asked.

“What?” Gaby asked, a bit surprised.

Kate repeated the question.

“Yes, I am,” Gaby answered.

“Give them to me,” Kate demanded.

Gaby slid her left hand up under her dress and slowly pulled down the thong. She put her right hand on Ben’s shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of it. Then, she handed the black lace to Kate.

Kate took them and ran her fingers over the material.

“Already wet,” she said. “I like that.”

She dropped the panties to the floor, pushed Gaby against the wall, and kissed her deeply, pushing her tongue into Gaby’s mouth.

“So,” she asked, when she broke the kiss, “where’s the bedroom?”

“This way,” Gaby said, as she smiled at Kate and began leading the way.

The three walked in the bedroom together. Kate pulled the wooden chair away from Gaby’s dressing table and turned to Ben.

“Sit down,” she told him.

He did as ordered.

She walked behind him and slid her hands over his shoulders and down across his chest. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head, then draped it over his face. She reached down and pulled his arms behind the chair. Ben turned his head to protest, but she leaned close to him and made a “shhhhh” sound.

Feeling unsure, Ben stayed silent as Kate handcuffed him.

He heard the floor creak as Kate walked around him. He shook his head and the shirt fell to the floor.

Kate and Gaby were standing in front of him — kissing.

The chair creaked as Ben tested just how securely he was attached.

Kate looked down at him and smiled. Then she reached up, took a handful of Gaby’s hair, and pulled her head back. She leaned down and kissed Gaby’s neck hard.

Gaby let out a gasp — her neck being one of her most sensitive spots — and teetered slightly as her knees went weak.

Kate ran her tongue along Gaby’s jugular vein.

“You like that, Baby?” Kate asked.

“Oh, yes,” Gaby hissed.

Gaby ran her hands over Kate’s uniform, across her chest, and then down past her waist.

Kate suddenly pushed her hands away.

“Not yet,” she said.

Running her hands up Gaby’s back, Kate grabbed the zipper of Gaby’s dress and pulled it downward. She reached up, pulled the straps over her shoulders, and let the dress fall to the floor. Gaby stood naked in front of her.

Gaby reached out to touch Kate.

“Why don’t you see if you can get Ben’s pants off,” Kate said.

As Gaby turned to Ben, Kate toed off her shoes, and then pulled her shirt out of her pants. She pulled off her clip-on tie and dropped it. Then, unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off. She was wearing a bulletproof vest underneath.

Gaby knelt in front of Ben and, with some effort, opened his pants. He strained against the handcuffs, trying to lift his hips, making it easier for her to slide the jeans and boxer-briefs down his legs.

Kate tore open the Velcro fasteners of her vest and lifted it off her body. Beneath the vest she wore a white wife-beater and no bra. Ben could see the nipples of her A-cup breasts poking through the thin fabric of the shirt and he licked his lips.

Kate reached up and pinched her nipples, hard — Ben watched her wince as the self-induced pain raced through her.

Gaby was finally able to get Ben’s pants down to his ankles and pull them off.

Ben now sat naked in the chair.

“Good job,” Kate said. “Now, come here, Gaby.”

Gaby tried to stand up, but Kate put a hand on her shoulder and forced her to stay on her knees.

She turned her back to Ben — she was only two feet away from him — and Gaby crawled slowly to kneel in front of her.

Kate unbuckled her equipment belt and slowly lowered it to the floor beside her. Then, she unsnapped and unzipped her pants.

As she lowered her pants, Ben saw Gaby’s eyes go wide.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped.

As Kate pushed her pants down farther to rest on her hips, Ben could see several thin, black plastic straps wrapped around her waist and running downward.

Kate turned and walked over to Ben. A smooth purple latex dildo — about six inches long, and perhaps an inch in diameter — protruded from Kate’s pants. It was smaller than Ben’s penis, but a surprise nonetheless.

Kate looked down at Ben in the chair. She reached down to stroke bayan ankara escort “her” cock.

“Think I can make Gaby cum with this?” she asked.

Ben had to clear his throat before he could answer.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I think she’ll like it.”

She turned back toward Gaby.

“Come here,” she ordered.

Gaby moved over to Ben and Kate.

“Help me take my pants off,” Kate said.

Gaby pulled the pants down to Kate’s ankles and watched as she kicked them off. Kate reached down and quickly slipped off her socks.

“Now,” Kate demanded, as she straighten herself, “suck my cock like you suck Ben’s”

Gaby smiled at Ben, then leaned toward Kate and took the tip of the cock between her lips.

“That’s it, Baby,” Kate said.

Gaby slowly took more into her mouth as Ben watched. He squirmed on the chair, trying to adjust himself as his cock hardened.

Kate looked at him, then moved her right hand to the back of Gaby’s head, and pulled her hair.

Gaby’s mouth came off the cock, and Kate slapped Gaby’s right cheek.

Gaby gasped at the strike, and Ben saw fire ignite in her eyes, but she said nothing.

“Don’t fucking tease me,” Kate ordered. “Suck it harder.”

Still holding Gaby’s hair, Kate directed her head back to the cock. She forced it into Gaby’s mouth.

Gaby took the cock deeper. As she did, Gaby slid her hands up Kate’s legs to grab her ass. She dug her nails into the flesh and held tight as the purple latex reached the back of her throat.

Kate gasped at the feeling of Gaby’s nails digging into her ass.

“Oh, yeah,” she whispered. “Suck that dick.”

Ben, fully erect now, watched as Gaby held the cock in her throat — knowing how wonderful it felt when she did it to him.

Kate turned slightly, and lifted her left leg to rest her foot on the edge of the chair, between Ben’s legs.

Gaby moved her right hand from Kate’s ass to the shaft of the cock. Removing it from her mouth, she held it straight up so she could push her face between Kate’s legs.

Despite the plastic straps used to secure Kate’s cock, Gaby’s tongue quickly found her clit.

“Yesssss,” escaped from her lips, and she reached down to use both hands to pull Gaby’s face into her.

Ben licked his lips as he watched, not satisfied with only the feel of Kate’s toes between his legs, but powerless to obtain more.

“Does she taste good, Baby?” Ben asked.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” the muffled response, as Gaby continued licking.

Kate looked down at Ben’s hard cock.

“Oh, poor baby,” she laughed. “Need some help?”

“Yes, I do,” he answered.

Kate pulled Gaby’s face away from her pussy. She moved to Ben and sat on his lap, trapping his cock between her ass and his body.

She moved her hips back and forth against him, teasing him.

“You like that?” Kate asked, turning her head to look at him.

“Is that all I get?” he asked in return.

“For now,” she said.

She turned back to Gaby.

“Keep going.”

Gaby pushed her face between Kate legs again, and Kate’s head rolled back to rest on Ben’s shoulder. He turned his head to kiss her neck.

Kate turned to kiss Ben’s mouth. As she did, Gaby moved her right hand up and ran her fingers over the lips of Kate’s pussy. Kate moaned softly into Ben’s mouth.

With her left hand, Gaby grabbed the shaft of the latex cock and pulled it far up and out of her way, then leaned in and took Kate’s clit between her lips. At the same time, she pushed the index finger of her right hand into Kate’s pussy.

“Give me more,” Kate ordered.

Gaby complied, pushing a second finger inside, as she flicked her tongue across Kate’s clit.

Kate began to writhe on Ben’s lap. The cheeks of her ass pressed against his cock.

She put her hands on her chest and pinched her nipples through the fabric of the shirt, as she pushed her tongue into Ben’s mouth.

Gaby began to quickly piston her fingers in and out of Kate’s pussy, while brushing Kate’s clit with her thumb. She released the dildo and reached up to run her fingers over Kate’s breasts. Her fingers caught on the white cotton.

Gaby raised her head to see Kate and Ben kissing.

Smiling, she tore at the neck of Kate’s shirt. She pulled the light fabric toward her. It ripped easily, opening halfway down Kate’s torso before Gaby stopped.

Kate, now gasping for breath, looked at Gaby. Ben could feel Kate’s body begin to shake. He moved his mouth back to the side of her neck.

“Oh, God, she’s so good,” Kate whispered. “I’m gonna cum.”

It didn’t take long.

“Oh, fuck; here I cum. I’m cumming,” Kate nearly screamed.

She held her breath for several seconds. Then, her body convulsed violently. Her knees came up toward her chest as her entire body shook.

Her chest heaved up and down as she gasped for breath, and her moans filled the room.

Gaby struggled to keep her fingers inside Kate as she squirmed on Ben’s lap. With difficulty, she pulled her left arm from between Kate’s legs, and placed her hand on Kate’s hip — trying to steady her as she came. She continued moving the fingers of her right hand into Kate, making her body spasm again.

Kate spread her legs, dropping her feet to the floor again, attempting to balance herself. She grabbed at Gaby’s wrist, trying to keep the fingers inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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